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Video: Prophet Angel claims to have foretold Kenya Westgate Mall massacre

Controversial and flamboyant preacher Prophet Uebert Angel from Zimbabwe claims to have foretold the Kenya shopping mall terrorist attack in Kenya which claimed the lives of over 72 people. A video released by Angel’s Spirit Embassy church claims he predicted the massacre over a year ago.

Prophet Uebert Angel’s miracle money mystery continues
Prophet Uebert Angel

The church claims Angel repeated the prophecy on two more occasions.

“This is an open space… like you can go there and do your market there, and this is a bomb coming up there,” the charismatic preacher says in the video. Angel warned that the attack was inevitable, and “we can’t stop it”.

Prophet Angel returned to the prophecy on June 30 this year, during another Sunday service televised around the continent on his Miracle TV.

“We need to really pray for Kenya,” he said. “There’s a lot of progress happening in Kenya, but this is a small group that decided the Christian community is going up too much, let’s kill some people. I saw even police, an authority where even guards are there, and they’re bombing.”

On July 21, in his final prophecy, Angel said: “Remember the Kenya prophecy? These are days closing, they’re coming close, and coming close.

“It is very open, it’s like in the open like that. It’s not even something that is far away from the people, it’s just there. To say how did they get in there, no-one knows. Some of them even using home-made material, not nice ones. You know a situation where people make these small things and they have got spikes, but it’s explosive.”

Angel then told his church “we’re starting to pray Wednesday going forward, then we end on the 21st…”

On September 21, Somali Islamist militant group Al Shabaab gunmen lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles inside Nairobi’s Westgate Mall launched their assault. Its leader threatened Kenya with “long-lasting war, blood, destruction” over its peacekeeping role in neighbouring Somalia.

Ahmed Godane, who is also known as Mukhtar Abu al-Zubayr, confirmed that his al Shabaab network was behind Saturday’s armed rampage and hostage siege at the Westgate complex in Nairobi. His threat, posted online late Wednesday, came as more burial services were held for victims of the attack.

Meanwhile it’s not the first time Prophet Angel has claimed to have foretold massacres or deaths.

Last year in December Prophet Angel claimed to have foretold the Connecticut shooting in the United States after twenty children and six adults died when gunman Adam Lanza rampaged through a primary school in Newtown, Connecticut, firing a semi-automatic rifle before killing himself.

Prophet Angel also claimed to have predicted the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Manchester United beating Stoke City in the English Premiership and that the Red Devils would also win the league title.

  • Uhuru

    Thats the works of God

  • kwedu

    Pamberi nemuporofita

  • Grace

    Major Major Major

  • Tatenda

    Emeritus bhora mberi vakuru vechiporofita.

  • Tapiwa

    Remember the Kenya Prophecy ndaivako kuHICC major makaona. Kana mutumwa akauya major voporofita

  • Chipo

    Senior Major

  • Uhuru

    Zvakadai zvinowanikwa KwaMajor chete

  • Uhuru Kenyata

    Prophet Angel is real man of God

  • Effect

    Hosea twerufu vesi teni akati ndakakupai maporofita angu kuti mungwarire kuburikidza ne zvirahwe ne zviroto
    Prophet Angel is undoubtedly the most accurate man of God doing the prophetic…kana vataura totonamata or kumirira kuitika kwazvo, iyi imhondoro yamwari…mungasvotwe mukadii hazvichinje…munoda kuti mwari adiiko…avhare nyika here kuti muzive kuti anotaura
    Kenya may the Lord heal you..asi dai makamanyawo ka kuna major…gore rakapfuura kusvika rino zvichingodzokorodzwa….
    Zimbabwe be grateful and appreciate this higher dimension of anointing lest u be the pharisee of today!!!

  • Tauyawo Pano

    Accuracy yacho yakaoma this is the Prophecy from God

  • Chiyangwa

    Apfanha ve mu Zimbabwe ndoramba ndichikuudzai kuti murume uyu munhu wa mwari …kana inini ne mari yandinayo ndinototyiswa nazvo
    ko iwewe murombo….zivai machena apfanha

  • Velka

    I don’t know much about prophecy but we enjoyed the anointing of this prophet wen his wife came to Norway
    Zim you are blessed
    Oslo, Norway

  • accuracy

    GOD reveals in order to redeem.thank you prophet for being used by GOD in such way because you have saved many thousands of souls by the audiable voice of GOD.

