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Police savagely beat protester Itai Dzamara

HARARE – While Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi is in London busy trying to convince prospective tourists that all is well in Zimbabwe, police in central Harare savagely assaulted a journalist who was staging a peaceful demonstration.

Itai Dzamara lies motionless on the ground after being savagely beaten
Itai Dzamara lies motionless on the ground after being savagely beaten

Itai Dzamara who has been leading the “Occupy Africa Unity Square” protests for several weeks now was on Thursday admitted to a Harare hospital alongside human rights lawyer Kennedy Masiye after both sustained serious injuries from brutal assaults by more than 20 police officers.

According to a witness the police arrived at the square around 11:30. The senior officer ordered the activists to leave and then immediately started beating them.

“Dzamara was surrounded by 15 police officers, who prevented him from leaving. They beat him all over the body. Two baton sticks broke during the assault and the police team handcuffed Dzamara,” the witness said.

“They continued beating him while tearing his belt and trousers open. Tichaona Danho and Tafadzwa Charumbira refused to leave and insisted they wanted to stand by Dzamara. They were also beaten up.

“Dzamara lost consciousness and the beating stopped. Lawyer Kennedy Masiye arrived to attend to the matter. They immediately attacked Masiye, beating him up with baton sticks and breaking his glasses. They chased him away.

“The police team then ordered Danho and Charumbira to carry Dzamara out of the park. The police team continued to beat the unconscious Dzamara and the two colleagues carrying him for 500 meters away from the park.

“Dzamara spent about 45 minutes on a tarmac until a vehicle came to pick him and took him to hospital,” the witness added.

Dzamara was arrested over three weeks ago (Friday 17 October) after he called on Mugabe to step down in a petition that was delivered to the presidential Munhumutapa Offices. Africa Unity Square is a few blocks away from Mugabe’s offices. Since then he has been assaulted several times for his ongoing protest.

What has been shocking though is the silence of many human rights organisations and NGO’s in the country.

Former student leader and political commentator Freeman Chari said “If each of the so-called Civic Organizations listed below were to supply just one member to join Itai Dzamara at the Occupy Africa Unity Square demonstrations I bet we would be free. But then the Crisis is feeding a few select!”

Chari proceeded to list over 100 such organisations that are operating in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile while Dzamara and his colleagues are being assaulted for demonstrating, factional battles within the ruling Zanu PF party have seen rival supporters freely demonstrating with police escorts in tow.

Several demonstrations against Vice President Joice Mujuru, planned by a rival faction in Zanu PF, have also been allowed to go ahead with police escorts.

  • Zimbabwe is not ready for investment by the European union whilst we are still being oppressed , It is said in order to build a free society you require free people , this goes to show we are not free and that our country is controlled by oppressors !!

    • Joe

      Very true Zimbabweans the leaders they have . They stand back and let the fire who take acton look like fools when they all have nothing to look forward to. Zimbabweans are too soft all they are good at is taking instructions from other people . Im sorry to say it but we are all Mugabes wives and are under his spell how can u expect change when you are not participating in the movement. Even if mugabe goes the next leader knows that all his people are pussies who will never object to anything if u send the riot police. How did zimbabwean ever get their freedom in the first place.

    • wilbert

      This is tragic and the irony is Mugabe and his goons still think they liberated the nation!

      • Mhandla

        I think you may have misunderstood the liberation struggle, It was to secure their freedom and prosperity, not yours;

        It is not a case of them not knowing any better or having a clue; they know exactly what they are doing and are quite educated. It’s that we don’t like what they are doing. The name of the game is to stall as long as possible (years and decades preferred) while the looting continues. There is no need to rush things when it comes to “change”, although it is very very important to say just the opposite and appear to be firm in your words.

        They have succeeded in all areas of their own lives. Our lives are not their concern..

        • wilbert

          The system is not working for the Zanu PF loyalists as well; party grandees like Nathan Shamuyarira died a pauper and the on-going infighting will dump many big chefs as well as other members condemning them to abject poverty. Some one has to end this madness!

          • Chimbwido Warvet

            Someone except you has to end this madness while you dine and wine in the corridors of London. What a fcking dreamer who always looks forward to others to do his dirty job while he sits on his laurels. He is no different from his friend, Morgan Tsvangirai, who at the peek of the liberation war, was enjoying life to the full in the employ of an Anglo-American mining company while the rest of us were prosecuting the war for independence but ironically now wants to ambush political power from the war veterans of Zimbabwe. That will never happen during our lifetime baby. In any case, who can stop a man from having wet dreams or behaving like a kangaroo shown below?

