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‘Men from Matabeleland only interested in sex; and they are lazy too’ – Grace Mugabe

GWANDA – In a bizarre ranting Grace Mugabe rounded up on men from Matabeleland who she accused of only good at marrying and making babies instead of developing their areas.

Grace Mugabe at one of her rallies
Grace Mugabe at one of her rallies

Mugabe who recently graduated with a controversial doctorate in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe said this amidst cheers from a crowd of about 4000 predominately Ndebele people in Gwanda on Monday.

Mugabe took swipe at the Ndebele men accusing them of marrying a lot of wives and making too many children they end up failing to take care of.

“It is very common here to find a man with 5, 6 or 10 wives what kind of a bull is that?” she said.

Mugabe’s lashing of the Ndebele men was surprisingly met with a huge cheer and clapping of hands from the crowd. Amongst those who cheered were Minister of Sports and Culture Andrew Langa so did ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and Gwanda Resident Minister Abednico Ncube.

Further to that, Grace also accused men from Matabeleland South for not developing themselves but just interested in going down south to Johannesburg to do menial jobs. This is the second time in under 2 years that the first family has attacked the people from Matabeleland for the great trek to South Africa.

President Mugabe attracted huge attacks from the people of Matabeleland when he made the same remarks at the same venue last year. Dr Grace Mugabe also accused the men in the region of being rapists and abusers saying the region provides the highest statistic in terms of rape and women abuse.

Tuesday the First Lady takes her rallies to another of Matabeleland Provinces in Lupane.

Grace said God already has a list of leaders who will take over from President Robert Mugabe.

Addressing people who had gathered at Gwanda’s Pelandaba Stadium in Matabeleland South, Grace said Zimbabwe needed capable leaders with the requisite resources to assist President Mugabe.

“God prepares leaders. He has a list of leaders, whether you like it or not he has a ready prepared list of who will succeed Mugabe when he leaves his position and who will be the next vice-president,” she said.

The First Lady launched a broadside at Zanu PF leaders who are used to “piggy-backing” on the president rather than working for the good of the country.

“Some are used to be strapped on the president’s back. They think being vice-president is spending time in the office while the president is working for you. We want people who are capable. We don’t want a liability (sic).

“That’s why I’m saying you need self-introspection. You need to be fair to yourself, go to others and ask how you perform,” she said, adding that “factionalism is corruption because if you are buying people to vote for you that is corruption”.

Zanu PF is embroiled in a vicious succession battle ahead of its biggest elective congress set for December.

Media reports claim vice-president Joice Mujuru is leading one of two distinct factions that have emerged in the former guerrilla movement and is locked in battle with party legal supremo Emmerson Mnangagwa, who also currently serves as Justice minister in a bitter fight to take over from Mugabe when he eventually leaves office.

“A hundred names, all rushing to media (to campaign). Have we forgotten the code of conduct? Do we conduct our party business in newspapers? Stop it, stop it.  If you jump too much, if you are at a supersonic speed you will lose it (sic).”

The First Lady also registered her disappointment with events in Manicaland in which riotous youths engaged in running battles and almost scuttled her “Meet the people” rally in that part of the country as warring factions went for each other’s throats. This; despite her efforts to bring together the different factions at her Harare gathering.

“We were in (Oppah) Muchinguri’s province on Friday (Manicaland), that is where all men challenging (President) Mugabe come from, but all that doesn’t matter because if it’s not for God it won’t work. Leaders come from God. You can be educated but if you have no wisdom, morals and humility, you are nothing (sic).

“In Mutare, I discovered that we have senior members we know by names who have no morals. They incite youths by buying beer and marijuana for them and tell them to boo Amai Mugabe when she is addressing, it is not a nice thing,” she said.

She warned of dire consequences if the issue of factionalism is not addressed as a matter of urgency and expressed her wish that the upcoming congress would deal with the issue once and for all.

“I sometimes wish that when I blink, congress will be done and over. If I had the power I would speed it up because people are getting insane (sic),” said the First Lady.

