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Uganda maid tortures toddler (Video)

A Ugandan maid has been charged with attempted murder after a shocking video went viral online showing her beating a one-year-old girl.

Jolly Tumuhirwe is seen striking baby Arnella Kamanzi during her feeding. Tumuhirwe then throws the child to the ground after she vomits the food.

Tumuhirwe then beats the baby with a torch, and also kicks her in the head and stamps on her torso, before the recording ends. The video has been viewed almost 80,000 times on YouTube.

The maid was originally charged with torture, but police spokesman Fred Enanga has since confirmed that charge has been changed to attempted murder, reported Monitor.

“The charge against her has been amended to attempted murder upon re-perusal by the Resident State Attorney and the pending lines of inquiry in advanced stages,” Enanga said.

“The maid admitted to partly hitting the infant with a torch, a process that was captured in the video clip. She was further subjected to medical tests and established to be a person of sound mind.”

Speaking of the incident, Mary Karooro Okurut, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development in Uganda, said most parents would want to kill a maid who abused a child in this way.

“Given the magnitude of torture meted out on their child, anybody would have picked the nearest object and killed the maid, but [they] followed the law.”

We are also forwarding to Parliament the 2014 Children Amendment Act to strengthen the law on child abuse,” she said.

Tumuhirwe is set to appear in court on December 8. International Business Times

  • Fox

    The woman is evil to the core. I cannot believe it. Thank God the dad put cctv cameras to catch her. Otherwise she was gonna kill the child and nobody would know.

  • karin

    This woman is very evil.hw can she treat an innocent child like that.am so hurt she must be in jail for the rest of her life.l feel pity for the little girl.

  • prodigy712

    Oh my dear Lord, I am seething with anger at the evil in this woman!!! This child is having convulsion because of the torture

  • Patricia Kimbrell

    TRUE EVIL! Death would be too merciful for this devil!!!

    • Ricardo Mondolfi

      I agree! That’s the whole thing about the death penalty, isn’t it? It’s too much of a relief for the horrible criminals! It’s all over too quick!

  • Mai Samero

    Hiiii nhai Mwari…ndarwadziwa ini.

  • RB

    U dont wana see what they did to her next

    • Rana

      SHe earned it !!!

    • mark

      Yes i do i want to see it up close and personal see rhat evil cunt suffer

  • guest

    oh my god she is crazy;;

  • Toyin Ogundare

    Kill the maid pls

  • rambo

    This is shocking, the maid is a witch for real she must be killed.

  • april

    the way we roast maize is the same way this asshole should be tortured kumusasika mumuti moto uchibvirs pazasi achitsva mbichana mbichana she shld die a slow and sudden death

  • MIKA

    How can a woman for that matter be so wicked/? This cruel woman must get a death sentence and that will be a lesson .

    • samanthagonah

      Yes AMEN to that. Whether its your child or not its just in our nature to treat infants with tender care. She’s sick

  • nyadiel

    This maid should be jailed for life!

    • Kylie Marie

      That bitch I do want to kill her right now that made me cry when I saw that baby get tortured and threw to the floor like she’s some rag doll I hope those cops got her and have her rot in prison for the rest of her living life that bitch better rot in her cellar

    • SenpaiFirestorm

      she is in Prison and gets beaten by her fellow prisoners. she got what she deserved

  • pantha303 .

    this woman leaves me speechless……

  • pantha303 .

    I cant even imagine what could make someone do something so ……evil is too kind a word ……may she rot on earth……

  • Dr. Cde. Grace Mugabe

    Tie the maid to a bench, remove her clothes. with a sharp knife, hack of her fingers one by one. then take a pinchers, and remove her milk gland. put salt mixed with soda and sulphiric acid to all her wounds. leave her for 1 hr. come back, with a saw, now slice off her ears. and use a razor to cut her tongue. do this slowly. finally, using a hunters blade, skin her alive while applying salt to the wounds. leave her to bleed to death inside a dark chamber filled with nothing but rats and flies.

    • Kay Adeniyi

      Diro! Diro!! DirO!!!

  • Dr. Cde. Grace Mugabe

    I have many brilliant ideas to deal with this maid. How about tying her up with ropes inside a large pan. fill the pan with crude oil, put the pan on a big fire and fry her to death.

  • Dr. Cde. Grace Mugabe

    How about tying the maid upside-down, hanging with her legs on an industrial scale crane, on top of a pool of water. Lower he slowly head first, into the water. Let her drown a little. When she’s about to die, lift her up to breathe again. Repeat the cycle, until she dies of hunger.

