Zimbabwean set for UK deportation Tuesday

London – A 26 year-old Zimbabwean man, Melusi Mathema, who is currently being held at the Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincoln, after his asylum claim failed, is set to be deported tonight aboard a Kenya Airways flight KQ101/KQ700. 

Melusi Mathema is currently studying a VRQ Diploma Level 3 in Advanced Professional Cookery course and he was due to sit for his exams after the Easter break
Melusi Mathema is currently studying a VRQ Diploma Level 3 in Advanced Professional Cookery course and he was due to sit for his exams after the Easter break

Nehanda Radio understands Mathema came to the UK when he was only 17 years old and all of his family members are in the UK, including his mother.

Activists campaigning on his behalf say “He has no connections with Zimbabwe now and sending him back will be catastrophic for his life.

“He is currently studying a VRQ Diploma Level 3 in Advanced Professional Cookery course and he is due to sit for his exams after the Easter break. Melusi is also active in the local community.

“He is a Project Youth Leader for a local charity called ‘the4Cs’ where he is empowering his peer youth members to up-skill themselves and be role models for the future society.

“He is a dependable youth member of the House of Destiny Ministries. Melusi only sees his life in the UK. And the local community needs him – please intervene and ‘Stop the deportation of Melusi,’ a campaign letter for him read.

A letter appealing to the UK Home Secretary Theresa May, to reconsider the decision, has already been sent.

  • penial gland

    This is so pathetic.My blood is really boiling.This man has spent all of his adult life in the UK.He came to the UK as a boy now how do they expect him to cope with life back in Zim as an adult.The deportation has to be cancelled.Not only is this evil,but also very heartless,May has to do something about this.This guy has my full support!!

    • Chiredzisister-Jukwa Idhunyas

      I know him he used to be my son’ s friend. He is such a well behaved young man and his mom is a nurse I know them very well. The siblings are here as well. He has been here for 9years. We signed a petition last week. Hope everything goes on well. Fingers crossed.

      • Lady Gaga

        So sad to hear this. But I must ask, since he has been in the UK from the age of 17, why didn’t his mum take care of her sons status when she took care of hers since she is a nurse there? IM sure way back at that time, it was much much easier to sponsor your family if you were a nurse, that was a golden opportunity. He would have been a british citizen by now. Why did she not solve his immigration situation way back then?

        • Sisinyana

          He was 17 years old when he came therefore considered and adult in his own right. The mother couldn’t have applied for a visa on his behalf or put her on her visa. In UK 16 is considered adult.

          • Lady Gaga

            Yeah, that changed now, but back then she could have included him in her application because he was still in a high school-going age. He was a minor then because he was under 18 and obviously her dependent. So she could still have sponsored him. Even if we are to look at things in that context of being an adult, surely he could have applied into the proper immigration categories with good advice from a credible solicitor and prevented himself from being in this situation. Lets face it, asylum doesn’t work unless you live in a UN refugee camp in Syria or Somalia and the home office will look at this as a last resort move to try and stay there yet he had year after year , an opportunity to apply into other applicable settlement channels suitable for him.

      • jeez

        Is his mother right right upstairs?

        • Chiredzisister-Jukwa Idhunyas

          Yes she is but as you know they do consider the age as he is treated an adult in the UK. She is a good mom.

        • Shamiso

          From 16 you can’t sort your childs papers under your own. If the child is @ school/college that will be sufficient. My realative had similiar issue and the girl ended up going into nursing to get mapepa. HO like chiredzisister said take months to process paperwork. I’ve heard of pple waiting 9mths for passports to be rtned. The system is overwhelmed.

          • Lady Gaga

            But you can sponsor them even if they are considered an adult.You can sponsor your child if you have settled In the UK. If they took the time to sit down and go through several immigration categories the UK border Agency has, this family could have suitably found a category for him. Its not about picking up the first application package you see and filling it and submitting it and pointing fingers at the time frames, its about getting right down to it, sitting down, scrutinizing which immigration channel would he qualify for, particularly the sponsorship of a family member. Reading carefully, verifying with a credible solicitor and then, only then, they would have submitted the application. It wouldn’t have mattered how long it took coz they would be pretty much assured that the application would be approved since they would have had all qualifying factors to their name. It looks like this was a last minute thing, and ofcourse, asylum which has over used and abused by hundreds and hundreds of zimboz, is a sure way of getting a one way deportation ticket to zimboland. That’s why im baffled why his mum didn’t intervene in the first place to stop this asylumn application and instead seek help for her son through other immigration channels and utlilizing advice from credible solicitors. It takes time for any immigration application, thats not a credible defence mechanism, rather apply through the right channels and wait confidently for a decision.Now they are being unfortunately separated for good over something that could have prevented way back when he was 17? I had lots of friends that left for the UK right after O level and their mums were nurses. And their british citizens now, so they all arrived the same time this guy did.