She bemoaned the fact that Zanu PF leaders had dumped national programmes as the fight for positions threatens to spill-over.

“Let’s not clandestinely select each other for positions, fooling each other that we are able. At times people will fool you and dump you in the nick of time (sic). Especially if you are a woman, they will put you at the top and praise you, then dump you.  Women, let’s not be used in this factionalism fights,” the First Lady said adding: “God prepares leaders. He has a list of leaders, even if you say you want or you don’t want, he has the list that if (President) Mugabe leaves position who will be the next and who will be the next vice-president”.

She reminded ambitious leaders that the party constitution states that only the president can appoint leaders into top positions.

“But our constitution states that the president is the one who appoints. So you can be boasting that you are the one and you are unstoppable, you are actually working against yourself (sic),” said the First Lady.

She once again castigated the so called “dirty dozen”, a group of Zanu PF lawmakers allegedly benefiting from United States funding and providing inside information on Zimbabwe.

“You cannot benefit from two courses of action that are mutually incompatible. You can’t be doing party business and on the other side pushing factionalism. We don’t need people like that,” she said, reminding people that the MDC is an example of a failed foreign-funded project.

The First Lady will today address another rally at Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane, Matabeleland North, before heading to Bulawayo on Wednesday. The Zimbabwe Mail

  • 48Mheta11

    There is nothing wrong in what the first lady said regarding men from this particular region marrying a lot of women. This paper just wants to play on the Ndebele-Shona supposedly rift. It will not work!

    • chikangafula moses shoko.


      • anonymous

        Msatha nyoko

      • Hungwe

        But she was a second wife at one point wasn’t she?

  • chikangafula moses shoko.

    Leaders are God’s choose one. (I am inspired by speech Amai).

    • the bigger boss

      This vulgar wore should do a DNA test on her spoilt brats. To see that the 4 fathers were a donkey Satan baboon cockroach. She herself was born from chiyangwas bum hole. Pamberi regime change mob justice. Paso rats of zpf

  • lisa

    It is really stupid for this lady to go around abusing people like that,so even if they have many wives does she provide anything fr those children no!so why can’t she concetrate on how to recover the economy as they ruined the country .people they go to south Africa to work fr their family,if we gt jobs in zwe I dun think we wld be suffering in this foreign countries every individuals wants the best fr their families she really need to be ashamed of wat she’s saying .and that stupid man his listen to her saying all that hes a fool as well.someone is abusing u,u kept smiling on her wat the hell is that nonsense.SIC

  • mujibha

    And she is on that list that god Mugabe has already prepared. Aren’t we a chosen nation where god intervenes in our politics and appoints such able leaders like Dr Grace don’t take photo Pamire Mugabe

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    “It is very common here to find a man with 5, 6 or 10 wives what kind of a bull is that?” she said. Bhuru rinogwa rinodzibga nemavanga….amadhodha sibili…

  • maputi

    Ka blazo kutopfavirira. Kachakwirwa na Gire.

  • Chitova

    Hey, as if they left for SA willing. Come on guys. Men from Matebeleland started leaving in 1983 running away from Gukurahundi. Those who are following are off-shoots. That is where their fathers went. We always follow our leaders. Gukurahundi left Matebeleland empty…..

    All able men were suspected Disidents! period….
    Why having many children? Simple, to replace those wiped by her husband during Gukurahundi.
    Why not working? Simple, there are used to running away from soldiers, they learnt such that by now they cant work.

    So, stop the nonsense!!

    • Ndere

      Mmmm yah true , this woman should just stop this nonsense, I for a fact was born in a family of more than 10, and I am proud of that, I dnt see anything wrong with multiplying. If her husband cant bear more because of old age, dosent mean every man with more than 5 is less of him
      The question should be, how better can we improve the lives of the growing population. Not to restrict pple from giving birth, tobaiwa mudede would second me on this.

      • chikangafula moses shoko.


        • chikangafula moses shoko.

          Even VaShoko. Votes.

