Prostitutes in Zimbabwe turn to the internet

HARARE – Commercial sex workers in Zimbabwe have been forced to turn to the internet to advertise their wares after a police clampdown code-named “Operation Zvanyanya” saw their business suffering a massive blow.

Prostitutes in Zimbabwe turn to the internet

According to reports sex workers who used to roam the city’s red light districts have become sophisticated and formed a well-orchestrated internet prostitution ring in response to a spate of arrests on the streets and in well-known brothels.

In a bid to by-pass this clampdown, hookers are now operating a lucrative ‘escort business’ that uses an internet-based classified advertising website called Zim Escorts. The site has a list of several sex workers offering their services complete with nude and semi-nude pictures that are supposedly theirs.

Prostitutes in Zimbabwe turn to the internet

The site also has male prostitutes with their pictures published. The contact details are also listed on the site and they include phone numbers, e-mail addresses and physical locations. Their charges range from US$20 to US$200.

“Even European visitors go to the site and business is brisk with no police fears, you make money sitting at home without clubbing or anything,” one hooker confirmed.

“Rich guys in town always frequent the site and hire escorts because they have no time to club and they can’t be seen kerb crawling along the streets,” she said.

“Most of my friends have been on trips to resort areas through this site, zvakabhadhara wangu, zvasiyana nekumhanyiswa nekamba (police) zvinoita vamwe vasikana,” she bragged again.

Meanwhile the police have said they will launch investigations into the operations of the site. “Well, we will look into the matter and act accordingly,” said Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda.

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  • Munhumutema07

    Those internet investigations wont go far because the rich guys mentioned in the story are most likely ZANU PF politicians and service chiefs. Iti bufu tione ukararama.

  • kev

    This is just part of the story. Whatsapp and face book are now a red-light district of kids advertising sex. That’s what happens when you buy/send children smartphones instead of books. On the other hand the problem is deeply rooted to unemployment. No one jumps on the streets by choice except the dirty old men who want sex. These girls all have a story, a hungry child, unemployed or sick parents etc. Also many degrees are giving youth skills that are not relevant to our country. Gvt needs to arm the youth with the right skills so they can sustain themselves and not simply arrest them and do nothing else. If you take them of the street they end up on the internet. If you take them of the internet they might even start going door to door. The rate of prostitution in Zim is too high for our population.

  • Dendera

    Siyanai nevana ava, havana chemunhu chavaba kana kushandisa. Vari pabasa. Mapurisa ndiwo ava kutoswera pawebsite iyoyo!!!! Kwanai.

  • yes i know about

    Prostitutes in Zimbabwe or other country turn to the internet. That’s very simple reason, generate more income.

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