Black Jesus: A woman cannot rule Zimbabwe

By Tatenda Chitagu

The self-styled pioneer of farm invasions that precipitated Zimbabwe’s violent land grab in 2000, Francis Zimuto, who calls himself “Black Jesus”, has waded into the divisive Zanu PF succession debate saying it was taboo for the country to be led by a woman.

Mujuru ‘has presidency in her handbag’
Does Mujuru have the presidency in her handbag? Not according to Black Jesus

Zimuto of Masvingo said according to African culture, women should be under men and Vice-President Joice Mujuru should be content with her current position.

Mujuru is believed to be involved in a tug of war with Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed President Robert Mugabe although they both publicly deny harbouring ambitions of succeeding the veteran ruler.

Zimuto was the first person to invade a farm belonging to a white commercial farmer in 2000. He told journalists that a man, whether it be Mnangagwa or any other, should occupy the country’s top post, and not a woman.

“It will be against our culture for a woman to be president. We are conservative Zimbabweans. We are not like Western countries where the queen or a female president may rule,” Zimuto said.

“It will be taboo and we will not accept it. A woman’s place is under the man and we are satisfied with her (Mujuru) current position as vice-president.

“In fact, that post should be reserved for women while the presidency should be for men,” Zimuto said, in remarks likely to cause some ructions within the party.

Zimuto equated the Zanu PF presidium to a family in which a woman should be submissive to her husband by playing second fiddle.

“It is like in a typical African traditional family where a woman acts as the balance of power and children seek refuge in their mother and go through her if there are things they want,” Zimuto added.

Zanu PF’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo was unreachable for comment. Southern Eye

  • Bornwell Murindagomo

    This ZANU moron shud go fuck himself & his crazy ideology!

  • Humba Makombe

    zikubenzi iro..we are not in the stone age!

  • Sithu

    No need to worry VaZimuto, President Chiwenga will not permit such an evil thing to happen; the upcoming unfortunate “car accident” will ensure “our enterprise” is still firmly in control of the looting. Zimbabwean women have no place in our man’s world and we shall never agree to share the loot with women. VaMnangagwa has already agreed to be appointed as ceremonial leader and spokesman of our Party. We are now in good hands and even hear that a new resource has been found in the country to produce free diesel fuel from the rocks in the Highlands area. Our future is bright. The evil West, their allies and their sanctions will never stop us or break our will. We are invincible and we are superior ! Bring forth my chariot and the lions; we have a crusade to fight !

  • L Truth

    Gone are the days vaZimuto

  • bobsled

    Ma war vets are showing they sold the souls to the devil starting with 50k… then political violence. … then election rigging. You’re irrelevant mudhara. Where was that culture when Joice and other women were fighting side by side with you during the war? Is this how desperate Ngwena has got? Its laughable. …

  • Chiredzisister

    What did the man do ivo VaMatibili? Though I am anti~ZANU I think it will be a bit better just to see how it goes. Kumbocnhinja magi.

    • Name

      Sithu, Chiredzi sister and imi mose. . mozvinetserei arguing abt mbuya ava. . kana rave dongo, dongo chairo, a ruin. . .moswera muchirwira kuchengeta dongo . nhai nhai. . regai mbuya neropa riri pamaoko pavo. . .(nera muchakabvu Mujuru wacho) vachengeta. . . Imi munoti Mwari havazivi here? Up to now anditi kam zukuru kamBrantyre kange kachingo gegeda nhaka ye Zim yose. . .oh matibiri woye. . . futhi kanodya. haka guti ba hwi. Aiwa bodo . . . .Asi kana mujuru, mujuru chiwo, wapinda padongo. . moziva kuti. . FINISH

  • Genesis23456

    Probably what Black Jesus is trying to say is people shouldn’t abuse gender representation in place of merit.

  • Ndimbz

    Someone pliz shut this Zimuto caveman up…with politicians like him,how r we ever going to recover

  • Illuminati

    Guess what asshole; they can and they will!

  • TBlaze

    ukangowona wakuzviti “Black Jesus”…aaaa chibvawaziva kuti, aiwa, uri we delusion, mafungiro ako haana kunatso mira mushe. Vapeyi chitupa chavo mibhedha izere ku Annex uko.

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