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Crisis rocks AFM Manchester church as board resigns over money issues

By Lance Guma

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MANCHESTER – All is not well in the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church in Manchester after five members of its board were forced to resign in protest at the way church affairs are being run by Pastor Charles Ranganai Chipere. It’s the second time an entire board has been forced to resign since 2010.

Pastor Charles Ranganai Chipere
Pastor Charles Ranganai Chipere

A source in the church told Nehanda Radio that Pastor Chipere “is more interested in money than God. He has been in Manchester for nearly three years now and since he arrived at AFM he managed to boot the church board that brought him here from Zimbabwe.”

The source said Pastor Chipere “put a new board simply because the old one refused to conform to his corrupt ways. He put a new board that he dismissed a few weeks ago because they also found out his true nature. Please help us expose this man who is hiding under the name of God,” the source pleaded.

Most churches in the UK are registered under the Charities Commission and one of the requirements under the legislation is that organisations must have a yearly independent examination of their accounts. Annual general meetings should also be held at which these financial statements are presented.

Nehanda Radio understands this has not happened since 2010 when Pastor Chipere took over.

“His last general meeting with the church was 3 years ago in 2010 and was only done to force the board at the time to resign. Up to now there have been no general meetings and congregants are being denied the chance to express their views and opinions about how the church is run,” another parishioner told us.

Other parishioners are alleging that Pastor Chipere is abusing his position as the Vice President of the AFM Church in the UK to block any letters of complaints against his administration that are being written and sent to the regional executive. “He has made himself judge, jury and executioner,” a source alleged.

Nehanda Radio contacted Pastor Chipere for comment and he told us “I cannot make any comment. I don’t think I need to respond to you. I only respond to the authorities. I have people who are above me and they can comment.”

Pressed further on why he has not held annual meetings to present financial reports Pastor Chipere said their financial accounts are audited every year and they even hire auditors to do that. Asked which firm handled their audits he told Nehanda Radio, “I can’t tell you off hand, but we do have auditors.”

Asked why parishioners claimed this was not the case Pastor Chipere said “again I cannot comment because I have not been tried over those allegations. I have supervisors and I am not allowed to make a public comment. Those that are making these allegations are just trying to tarnish my name,” he said.

We persisted and asked who could make a comment on the issue. Pastor Chipere referred us to AFM UK General Secretary Pastor Josh Chigorimbo. Nehanda Radio tried to get comment from Chigorimbo but for over four days he has not been answering his phone, despite it ringing continuously.

It is also being alleged that more than 90 percent of the congregants have stopped coming to church in protest at the unfair dismissal of the board without any explanation to the church members.

“Even though Chipere claims we have auditors, nothing has been presented to us the congregants. We also understand that there is no transparency in the use of church funds, with several payments being made without authorisation. Many of us are reluctant to speak out fearing vicitmisation.

“The previous church administrator prepared accounts in 2010 but the pastor did not authorise them and they were not presented in church. We have two previous administrators who were forced into leaving by circumstances. Our current administrator is the third one in three years,” our source said.

A prominent prophet told Nehanda Radio that the problems in the AFM Manchester branch were deep-rooted because there was factional fighting rocking the church even before Pastor Chipere came from Zimbabwe. “That’s why currently you have two AFM churches in Manchester,” he said.

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  • Kuda Mudariki

    Most AFM pastors dnt allow auditors to audit their finances let alone presenting a yearly financial report to the church.The major reason is that most pastors believe that vanhu hasati ‘vakura’ pakunamata so vakazoona mari dzinodyiwa/pihwa pastor vanodzvamuka. everywhere even in zim its like that.But the bottom line is that its all abwt money n never abwt God.Thats why uchiona on their ‘appreciation functions’ munhu anodaidzwa nezita or chigaro to come upfront and appreciate the pastor mari yake /chipo chodeedzerwa BUT after the function ,hanzi musaudza vanhu nokuti havasi vose maChristu arimuchechi kkkkk but mari yake munoida even tho asiri muKrisitu