          • Shamiso

            The sponsorship thing requires good finances that most of us as nurses honestly don’t have. I looked into it to bring my mum to care for my children. Unless you both have high pay, decent savings and your own home its a no go. Its only we don’t tell the truth many of us r just making ends meet thru overdrafts and credit cards. This family don’t sound well off though. Anyway I hope they spare him Zim is just not on for this young man. Nothing can prepare him for that place after UK

          • Lady Gaga

            Also, rules have changed time and time again, so now yes, its harder now than it was then. That’s probably why he used the last ditch effort to apply for asylum coz with tightening rules, he found himself not qualifying for most of the immigration categories. What makes this very questionable is, way back then when it was easier , why didn’t they sit down and see what channels they could have applied for him into that could have led to an application for settlement?? I mean a dometic worker, at that time, could have been able to apply for leave to remain!! So with such a generous immigration system at that time, surely , these pple couldnt spare an hr or so to scrutinize which applications could suit their son? The blame here really falls on them at the end, both the mum and her son, they had all the time to find the right application package for him that would have eventually led him to apply for settlement.



    • Chiredzisister-Jukwa Idhunyas

      It’s not that he didnt sort his things. HO has taken ages to reply them. They just drag things nowadays. I know them very well. The mom is my friend. The boy became friends with my son too. So they have waited for ages to get a reply from H.O.

  • mawuya!

    Welcome home brother!

    • Zimbo

      Forget about cooking boy, come home and sell airtime

  • Muchati Bwege

    I can only pray for this young man instead of criticising the mother because i’ve never been to the UK and i dont know how the system works that side. And i urge fellow Zimbos to pray as well kwete kungoshora nezvamusingazive. Rimwe raagodo raakutaura apa. It is well with you my brother God is by your side.

    • Chiredzisister-Jukwa Idhunyas


    • Lady Gaga

      The Uk has a very generous immigration system , by western standards that is. It makes absolutely no sense why zimboz fail to take advantage of that ease and apply for leave to remain(permanent residency) and eventually citizenship.
      Regardless of how the David Cameron has tightened the rules, there are significant categories that most educated people can take advantage of.
      Now what makes this the mother s fault is that, when her son was 17, she would have included him in her application to leave to remain there since 1.she was a nurse(and with the high demand of nurses and health care proffessionals at the time and currently, leave to remain and eventually citizenship was pretty much a given. And your children under 18yrs old would benefit too) and 2. her son was under 18 years old so it was her responsibility to ensure he had the right status all along.
      As a youngster you don’t think about such things, you trust your parents to take care of it for you. Now he is a grown man, unfortunately his mum wasn’t responsible enough to ensure her son had a secure life there and I don’t know what made him think he was secure all these years after he turned 18 at least.
      Why didnt he further look into his immigration status as the years rolled by since he is now old enough to understand such matters?
      And with the immigration debate raging on in the UK , that surely would have prompted this guy to have questioned his own status and the need to action what wasn’t actioned.
      A smart student seriously couldn’t be smart enough to realise something wasn’t right with his status??! There is no life in zimboland, no jobs no food , no nothing. What is he going to do there?
      He will be extremely lost and I doubt no one will have the patience nor the time to hold his hand through his ordeal.

      • Liberty

        Speaking as a nurse @ 17yrs he would not automatically qualify for ILR. At most he would get a 4yr visa after which the HO would expect him to apply for himself. Happened to a few nurses I know too. Once a child gets to 16 even if they are @ school they get short visas usually 1to 4yrs. After that they do their own applications on their own merit. I know people who spent thousands on lawyers fees fighting for kids after 16 to be allowed to stay. Its unfortunate he didn’t do something better than catering via NVQ. Had he done engineering, teaching, nursing, medicine, law etc the college or university itself would help him secure his stay. Clearly he did not do well at school now this is the result. When u r foreigners u plan for tomorrow in UK don’t think u r entitled. Parents n children from Zim wake up.

