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Police in Uganda to certify maids

Kampala – The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has directed the Force to start certifying domestic workers. This comes at a time the United Nations has tasked the government of Uganda to take action on perpetrators of child abuse.

Mr Eric Kamanzi shares a light moment with his daughter Arnella Kamanzi together with her mother Angela Mbabazi at the police headquarters in Kampala yesterday. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi
Mr Eric Kamanzi shares a light moment with his daughter Arnella Kamanzi together with her mother Angela Mbabazi at the police headquarters in Kampala yesterday. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Baby Arnella Kamanzi’s brutal torture has attracted nationwide and global condemnation, but questions on how nannies are hired and why some vent their anger on children are also coming up.

Gen Kayihura yesterday announced stringent measures police are going to institute in hiring domestic house helps.

He said at police headquarters in the company of baby Arnella Kamanzi and his father that police will help parents to carry out background checks for the maids they hire through its Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU).

“Maids will be given certificates for good conduct from the police’s Child and Family Protection Unit as Interpol does (to people seeking jobs in cross-border companies) to ensure that domestic workers have no criminal record,” said the IGP.

Police operations commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi supplemented his boss by saying organisations that deal in hiring maids are also to be profiled to ensure criminals in the business are traced.

The new services come in light of the CCTV video that was circuited on social media of a maid torturing a baby in Naalya, Wakiso District.
The maid, Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, has been charged with torture and remanded to Luzira prison.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions is mending the charge to include attempted murder.

The Kamanzi family with their daughter
The Kamanzi family with their daughter

Gen Kayihura explained that parents will be required to take a new maid to the police where her particulars will be extracted and then run in the criminal justice system to see whether she has prior committed a crime or not.
Officers of the CFPU will also teach the maids how to observe human rights in the home.

Tough legal battle ahead

Jolly Tumuhirwe, the 22-year-old maid is likely to face a tough legal battle as more civil society organisations yesterday said they cannot offer her legal aid due to the nature of her offence.

Civil society organisations have also distanced themselves from the maid.
Federation of Uganda Women Lawyers (FIDA) chairperson Eunice Musiime said, “We condemn in the strongest terms any torture of children. Instead, we are considering supporting the parents to pursue justice. We want to clear the air. There was speculation that FIDA was involved and yet we are not.”

Asked if FIDA, an organisation reputed for extending legal aid to vulnerable women, was playing to the gallery and public sentiment by denying Tumuhirwe legal aid, Ms Musiime said, “Right now our priority is the child; we are reaching out to the family.”

However, human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi (pictured right) said he would offer the maid legal aid and called on the public to respect her right to innocence till proven guilty or until she pleads so.

“I would gladly try to help her because the world has turned against her. She needs legal counsel; the constitution presumes her innocent till guilty despite all that we have seen,” Mr Rwakafuzi said, adding, “It is sad that the jury is now the whole world but she deserves justice. Everybody seems to think they have facts.” Daily Monitor

  • Bupe Chalwe

    some people don’t feel pity… that girl will never know how it feels to have a child …. she did a bad thing … am asking myself why she started work … . she could have just stopped than battening an innocent soul like that ….. I pray that the baby is fine , so innocent and pretty ….

  • Zimbabwe

    She is vile, evil disgusting woman, she deserve everything coming her way now, jailing her for this crime is way to good for her.

  • Hazvi

    This sad story opened my eyes , when i went home i started to interview my maid again just in case pane zvandakasiyira panzira, becoz my 2 and 4 yr toddlers they cry sometimes when i leave for work and i told her that i have a hidden camera in the house to monitor you ndasiya ati zii agere pasofa with fear in her eyes. I think the ZRP must do the same as what has been proposed by the Ugandan Police

    • musa

      i suggest you get that camera installed immediately. the action of your kids and maid are a story on their own.

    • lindy

      Please fire that maid definitely she abusing your kids

    • clay

      plz can you fire that maid as soon if you see kids crying wen you went to wek and when you come they are more than happy there is a problem. I’m not saying they must not be happy but you must notice how they feel wen you come these maids are the same.

    • mashala printis


    • Angelmomma

      Many children cry because they prefer to be with their parents, not because they are being abused or mistreated. When my husband leaves, my son fusses and asks for him. When I leave, he fusses just the same. However, when it comes down to it, he would choose me over dad anytime. You should still install the camera because it is peace of mind and it’s better to be safe. I wish I could gather up all the people in the world who hurt others,especially jelly those who abuse children and make them all disappear.

  • English teacher

    Uganda is notorious for brutality,their former president Idi Amin is one of the most brutal men that ever lived.

    • Illuminati

      Even zimbabweans; our president is a very evil and brutal little man.

  • skyblue zimbabwe

    evil woman she deserves to rot in jail she is a monster…..my heart bled wen i heard that the baby died but im glad to find out she is still alive

  • eng.nada

    please how i can communication with the little small angel Arnella I cant sleep when i saw this vedio and i want to talk with her family and know wat about her mental health and trying to help her to forget the horrible things wat happened to her

    • Pinky Kgabi Lethebe

      That makes two of us. I just wish to speak to them. I will feel better.

      • eng.nada

        how can we contact with her parents by facebook or intsgram any one know any contacts to arnella’s parent

  • jakovick

    If she was a man, would want to see her castrated she don’t deserve to have children of her own. Her womb should be dragged out of her body devil.

  • chikungunya

    Wat she gotta say the evidence is there to lock her up and throw away the key. Assuming she wasn’t treated well by the employer she was free to quit without notice than Wat she did. We all treated badly occasionally but we don’t take it on innocent children. Only monsters did Wat she did. I only want justice for the little girl to prevail. I pray that the monster should receive Wat her deeds deserves her otherwise everyone will think abusing any living soul is a game.