          • wilbert

            Well Mai Mujuru, Regare Gumbo, Gamatox, etc Zanu PF grandees are the ones being hunted down right now; I would not stop the madness even if I could; they are having a taste of their own medicine. If you were back in Zimbabwe you too would be on the run; you are a Mujuru supporter are you not?

      • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

        Freedom to oppress cowards & internet activists like you and me

        • wilbert


    • Chimbwido Warvet

      Oh boy, where is the free world, free country and free people that can do as they please? I have yet to go to that free world, free country where people do as they want although their freedom infringes or violates the freedom of others. Just name such world, country and people and I will be happy to spend my entire life living there.

    • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

      They are living in a parallel world hypnotized by debilitating fear…Evil will always flourish when there is a deficit of men with balls that clank…Only Itai & Morgan are real men in Zimbabwe the rest are Mugabe’s wives…..Kuzviitira weti nekutya kaharahwa kane 91 years…..

  • dhege

    surely the beatings must have been recorded by someone given this era of tech and that the UNITY SQUARE is a public place. Where are the pics Nehanda? without them this story is not credible at all

    • ranga

      What? Are you in grade one to say you only believe a story with pictures? Eish!!

      • schicco

        Without video evidence, as usual police will deny it ever happened. They can’t deny it if a video is posted all over the internet.

      • dhege

        how can you bring the culprits to book without credible evidence? it could be you Ranga in grade zero. CCTV footage, videos, pictures give overwhelmimg incriminating evidence. remember police beatings by madzibaba evidence? thats what i mean. and am not saying he was not beaten. if you did a beat of journalism you know what i mean. with that photo who can you convince did what? same old traps for the past 15 years, lets just fix the police once and for ever.

    • Walddoza

      This story is all over the place. What does Walter Mzembi has to do with the story. This story should be treated as police brutality . The perpetraters should be found and dealt with accodingly. Having been a recepient of the button stick once I doubt very much that anyone would survive two broken button sticks. (Handcuffing an unconcious man really) Nehanda radio should track down and interview this Dzamara to give their story some authenticity.

      • dhege

        i agree with you, lets not stage manage but really get it all to convince even wild animals. we also want Nehanda Radio to expose Jonathan Moyo’s hypocrisy of loving Mugabe etc by publishing his anti-mugabe / zanupf attacks during his tenure as independent MP

    • YOWE78

      imagine what will happen to you when police see you recording them beating up the unarmed protesters

      • dhege

        at Africa Unity Square and with the state of the art recorders we have it is very possible my friend remember this place is a haven of all sorts of photographers with latest cameras that can zoom in out. in a united struggle this should be possible – collective responsibility instead of exposing Dzamara to fight it alone

  • JM

    All we hear is the hopeless MDC shouting that it is going to demonstrate while a brave man like Itai just gets on with the job.

    • and you are not Brave!!!!, why don’t you join him ?kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Making Jesus Famous

      When the servant of God warned people that the forces would be brutal against peaceful demonstrators you attacked him. This is just a sign of what would be taking place. Continue to disregard the servants of God and suffer the consequences

      • Hurungwe

        You don’t need a “servant of God” to warn you about police brutality. Kana kamwana kaduku kanoziva kuti mapurisa emuZimbabwe ane utsinye. Your so-called servant of God is aligned to ZANU PF.

        • Making Jesus Famous

          May God continue to bless prophet Makandiwa the oracle of God. 2 Chronicles 20:20 says Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. Receive him or not but he is here to stay and usher Zimbabwe to greater heights as he teaches on the Lordship, life, salvation and blood of Jesus Christ

          • wilbert

            How is Makandiwa going to “usher Zimbabwe to greater heights”? By working with Zanu PF thugs and sell the poor false hope and conning them?

            Peddle your stupidity somewhere else; the Herald or Kwaedza!

          • bobsled

            Makandiwa is doing money laundering for the hoodlums in ZPF. Soon they will not be needing his services now that sanctioins have been lifted and he will end up in one stinking prison cell…

          • wilbert

            A nation where a majority of the people spend their time with their heads buried in the sand and therefore cannot see what is happening and cannot think is an ease target for conmen. And they come in all form and sizes as politicians as church leaders, you name it. Until the electorate open their eyes this nation is doomed!

          • bobsled

            Zimbabwe will be free INSPITE of your prophesies. By the way you don’t own the fellow called Jesus…he made a different prophesy through a different man, Zimbabwe will be free!

        • wilbert

          Spot on!