  • honda

    by the prophet they were delivered and preserved.keep on doing good work of GOD.your presence saves thousands souls

  • jeffy

    thats the accuracy prophesy

  • clara

    this is loud and clear prophesy .

  • Joppa

    GOD is still saying something .



    • Fadzai

      so true. This is disgusting really. staged fake prophecies. kana kuda limelight kwacho. Pathetic!

      • darlington Angel

        Pathetic is your first name from today. The word stupid does not match the level of stupidity that you carry. Some people like you do not deserve the oxygen you are breathing

    • Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye

      Regera kusara wakarasika ndosaka uri musindo. Who are u to be proven to?

    • darlington Angel

      Wisdom baba just listen before you write anything , You do not pay to think. These are clips taken from live services so what’s your story i very disappointed of the level of stupidity

  • prophet kuba mari dzenyu

    Mbavha kusanyara murume mukuru

    • Tafadzwa

      Mai vako ndivo vanoba mwana wemuroyi. Wakabirwa chii nemuporofita uyu kana usina chaunoziva nyarara mupfanha unokuvarira muhara

    • Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye

      une mari here iwe?

    • darlington Angel

      une mari yacho Get away mhani iwe , Pamberi na major Muprofita waJehovha Let them say the words ,It shall come to nothing

  • Givemore Chivandaidze

    For bringing people out of sins,changing peoples lives from committing adultery,witchcraft,fornication,corruption,and condemning every sin is the main mission of all genuine prophets.For telling people to dress in a modest way respect marriages.Righteousness,purity and holiness are our yardstick to measure one’s genuinety.Accuracy can never lead us into believing that one is really send from Above.Jesus Christ was only accurately identified by demons more than he was identified by the pharisees and Seducees.So if demons could accurately prophesied ABOUT Paul and Silas that they are send from Heaven,do we now have to believe in demons since what they said was very true and accuracy.The woman in Endor accurately for told King Saul about his death.So i will not only rest on how one is accurate but i should see the Glory of the Heavenly Kingdom through purity,holiness and righteousness whose naked or blind folded minds will never see.Big up Prophet Angel for your accuracies but that will not buy me into believing you’re the holy one send from heaven.

  • Kenyan

    How come he can’t prophesy about Mugabe and the lot, busy about Kenya. Charity should start at home. After the bad prophesy, he should have prayed to cancel it.

    • Vachihera VekwaChihota

      Mwana waMai siyana ne maPorofita aya kana uchida zvakawana enda kuChurch unonzwa zvakawana.

    • Peter Mulambo

      What can you prophesy??????

  • Vachihera VekwaChihota

    True man of God, Mutumwa akadva kuna mwari

  • Fadzai

    this is all nonsense. prophecy kuita sei kwacho. Let him prophecy about Zimbabwe ambosiya zvekuma next door.Zvenyika yake pasi tsve basa rekudya mari yemaduzuzururu eku Zimbabwe. Rubbish. Attention seeking fake prophet.

    • Tendai

      Kumusha kure zvemuZimbabwe zvakawanda huya kuchurch uzvinzwire wega. usangomhanya kushora

    • darlington Angel

      kabhenzi kemwana kure newe pamberi nemuprofita washe. When you are at the top you became the topic. Sorry dear he is already popular for he is selling the best product on earth

  • time

    very accurate i admit, but i need to do some research and get some answers first….. it might be that everyone knew that kenya was sitting on a time bomb i.e the alshabab terrorist threats were well documented and expected? isnt like saying…”i see americans being attached by alqaeda in the near future?”
    isnt this just knowledge of world history???
    God forgive me if I am being stubborn and not believing your true prophets but i need more e.g healing the sick etc

    • Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye

      How much more do u want when its all happening at Spirit Embassy take a visit there or watch Miracle TV

    • darlington Angel


    • Mwana wa Major

      Time, its unfortunate you dont come to Spirit Embassy, Kwedu ku Spirit Embassy HEALING IS EASY, its like breathing. Kana ma Dr akutoti endai Kwa Angel.If you watch the video you will see how Prophet Angel is accurate, he mentions the country, the place( he says the market place), not only did he give the prophecy once, not twice but thrice. Even if you are fool doubting Thomas you ought to know that only God knows the future which He communicates with His Prophets

  • Atheist

    R500 on a lucky well informed guess.. Statistics is a really good art..

