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Morgan Tsvangirai speaks out

By Fungi Kwaramba

HARARE – Under-pressure MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has broken his silence on the attempted coup staged by rebels seeking to topple him from the party’s presidency — describing his opponents as “little men” who could never remove him through illegal means.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Addressing his supporters in his rural home of Buhera on Sunday,

Tsvangirai also described the rebellion as a “non-event”.

“Handidzingwi netsamba. Ndinodzingwa necongress (I cannot be suspended by letters but by the MDC congress),” Tsvangirai declared.

Some senior MDC officials, including secretary-general Tendai Biti claimed to have suspended Tsvangirai from the MDC presidency at the weekend, and announced that they had taken over the affairs of the embattled party.

The rebels said the suspensions on Tsvangirai and his top leadership were aimed at reviving the 15-year-old labour-backed movement, which they claimed had been dented by the MDC leader.

Saturday’s meeting, chaired by legislator Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, gave Sekai Holland the mandate to lead the party on an interim basis until a congress is convened. It also “lifted” the suspensions imposed on Elton Mangoma, Last Maengahama, Jacob Mafume and Promise Mkhwananzi, who had fronted the initial rebellion against Tsvangirai.

Speaking at his Sunday meeting with his supporters, Tsvangirai said he had been betrayed by some of his closest lieutenants, singling out Toendepi Shonhe and siblings Solomon and Paul Madzore, who he said were close relatives who had turned against him.

“Kana ndatadza saTsvangirai taura kuti watadza pakati pakati, hatiendei mberi nezvakati zvakati, totauriranaka. Ko zvekuhwandirana zvinei? Tinoda kubvumirana, toenda kucongress woti ndinonzi Mangoma ndoda ku-challenger president. Vanhu voti zvakanaka, gwede gwede. Haikona kuita zvinhu zvechi-crook uchitaura nyaya yedemocracy. Ndiyo democracy yacho here yekuita mameetings muri vaviri?” Tsvangirai said.

(If I have done wrong as Tsvangirai, you should say this is where you erred. Let’s move forward like this, not to do this clandestinely. We must agree and then we go to congress.

Then you can say I am (Elton) Mangoma and I want to challenge Tsvangirai. Then people say can you square off. Not to raise flimsy democracy arguments. Is that democracy, convening a meeting with two people, holding meetings with a rented crowd?)”.

The MDC leader went on to describe the rebels as “ignoramuses”.

“Chinhu chinongonetsa ini ndofunga chibharanzi. Pane mwana wasekuru vangu vanonzi VaShonhe ndakamudaidza kuoffice. Sinyoro, tingadai tichitemba nemi asi you are the one on the front. I told him I am going to tell your mother that your child is selling out. Munhu ari kutengesa Tsvangirai vanhu vemuno muBuhera sevazukuru vangu vanaMadzore. What wrong have I done to you?” lamented Tsvangirai.

The former prime minister, who shared power with Mugabe in an uneasy coalition government formed at the behest of Sadc, traced the current turmoil rocking the MDC to Zanu PF.

“I want to tell you why this is happening. In 2005, when Welshman Ncube (leader of the smaller MDC formation), and (Thabo) Mbeki (former South African President) said the MDC cannot go to the negotiations this strong, it should be the junior partner. Now this has come back again. Zanu PF knows that they cannot move this country (forward) without the MDC, so let us divide the MDC so that when we go to the negotiations it will be Biti, Welsh and Tsvangirai so that these other two will keep backing Zanu PF.

“If you want change, why are you moving from the majority? Isn’t it that you want change? Why forming a splinter (party)? It means you want Zanu PF to continue in power. Zvino hero dambudziko MDC hanzi kususpender Tsvangirai? Vanoshura vakomana vaya handichada kutaura nezvekuparty because arasika arasika,” said Tsvangirai, pouring scorn on efforts to remove him “illegally”.

In a clear sign that Tsvangirai is still keen on building bridges with all opposition parties, he reiterated his often-stated position to form a grand coalition, but was swift to add that “if a person wants to leave they are free to leave”.

Tsvangirai, who last month pre-maturely claimed that there was no crisis in the party “cockpit”, had no kind words for Biti, whom he alleged had no political base.

“What can Biti do?” Tsvangirai asked rhetorically. “A person who cannot organise five people ndotya munhu akadaro naMangoma? (Mangoma and Biti don’t worry me). We saw that with Welsh, the script is the same, (although) the actors are different. They will not go anywhere truly, with the way those people sold out, betraying the people of Zimbabwe.”

He said the formation of the mooted and so-called United Democratic Front by the rebels would be a monumental flop because the people at the forefront did not enjoy grassroots support.

“I told Mangoma when he handed me the letter that uchafuratira museve nekutemba mhepo. Akandishura murume uya,” (This will backfire, he surprised me), said Tsvangirai. Daily News

  • Mats

    I used to like Biti, I didn’t know he is that stupid. It’s either he thinks Gono gona be the President or Mugabe will recall a coalition and will be given a senior post in gvnt since he will be a leader of a splinter party. I wonder why Tsvangson didn’t suspend him together at once with Mangoma.

    • Fogmaster

      If tsvangirai had suspended Biti, Biti would have found sympathisers, but now its vice versa.