  • Glenda Moore


  • Ily

    i’m shoked after watching this video it’s so brutal ,poor innocent baby, i pray for her to stay healthy and smile a lot…

    and about this disgusting person she can’t be call a human being, just let let her burn in hell , may she receive the same she did to that baby she really desserve it

  • charna

    Oh God oh God…I hate this! That defenseless little baby how can people we so heartless. Some will say, she probably was beaten when she was a child so thats why she is abusive. Let me tell you when someone is abused they make sure no one endures the abuse that they suffered, they protect others from abuse. That woman is not a human, she is a dog, a rotten devil from hell. No human with a heart would do something so cruel. She is inhuman, she is soulless, a monster, I pray God delivers her the hands of wicked people in jail and I pray they beat her, rip her flesh from her bones and make her scream and beg for mercy. That evil black heart witch, she deserves the worse kind of torture!

    • le84

      May the maid please die a very slow and horrible death and rot in hell, she does not deserve to be alive. But then again, living in South Africa this is stuff that happens on a daily basis and nothing happens to the aggressors. May only get a slap on the hand. God bless the little girl.

      • nedtoknow

        This makes people wonder why has God allowed the people of south Africa to suffer such a level of desperateness that they could do such evil things as you have said, as leaders of the whole world agreed to turn their heads the other way, even knowing how much they have taken advantage south Africa just like that woman did that child. It seems in other races when you do good things, you become a hero, unlike Jesus who became first on the most wanted list. Most horrible acts can be traced back to two mental states; FEAR & IGNORANCE. neither is as innocent as it may sound.

  • Naima

    when I sow this video I really don’t how my mood become, could you please remove this film in to the webpage,it will be find that the evil woman last her life in hell, she is not human being I swear

  • samanthagonah

    She has the devil inside her.How can she hit someone who clearly cant defend themselves. She should suffer for what she did.

  • Gabriel Dayot

    This is so awful. I’m hoping that she’ll die or punished like she did on the child. 🙁

  • Heartbroken mother

    this was so bitterly painful to watch and it only took me less than 4 seconds. i couldn’t help but fast forward this clip every time. my heart is racing and hands are shivering………all i can say is “HOW?”…………….HOW do one have the courage to do the things that domestic did? that little human is closer to being an infant than a toddler. HOW?!………..i’m one blink away from bursting into tears. my heart goes out to that baby but we must not forget about the parents of that child as well. How shattered don’t they feel? if life could be rewinded at the cost f a steep price, i’ll sell my most valuable asset no matter what it is.

    To the parents : May the almighty mend what no human can and in my case, what i would give up to relieve you from what you felt and possibly still feeling.

    To the abused baby : May all calamities you endured, for i don’t know how long, become a figment of your imagination and be replaced with a heart made of gold, a compassionate soul that exceed what that domestic could have in character by a 1000 times and live the rest of her life like a angelic princess she is meant to be.

    To the critics : they say silence is better than an irrelevant comment, in this regard i beg to differ. A silly comment in defense of this violated family is more valuable that the amount of money the president have in his account. Kind you are who commented and even more so, BRAVE you are to expose the barbaric one’s………….they are not even the dirt under my shoes, if they had to be, i’d throw the shoes away, not worth scrapping such scum off your soles.

  • daniel ali

    May allah al azeez punish the woman with severity

  • LaDY Jazz

    This lady should rot in prison! she shouldn’t be forgiven! what she did to the poor child is unacceptable! poor baby i had experience that, the maid should rot in hell where she belongs! no child deserves to be treated in such a way. Thank God the dad installed the camera and caught her in the act. She is evil and doesn’t deserve the parents or the world forgiveness!

  • Wizzy

    On the bright side, the kid is a gangster now. See, if u survive something like that, nothing could ever kill you, not even a thug with a gun.

  • tendai banga

    She don’t deserve to be among the human race. She is the Devil himself. Must be hanged. Thats murder not attempted murder.

  • rose

    all i could do is cry after watching this…. poor child, i wonder how long this went on for.

  • Bib

    Is this child still alive ? What an evil woman she is just filled with hate to do this to an innocent child hope she don’t have children of her own because she maybe doing the same thing to them!!! Lock her up and throw away the key !!! The dad did right to beat the crap out of her she had no mercy on the dear little child this was not easy for a Father to have to watch his child have to endure !!!!

    • Hyena Cub

      Yeh it said the maid was charged with attempted murder, so the kid made it through. Thank the gods.