  • Memory

    Is that why the economy is on its knees? Is that why we dont even have our currency? And no jobs? Is that why Zanu has been in power for ages? Coooooome on Gire .Time for night club now

    • Dumi

      interesting remarks coming from a mistress, no shame makhwapheni, swina, it is very funny that the very same people insulted were ululating to this so called Dr, is this what your given two doctorate taught you. be ashamed of yourself sis maan uyanyanyisa. we r not proud to be foreigners its people like u who fail to realized that clinging to power has led the country to be in the dogs sies

      • Chimbwido Warvet

        You must be one of the people the First Lady of Zimbabwe made her reference. Stop marrying too many wives and then blame ZANU PF for your weaknesses in mantaining your family adequately. It is people like you who are tearing this country apart by helping enemies of this country. You guys from this part of the country are well known for being too lazy. You should blame yourself for not using your initiative to improve your life. Government can only assist to some extent but has no duty in spoon feeding you like a baby.
        And stop tracking down South and leaving your six wives to fend for themselves or expecting government to come to their assistance. Unowana vamwe vakadzi vaiswa kana kuita pfambi dza Tsvangirai zvatinonzwa kuti anoda madzimai emhando inobva kwa Lobengula. Makava anoda kuisa madzimai evamwe akawanda mu MDC-T, izvo zvirwere zvatekeshera nyika. Paunodzoka babawee kufa chete nemukondas waisa madzimai aneuzanguku. Svinura meso blaz.

        • Tino

          Yeah, tell him. These good-for-nothing lazy Zimbabweans are always whining about food and health. Why don’t they just go out and get a good paying job like the rest of us.

          • Mdidi

            So you think you have a good paying job?

          • Sam Bogga

            Is stealing tax payers money a paying job? You are such an idiot. U people you just don’t know when to stop

        • Mdidi

          Msunu Kanyoko wena swina uthi iwule leli liright?

          • Chimbwido Warvet

            Wena Mudzviti, uli mbongolo or bobojani. Mhata yambuya vayo inonhuwira nyika yose. Uligwala mdidi wako.

        • Sam Bogga

          You speak like a bitch.Just tell me what happened to the Industries from Bulawayo? What happened to National Railways of Zimbabwe? Only a fool can not see that the reason the institutions are not working are these people who are clinging on to power.

  • Muzezuru

    God this god that tibvirei apo!

  • NewYouth123

    This woman is deluded, all she ever discusses are topics you would hear at an growth point such an uneducated fool. Lets have her discuss real issues rather than pointless chatter than will do nothing for the country.

  • SD

    For some reason, I’m kind of liking this woman a little bit. Perhaps here privileged straight talk is a bit refreshing, even though it’s annoying to observe that she seems to speak her mind with no consequence and yet others like Mliswa get into hot water for saying almost similar sentiments..

  • wilbert

    She is the least qualified to talk about development; her husband has been in power for donkey years what development has he brought to the nation? Why has she not taken him to task on that?

    • Memory

      Least qualified to talk about morals aswell

  • There is nothing quite as potent as stupidity mixed with power! For you see when you are stupid yet ordinary those around you are never afraid to remind you of your stupidity by frequently pointing it out but when you are stupid yet powerful those in your immediate vicinity are afraid to point out your stupidity to you and so the stupidity propagates exponentially. Sadly after years of this delusion of infallibility when a stupid powerful person steps out and opens their mouth in public disasters of the type currently obtaining in Zimbabwe occur!

    • Chimbwido Warvet

      Babanguwee hanzi tiri vadzidzi ve University of Zimbabwe. Mashura angu. Urikuda kuti chiiko nhai bururu? Nhamu inenharo wehama.

  • G Dawg


  • Bheki

    Dearly beloved, we adore Dr. Mugabe and what she says about Ndebele men is based on experience. We must listen to her wisdom as she shows us the way forward. She is our Mother and we are her children who need her love and tender guidance. We are not worthy of her greatness. We thank her for giving us our lesson now about Ndebele men and we now know to be very careful. Dr. Mugabe is another gift from above. We praise you and worship you Dr. Mugabe.

    • Memory

      Dr Amai Grace..

