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Uganda ‘monster maid’ speaks out

Jolly Tumuhirwe, a Ugandan nanny who has been dubbed the ‘monster maid’, has spoken out about the events around the tragic beating of the child she was supposed to take care of, 18-month-old Arnella. (Watch Video Here)

Uganda maid tortures toddlerTumuhirwe held up a pink t-shirt spotted with blood and according to Ugandan Online.net, she was not aware there was a video camera in the house.

She was apparently shocked when Eric Kamanzi, the father of the toddler, started beating her, which lead to her opening a police case.

Ugandan Online.net adds that Tumuhirwe sustained serious injuries including welts on the back from being caned and was quoted as saying: ‘Arnella was lucky, she did not bleed, but I bled.’

Meanwhile Ugandan human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi has offered to represent Tumuhirwe in court according to Zambia’s The Post newspaper.

“I would gladly try to help her because the world has turned against her. She needs legal counsel; the constitution presumes her innocent till [proven] guilty despite all that we have seen,” Rwakafuzi said.

Rwakafuzi expressed doubts about the video’s authenticity, saying, “I wonder how a person weighing 80kg can step on a baby and there is no physical harm on the back.”

His offer comes after civil society organisations distanced themselves from the Tumuhirwe, saying they couldn’t offer aid given the nature of her offense.

Federation of Uganda Women Lawyers (FIDA) chairperson Eunice Musiime said, “We condemn in the strongest terms any torture of children. Instead, we are considering supporting the parents to pursue justice. We want to clear the air. There was speculation that FIDA was involved and yet we are not.”

Rwakafuzi previously defended the July 2010 Kampala bomb suspects. Times Live

  • disgusted

    Disgusting vile lawyer, will do anything for fame. Doubt he’s got any kids of his own, how would he feel were that to be one of his kids. Kudos to FIDA for distancing themselves from this monster.

    • Patriot

      Disgusted but it is the nature of the law. It is better than her having no counsel and then the case is thrown out because of mistrial.Lawyers do not represent people because they think they are innocent. They represent them to make sure that due process is followed. That is why we have courts otherwise she would have been stoned in the streets.

  • Dr David Ph.D (UZ)

    Send her to prison she’s a terrorist or rather send her to isis so that they deal with her.

  • Memory

    I feel like killing that ‘maid’…the father really restrained himself

  • James Bond

    Even the vilest criminals have rights too which any democrat would defend. She has a right to legal counsel. If I was Ugandan I would, pro deo!

    • Patriot

      True, otherwise we would have jungle justice which is never objective.

  • aBullAnt

    How can you defend such a person unless you are the devil himself. The lawyer is just going to get justice in defending this devil. IF THE CHILD WAS YOURS MR JUSTICE LAWYER…ARE YOU SURE YOU WERE GOING TO TELL US THIS NONSENSE. GO HANG

  • the maid slaughterer

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  • the maid slaughterer

    and also i have experienced that physical punishment is a very common thing among the black society be it africans, caribeans or whatever…..most black parents i know they all beat up their children……i think they just get mad when somebody else does it……if the mom was slapping the baby it was ok…….im suprised so many africans are shocked now but i think it has probably to with with the baby being a little bit TOO young to get beat up like that…..but let her be older and it will be the most normal thing to africans to cane, slap and do whatever else to your children….it is called “raising children” over there

    • susan soi

      you ignorance is showing.
      your oversimplification of the issue shows your lack of objectivity.
      the child whether a toddler or an older child is never ‘punished’ to such extent. you further claim that… using your words… ‘black parents’ do the same thing and people accept it? a polite reminder is that parents weather black,red, yellow, orange have different aprroaches to punishing and correcting their children’s bad behavior.
      claiming that such hideous acts are permissible to the African communities shows your lack of knowledge on the issue.
      if YOU were brought up like that dont assume all of us “african children” were totured as a form of punishment. heck! some of us were never physically punished and yet we had your so called ‘black parents’.
      so don’t be ignorant about the issue that happen ‘over here’… your words not mine.
      torture is plain and simple toture whether done to your own child or someone else.

      • the maid slaughterer

        my ignorance is not showing because you dont know me and who i am. I never said ALL but MOST black parents i have seen, lived with, shared the culture, i have lived in various countries such as asian and caribean places, and im currently in europe……there r tons of africans here……of course not every single parent beats up there children, you have to learn that there are exceptions to any rule……and i am also aware that beating and “beating” r two different things……BUT…still after all, and this is a fact that u cannot deny no matter how much you wanna sweet talk and make things look different……..THERE ARE MORE AFRICAN PARENTS THAT BEAT ON THEIR CHILDREN THAN WHITE!!! hands down….go by statistics……my best african girlfriend she was from kenya and her mother used to beat the shit out of here even when she was almost grown…….she always told me that is normal in their culture….i have lived in jamaica for a long time and out of 10 kids 8 get physical punishment…it is normal and nobody complains…out of 10 white kids maybe 1 get physical punishment…….even black americans say that themselves and make jokes about it how they cane their kids and that it is “normal” when when you are a black kid to get caned by your mom….so now you wanna sit here and “defend” your race because the truth is harsh and you dont like to hear it but it is a fact! Accept it! Calling other people ignorant when you dont even have facts makes you look stupid…….but funny that you dont like to admit something that most black people even agree on and say it themselves…..you have to learn to better yourself instead of saying “no no we are not like this” self reflexion, and self criticism are the only ways to get better and uplift yourself…..keep on denying the problems in your culture….white people sure dont care, they dont give a flying fuck if thousands of black children suffer or die…..so it is YOUR PROBLEM….but unfortunatly most black people are too busy defending and saying “it wasnt me”…..keep it going like that you play right into the white mans cards…..i think everyone can see now who the ignorant one is…..just trying to make things look good are not gonna make them good……..but the lack of YOUR knowledge is very obvious here because you dont even know your own culture and how your own people are since you say that it is not common…..when thousands of other black people say “it is common”….deep down inside you probably know that im right its just the harsh truth that you dont want other people to “point” in a negative way at your people….thats all…….just ashamed that it is out in the open and people know your shit…….

        • susan soi

          OH! great and knowlegeble man. speak to us.
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          Oh! great one.
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    • A parent.

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      • the maid slaughterer

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      • the maid slaughterer

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      • the maid slaughterer

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    • I hate child abusers

      What you’re saying very racist… For your information child abuse is unfortunately seen in many different races.. It’s is a horrible act that horrible people of many different creed and race do… Adding race to this story is not helping the children around the world… Uniting as one body to fight this crime and rid humankind of child abusers will. Think before you talk, if it will peacefully contribute say it, if it will offend others then keep it to yourself..

  • I hate child abusers

    Rwakafuzi expressed doubts about the video’s authenticity, saying, “I wonder how a person weighing 80kg can step on a baby and there is no physical harm on the back.” – such an idiot!!! What did they have the maid act out the scene then photoshop the baby in??? Jackass lawyer!! He probably on the same drug as the maid, oh and she is eating the baby’s food, proff that she’s a liar.. Sick woman should be stoned to death, but instead of letting her die revive her and repeat about ten times…