    • incompetant Leadership

      You say u are running the church well, hee e e e ndini nditori President vacho izvozvi. While every5hing is in tatters, church finances. Muchiti church haina mari yekugadzirisa ma books. Now u are awarding yourselves £1000 for preaching at yr own conference while u are on salaries. This sk called pastor will lead u to hell. & he is there just to milk the church by hook or crook. He is no good for anybody, not even the church itself, u don’t need him if u are to sucessed. He is a koney monger at any given cost. See how he has destroyed Manchester, a once blooming vibrant congregation. He has no church interests at heart, therefore the church has not progressed an inch with him. And no progress will come with him. Why are u paying it. All he does is find a way of stealing money one way or the other. The church is kuch better without u the so called pastor. Most money u intercept before it even gets to the church coffers to be recordede e.g. Cell groups being made to collect koney for you. Whh when you are on salary. Corrupt couple, devil tug team, evil liars

  • Harusaita Chasakara

    Ichi ndicho chokwadi chanzi bvuu pachena. Mari yemuno mu UK inorwadza and when you give to the house of God, you expect it to be used in a way which wins souls. The congregants are entitled to know how the church is run and transparency is paramount. Mufundisi edzai kugadzirisa nyaya iyi because you have lost all respect.

  • No crises

    I think the prominet prophet has said it all! Chipere did not bring any problems, he was brought to the UK by the so called board which until now, has been wallowing in corruption and absuing their positions. And now that the man of God is cleaning the rot, the run to Nehanda Radio. No crises, we are worshiping well!


    There is always something wrong when a story emanates from unnamed sources who make bald alleggations which cannot not be substantiated. Is it suggested that the pastor is paying himself or what, I dont get it! Is the pastsor suposed to audit the books?. Why didnt the board audit the books? They resigned because the pastor whom they brought from Zimbabwe loves money more than God? Does not add up! I suspect sour grapes!

    • ndizvo here

      why did they resign and not put things right when they had the power to ask the pastor about the money and for how long has this been happening and why did they let it happened and wait to put it to the press. This mustnot happen in the church.

      • Waterfalls

        Kana va complainer at all levels but vanofanira kugadzirisa vacho vakahwanda, what did u expect them to do. This guy takes advantage yekuti musaburitse zvunhu zveChurch kunze coz anoziva kuti inside the church system he can manipulate the authotirties and sweep everything under the carpet. U refuse people the platform, they will go where they can make themselves to be heard. This is exactly what these guys do. Wakamboona munhu anogadzirisa zvinhu anongosvika achipa mutongo asina kunzwa nyaya from both sides here. Inga Sabhuku chaiye anoziva kuti iwe taura divi renyaya yako tinzwe, then oenda pane umwe wacho omuti chitaurawo divi renyaya yako tinzwe. Then ogara namakurukota ake vatsenga zvavaudzwa kuti vazopa mutongo. Zvino rimwe gava rinongobva Doncaster rongosvikoti mese tazvinzwa kuti mare-signer, zvakanakai mufambe mushe. Iwe tanga wanzwa nyaya first, ndozvinita munhu anechigaro chaunacho icho. Mumwe ndiye anozvuzvurudzwa kunodzinga vafundisi vari kudzidzira, hunzi mafoira nokuti hamusi kundiitira fund raising hombe. Usangodhonzwa uchiitiswa zvinonyadzisa nyika yese.

    • Waterfalls

      Ummmmm You have shown your limited thinking in your response. Nowhere in the article is it suggested that the pastor pays himsef vangadai vopindira church pasi pemuti adya mari yese. iwe haumzive zvakanaka handiti. Iwe wakamboona munhu anodya mari yeChurch anoda kuti ma accounts ago auditwa. Anozvivhara vhara kuti zvisazonzi ko apa mari iyi why yakasenzeswa pazvinhu zvisiri priority, and also being personal to the pastor. Ziva kuti imwe mari inobiwa zvine ma receipts. Asi board rinenge risina ku authorizer. Nyaya yongoita yevaviri (1) mubati wehomwe (2) iye mufundisi. Pamubati wehomwe hapadi dzungu man anongoti zvese zvataurwa otoburitsa mari. Coz aka kamudhara aka ndozvakanoda manje. Pakangoita yes bhasi pamari, zvatopera. Ndomabirwo ainoitwa. Dzungu man dzinenge dziri hope zvadzo, hatizive amai kuti ndiri kupariswa mhosva inozo affector chero nekwatinosevenza kana chazoputika. Ndosaka achida munhu akati pusei pamari, kuitira kuti akangoti ndipe, uyo otonzwa weti nekutya. Uyo asina musle uyo ndovano promoter humbavha hwa gringo wenyu uyo.



