Biti faction claims to have suspended Tsvangirai

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – The circus in the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) moved another notch with a small faction of the party led by Secretary General Tendai Biti claiming to have suspended party leader Morgan Tsvangirai for allegedly violating the constitution and promoting violence. 

The suspensions were announced by Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo at the Mendel Training Centre in Malborough, 15km away from the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.
The suspensions were announced by Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo at the Mendel Training Centre in Malborough, 15km away from the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.

The group calling itself MDC Team also claims to have suspended and dissolved the entire standing committee of Tsvangirai, Deputy President Thokozani Khupe, National Chairman Lovemore Moyo, Vice Chairman Morgan Komichi, National Organising Secretary Nelson Chamisa, Vice Organising Secretary Abednico Bhebhe, National Spokesman Douglas Mwonzora.

Curiously the group did not say anything about Biti’s deputy Tapiwa Mashakada or Theresa Makone, the Women’s Assembly chairperson.

The suspensions were announced by Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo at the Mendel Training Centre in Malborough, 15km away from the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.

“The first item on our agenda was the re-instatement and in fact rescinding of the so called expulsions of deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, youth secretary general Promise Mkwananzi, national executive members Last Maengahama and Jacob Mafume,” Nkomo said.

“Those purported suspensions are null and void and the national council has voted against them.

“The MDC national council also resolved today to suspend the following persons, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (president), Thokozani Khupe (deputy president), Lovemore Moyo (national chairman), Morgen Komichi (deputy national chairman), Nelson Chamisa (organising secretary), Abednico Bhebhe (deputy organising secretary) and Douglas Mwonzora (information secretary).”

Nkomo said the national council had recommitted the party to its founding values of “democratic struggle, non-violence and servant leadership”. According to the resolutions by the rebels, the party’s guardian council, headed by Sekai Holland, will now take charge and prepare for an elective congress.

Rebel held territory: Tendai Biti in Milton Park, Harare
Rebel held territory: Tendai Biti in Milton Park, Harare

At the Harare meeting, Biti was supported by Youth Assembly chairman Solomon Madzore, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, senator Evelyn Masaiti and former Deputy Treasurer General Elton Mangoma and Youth Assembly Secretary General Promise Mkwananzi who were expelled by the MDC-T this month.

But on Biti’s big day he suffered a huge setback as former Organising Secretary and Warren Park MP Elias Mudzuri, Kuwadzana West MP Lucia Matibenga, Chipinge MP Prosper Mutseyami, Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross and Chitungwiza East MP Alexio Musundire all refused to join his faction despite an earlier perception created that all five supported the renewal faction.

On Friday Nehanda Radio reported how Biti was facing a rebellion from several MP’s who supported him but feared losing their seats in parliament because of the split. The decision to suspend Tsvangirai and dissolve the standing committee we have been told is designed to plunge the party into a bruising legal battle over the status of the MP’s and other party issues.

Biti leads his group of supporters at the Mendel Training Centre in Harare
Biti leads his group of supporters at the Mendel Training Centre in Harare

Writing on Facebook, MDC-T National Executive member Chalton Hwende laughed off the purported suspensions saying:

“Of all these people you see here (picture above) only Tendai Biti was elected directly by our congress delegates in 2011. Madzore was seconded by the Youth Assembly, (Samuel) Sipepa Nkomo tried to stand for the Deputy SG post but was rejected by the same congress only managing a paltry 373 votes.

“The rest were serving in the National Executive at the pleasure of the President who is allowed to appoint 10 additional members in the National Executive. How they now claim to have powers to substitute our Congress ndazvishaya ndibatsireiwo!!!!!!,” Hwende queried.

In an indirect dig at Biti, MDC-T Harare Province spokesman Obert Gutu also took to Facebook saying “He needs emergency treatment. This is definitely not the man I have known for the past 28 years or so. I feel pity for him. Can someone out there please help this guy urgently? He is losing it ; completely.”

A senior official in the MDC-T told Nehanda Radio: “The event exhibits political drunkenness and desperation of the greatest order. Surely it can never be acceptable even to the sponsors and few sympathizers of these rebels that they can suspend an entire elected leadership of a party.