        • Lady Gaga

          Ok, I accept that correction. However, you are talking about todays rules too, so back then he could have take advantage of the channels available to him. Now, indeed, the application is on his own merits and his own qualification, what im saying is, his mum , who I assume had been there long enough , could have steered him into the right immigration channel and helped him apply for the RIGHT immigration category what ever that may be. But we can all agree asylum is DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY TO GO THESE DAYS. And for someone who came to the UK so long ago like that ?! Now, what im saying is, say after that 4 yr period you are talking about, why couldn’t the mum sponsor her son for settlement? They are a family, and there immigration categories for family reunifications in the UK and they could have utilised those categories. The biggest thing here is he has family, his mum, who is settled, so he can apply to settle there for Leave to remain on the basis that his mother is settled, so are his other family members .(family sponsorship). Regardless of what carrier he chose, he could have applied for leave to remain after that four year period through the family settlement category. You are right indeed to say its best to plan for tomorrow…these guys clearly missed the ball and after all these years they let such a critical issue slide and a last ditch effort by applying for asylum proved to not have worked. Immigration, though still flexible, was much easier back when he arrived, that was the time his mum could have kept her eye on the ball by following through with him and ensuring he qualified for settlement in any way she could. Solicitors , credible ones give good advice, if she couldn’t afford one nor didn’t want one, she should have taken charge of her sons immigration matters and helped him qualify and apply for the RIGHT immigration channel. I don’t get why he is smart enough to do culinary arts(cooking) but couldn’t be smart enough to detect critical problems in his general immigration status. I put the blame on the mum first, coz she knew the country better than him and should have taken charge of her sons immigration status till he got leave to remain. I then will blame him for not taking his immigration status seriously considering he went through his 20s , blindly living day by day thinking he can live there forever without the proper papers. And smart enough to enroll into college and about to write exams..but not smart enough to know if he is allowed to live in the UK or not or what his immigration status looks like???!! With all the immigration debate in the UK, seriously, how could he have missed his own immigration status issues?! You are right, zimboz need to wake up.

          • Liberty

            I concur Lady G that 7yrs ago wad the time to start planning even just 2yrs ago he could have done an NVQ to get into nursing. I also wonder why today people still mess with asylum maybe its the legal bill? And as u said how could they have missed the immigration issue with all the national debate? I know people who came after this guy and they have their papets sorted and in well paid apprenticeships with great future prospects. Poverty and all troubles are in the mind first and foremost. Its sad to see people in UK waste opportunities like this. Just this am I read about 4lives lost by people trying to come in via the backs of lorries from Eastern Europe. We take things for granted. Lord have mercy on him. Zim is a hot mess –

          • Lady Gaga

            TRue, true! The first thing most pple from third world countries think is sorting their immigration documents first and foremost. And the poverty back in their countries reminds them of the urgency to get their immigration documents in order. This guy did take what he had for granted and its sad how he let this go for years and years! Like really??! His mum…where was she? A completely wasted opportunity, especially way back then. And yes, even 2 yrs ago, he could have had a shot, he could have had a window of opportunity that would have prevented this deportation. Yes, I know some pple who left for the Uk much later than him and are doing well for themselves. You can find a fair number of zimboz who have seized every opportunity in the immigration categories that they were able to and are doing extremely well. Infact, just a few mins ago, I stumbled upon a category in family settlement , where a child under 18 yrs old could be sponsored for settlement. So…I would like to think such a measure was available back in 2002/2003 when this guy went to the Uk. His mum could have seized that chance right there. ,Maybe another side job at a Sainsburys or Tesco by the mum could have helped her meet the income requirements to sponsor a family member in addition to being a nurse.After all, one does anything for their child. These pple really missed the numerous opportunites available to them, and the asylum application was just a last ditch effort that added assault to injury. And where on earth was his mum to guide him all along? You wonder if she asked him at least once how his immigration papers are working since she brought him there.

  • Vanotidako

    Dzoka uyamwe! Kumba handi jeri chikomana. I gather from the story that ur Christian. KuZimbabwe kune vanenzara varikuda kubikirwa since uri chef. Plus I read kuti ur a community leader of youth. Zimbabweas deserve your resourcefulness more than UK does. Bvuma kuenda kumba chikomana. A Christian has no permanent home, foxes might have hole and birds have nest, so Zim is Ok

    • tisu tichatonga

      I sympathize with the young man since his family is there but i think he should also take the advice you give hear, kumba hakusi kuraswa young man, god has a plan for you, considering the aforementioned reputation that preceedes you., I urge to use that resoucefulnes and those leadership qualities even in Zim, you will make it. If the worst come to the worst , which in my humble opinion is not the worst i say welcome home young man. Tongo taura nhasha in you endeavors

    • Lady Gaga

      very pathetic testimony you ululate there by the way!