  • Fox

    Hanzi ndakaudza Mangoma kuti uchafuratira museve nekutemba mhepo hahahaha. Ndarara pasi nekuseka.

    • Gava

      If that is a fact that Biti will back Zanupf, Tsvangson should move out from State House because he is does not belong to the government in power

      • Fox

        You reasoning is very shallow and narrow. Country leaders across the world who have finished a term are given state property. No wonder Banana had state property. Tsvangirai served his full term as Prime Minister. The house he stays belongs to state. We paid taxes for that house to be bought. It doesnt belong to ZANU. He should stay there

        • Fogmaster

          some people are so shallow, even though they are lawyers, Gava was fed this shit with Mafume, and now Biti has swallowed it.

        • Welcome Zimuto

          Spot on Fox school this lame Gava

  • Mugabe IgodzvaRegreen

    Pachanakidza apa….

  • Mukandabhutsu

    People assume Biti with his education and knowledge of the law he will do things by the book. I was surprised when Chamisa published an article with the MDC constitution and the duties of the Secretary general only to find what Biti did was unconstitutional and illegal. He did not have the right votes to expel anyone yet he went ahead and announce it. That shows how he facked the GNU negotiations and did not stand up enough and end up blaming leadership that oh, Tsvangirai capitulate only to be told by Lindiwe Zulu that Biti was not saying anything to strengthen the MDC position. Biti is and was the sabotage r of MDC and it will be better off without him.

  • Chihelele

    Hanzi nava Biti Morgan Tsvangison ari kutandanisa mumvuri. Chasing shadows. Now he is singing another stint at the cookie jar, inside the gvt again. Just bring on the congress Morgan uri zii. 15 years at the helm chabuda hapana. You think you are Alfa and omega

  • Maczomb

    Biti”s relationship with Gono is a masterstroke, there are those in ZANU who want Gono dead, by Gono making Biti his lawyer it means that ZANU don’t touch him and Gono tells Biti all the secrets. Biti”s history is clear for all to see, he represented Dongo against ZANU, Sithole against ZANU and was instrumental in the NCA. Biti was wealthy before MDC having been a lawyer and working for the UN in Rwanda. Now here lies the problem…what is Morgans history??? Why does Morgan live in Mugabes house and is married to the daughter of a ZANU legislator. Where was Morgan during the GNU when Biti was arguably the best Finance Minister in Zimbabwes history. During the 2008 and 2013 elections , a day after the elections whom did we see speaking of ZANU rigging…Biti or Morgan…the MDC is called MDC Tsvangirai …the vanity in that is a joke like Morgan is a joke. He has no money and sees the MDC as his gravy train.

    • tanda tavarura

      Blaah blaah blaah!! Gravy train chii chacho? Best finance minister compared to whom? guys, let this drop! can’t you see how the machine is manipulating vanhu ava? don’t you remember what happened to tekere? they infiltrated party that time akapedzisira aita the treasonous mistake of “siding up ne RF”. they used that against him akapedzisira awana only 10% of the votes. ko Dumbutshena? he ended up saying zimbos are like donkeys, havadi kuchinja! they frustrated him badly too!

      the same can be said about the swallowing up of zapu in fact. it’s called divide and conquer and it’s already worked before. glorifying biti or whoever else perpetuates divisions in the opposition is tantamount to condemning our country to eternal suffering….we will continue drinking raw sewage and using firewood and candles kuharare/bulawayo etc. inonzi self-aggrandizement yaitwa nevanun’una vangu ava!

      • Maczomb

        Whilst I would like answer your statement, there is nothing you have said that actually is worth answering. You are the people that call Morgan your God and expect everyone to follow through. Even Mugabe does not call ZANU .. ZANU PF Mugabe. Morgan haana Mari and that is a fact. Why else would he be living in Mugabes house… Another Fact. He is married to a ZANU legislators daughter asina kana O level… Another Fact… Mugabe screwed Morgan during the GNU… Another Fact. The day the elections were called in 2013… Biti had said no… Hatina Mari yacho, but two pence tsvangirai came out and said we will have the elections. Tsvangirai has no vision thus he is clinging on to power…15 years… No difference to Mugabe. At least Matibili is educated… So now please reply with Facts!!

        • tanda tavarura

          I can see that you are spoiling for a real fight my brethren. I am going to disappoint you though. You are trying to glorify Tendai Biti and that’s your own opinion. Robert is so so educated I agree. He is so educated that on his 82nd birthday he said something to this effect:
          “what is ceteris paribus? ko kana pasina cash when we need to feed our people, toita sei? we will just PRINT!!”. Ane Masters in Economics munhu iyeyu but he’s the most clueless individual I know.
          Whether Morgan is uneducated and Tendai is rich or what…that’s neither here nor there kwandiri. I was trying to draw your attention to the fact that these heroes of yours are better off clowning as a unit that being so easily divided by the ZANU machine. That’s why I wrote about Tekere, Dumbuchena and ZAPU. Because you’ve got the tendencies of an obvious zealot, you really think I am trying to attack Tendai when I am not. The fact that there is so much at stake should be the clarion call to all these goofies you so obviously glorify, to say that guys, nyika iri far much more important than ego. Handinei na Morgan ini, let alone Tendai Biti coz they are just that…vanhu vemunyika ine zita riri pabirth certificate rangu. Maclowns.