Bush sex prophet trapped and beaten

The MUTARE man at the centre of a video in which he was recently filmed romping with a married woman without a condom, in a thicket, in the eastern border city has been unmasked as Simon Neruwana, a senior prophet with the Zion Apostolic Church.

Bus sex prophet unmasked as Simon Neruwana, a senior prophet with the Zion Apostolic Church is seen here with Memory
Bus sex prophet unmasked as Simon Neruwana, a senior prophet with the Zion Apostolic Church is seen here with Memory

Nehanda Radio can also reveal that Neruwana is a qualified electrician with the City of Mutare’s electrical department and dwells at House Number 11, NHB, in the sprawling suburb of Sakubva.

His church-mates this week said Neruwana was a fearless womanizer and as if to confirm himself as unrepentant, Neruwana, called the woman – who has since been identified as Memory, for another quickie in Zimunya.

He was last Wednesday trapped and caught by the woman’s enraged husband Darlington Mutudza before being given a thorough hiding.

Neruwana – a prophet with the Zion Church in Sakubva – had temporarily migrated to his rural home in Bikita following last week’s expose. On his return he called Mutudza’s wife for another sexual escapade but luck eluded him hours later when he fell into Mutudza’s trap.

Neruwana, who thought that the tide had subsided called his estranged concubine and told her to dump her husband and meet him for another romp in Zimunya.

The call was intercepted by Mutudza who then instructed his wife, Memory, to pretend as if nothing was wrong and agree to meet the prophet in Zimunya as per his request.

The incensed Mutudza who revealed that he has since forgiven his wife and vowed not to lose her again for the second time, teamed up with friends and trapped the unsuspecting prophet in Zimunya.

As soon as he disembarked from the bus, Neruwana – who was expecting a warmly hug from Memory – was met with an avalanche of fists. He was dragged into a commuter omnibus and brought to Mutare Central Police Station where Mutudza sought police intervention.

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City of Mutare human resources manager, Mr Aaron Chemvura, confirmed that Neruwana was their employee, but was on leave.

“Yes, we have seen the video and the story, but there is nothing we can do about it because his actions do not in any way tarnish the image of the local authority. His bush act is not connected to the operations of the municipality and hence there is no case against him.”

Mutudza had initially (Monday) approached Nehanda Radio, without revealing his name, looking so concerned and begged to watch the video. He turned red as the video played, failing to fathom what he was gazing. He stormed out of our offices in a fit of rage.

His hands were literary shaking as he watched the video. Word doing the rounds suggests that Neruwana, was ‘exorcising’ an unknown demon out of the woman whose identity is yet to be ascertained. When the news crew visited his residence, neighbours said he was away in Bikita.

They said Neruwana used a lot of money to buy The Manica Post copies last Friday in a bid to stop his neighbours from reading the bush act.

“He tried to conceal the incident, but word had spread around the ghetto. He could not bear the humiliation and left for his rural home,” said a neighbour who requested anonymity. Another resident said Neruwana was popular in the sprawling ghetto because of his ‘prophetic powers’.

“He is popular especially with women. His residence is always full with people seeking his service. He is popular with his child-giving acts “kuuchika’ and we hope he was not physically fertilising those who sought his help to have children,” said a neighbour.

Fellow church members who were equally left with eggs on their faces as one of their leaders turned into a broad daylight p..n star shook heads in disbelief. They said such actions ridicule the name of the church and are a disgrace to the congregation.

“When senior church members behave like this what will become of the younger generation who look up to them for guidance. We wonder what has become of the world, but surely these are the end of times,” said a fellow church member

The video came out after a 23-year-old-man (name withheld) who was in the bush praying witnessed the incident and filmed it.

“It was around 11am when I went behind the Cottco and Border Timbers bush to pray (kumasowe). Just when I was done with my prayers, I saw a woman running from an area near GMB, while a man was coming from a different direction. They hugged and went beside a hill.

“They started caressing each other, but I was never bothered or tempted to track them down since I thought there were up to nothing serious. I later followed them when I saw both of them lying down. They saw me and accused me of being a thief. I managed to convince them that I was not a thief.

“I explained to them that I had come for my prayers. Minutes later, I went to hide near the hill where they were romping. I could hear the woman groaning in pleasure,” he said.

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The man came closer and started recording the incident before all hell broke loose.

“Unfortunately, I cleared my throat and he suddenly stopped and jumped at me.”

The man, on the video fumed like a wounded rhino facing at the 23-year-old amateur photographer. His face was twisted and ready to attack him.

“The woman quickly dressed up and vanished. He approached me saying huya titaurirane. He pretended to call a police officer to scare me away before I stood still and demanded to talk to the “police officer” as well.

“He produced a screwdriver intending to attack me, but I stood my ground. He begged me not to make noise or tell anyone before offering me $2. I refused before he took to his heels,” he said.

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