      • biend

        This Journalist needs support not your Prophetic nonsense,the whole World knows Zim Police are not about the Law,they are about protecting one Dictatorship Party,if your so called Man of God was for real,he would be praying for peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe not discouraging people to exercise their rights which is constitutionally enshrined,pray for Zimbabwe don’t point fingers and adopt the I told you so stance

        • Making Jesus Famous

          Now you say the man of God should pray for peace and prosperity of Zimbabwe? Why are you contradicting yourself? When he adviced demonstrators not to go ahead for the meantime wasnt that peace? The opposite of peace is violence. When he teaches about prosperity you attack him saying God does not like that kind of teaching but now you open up your mouth and confess positively the very things you confess negatively. What is this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Nobody was forced to march. You yourself its obvious you wont be there when anything happens. Who do you want to demonstrate on your behalf and die? So you are clever and others are foolish? We cant have many people die for this country. Jesus himself died for all of us and thats enough. Why dont you die for the country yourself? Go ahead and die for the whole nation and prove that you love all of us

          • bobsled

            We are talking of constitutionally enshrined rights. This man is not a criminal or a sinner. The criminals and sinners are the ones you IDIOT are protecting. Stop selling your Jesus nonsense if it cannot tell who is oppressing who…get to hell!

          • biend

            don’t rush read my comment carefully,my friend

      • Sophie

        But aren’t both Bob and Grace (Nyoka neKunyepa) “God-sent” to rescue us from the evil West and their allies (excluding the now good people in the EU)?

      • wilbert

        Stop talking nonsense! Everyone knows that the Zanu PF regime is a ruthless tyranny and therefore did not need divine inspiration to know the regime will use force to stop the demos.

        Why has your servant of God not stood up to defend the oppressed like the prophets have always done instead of telling us what we already know or worse hobnob with the ruling elite at Mazoe Orphanage!

        Brainwashed religious zealots like you have not made Jesus famous but have given religion a bad name! All the country’s lazy and useless con men have become pastors and prophets! You have teamed up with Zanu PF; the latter continues with the corruption and looting driving millions into a life of abject poverty and despair and church rob them of the very little they have selling them “blessed apples” and “holy water” at $5 each!

      • dhege

        iwe zivai zvekuba brains nemari dzevanhu mumakereke umu and leave politics to its field. miracle money, babies, anointed oil, miracle wives, miracle prostitutes all those dont help Zimbabwe. mental slavery! Voting voting voting protesting protesting demanding demanding demanding and building the economy. iye Mwari wacho anongochuza prophets in Zim chete chete with prosperity gospel? ku Mozambique, UK, America, Zambia – havadiwi namwari – mbavha dzevanhu cashing in on desperate economic and political crises in Zim

      • bobsled

        Are you ok man?

  • Memory

    Get well soon Itai and agod bless you.Every power which exalts itself against God will be humbled. Your suffering is not in vain.

  • chox

    Shame I wonder Zim Civil Society is, and what they are receiving money for

    • Dambudziko

      Well, to buy nice cars, nice houses and host useless workshops.

  • Fogmaster

    I think vairasa, what if tomorow park ikamuka yakazara vanhu, yoita hondo here?

    • VaMutuki

      Vanhu vanenge vabva kupit? Hapana anoda kurohwa isu vamwe takarohwa kuzvinana 2000 zvakakwana.

  • Tsano munofa nekurohwa.

  • minaa

    I blame myself and every Zimbabwe who is in Zimbabwe doing business as usual whilst this husband father and family man fight for our right to a living in Zimbabwe yes those demonstrating against mai mujuru are left alone but this unarmed peace loving Zimbabwean just lodging a seat in for his right to be herd is beaten like nyoka yapinda mumba and we all are quite and doing business as usual tichingoti haaa dollar ranetsa zvinhu zvakaoma and we expect that thngs will sort themselves out I think Zimbabweans we have a serious problem basa kugona kungoti zanu mdc ko uyu asina party arikurwira marights ake nemhuri yake why are we not supporting him hakuna peace loving yakadaro we are COWARDS yes that’s what we are takapata

    • VaMutuki

      I also blame every Zimbabwean who cowardly ran away to the diaspora.

    • biend

      very true every peace loving Zimbabwean should bow their heads in shame,Zimbabweans are good at crying and running to other countries,nobody is gonna free Zimbabwe from its current bondage except people stand up like this Hero

    • Chief

      Mina, we have been selfish in every aspect as zimbabweans, Itai is just demostrating for a cause that every one of us doesn’t spend a day or even an hour without talking about that we need change of leadership chete. We are all suffering, there comes a brother who want our support, what do we do? We stand by the road side take photos of him being brutally assaulted, what happened to the povho yaramba. Povho muriko here????

    • Memory

      Absolutely minaa…we should feel very embarrassed about ouselves. We should hang our heads in shame.One day our children are going to ask us why we allowed all this to happen.