“Even their cousins in ZANUPF would never accept the rebels’ circus decision to suspend all but three National Standing Committee Members elected by Congress. The rebels really think that they are larger than Congress and the people who elected this leadership at Babourfields Stadium in May 2011? Surely those the gods want to destroy first make them mad,” he added.

More details as we get them…………

  • Kanye North

    The traitor Tendai Biti has lost weight too fast! Chaakadya chopfuka zvino

  • Fungai WaWilliam

    I dont get it r u telling me that this group which has suspended the entire leadership is on the right side. I thought there is wat they call a qouram do they form such and if so wat happened with suspension yaMangoma. Something is not right here. Y cant Tsvangirai and suspended team form their own MDC tione kuti vano luma here vana Biti. As far as m concerned politics is a game of numbers if these guys believe they have numbers to survive in the game so b it. As for SAVE my advise is he must fight these idiots if not must leave them and go form another party dont even call it MDC find another name to show a difference as I believe SAVE still have relavance in our polotics.

  • Nhubu

    This so called expulsion of Morgan Tsvangirai is just an attempt by
    people who knows crystal clear that you can’t be an MP or senator under
    Zimbabwean law if the part you purport to belong to disowns you.
    Initially they said they are MDC Team and today they convene a National
    Council in the name of MDC T whose credence I am not sure of its
    constitutional legitimacy and supremacy other than numbers. For cdes
    this is what I realized when ZINASU succumbs to such machinations when
    those who believe they control the donor community meddled into the
    affair of the students’ struggles. Zimbabwe is for us all those who
    purport to control donor thinking.

  • Job Wiwa Sikhala

    I am coming from a well attended rally at Devure Business Centre in Gutu
    only to receive such devastating news from the actions taken by the
    renewal team. Zvinopedza simba izvi. ZANU PF irikuita mabiko izvozvi!!!

  • Machoko

    This is a big joke. They didn’t even hold the meeting at the Harvest
    house…it was held somewhere in Milton Park. Anyhow, good luck to Biti
    and Co. Some of us will stay with Morgan Tsvangirai.

  • Eddie Phiri

    think yourself as tendai biti you can disrupt mdc over tsvangirayi?????
    Haa what you dont know is for you to become popular in the inclusive
    govenment was because of morgan tsvangirayi … prove myself chimira
    uone manje ..anditi wabudaka …if you think you can lead , now form
    your party .. Kkkkkkkkk you are cowards …

  • Isrial Fainos Maburo

    Marks death of Biti’s 15 yr political carrier

  • Kenneth Ndlovu

    least its now that time when he (Biti) realises how small WE
    Zimbabweans consider him to be. He is just another politician who
    overestimated his influence on the did it a little bit too
    fast Mr…such a premature decision..!!

  • Patrick Makuwaza

    Ndiko kunyepera kupenga kwabiti

  • Believe Kunofeni

    Vanhu vemuzim ngwarirai mabasa ezanu,vanaMangoma nanaBiti vakatengwa kuti vaparadze musangano weMDC.

  • Aviton Ruwitah

    that guy needs to shut the fuck up!

  • Makanaka Moyo

    Aids yazomupinda mupfungwa manje biti

  • Allen Kudzy Madyambudzi

    akutorwara neNgwangwazi uyu.. Taimu supporter paakaita Lawyer raGono bt
    stll we were nt fooled zvedu..rega tione kunodonha dohwe ne tsvimbo

  • Happy Chimbeva

    musafarisa vana Biti.musafarisa netumari twamunenge mapiwa utwu.nonsense.

  • Walter Mukuyu

    Tendai Biti thus the end of you. we don wanna see yu again. wrong move baba

  • Mathew Mhlanga

    biti mbiti

    • jendeguru-chikwapuro

      Wandipedza kikikiki

  • Adam F Nyauyanga

    Musangano havana kuitira kuHarvest hse ,saka vatadzanei kuitira ikoko sezvo vaine simba nevanhu.

