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More Bona Mugabe wedding pictures

President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter, Bona, 24, wed in a lavish ceremony Saturday at the family’s private home in Harare’s plush Borrowdale neighborhood. The wedding also gave guests a rare glimpse into Mugabe’s multi-million dollar mansion.

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  • Lehakoe

    Such an expensive wedding but so tacky… The ivory, the lion, the groom’s suit?!?!?!?! The words escape me…

    As for those dancers throwing their ‘virgin punani’ all over the stage… I can’t! I simply can’t understand!

    • Mugabe IgodzvaRegreen

      Vari kudya mari yenyika kuzvika mwoyo wamira- zvakaoma

    • Lady Gaga

      Tell all this to the villagers who have no shelter after being flodded and have lost everything, tell this to the 2 million hungry zimboz…to the street kids, the homeless and prostitutes out there, to those who lost their jobs due to liquidations and retrenchments….can you simply understand my point or you simply cant?

  • neria

    the yondo sisters quite distasteful

  • Mayor_Urimbo

    bhachi raSimba kuita se raKoffi,

  • hoh

    Its true money can’t buy style, for 5 million I expected to be wowed. Is that bouquet made of paper flowers? Hmm the bridesmaid dresses – no no no. Tacky as hell, no wow factor demand a refund from the wedding planner, asi congratulations though.