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Partially collapsed Tokwe-Mukosi Dam in Pictures

Thousands of people have been evacuated after torrential rains caused the partial collapse of the Tokwe-Mukosi dam, currently under construction by an Italian company, Salini, with funding from the Zimbabwean government to provide irrigation to the local area.

Tokwe-Mukosi dam wall breached
Tokwe-Mukosi dam wall breached (Pictures: David Coltart Facebook)

Its thought that over 4000 people are being moved from the flood risk area after cracks were discovered in the dam wall. Inspections also suggest the dam wall has shifted slightly as water levels rise following rare heavy rainfall in the country.

Tokwe Mukosi dam wall breached
Tokwe Mukosi dam wall breached (Pictures: David Coltart Facebook)

The dam is being developed for water storage and irrigation purposes and is expected to hold 1.8 million cubic litres of water on completion. The Red Cross is reportedly in the area providing assistance to displaced communities.

Beleaguered Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Ignatius Chombo has advised people living downstream of Tokwe-Mukosi Dam along the Tokwe River to immediately move five kilometres from the river bank and seek higher ground.

In a statement, the Minister said this is because the areas around the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam are at risk of flooding and must therefore take necessary precaution. Areas likely to be affected include Gororo, Nyahombe, Tokwani, Ngundu and other areas along the Tokwe River.

Chombo also advises motorists to exercise maximum caution when approaching bridges on the Tokwe River downstream to the dam.

  • dtyjns

    1.8 cubic liters? Is that much

    • baboon

      Hahaha they made a mistake. I think they meant 1.8 billion cubic litres.

      • lucc

        in fact there is nothing called cubic litre

    • chari

      That was supposed to say 1.8 million cubic metres of water.

  • Wilson Magaya

    Dams have a life time and it is sad this one may/might have just come to an end. Tell that to the guys who want to sink 350 million dollars (USA) into power generation in Kariba Dam a dam almost 60 years old. When will it stop vakomana this wanton failure to envision, strategize and plan for the future

    • Warren P Stevenson

      As soon as Zimbabwe elects a competent president mate!