  • Tawanda Dhuvai Mpofu

    Thats horrible, instead of building their party fo the next election they are busy fighing clueless leaders . nxaa

  • Kudakwashe Mazeza

    Kkkkkkkk asi Biti Mdc-t haisi SRC wazvinzwa

  • Tafadzwa Thabani Nemashakwe

    haiwa ngavatibvire apa.

  • Leonard Chimedza

    biti arikutonga hamusi kumuona here wati ukachemera chigaro chasave
    vatonga nyika here foma yako party uone kuti hausi tsotsi muchatinetsa

  • Nelson Chidhuza

    council ndochiiko vana biti vanancube vakapiwa wu secretary general
    vakapapa vakatitisuvaridzi veparty nhasi vave kumapurazi ndozvawaita
    nhasi ende iwe watopera becoz the brand is mdcT, which is morgen .mabasa
    emari akashata saka national council mapihwa mari nanabiti namangoma
    muchifungakuti mauraya musangano manje povhoyaramba.munoreva kutivanhu
    138 pluz 6 ndozimbabwe nemamilion akavhotera tsvangirai maridzema
    british dzavekukupenzai regai mudhara vakati sham ,sham sham biti.

  • Admire Addie Diza

    imhata mhani iye Biti wenyu uyu

  • Tatenda Nick Makuvaza

    mhata yako Biti

  • Brighton Gwasera Gwenzi

    Biti is MAD

  • Jane Kamupira

    Who will follow them Anyway they can go to hell. Wats wrong wth this Biti guy

  • Vengai Rice

    chief negotiators of GNU under mdc t,these guys really sold out biti
    and mangoma taking weak ministries and give zanu pf the all powerful
    ministries,ana nyati

  • Gabriel Chinovona

    Biti is a sellout,he is a lawyer who doesnt follow
    constitution.Tsvangirai shl b removed in congress bcz he ws elected in
    congres.He Biti ws thre in govement of nationa unit,being a member who
    ws contributing views,now zvashata oti Morgan.Biti has nothing to offer
    as he controvesy himself.After claiming tht the election were rigged ,he
    latter agreed tht MDC ws defeated.God hve mecy on this power
    hungry,controvesy,idiot and stupid man.

  • Believe Kunofeni

    They want to cause confusion in people’s minds.vanhu dai varega kuteera imbwa dzakaita sana Mangoma

  • Benard Chikwavarara

    Biti urirombe

  • Janet Sammy Moyo

    pasi nema dictator ana Tsvangirai

  • Yizo Yizo


  • Cris Mutaramutswa

    Ndezve matako eshiri

  • Blessing Gusha

    wonder why tht man wz accused of suffering of civil servants.Biti iz
    narrow minded to the extent tht even his dogs dnt trust him.

  • Leonard Nyamayedenga

    Ini l’m 100% MDC bt zvamakuita ndezvevana vadiki,so chisiyayi Mugabe atonge

  • Nyasha Captain Vhutuza

    Gono – Biti a Zanu pf project mazvionaka

  • Danweath Gwanya

    Biti is a success failure & power hungry.

  • Takudzwa Sean Usore


  • Nyasha Captain Vhutuza

    Isu tosara naSAVE, avo vanotongwa nemukadzi ndezvekwavo izvo

  • Zadza Matura

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  • Tawanda BlessedSaint Mubaiwa

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  • Tindo Saungweme

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  • Reuben Mharire

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  • Joab Gumbo

    kwamunosvika varume,takakutarisai. Munofunga kuti vanhu vakakurambai
    vachazokudai ? Ko munobisirei huni tsambakodzi yava kuvira?Ho-o
    (TAKUONAI) hamudi kuti ivire tidye munoda kudya moga. Munoda kupinga
    (no.9) mu(18 area) muchahora ma (red card)

  • Ankele Museveni

    shall see. Surely you can not expel Tsvangirai without the people’s
    mandate. Its a little bit too late for that in my opinion cause
    Tsvangirai is drawing huge crowds at the moment. The rebels should have
    embarked on their mission immediately after the rigged elections when
    the populace was in a confused state. GOOD LUCK to the rebels.