    • Anonymous

      Uzincengelani wena msunu kanyoko!!

    • Mdidi

      She needs a Ndebele man to fuck her since shona men can’t quench her insatiable appetite for sex. She needs to be constantly bonked. she is loosing her mind because of too much salt in her brains. She needs to be relaxed by a real man from matebeleland.


    This year’s THESIS:-

    Please explain and expound giving detailed analysis on your thoughts. Compare and contrast her statements from rally to rally and with aid of videos where necessary, taken from any source, explain how articulate or crafty or lack of it, she is. Touch on her agility as an orator in the face of a crowd of say 3 people to say 50 000.
    Points will be awarded for showing how her various statements are 3 shots in her foot and the benefits accrued to ZANU PF thereof. Also visualize the Doctor on the world stage and how she could be IN THE ZIMBABWE “CHINA SHOP”
    Explain the complexity of her imagined rise to the top of the pile, heading for the top post. Also itemize and explain the services or disservices of the PRESS in their stampede to cover her every rally and indeed her every word.

    No of word :- 1 up to 20million.

    • Memory

      kkk.. you very creative

  • Mina

    To my surprise a large number of men with more than 1 wife is from Grace ‘s tribe yet she has the guts to lush at ndebele men.she herself is a whore married out of adultery under an illegitimate marriage.interestingly zimbos irregardles of tribe are in poverty. I was abandoned by my shona father who and raised by ndebeles, i wil m never see any good from them and i appreciate being identified as a ndebele not the hypocritical shon.i ve visited mashonaland areas ,i ve seen a number of poor peope,jobless ,uneducatedand even in polygamy yet i dont see the reason to laugh at them.in my community we ve no kids wearing clothes made out of flour bags but i ve seen them in disgrace region.those who agree with her are stupid.she should first go and get rid of polygamy from her evil tribe and then tell us what to do.as for going out peole ve no jobs because of her husband.even shonas are in south sfrica.not only ndebeles does menial jobs shonas also do.to my surprise we are only 14% of the nation that means the remaining 84% is rich since they are shona.

  • Mbonisi Khumalo

    Who are the majority, Ndebele or Shona? Even in South Africa who are the majority of all Zimbabweans? Shonas – so, who is g0od at going a Egoli then – Shonas.
    How can a people who are a small minority be the ones good at making children and marrying many wives? This is twisted logic – plain tribal hatred, if you ask me. So Gumbura is Ndebele as well? and Tswangirayi – how many children did he make from just one wife; later on the many concubines. Tribal hatred is a disease – please seek treatment soonest!

  • biend

    Now this is a woman who is aspiring to be President?She is already ruining the unit of the Party and now the country,I hope Zanu voters are listening

  • Anonymous

    I am greatly offended by Ms Grace Mugabe’s
    careless but well calculated utterances, this is not the first time that the
    people of Matabeleland have been on the receiving end of such insults, we will
    remember how Mr Robert Mugabe insulted the people of Matabeleland by saying
    that they run to South Africa and come back with blankets and bicycles. He was
    also heard equating people of Matabeleland with snakes. Grace Mugabe chose to show
    her true tribalism colours in Matabeleland, how many Shona people do we know
    who have polygamous relationships? Is Gumbura of 11 wives and 100s of
    concubines from Matabeleland? What about Tswangirayi who has been competing
    with Gumbura? Grace, you should not think that we have forgotten how you stole
    Mugabe from a bedridden woman. In biblical terms they can best describe it as
    fornication. At least the Matabele men marry not fornicate. The people of Matabeleland
    have been patient for too long and this is now taken as a sign of stupidity by
    Grace Mugabe and her husband. The people of Matabeleland have never been
    accorded full citizenship in Zimbabwe a country of their birth, a country they
    liberated from colonialism.

