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Tsvangirai in one month separation from wife

By Mthulisi Mathuthu

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai could be headed for a divorce after it emerged that he and his wife Elizabeth Macheka have been separated for close to one month.

Morgan and Elizabeth Tsvangirai
Morgan and Elizabeth Tsvangirai

Reports this week said the former premier remains at the Highlands house purchased for him by the state, while Macheka is now living at the couple’s Borrowdale house in Harare.

The couple’s marital problems have been a subject of speculation since immediately after the July 31st election last year.

At one time Macheka was said to have resumed her romance with former lover Kennedy Ngirazi with the state media publishing purported email exchanges between the two.

A Herald report on New Year’s Day quoted Tsvangirai admitting to ‘problems’ in his marriage but he refused to shed more light.

According to the Herald, after Tsvangirai’s wife did not answer his call he sent a driver for her to share in the same interview with the paper, but she declined.

Macheka later told the Herald that she was not willing to discuss the issue in the media but implied that Tsvangirai as a ‘public figure’ is the one who stands to be ‘damaged’ by the report.

Tsvangirai, who according to the report looked dejected throughout the interview, allayed fears of a divorce adding that he was still married to Macheka. He emphasized his commitment and said that they would discuss their problems as adults.

In 2012 Tsvangirai had another stormy relationship with Lorcadia Karimatsenga which had a costly end as he was forced to pay about $ 200 000 to leave her to wed Macheka.

In both relationships the state secret services are rumored to have been the source of problems with the aim of tarnishing Tsvangirai’s image and diminish his stature on behalf of his rival President Robert Mugabe.

Of late Mugabe has been publicly condemning what he says is promiscuity within the MDC leadership lending credence to beliefs that the intelligence services have a hand in Tsvangirai’s marital woes.

The beliefs are further compounded by both Karimatsenga and Macheka’s strong family links to the ruling ZANU PF party.

Political analyst Itai Dzamara told SW Radio Africa that while the public was ‘bound to be concerned’ about Tsvangirai’s public image there was also ‘widespread sympathy’ for him.

Dzamara said many people believed that there was ‘a hidden hand’ behind Tsvangirai’s problems. He said Mugabe’s persistence on what he terms infidelity within the MDC was an indicator that he had an interest in Tsvangirai’s his marital woes. SW Radio Africa

  • YOWE

    HAHAHA so Tsvangirai was tricked to fall in love with C.I.O women…you give zanu pf too much credit…Just accept the simple fact Morgan akaita heavy mistake pana Elizabeth…thats not unusal varume vakawanda vari kuchema nevakadzi vavakaroora

    • Captain Kangaroo

      Baba maTaura! Tsvangirai is too self centered to be married plus dzungu adala. What normal women would marry a man with child support issues like him?

  • Shaka Mambo

    At least the hip hop rappers know something they sang that you cant make a whore a house wife http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGXhmz1bEfg

  • Chiredzisister

    Ko MaSamaria anodyidzana nemaJuda kupi? There was no love at all. Pane zvanga zvakateiwa. If it was true love it should have lasted. Go back to Loca she truly loved you ukamusiya uchida veZanu ava. Wagadzikwa mudish manje?

    • Mrs Mukanya

      Loca ndeweZanu as well (isister yaBeatrice Nyampinga, Zanu PF Goromonzi West MP)

  • Zanele Bhebhe

    Ms Elizabeth Macheka yesterday finally spoke on her rocky
    marriage to former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, saying their separation
    has nothing to do with the MDC-T leader’s
    loss to Zanu-PF in last year’s harmonised elections, or his material well-being.

    Ms Macheka, in an exclusive talk with The Herald, said their
    problems were sparked by “sensitive personal issues” that only the two of them
    could resolve without interference from relatives, friends or party officials.

    The nature of the problem, a medical one, has been disclosed
    to this paper. She said like anyone else, it had always been her dream “to be
    happily married in poverty and in the midst of plenty”.