  • Nhau Dzema Nzviyo NemuMakombo

    WaBiti wari kudziye mumbiri ngawatsvake mapirisi wapinde muchirongwa

  • Cephas Makavi

    u ku ndokunonzi kuridza ngoma nedemo wakagara papfumo chimboedzaiwo tozokubatai maoko

  • Lloyd Murenjekwa

    wish you the best guys don’t came back.

  • Casper Machisi

    wakasangana nei muchinda uyu…..uuuuuuuuuh hazvisikumuitira mushe , ndiBiti here uyu kana kut munin’ina wake

  • Kay Shito

    is tthat Wananchi? Or the picture is photoshopped?

  • Julius Mbiva

    If ever u think u can bear any fruit from that tree of greedy mairasa bra God rules

  • Leonard Mbundire

    Arikurwarazve nhai varume asi manga makatsva ma fues here kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Redgis Mbiti

    kuti zvimwe zvinhu zviri mubible manyepo asi tavakuzviona kuti namazuva
    okupedzisira vakawanda vacharasika tarirai muvone izvizvakonzerwa
    namakaro manje mairasa

  • Kudakwashe Loen Hakunavanhu

    chero mukaita rebells return to rebells united the only MDC we KNow is MDC-T aks the President.

  • Hallucination at it`s peak you can`t squander Zanu PF`s money and get away with it, either you go six feet down or you become mentally disturbed. Shame.

  • Reason Katiyo

    Give dat man arvs arikurwara uyo kupera kudai

  • Cris Mutaramutswa

    Morgan akasara ari one anohwinha anataruza siyanayi navo

  • Tinashe Mafuta

    Izvi zvinondifungisa ana slomo marebels amacheso kkkk.

  • Nomore F Mugayi

    biti kuonda kudaro indaaa

  • Prosper J Matasva

    save musacheuke muridzo

  • Kudzai Masheedze

    Save ndizvo kwete zvimbwa sungata humusundi chisa chisa save

  • John Rushinga

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  • John Rushinga

    Chii futi ichi miromo yabiti yatsvuka ibvapo uyende ku clinic miviri yodziya iyo

  • Phathisa Brezhnev KaNdebele

    It is Gono who influenced Biti to divide the mdc.So it is true he’s the chosen one.

  • Marshall Katukavarimi

    let e one who started it end it n let the 1 who joined it continue to join as usual.

  • Independence Maruza

    Varume manyangira yaona; you will definately regret over this

  • erizabheta

    Thanks to you so called rebels, Mugabe and zanu pf will rule for ever! Pamberi ne factionalism mu opposition

  • Joe Mapenzimana

    Murume ari kurwara uyu.Ngaakasike kutora maARV CD4 count isati yadzika below 400

  • Baba Goddy

    Biti anenge ari kudziya muviri.

  • Tonderai Tonderai

    Tsvangirai ibhiza hombe, vadhamba vanaBiti ,makafurirwa manje chirwere nestress unofa kwaaaaa

  • Shayanewako

    Kurwara zvakunoita nhai! Biti zvootochembera nhai? He looks really advanced in age.

  • Musademba Murenje

    Ngavaite zveku residential area vasiye Harvest House ine varidzi vayo

  • Joshua Ngwenya

    Democracy guys leave Biti alone . Tsvangirai must work his way to success otherwise achashayisisa support .

  • Ankele Museveni

    Compare the support base of the rebels & that of Tsvangirai, I think you will reach an informed decision.

  • Nicholas WaChawasarira

    Chirwere chabata brain dzemuchinda uyu!

  • Paul Moyana

    Haasi biti kikiki kupera kudaro?

  • Xolelo Mkandla Kgabo

    already fyting and splintering the opposition there by strengthening
    the ruling party. You will never unseat your ruling party bcz you are a
    power hungry lot. Go hunt kill a buffalo then share. You can go ur
    seperate ways fools.