      • Nhasin’eni Yokera

        Lady Gaga!!! fucked up name.. I see yo head got nothing except that gaga shit!!! Fake ass gaga!!!! Nxaaaaaaaa!!! Iwe the guy is 26, this is a man we talking about!! which family has he been separated from? At his age he shud be thinking of marrying kwete kuchema kuti anzi enda kumusha kuZim… Come on now!!! Haana kurongeka ngaauye kumusha atange arongeka then apply for visa again!!! Pwaaaaaaa!!!

        • Lady Gaga

          What else can I expect from an A*HOLE that was excreted into that jungle??!! You are just a delusional lunatic maniac vomiting your drivel that only you can comprehend. fk off arse face.

        • Grace

          What else can u xpect from Mr European Union. These days he is very confused about his gender just like his name sake. Don’t waste time to reason with this self hating black joker he will just talk about toilet issues chete. U know ngochani big on back issues.

          • Lady Gaga

            Fyi…I have heard about this “ME European Union” thing and I frankly have no idea what you are talking about. You really need to get your head checked…you are confusing me with one of your “guys!” Look, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so stop your immaturity and stupidity. It only proves how small you are. If you have been defeated by facts and figures, walk away and rather go back to the drawing board. Your cheap shots are much less worth than what they and you will ever be.

    • IniHangu

      True, this could be a blessing in disguise, he is a chef? I can see a millionaire in him. People want to eat bro, go home!

      • Lady Gaga

        “people want to eat bro, go home!” You are right, they sure do want to eat,but what will they eat in a third world called zimboland? Have you heard? Even the Zanu hooligan militia (army) is starving , hospitals have no food, over 2 million are hungry. With an agric minister like Made and a blantyrean tyrant who calls himself president,.what will ever be planted and harvested? Please stop wet dreaming…its 2014 now. Good morning!

  • Manyara Manyara

    Catastrophic is a bit dramatic for a 26 year old MAN. He did leave when he was already 17 so he can speak Shona, and knows his way about. Mhuri iyi haina kumiramira kugadzirisa mapepa nguva ichiripo. Isuwo tine hama neshamwari kuUK. Vamwe havana mapepa vamwe vanawo. Zvinoendera nemunhu kuti wasimuka here, wafunga ramangwana here, kumusha uri kugadzirira here? Hameno! Hatifari nazvo kwete, asi hurumende yeUK yoitawo sei? Mutemo, mutemo.

  • ricky fire

    Dzokerai kumba…..

  • Nhasin’eni Yokera

    Haaa kushaya zvekuita uko, ngaauye kuno mface uyo, 26 chakura ichi, moda kuti Zimbabwe ivakwe nani muchirambira kuUk, nxaaaaaaaa.. Apa kadofo, ungaenda kuUk kunoita Chef.. mabasa evarungu ayo. u will die wekin mumaRestaurant. Its time this boy grows, emancipation from bein a cry baby is wat he needs. Type inogara namai and still get their laundry done namai… Let him come home for reeducation… The boy is a disgrace who needs to grow and learn to take responsibilities for his action, if he wanted to be British for life aisvika 26 asingasorte mapaper ake sei.. mhuri haina kurongeka iyi

  • SimukaiTimapedzeMaBhunu

    I don’t normally support asylum seekers, this young man was brought to the UK by his parents at the age of 17…if they are to deport him, they should first deport his parents who made a decision for him to leave Zim for the UKs…

    • Chikuyochisamarengu

      What’s wrong with being a Chef? Zvino tese tikaita manurses, doctors or engineers, ndiyani achaku bikirai! Training to be a Chef is not the end of the world, he will run his own business in no time and can become a General Manager at a 5* hotel, earning better than a Nurse, and can go to Aussie as well to earn better than a nurse! How much does a nurse in Uk earn, anywhere? £26 000, on average, if they want more voconnector kuArgency, this guy will get twice that, with only working on one job! Musaiswe mablinkers baba, Nursing is not the only job that pays in the UK.

  • stones

    No story here home is best,come boy God has something for you

  • Pineal Gland

    Does anyone know what happened to this guy? whats the update?If he is still here Nehanda can make an online e-petition that we can all put our names on to stop him being returned to Zim.Please dont get me wrong, i love my country dearly but as long as those old zanu-pf sharks still in power that place will always be hell on earth!!

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