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Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore (Pictures)

SINGAPORE – Bona Mugabe the eldest daughter of President Robert Mugabe has graduated in Singapore and her parents and brothers were there to witness the ceremony. 

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe (R) and his wife Grace (L) and their 24-year-old daughter Bona Mugabe pose after the convocation at the MDIS-University of Wales graduation ceremony in Singapore. (AFP/Roslan Rahman)
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe (R) and his wife Grace (L) and their 24-year-old daughter Bona Mugabe pose after the convocation at the MDIS-University of Wales graduation ceremony in Singapore. (AFP/Roslan Rahman)

Bona was enrolled at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Although she did her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance in Hong Kong, she chose to complete her Masters in Singapore.

The 24 year old who now has a Master of Science degree in Banking works for her parents’ firm, Alpha-Omega Dairy. The programme she studied at MDIS is affiliated with the University of Wales in the United Kingdom.

President Mugabe said: “We know the students here are very highly competitive. Education here is taken very seriously by the government. The fact that our daughter managed to do a degree here has opened our eyes much more.

“We have been sending students to various countries, mainly Africa, America, Malaysia and Thailand. But a few have been coming here sponsored by the government (in Singapore), but very few. But now we are going to sponsor ourselves, going to sponsor some students especially to MDIS to do management.”

MDIS Secretary General Dr R Theyvendran said: “Since Singapore is becoming a hub for education in the region, we’ve already attracted students from 78 countries, and Africa is a very good area since the people are more interested in developing themselves.

“GDP has grown by five per cent, and will be growing to more than 10 per cent, which will give a lot of people the wealth to come here to study.”

Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
Bona Mugabe graduates in Singapore
  • chris

    Makorokoto, Amhlope to Bona Mugabe. This is through hard work. Even the sky can not limit you. It is your attitude that determines your altitude. I am proud of our Queen.

    • Wilbert Mukori

      Queen! What nonsense are you talking about!

  • welcome

    bona is a focused young woman congrats Bona.

  • informer

    Congrats Bona! However, its all being tarnished by your prostitutional, heartless mother and the shameless, evil and self centred dad of yours the old grandpa Matbili. After Matbili destroyed our education, he takes pride in sending her daughter to British schools run from Asia. The shameless vain fool loots national resources in our troubled country and spends it outside the country for his kids’ education and his health concerns..

  • Sibo

    A president condemning the education of the country he presides over. Instead of building the capacity of local universities he is talking about sending more to Singapore promoting other countries’ institutions at the expense of our own. Africa is failed by these clueless leaders who know nothing about proper governance.

    • iamlg34

      You have a condition and must see a doctor soon. Your disease is African Hater! Your brain is an organic computer and you have been pre programmed to hate Africa and Africans. You don’t believe me? In sports you can brainwash one population to like one team and brainwash another population to like another team and soon two groups of people that are identical in construction will be made to hate each other because they have been brainwashed to hate the other team.

      If you live in Europe tell me why you don’t see shows about good things going on in Africa? WHat about its leaders do they seriously go into work every day and every single thing they do is for the destruction of their nation? Why do they only show you one sided stories? Because to apply the African Hater condition you have to constantly show negative images and video of your subject. Easy 101 Brainwashing.
      I was brainwashed to love Liverpool FC from a young age and Im from South of Africa. Why didn’t I fall in love with a local team? Local team didn’t have brainwashing capabilities so now I love the EPL and Liverpool and I hate Manchester United even though they probably play really exciting football all the time including Ferguson the great. I was brainwashed to love Ian Rush, John Barnes, Steven Mcmanaman and to never walk alone so I hate em. No matter what I will never wear a Man U jersey.

      So Your hate for Africa. Is that based on truth or from brainwashing. How many Africans have you actually met and socialized with? But your feelings are strong aren’t they. You really hate Mugabe and you have never spent 5 minutes with the guy.

      I am not mad at you. You have been brainwashed. You drive the car you do because you were brainwashed. That Honda didn’t come from your brain it was put there and you were told over and over again that it was good.

      When you think champions league you think Heineken. Brainwashing.

      Currie Cup….. Mr Price.

      NFL…. Bud Light.

      Africa is such a beautiful continent and has amazing people. Go and visit and make your own decision about it. Don’t accept media conditioning because soon they will usher you to wars so you can fight to the death against a person you dont even know. A person who is made exactly the same stuff as you… with a family just like you, with kids that go to college and graduate and make us proud. You see you are only hating yourself when you hate another person.
      Stop getting brainwashed and start making your own decisions. Live your own life and live it with passion. Do whatever you love to do and love one another in the process.

      Even though our only contact has been through a message thread we have communicated and we can respect each other and love each other. Then you might change your policy and your beliefs of who Africans are.
      Feel the love my brothers and sisters. Spread the love

  • gungds

    shame shame shame

  • sowhat


  • zvangu zvauya

    ..if all the local universities are NOT good enough for the President’s kids, I can only conclude that he has a low opinion of their standards. I wonder who should be held responsible; maybe The West as usual.

  • fshumba

    A proper Masters degree gown is longer than this short sleeved one. It doesn’t look like a Masters Degree Gown. It’s less dignfied

  • Saif al Zim

    “We know the students here are very highly competitive. Education here is taken very seriously by the government” This is unlike some country whose education was destroyed by political forces.

  • Nomsa Chiga

    Bona is a nice woman vakomana anonaka muma gumbezi mukadzi uyu.

  • pradaful

    It shows her dad doesnt regard zimbabwean universities as good enough, such a shame yet he is the president who claims he is the perfect person to improve zimbabwe ,why cant he lead by example if he is doing well with the countrys education Bona should have gone to the university of zimbabwe innit.

  • skindo

    By sending BONA to a British affiliated university, its clear Mugabe and ZANU thieves admire Britain to the core but cant do anything to alter British perception about the club of murderers and thieves. A good beautiful girl wrongly born to rotten parents.

  • Wilbert Mukori

    Bona Mugabe has finally graduated after donkey years studying in the Far East.

    How many billions of dollars has Zimbabwe paid in University fees, accommodation and food not say nothing of the $3 million in transport each time Mugabe visited her over the what – over seven years Bona has been studying in the Far East. In 2012 the Ministry of Education got $5 million in the national budge to run 300 000 schools – not students but school – although six months in that year the Minister of Education, David Coltart, complained that he had only received 6% of that.

    Millions of Zimbabwean children are having no meaningful education. They are a lost generation.

    This is one of those cases of just how grotesquely obscene and unjust the nation’s wealth and resources have been allocated to the ruling elite whilst the masses suffer and die in anguish and despair.

  • Silver

    Bona is simply adorable. Even standing next to a raging dictator she still looks so humble and sweet. That boy she is marrying is one lucky man. She is so unlike her mother.

  • save us