  • prodigy712

    The human rights lawyer “Ladislaus Rwakafuzi” picked the wrong rights to defend. Wonder if he would be willing to take her in his employ to look after his own kids?

    Blind siding a 2 year old, smacking her into a conrete floor, kicking her face, trampling on her tender body with your full weight….I shudder to think what other horror acts she committed when she jerked her off to the bathroom?

    How can someone even want to start defending that?

    • Seba

      Can someone find me Ladislaus Rwakafuzi the human rights lawyer his email, facebook, twitter account, or whatever his contact details are please………

    • Chikandamina

      he just wants attention…its a marketing strategy, nevertheless,he shld grasp his ears firmly and pull, he might just b able to remove his head from his *ass,what an idiot!

      • prodigy712

        Marketing 101 fail. He has just soiled whatever reputation he had by associating with obvious evil. Current and prospective clients alike will shun him for his moral compass. Only to be remembered by like minded evil psycho’s in desperate need of legal-aid.

        This is an open and shut case. The only advice to his client is a guilty plea to all charges and beg for a liniment sentence. To even think there is anything worth arguing here is insane on the part of the lawyer.

        Err I doubt he will be able to pull his head out, clearly its too far in

  • Mai2

    I think this maid is a 1st cousin to Idi Amini! Thank God the child is well and alive. Musikana uyu anofanirwa kuroverwa chipikiri kushure kwake sezvaiitwa varoyi vekare. Ndamunyarira, kutosunga tsinga dzekushure kwake kuti arikite mwana. Hope she gets what she deserves

    • Milly

      My heart bleeds for that baby and to hear the maid say that mom also slaps the baby makes me wonder if the maid thought no one cared. I hope that the mom is better than that. The maid deserves to pay severely. She is obviously very angry inside to do this to a child. I feel that she is a lost soul and may need professional help too. She is obviously not well. Just because someone has not been diagnosed with a mental problem doesn’t mean they are not mental. I can’t find a reasonable explanation. Parents need to be more careful when choosing care for their children.

  • Hotlime

    Don’t worry people kujeri vachanomugadzisa anozviita mhonya achasanganawo unwe anozviti handibvire

  • pantha303 .

    Innocent till proven guilty! Satan worshipper to the bone – so the camera lied – you are an idiot and were it your baby you would have hung the bTch

  • pantha303 .

    human rights lawyer – rights for the evil – human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi – what about the baby’s rights – she is guilty! or you are blind with evil!!!!! Hang them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mrs ilevbare

      What is this human right lawer saying what more prove dose he need.pls i need his number let me just ask him one question. Would he be sa saying this bullshirt if this little angel was his daughter. The evil maid or nanny from hell should be hanged or buried

  • matshobane

    this woman, Mugabe,Boko Horam, IS,Idi Amini.Its same fanana

  • Eng. Robert

    I strongly advise the parents to ask the hospital check on their daughters spinal cord and discs by MRI scan. If affected she can get the best treatment and sympathy by the government to foot the bill even if it means going to India.

    • Nicholas

      This monster maid needs to be executed immediately before she destroys more innocent souls.

  • Tindo


  • Evie2

    Seeing this video was just so horrible I can’t get it out of my head. Can anybody please let me know how I can contact her parents just to know how she’s doing I have a two year old boy as well and I cried cause it felt like it was my own getting that done to him. Please I mean please email me at [email protected]. I would love to send the little girl some gifts for Xmas. Wish I could hold her and hug her tight and let her know not all people are evil.

  • mahumbwe

    I am waiting to hear someone who will jump to this maid’s defence, (including herself). I will unleash all the anger I have on that person. Thank God for His goodness, angels were probably sent down to save that Child. Looking forward to her sentencing. Wish they could put her in a prison where abuse is the order of the day. That way she will learn a good lesson.

  • Melusi Moyo

    This maid is luck not to be in Zimbabwe. They should transfer here to chikurubi / Khami prison and she will regret ever been born.

  • Illuminati

    We all know that this maid is guilty but according to civilised society standards, she has to be represented by a lawyer, no matter what. Since Uganda is a secular state and not a ISIS or Boko Harem caliphate, thats how its supposed to be.

  • Pinky Kgabi Lethebe

    Can somebody give me the contacts of the Kamanzis? I feel as I personally know them. Their pain is so much my pain.

  • Balta

    I’m really thankful to God, the beautiful little girl is fine! 😀

  • KR

    I’m from Botswana…so disgusted with that maid’s treatment of the child!!!!!

  • eth

    OMG ! even snakes will not attack babies ! i’m so horrified

  • Memory

    What a beautiful little girl, and what a loving father. God bless this family

  • Mimi

    I saw this video on Facebook and screamed. I would have beaten that idiot maid to pulp. Wicked soul. I hope the child’s father gave her serious beating as an appetizer, the court then sentences her severely for main course. Finally, her cell mates beat the living day lights out of her for dessert.

  • nevardo

    She shouldn’t have beaten the baby like that but give her another chance

  • Vanessa N Eric Serna

    Is there any way to get in contact with the little girls family cause I want to send her a little something for Christmas

  • iAmMuckingAfazing

    Thank goodness this beautiful child is safe now. Life is just too unfair…

  • Wang Hu Lee


  • crp

    The little girl deserves justice!! There will never be an excuse big enough for doing this to any person, especially a helpless infant!! Innocent until proven guilty, video shows what she’s guilty of and attempted murder is exactly right! I thank God the child is alive and may she forever be protected and safe from this abuse for the rest of her life. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • Jojo

    Watching this I was literally screaming at my phone to get off her back. I cannot believe what this women did to this poor innocent child. No one deserves to be treated like that no matter what age. I just hope this beautiful baby forgets this ever happened to her.