  • Felex Marongedza

    or not these two men make sense, going against them is surely political
    suicide on the part of the rebel. In Zimbabwe its either you support
    His Excellency R.G Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai or you are dead,
    politically- naked fact…

  • Nelson Chidhuza

    can split but the newly formed party will have a challenge to build
    support base why becoz zimbabweans take time to make their decisions
    they are very caculative ,it took a lot of time for tsvangirai to taken
    serious so they must not take it as if its a walkover its hard to have
    suppoters look at welsherman ncube he used to adress a very big crowd
    at white city or arround zimbabwe under the leadership of tsvangirai but
    the moment he left the so called big tent it became very difficult for
    ncube to get 50 people to adress and finally the shop was closed by 2013
    july and he is finished so becareful zimbabweans might disapoint u and
    become useless politian by throwing u in a dust bin.

  • Charles Mukome

    mangoma leave mdc its not spliting but he is coming to join povo like
    most of us. We only appear on elections. Mangoma will never be a leader
    as long as save and gushungo are still there

  • Hugh Mhukuta

    biti ,mangoma u are greed for power.we will see who will vote for ur
    nonse part.magutisa makupwanya muofice 2018.

  • John Tsvangirai

    kkkkk ndosaka ndakarega mbanje

  • Kuda Musere

    will never ever participate in Zim politics again its abt selfishness
    and overbloated. personal egos !!To hell with yu all faction leaders
    !!We are in a struggle and yu are busy fighting amongst urselves F#*k ya

  • Mussa W Banda

    simba makoni started his nonsense in byo,dabengwa now biti shame foward with sabe

  • Sheila Marodza

    hatina kana basa navo Biti mudenga Mangoma mudenga vabatanidzei muvarovere pasi

  • Rocqui Hardie Chimene

    Save until apinda panyanga ngavaende

  • Brian Chimutumbira

    pakabuda simba makoni muzanu na dabengwa pakaita split here? Ko
    pakadzingwa tracey mutinhiri muzanu akajoina mdc pakaita split here?
    Mangoma akadzingwa nevamwe vake saka haisi split asina kudzingwa
    anojoina mangoma ndo inonzi resignation ndomaonero angu

  • Kumbirai Chirambadare

    MaARV angu handichamaoni.

    • jendeguru-chikwapuro

      Pwapwapwa wandikuvadza ufunge

  • Feedme More Jukwa

    @Ankele Museveni,U can Say That Again Man.Empty Tins,,,,,,,,NaSave Kusvika Tapinda MuNew Zim,Not Those Power Hungry,Greed,Fellas

  • Ankele Museveni

    GOD’s sake, how many times does the MDC-T split?? It seems like the
    same old guys, Steers Mangoma are splitting from the MDC-T every day of
    the week. We heard how the rebels have renamed their political party MDC
    Team, so here there is nothing new coz the have split long time ago.
    They are just making a lot of noise over nothing, LOOSERS!!!

  • Pradok Meso

    Ma piritsi aramba fungwa dZagwara

  • Junior Mashanji

    Virus yakaoma gentleman uumh ndatya ini

  • Norman Daure

    Tiriparwendo naMorgan

  • Lawrance July

    expelled are forming their party,which is good.Hamuzive
    zvamunonyora.Forming a party after being expelled is not spliting.Is it
    the media that is spliting MDC?

  • RasGoodies Goodwin

    What a bunch of fools.

  • Taurai Nyangombe

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Its better to be without rebels

  • Tamai Svosve

    Varikuita chamupidigori kumawere ngavasare vachienda kumawere.SAVE panyanga

  • Edwin Verengera Siyavora

    veZanu ava! If they want Tsvangirai to be replaced why don’t they wait
    for congress plus did they plus to offer him money as an exit package?

  • Andrew T Garanewako

    is amazing to see how greed and an insatiable appetite for attention
    and publicity can override common sense. Surely after witnessing the
    Mutambaras and Makonis of Zimbabwe political wilderness fall by the
    wayside, can a sane person still chose to travel the same path?