  • Maria

    Thoroughly disgusted and wished hadn’t seen it. She should be treated the way she did to the child 30 days in a row! And then jailed!

  • Tieh Divine

    This lady is not acting by her self.she is possessed by an evil spirit.let us pray for her deliverance,as well as pray that this demon does not get into more persons trusted with the duty of care. Lord Jesus have mercy.!!

  • Martin

    OH MY GOD! I am just so shocked I could barely watch the video I mean my mum worked with children for 18 years and I would help take care of toddlers just like that little girl. I swear I think I’m going to be sick. Please tell me that little girl is ok I think I’m going to cry now :'(

  • whateva

    Horrific video. The woman must receive the strictest sentence possible. An elephant must be made to stand on her on one foot.

  • Ricardo Mondolfi

    Death sentence for the lady? No!
    She deserves to suffer more. Jail her for life! I think the “attempted murder” charge should go through and she should spend her years locked up. There she’ll suffer enough.

  • Wang Hu Lee

    this has greatly changed my overall view to women quest for justice and equality in the society. They have for long fixed their view that men are their enemy to their prosperity however the great devil is in them. Before achieving much this is how they treat even children no wonder even more women are convicted every day for planning and committing murder to their spouses than ever in history. All mankind must enjoy life without fear of others. The lady needs to suffer life imprisonment and she does not have a clue of being a human being.

  • Minx

    What in God’s name did she think is going to happen to her, did she rally think her employers are going to be blind to their daughters brutal attack. I am so happy the dad followed hes instincts and had the cctv installed. Small innocent children cant defend themselves and yet evil crazy sons of bitches goes around hurting what we cherish most….i hope the damn government gives these people back what they dish out stop protecting criminals. Funny if people get fed up with this and take matters into their own hands they get punished worse that the killer rapist and abusers…I for one are fed up bring back that death penalty!!!!!!

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Nyangwe ndakambovona munhu anegona revuroyi uyo ndamuhla , unoisigwa nduru yegarwe musadza ukafa . Iyo imhondi chaiyo unovuraigwa mwana nebhinya rinedhlozi rebere rokuda kuvuraya chaiko . Benzi rotogwavo zvaro murushambwa gwenhamo gwaaiva paruzevha wonzi hande dhorobha unokwesha man’a uchidhla nokumwa uvete ndiyetanha kuramba woita zvenherera inopakwa ichirutsa . Shavi renhamo harina mugoni regai adzokere kwaaiva chikutumeno nenhamo zvichamumomotera kusvika mundufu , pasi rose roziva zvaari ndiyani angana kudhla mundiro imwe nebhinya rakadoro

  • Clara Neisess

    Sooo… just to be clear… if you believe in God, he made this woman, knew she would do this to a little child (and who knows how many others) and yet still allowed it. Oh, that’s cool.

    • nedtoknow

      Can we blame god for giving human free will? It is for individuals to behave decent and moral. With out god people’s brain spin off track. Her behavior (like many others who does not get this level of attention) is proof that the absence of god is the presence of great evil. Fear, jealousy, bitterness, hate and greed, are all Evil’s children. Final judgment for all actions will come from One who is higher than any forms of thinking. It is too great a thing for our finite minds to wrap around.

  • Beth McDermott

    This lady needs to die. Plain and simple. Sick, evil, twisted demons like this cunt need to die a horrible, torturous, prolonged, extremely painful death, all the while laughing and filming it. Why waste tax payers money on a trial? If she goes to jail and gets beaten every day of her life, it is not enough.

  • JB

    I feel physically sick by this.
    Where is the justice in “up to five years imprisonment”?
    Eye for an eye

  • Frank Furter

    I think I would just execute this monster right off the bat! Trust nobody with your child!

  • ana

    If she were my maid she doesnt get to go to jail period.

  • zenia

    Why? This poor child…what an evil woman…coward

  • mnmsmum

    Wish the father had killed her.

  • Hyena Cub

    I have actually never in my life witnessed something that made me literally, physically ill. This did it. I…can’t even say anything. WTF Just…I can’t comprehend it.

  • taliyah

    This is so sad and she literally bruised up the baby all she did was vomit and plus the reason why she vomited was beacause the babysitter (jolly tumuhirwe )was shoving rice
    down her throat………
    She probably gave her brain damage. …………………….

  • fox

    you stupind urumugome nawe bazamukorerenkibyoyakoreye uwomwana nkuko nawe yamwishe ubundi uwomwana aracyabaho

  • fox

    is the baby here but he dear