  • Ex AFM Zim

    The writer says the board resigned and then says the board was unfairly dismissed… An trying to understand the story

    • Wolves

      Common sense will tell you that these guys must have been desperate for someone to say, whats happening there. That must have been a desperate cry for help. If you understand this church, no one listens (@ least in the UK) until deadly measures are taken. This pastor has been coniving with many other guys in authority in the church, including the one he reffered the journalist to. They are good parters in being silly and disrupting God’s work. People may be quiet but one day they will erupt and u will be surprised


    It is all to easy to accuse pastors because usually they do not have a platform to defend themselves. They have to maintain their integrity even in the face of unfair critisim. Its easy to see that a former board member is behind this colorless story. I would not be surprised if they are friends with the jornalist.

    • Chipochashe

      This sounds like the victim. The comments are not making sense. Chokwadi chabuda. Shamhu ya Mwari inorwadza

      • Itsoro Dzake Charle haaite

        kambodzinga vamwe uchiti vaba mari, sare iwe ndiwe wavambavha yacho, A a a a sorry mhanza

        • Me, myself and I

          Hamutye kunyora zvinhu zvakadai, devils you are

    • Daidzai Ma Auditors izvozvi

      Whether a board member is behind the story, or if they are friends with the journalist, that is not the matter of the fact. Isu tiningotarisa kuti pane nyaya here. And then here ofcourse u can see kuti nyaya iripo. Kana psina nyaya angadai akadeedza ma auditors karekare kuti azvichenure, thus the best platform for a pastor who wants to come clean and provo his accusers wrong. Do not mistaken keeping quiet as a sign of intergrity. Kana wabatwa uchiba uchada platform kuti uudze vanhu kutii. Iwe kana uchigona kuenda pa Pulpit kunotuka avo vaunenge usisafarire, what stops u from defending yourself. There is no defence fullstop. Kana wada defence daidzai Deloite & Touche iite audit nhasi chaiye, muone mbavha yenyu iyo kuti inonyarira kupi.

  • Chipochashe

    Nothing remains hidden forever

    • Scotland

      Pastor Chipere Never chased away pastors in Scotland it was the church..

      • he uses other people

        Tinozviziva kuti anosevenzesa vamwe vanhu vanenge vachida zvigaro. There is nothing new with that. We know that he uses other people and then he pretends as if he was never involved. Uchangosvika asi. Kana adaro iye opota achienda kuno collector mari kumasangano iwayo

        • Scotland

          Only the people in Scotland know the truth. And for your information I have been there long enough. You can put them up at your church. God bless you.

  • Harusaita Chasakara

    Thanks Chipochashe for revealing mabasa erima arikuitwa muimba maShe. Zvakaoma kuti the chuch is led by a bunch of evil doers and this leaves a lot to be desired. It is a shame that the Pastor encourages corruption. Vangazvirambe sei. Remember there is no smoke without fire!!!!

    • One of the 90%

      Nhai iwe UMMMM why say a former board member is behind this story. So u think muchurch macho manga mune mafuza asingaoni zviri kuitika muchurch? I would think it’s common sense for a person ari kubvisa mari yake kuti adewo feedback on how money is being used. Infact, it’s their right. Baba ava vakagumbura vanhu vakawanda and you would be surprised not even a former board member was involved. Saka iwe mafungiro ako the board did not even try to ask for transparency. Baba vaya vakaoma musoro and he’s a bully. Please if you don’t have anything to say dai wangonyarara. Kuzoona munhu aenda kumanewspaper is because corruption is too much straight from the top. MaPastor acho cover for each other.

    • Region

      Mwari vatiitirewo nyasha, region yose the three in leadership have failed the church

  • Chipochashe

    Shame.Desperate board members.Makambosiirei .Better to have a new member be vice.Isu tangataneta neanga aripo HURE zvaro.Remember pastor covered you.Former secretary chidhakwa zvacho. Who does not know pastor picked you from the pub when he came.Tikufumurei apa.To show tanga taneta nemi takavhota mukanyara

    • James wadawanaka

      Isu kuno ku Waterfalls takaita party pakabva mufundisi nemudzimai wake. Takatenda Mwari Nemabasa makuru anoshamisa akaitwa okupiwa mufundisi mutsva. There is nothing new about the pastor’s wife who is arrogant, vindictive and is very good at abusing her position as the pastor’s wife. Church members confided with her as the mother of the church and she betrays their trust by exposing secrets of church members. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What is her agenda- God knows.