  • Givemore Hangazha Kamunhukamwe

    kufa kwemujoni kamba haivharwe

  • Tawanda Kawondera

    Opposition important in any organisation. Its a wake up call. Red card to Elton

  • Saif al Zim

    He is a sick man mukondaz plus kudhunya. Pasi nemBiti iyi.

  • Stephen Mutema

    kuita president wenyu and there will be no more splits. Kkkkkk
    Chahwiriri chibhakera cheZanu kuti pfudzu! Pakarepo kuti mwanda!!!

  • Descent Tumburuku

    not news at all,the common denominator “MDC” has been spliting ever
    since its existance,it will keep spliting,the so called ‘rebels’ will
    split again before 2018,spliting is ther hobby

    • jendeguru-chikwapuro

      “Splitting is their hobby”, wapedza

  • Rajabu Mapira

    Kana shungu save ndizvo

  • Joe Mazivire

    Save muriMukono unobaya. New Zim naSave 2018 topinda.

  • Redgis Mbiti

    Ngavaende isu tinosara nasave

  • Mesa

    Biti and mzngoma hired street kids to add their numbers. 115 were street kids and 18 were dismissed people people like mangoma, musundire, magarangoma, the madzores and the madzimures etc kkkkkkk. The national council of fired people and street kids. Thats why they did their meeting out mdc offices becoz they are not mdc people. PLIZ DONOT LISTEN TO STREET KIDS AND FIRED PEOPLE. THEY ARE JOKING. THERE ARE SOME SECURITY AT HH WHO ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM FIRED PEOPLE BE WARNED.”

  • chirowodza

    Ko kuzotiza pamuzinda munotaura zvekudzinga vamwe pamuzinda pacho makahwanda kupenga kauku. Kana murimi varidzi ve MDC T maingotaura nyaya ye muripa muzinda kwete kutiza. I thought as well the name MDC T comes with the T standing for Tsvangirai meaning he is t the father figure the most outstanding character the most known person and hence the main actor meaning if you want to remove or change the main actor then the movie will become meaning less to biti and the other guys the rule is actor ha afe so the best of you is to form your own party and call it MDC B like that guy Ncube did but what l can say that will be the end of you in politics

  • Makusha

    The only relevant thing that happened today is that the rebel camp has now come out, which will hopefully energise the party to finally put these people where they belong, in the MDC-T dustbin. Have been out all day so not clear about the full list, but what I have so far is:
    The four bunglers plus
    and some provincial chairmen who have already been disowned by their provinces.
    This is not a split, neither is it a splinter. It’s just some individuals who have thrown themselves out of the party, which is so much better for the party, because now we know who is who. Please add to my list and share, so that everyone knows.

  • Masiyiwa

    I have not heard of a dog that barks and chases away its master and declares with its formation of rats and cats that it is now in charge….

    Mbiti has just done that. But we wait until dawn when it will wait for the master to give it food then we will use our cooking stick to strike its nose…then we take it to the nearest animal clinic for examination as we suspect it contacted rabbies after its encounter with a jackal the previous night which we suspect to be the fact as the the barking was not consitent with its behaviour.

    Goodnight the true maChinja….

    Dr Morgan Tsvangirai forever….

  • Chalton Hwende

    I think enough is enough the time for this Biti nonsense is over all our revolutionaries must now protect the party from these charlatans. We are now calling all the people in the provinces to ensure that these ZANU PF sponsored rebels do not continue to abuse our party. A lot of blood was shed for this movement and we are prepared to die protecting the dream for a free Zimbabwe under President Morgan Tsvangirai.

  • Brighton Musonza

    I think that has always been the problem with the British, they don’t understand African politics and they end up all over the place making unpopular palace coups in African parties without understanding what makes these parties tick. All British media houses were stationed at venue and within minutes they had the headlines. Hope they have egg on their faces when they realised they made bets for the wrong horse.

  • Makombe

    The President, Vice President, Nat org Sec, Vice Nat Org Sec, National Chairperson, National Spokesperson have been suspended or stood down as Standing Committee by the Sec General assisted by deputy Nat Treasurer: Very Comical indeed!

  • Mukandabhutsu

    I said it before and people yelled at me.