    • Mwana wa Major

      Time, its unfortunate you dont come to Spirit Embassy, Kwedu ku Spirit
      Embassy HEALING IS EASY, its like breathing. Kana ma Dr akutoti endai
      Kwa Angel.If you watch the video you will see how Prophet Angel is
      accurate, he mentions the country, the place( he says the market place),
      not only did he give the prophecy once, not twice but thrice. Even if
      you are fool doubting Thomas you ought to know that only God knows the
      future which He communicates with His Prophets. if you do not believe that God still speaks in our midst, i think you need to get delivered and get salvation!!

  • Ray

    What l do not like with these prophesy is they do not give us a way to stop the evil happening. How can you believe these things.

    • Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye

      believe what u want even if Jesus was to come again u would still not believe him. U believe too much in TV

    • darlington Angel


  • Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye

    major major thank you Prophet for Accuracy prophecies

  • Miss baby face

    WOW Prophet Angel ndizvo,am so happy that in Zimbabwe we have a Prophet like him.Lets face the facts people of Zimbabwe obviously if he publish the story before it happens,it was going to be too controversial because this is a Nation of Kenya they also have their own rules and regulations.This man is a True Prophet of God send for such a time not only in Zimbabwe,but Africa as a whole and also The whole world too.Lets embrace such moments guys we are so blessed.Prophet Angel me and my Family we support you so much.

  • Miss baby face

    PROPHET ANGEL we support you so so much.Kenya have been remembered for real.TRULY he is a true man of God.Me and my family supports you man of God.Its a blessing to have such a Major Prophet in Zimbabwe,Truly Zimbabweans we have been blessed lets not misuse such moments .

  • millionare

    senior major. one of the most sharpest prophets all over. i salute you.

  • maureen

    People let me say something,God is full of love,how come we are always criticising each other??????Whats wrong with him prophecying the future for us,am so happy about it and support the Man of God.Which is better to have a nation that consult Traditional healers or brew beer to ancestors.We are tired of that,we support Prophet Angel full time please prophecy into our nation of Zimbabwe as well.

  • Most wanted

    vanotuka ngavatuke zvavo, vanovenga ngavavenge zvavo, life yacho irikufire.(singing) prophecy man of GOD.

  • zanele makoena

    Zimbabweans you are lost.come to south africa prophet, there is a nice place for you. please come and bless us.

  • Bob Kioko

    Do not confuse prophesies with generalities and sheer coincidences. Biblical prophecies were very precise and accurate. Jesus birth prophecy in Isaiah included town location, the place of birth, the state of birth and even the special visitors. This is not a prophecy but a premonition inspired by what was likely to happen based on the threats which were being peddled by this evil group on the social media. We need to separate this latter day prophets who are taking advantage of the fruits of the spirit, to market their churches in order to make more money from people who are desperately looking for genuine divine help. This is because African economies offer no solid solution from poverty for those living below 1 dollar a day hence many flock into churches for divine assistance. Let this “prophet” prophesy when Bob Mugabe will die so that Zimbabwe can be freed from the shackles of his tyranny.
    Kenya is a favored country, that is why the enemies of humanity cannot take its focus off from this great African jewel. But the resilience of her people who are popular hard workers, the prayerful Christians and genuine Muslims who understands the doctrine of the Koran has enabled this country to come through numerous challenges worth copying from other African failed states like Zimbabwe. Our greatest undoing as a nation has been our bad politics and tribalism that has permeated into the lower levels of our society. But this is a global problem being fanned by the western body politic keen on manipulating the destiny of the third world countries as they plunder their natural resources to build their rich but evil economies. But even this we will surmount.

    From Nairobi

  • Peter Mulambo

    Thank you Lord for a might PROPHET IN OUR TIMES!!!!!!

  • darlington Angel

    Major Prophet Emeritus sent to nations,We love you papa



  • spellbound2011

    Nothing like it why was it quiet so long, why is he not confident to announce his tales only after the fact? Anywhere the Bible says there will be many false prophets in the last days and here’s to one very big one who does not even live a humble life of a prophet! To hell with you Engel and your false prophecies! Shame on you lying and deceiving people in the name of God, you will burn in hell!