    While Ms Macheka kept a tight lid on the nature of the
    “sensitive personal issues” affecting their relationship, The Herald is
    reliably informed that Mr Tsvangirai wanted to marry his late wife Susan
    Mhundwa’s younger sister, Leah, and officially communicated this to Ms Macheka
    and his family.

    Mr Tsvangirai, the sources say, strongly believed marrying
    from the Mhundwa family would resolve the “sensitive personal issues” he is

    This did not go down well with Elizabeth,
    leading to a mutual separation a month ago.

    Yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai denied he planned to marry his late
    wife’s younger sister.

    It is understood that Mr Tsvangirai has tried to resolve his
    sensitive personal problem by consulting Prophet T. B. Joshua, meeting little
    to no success on that front.

    Ms Macheka said she was against Mr Tsvangirai’s visits to T.
    B. Joshua as a Catholic.

    “A lot has been said and written about how I am to blame in
    the current situation between myself and Mr Tsvangirai. It is not my intention
    kufukura hapwa, kubvisa matenga akafukidza dzimba or awaken sleeping dogs.

    “Let it be known that it is every woman’s dream to be
    happily married in poverty and even in the midst of plenty,” she said.

    “He knows the genesis of the problem, what steps he has been
    trying in vain to address the situation, including visits to TB Joshua and
    others. The paralysis between us has nothing to do with the outcome of the July 31, 2013 elections, MDC-T,
    any other political entity, foreign hand or material worth.

    “The matter is both personal and circumstantial and only him
    and not even relatives, friends or party comrades can solve.”

    She said Mr Tsvangirai must not play the victim in the
    deterioration of their relationship.

    “Crying the victim or casting aspersions on anyone,
    including myself, is not only a self-serving sympathy-seeking gimmick but
    intellectually, factually and morally dishonest stance to take as close friends
    from both sides of the families and relatives know.

    “I shall not be drawn into a public discussion of my marital
    life since it is a private matter and private matters are best solved
    privately,” Ms Macheka added.

    Sources close to the goings on allege that although the
    couple loved each other, the relationship had never been smooth sailing.

    Family members, including a young brother of Mr Tsvangirai
    (name supplied), would reportedly spy on Ms Macheka on behalf of the MDC-T

    They were allegedly paid up to US$6 000 each to do this, and
    to justify the money they got, they lied to the former Prime Minister that Ms
    Macheka was a Zanu-PF spy.

    Ms Macheka is the daughter of strong Zanu-PF cadre Cde
    Joseph Macheka.

    It is alleged Mr Tsvangira’s younger brother constantly fed
    the former PM false stories about Ms Macheka’s infidelity.

    This was one factor that destabilised the marriage.

    “He would pay his party security aides to spy and track on Elizabeth,
    paying them as much as US$6 000. The party spies would also cook stories. When Elizabeth
    discovered this, she confronted Mr Tsvangirai who did not deny it,” one source

    Yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai said he would handle these matters
    with his wife.

    “We will sit down and discuss them as two mature adults,” he

    He also denied plans to marry Ms Leah Mhundwa.

    Mr Tsvangirai said although Ms Leah Mhundwa was “given” to
    him by her family as part of a Shona cultural practice (chimutsa mapfihwa)
    following his wife’s death in a car accident in 2009, he never intended to
    formally marry her.

    Sources maintain Mr Tsvangirai often visited Ms Leah
    Mhundwa behind Ms Macheka’s

    • burning spear

      iyi ndiyo inonzi plagiarism…..i quote yekupi iyi and wht did you want to achieve?

  • Zanele Bhebhe

    Sources maintain Mr Tsvangirai often visited Ms Leah Mhundwa behind Ms Macheka’s back, further destabilising his marriage when the alleged trysts became known.

  • taurai

    Tsvangirai situation is party of his family problems not national issue lets talk of serious issues corncening our country Mugabe is the issue now he failed economy