    Biti and Mangoma during the GNU negotiations they were not
    putting their foot down hard enough for Zanu PF to accept some of their demands
    and then later on during the Constitution negotiations they were not demanding
    anything and Zanu PF was saying whatever they want and they were accepting
    everything. They did not even fight for the reforms to be implemented first
    before the elections. Then later on, Mugabe complains that Zindiwe Zulu was
    negotiating for MDC-T whilst the MDC did not say much. The Mss. Zulu later
    spill the beans that the MDC delegation did not say anything during the
    negotiations and she was actually talking for them, and that is what made
    Mugabe upset and call her a whore. Come to think of it, the 2 people who were
    considered the best ministers in the GNU are the ones who could not negotiate
    on behalf of their party and are the ones again who form the rebel group, is
    this a mere coincidence or it was part of the plan to destroy Morgan
    Tsvangirai? Think very careful about this because chinamanenji hachifambisi,
    chinomirira kuti mavara aonekwe.

  • Musonza

    President Sekai Holland. The sister of former Zanu PF politburo member and longtime cabinet minister Richard Hove. She likes hovering between Zimbabwe and Australia.

  • mujibha

    The fact that they could not make this announcement at harvest house says a lot about this rebel group. This is a ZANU project and people will see through it. Remember when smith gathered around him a bunch of puppets and created the internal settlement. Tsvangirai is not perfect but so far he is the only man who has stood up to Mugabe and beat him in an election. My bet is these rebels have had a carrot dangled in front of their faces by ZANU and they have fallen for it. If they want to be democrats go for congress and let the people elect you not this coup

  • Kufandada

    Was there no other National Council convened so long ago? Who is in the National Council and who is not? Does Biti still call his group MDC-T?



  • chirowodza

    Ndiri kutsvakawo rimwe dhunyazi rekumaraini kwangu anenge arionawo andiudze rinonzi Tendai Biti mazuva anoriri kufamba nerimwe benzi rinonzi mangoma vakapedzisira kuonekwa vachitamba mahumbwe ku mendel training centre mukavaona pliz just phone coz havasati vanwa mapiritsi saka ibasa

    • chirowodza

      Ndine urombo nekurotomoka kwavave kuita mukavaona batai chete musunge


    Well done Biti

  • pro

    Tsvangirai can still form another party today and it’ll be more popular than Zanu Pf & Bit’s MDC put together. But how much were u promised to cause confusion in the people’s project Biti? You are a looser! I’d rather vote for Mugabe than you. Another Mutambara.Shame!

  • gabriel tandi

    zanu pf we want inclusive government with u biti and company welcome

  • Comrade

    Biti’s agenda is not to lead the party but to destroy it. That’s his assignment given him by Zanu Pf in exchange for amnesty. He knows fully well how popular Tsvangirai is. In the coming days we are going to see Biti taking control of the MDC assets and finances with the help of the Zanu Pf influenced judicial system. Remember the Anglican saga? This is just to weaken a strong opposition in Zimbabwe in light of the declining economy and the failure by Zanu Pf to fulfil it’s election pledge. By the time Tsvangirai and all progressive forces have regrouped, Zanu Pf would have had ample time to recover. Most of the time and energy is going to be spent in courts fighting for the control of the MDC, hence Biti and company don’t want to start their own party. My advice to Tsvangirai would be to let Biti and company take over and he can start another party. Tsvangirai is a brand which is why we don’t say “we are going to A MDC rally ” but, ” tirikuenda kurally Kwatsvangirai”. Tendai Biti, Wananchi, history will judge you harshly. Far more than Nyathi!

  • brunohzw

    Walshman mukono. Akaona kuti kushanda na Tsvangson kwaramba and he went away nezita MDC rakaasevenzawo zvake. He showed kuti murume kwete zvana Biti. I thought kuti UDF yazouya manje but eiiish yangori nayo nayo hondo ye zita MDC. Zvino party yacho ichanzii. Nokuti makati MDC-T T anomiririra Tsvangson. Saka musiyeyi neparty yake imi chifomayi yenyu

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