  • Muchati Bwege

    As far as i’m concerned this guy started a peaceful demonstration, Kusvika riini tichidzvinyirirwa nehurumende yevatema

    • Dambudziko

      Kusvika marega kutya…maZimbabweans kutya tinonyanya. Vanhu 50 vanodzinganiswa nemupurisa 1 akabata button stick. Unlike South Africans…panotoda rocket launcher to disperse them kana vatsamwa.

      • Dr Mavhiri(FastTrack PhD,UZ)

        Tanga iwe, at least dzamara aita pake but munourawa nevaroi ava

        • Dambudziko


        • tiriparwendo2


  • tinashe


  • Mseyamwa

    Zimboz will not join in demos. They are too clean, too smart for that. They would rather descend into the worst of situations as long as our women can still put on make-up and stroll through town and our men can still be seen holding a brown container and can be seen to be riding the wave.

    Mugabe saw that a long time ago. He knows the people are spineless. Even in the language of the majority its ‘them’, the people who are demonstrating and the rest will watch from a safe distance, post comments and analyses in newspapers but will be quick to identify with the product if successful yet again they will say ‘we told you so’ to the active activists if they are defeated by the demon government forces. Until the majority individual feel a need to take action to change things in the country, individuals like Dzamara will continue to suffer the same fate.

    Part of what causes this aloofness is a knowledge deficit among the people. To this date I still doubt the majority vote out of knowledge of policies sold by candidates. Many vote for someone who once gave bought them a scud, someone they know personally or think they do, someone who looks the part, regardless of what the person can deliver. My thinking is educating people on how government officials work and their responsibilities is one thing the MDC lost a chance on during GNU.

  • Dr Mavhiri(FastTrack PhD,UZ)

    uchafira mahara, even liberation war was guerilla tactic

  • Take Take

    Iyoo, the truth is we are all not ready for a revolution. All we know is Zanu kills and no one is ready to die. All we can do is look for someone to blame. We are now asking about civic organizations etc. An organization is as good as its people. Anyone of us can work for such organizations and that will not stop police brutality. Neither will we get extra nerves when we work for such organizations. One might say such organizations are protected at law. The truth be said, Zimbabwe has no rule of law. Jestina Mukoko suffered only to be freed when Zanu had accomplished its mission. Even Itai is a journalist and in the first world what happened to him can never be condoned. We just need to accept that Mugabe is a killer. As long as we are not ready to die, the suffering will not end, until God chooses to free us in his own way. Other than that, suffer continue. Sorry Itai, but you tried.

    • Mastupet Zimba

      Zanu does not kill, they talk of fear and sporadically beat and maim and amplify that on tv and radio and the zanu pf herald. of 100 peaople were to stand by dzamara, nobody would be beaten, and we know it. we can fight these mother fakaz but alas, we are all farked in our buris by Mugabe himself

  • Rudo

    The Palace Coup and State of Emergency are approaching. President Dr. Chiwenga will reveal his final decisions in due course.

  • wilbert

    Zanu PF will never intimidate and beat the economic meltdown until is is unconscious as they did to Itai. The regime cannot bribe and bamboozle the economic meltdown as it did with Tsvangirai and MDC. At the end of the day the regime will have to bow to the reality that it cannot rig economic recovery and step down to allow for free, fair and credible elections.

    Itai and others in Africa Unity Square demo are the messengers reminding the regime of the reality of the economic meltdown. Beating up the messenger will not change the economic reality that the economic meltdown will only get worse as long as Zanu PF remains in office!

    • Zunde

      Did you go to AU square to support Itai. Just interested to know since you seem to always comment on nearly every day. I hope you don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk

      • wilbert

        Was waiting for you to walk the walk first!

  • cde mabhunu

    Ngachitsve Mugabe akajaidzwa.

  • Mfana mike

    police brutality is all over the world and even the so called democratic nations have worse police brutality incidents. its unfortunate that journalist got a beating. personally i dont think it has anything to do with Zanu or MDC or tourism minister its just police brutality, its all to do with the job stress of controlling people. that demonstration could have escalated to a full scale riot

  • Chimbwido Warvet

    Oh no no no my gosh Aah, akazorowha nhai? Ko kana munhu opengereka angaitwa sei? Ko munhu akangozvidonedza pasi achibva atorwa mapikicha neshamwari dzake? Nhamo inenharo vanabaranzi.

  • Chenhamo

    Tsanoz vakazomamiswa. Takavaudza kudhara kuti game ravo haridyise… Bvunza chamatama aakungokanda ma theat ari kachana kkkkkkkkk. Kana wapora udzokere tikupamhe futi zuze!

  • the bigger boss

    Zrp. Soon your blood will be spilled. Pamberi regime change

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