I’m surviving on food from restaurants: Man tells court wife refusing to cook for him

By Adoration Bizure

A Harare couple’s marriage is on the verge of collapse amid claims that the wife is refusing to cook for her husband.

Harare Civil Courts
Harare Civil Courts

Kennedy Jairos told the court that he is surviving on food from restaurants since his wife Tererai Hungwe is not cooking for him at their matrimonial home.

Kennedy opened up at the Harare Civil Court where he was taken by Tererai who was seeking a protection order against him.

“We are not living like a normal family, my wife doesn’t cook for me and I am surviving on food from restaurants,” said Kennedy.

He went on to accuse Tererai of habitually harassing him.

“I am the one who should have made an application for a protection order.

“She insults me at home and I am now afraid of reprimanding her, said Kennedy.”

Meanwhile Tererai told the court that she needed a protection order barring Kennedy from disturbing her peace.

“He beats me up and verbally insults me so I want him barred from doing that,” said Tererai. H Metro