    • biend

      well put my friend,if this is not tribalism I don’t know what is because in Mashonaland, a man can have up to ten wives,its well-documented,to say Ndebele men are polygymous its short,sighted,unfortunate and siply trabalistic

      • Chimbwido Warvet

        When you marry your ten wives, you should look after your family adequately. You should then stop blaming government for your own weaknesses in supporting your hundred children. And when you go to South Africa, a country you are so passionate about, come back home with real money, isa chinhu mukadzi wako, and do not just bring bicycles and big radios the majority of you are well known to play so loudly in the streets of Bulawayo.

        The majority of Masvina people are family driven and would like to educate some of you folks to have as many wives as you can afford to maintain. They do not expect your ten wives to look forward for handouts from government while you spent your time in South Africa trying to raise funds you never bring home but bicycles and big radograms. The question of tribalism does not apply here. Dr Grace Mugabe was only reiterating what is well known and well understood by the majority of the Zimbabwean people. It can not be characterised as tribalism at all. It is good advice coming as it does from the First Lady of Zimbabwe, Doctor Grace Mugabe you are entitled to take or ignore.

        • KHOLI

          i stay in cape town myself and i c a lot of shonas in the street,you wiil never see ndebeles stinking in the streets of cap[e town ,so plz sober up you arm-chair researcher.Even beggers in cape town speAK SHONA,SOME OF THEM ARE BLKIND ,YOU START SEEING THEM FROM THE BORDER IN LIMPOPO UNTIL THE PACIFIC OCEAN ,NEXT TIME ASK ME AND I WILL SEND YOU A VEDEO SO THAT YOU SEE HOW THEY LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY ASK FOR FOOD FROM ME,I WILL MAKE SURE I VIDEO CLIP THEM TO NOURISH YOUR MIGHTY EMPTY BRAINS

  • Goodlife Lynus

    Ko blazo vakabatwa shoulder ndevapi avo on the photo? And who took the photo anyway?

  • Abia_Man

    Zimbabwe and the ruling Shona faction should start granting the Ndebeles autonomy. God bless the Robert and Grace Mugabe.

  • ndesho

    if the young mistress now wife of a 90 year old, with alleged affairs on her CV can consider has the guts to stand on a podium and qualify an entire region of men on their sexual prowess, it’s likely she has an idea of what she is talking about. If I was Mugabe I would not let her go to Matabeleland alone and to often. Bobaba beMatabeleland.Lingabi lenhloni inxenye uyalihawukela

  • Ndinodyagochajongwe

    She should know because once a Mahuri, always a Mahuri

  • Bemphethephunyuka


    I have said it before and I will say it again. For these Shona gukurahundis, no amount of revenge will ever quench their thirst for Matebeleland blood in revenge for the alleged tribal wars of the 1800s. They will never leave us alone. Theirs is permanent revenge, for ever and ever Amen. The only way to bring this tribalism against the people of Matebeleland to an end is to target Bona, Robert jnr and Chatunga. If as children of our forefathers, we are being daily punished for the alleged sins of our forefathers; equally so, why should these gukurahundi Mugabe children escape punishment for the gukurahundi sins of their parents, I ask??? No amount of pleadings, talk
    writing of acres and acres of articles complaining will ever solve this problem. It is time for an eye for an eye – their children are the easiest target. I urge the MLF and other groupings in Mthwakazi to also seriously consider this. Enough is enough. Rise Mthwakazi rise – take action. You have nothing to lose but your chains!!

    • YOWE78

      TRY IT

      • Bemphethephunyuka

        No problem. Wait and see!

    • Chimbwido Warvet

      You guys now want to be deported to SA where you came from. You ran away from Chaka, the warrior in order to seek refugee in Zimbabwe. Vapoteri munonetsa. Chasers kukuendesai kwamakabva. Mabvakure hamunyari kunetsa vene venyika. Ndai ku Zudafrica kwamakabva. Ok?

  • Bemphethephunyuka

    I guess the whites are correct, when they say a blackman is lazy. Surely it just cant be the Ndebele only!

  • Pamhata paGrace

    If this woman has a PHD as she claims she should not make such sweeping statements that are not backed by Stats. Where are Shona men. How many wives does Chiyangwa have is he Ndebele. When Mugabe was busy shagging her and Sally is he Ndebele (well he is half Ndebele).