      • One of the 90%

        Thank you James. Only God knows and one thing I know hapana chisingaperi.

      • Party

        We can not wait to have our own party, and then worship takasununguka

    • One of the 90%

      Zvirikutongowoneka kuti mafungiro ako ari limited. Nyaya haizi yekuda chinzvimbo. I don’t think it’s desperation and hapana chinonyadzisa when a person resigns because of corruption. Pastor venyu vanoda vanhu vavanoti jump and imi moti how high. Ane dzakakwana chaidzo cannot tolerate rubbish. May God help you. I’m not being sarcastic but I really feel sorry for you. May God really help you.

    • Chipochashe

      This comment is not mine. I think this person wanted to reply my commend above.

      • Wambo Hure + Pubman

        Excuse me Chipochashe, (1) when your Pastor was covering for the Hure zvaro, what did you think he was doing and why???????????? (2) When he was going to pick a secretary from a pub as you put it, did you not smell a rat. If you didn’t and you support him aftre doing that, then you are not worth anything but to be carried in the intestines. If someone covers for a sin in the church then he becomes part of it. With such a big congregation, picking a secretary from the pub shows how he wants to work with people who do not know what they are doing so he can abuse them. Now that you have abused this man from the pub, u are attcking him so that he goes back to the pub. You and your Pastor you are both rotten. Its only when you want to abuse individuals u give them posts, then as soon as they ask questions u attack them. Regai vatye Mwari kwete kutya mbavha inotungamirira Church

  • Nyembesi

    James kuwaterfalls hakuna zvakambodaro. Ende kurufaro shoko rakarohwa.

    • Ruzha/PaRufaro kana ani zvake

      Ruzha takarunzwa, asi huvepo hwaMwari panga pasina. Believe me you

  • Ex member

    No one is perfect isu takambohwa kuti vice chairman weku manchester airara wani neshirikadzi. Vamwe maboard members vaitomwa doro plus kurova vakadzi. Chipochashe ko ava maboard member ndovamwe nevauti kureva here. .

    • Tarisai

      Ex member – you are the culprit trading names. You are just spiteful that your evil doings have been exposed by the resignation of the ex board members. Lies will never become the truth. It is a shame that you even have the audacity to put a meaningless,senseless and tasteless sentence together. God help you. Evil will never overcome good.

    • All Corrupt

      Remember people come to church to be saved. Vanototsvakawo nyasha. Asi kana mufundisi akave corrupt, he is not helping the situation & at the end of the day hure, chidhakwa kana uyu mufundisi wemari kwete waMwari hapana musiyano. Imbavha dzabatwa then dzotanga kuti a a a a uyu ndiye atanga kutora. All is Bull s…. they are all corrupt

  • gengezha

    Hapana nyaya apa kuda kusvibisa zita remunhu chete. Form your own church yemapenzi mune full board.

    • kongavabudezvavo

      Gengezha wagona. Vanhu kana vashunguridzika ngavaenda kwavo kusina mbavha nemhombwe vaite chechi yavo inenge iine board ravo ravarikuda iro. Its very simple. Asi bcoz vanhu havadi vangoda kuita noise chete.

  • Chokwadi

    Mufundisi havapembedzi chivi.Ndozvavavengerwa.Vice nyaya dzechihure dzanga dzawandisa Secretary doro ranga rawanda Admin kufambira n’anga kuZim kamwe kaboard member kakatombodzingwa kaba mari yeyouth.Kanofunga kuti iko kakaba vanhu vose vanoba Marara muchurch taramba Thanks Nehanda Taona pekupedzera shungu

  • Chipochashe

    No matter how much you try to label the previous board you are finished! You have started trying to expose the previous board members yet they are silent. James I can imagine the feeling as any person who gets to know these pple would not anything to do wit them. Mukadzi uyu muroyi chaiye to be honest. Hunhu hwake hausi wa mai mufundisi. Ex vice chairman was not hire at all everyone knows that. He was a man of God who toiled for Gods work and actually looked after these pple until the time he stopped giving them money then he became an enermy. Ex secretary is mentioned to have been a drunkard, he was saved and is one of the most powerful intercessor. Now the board has a man called Mr Maz**** anohura zvinosemesa kupedza vakadzi muchurch ndiye anoiswa mu board. Mr Tade***** chidhakwa nevamwe vasina mapepa zvisingabvumidzwe ne constitution. Kuchatisa hure raidanana na ex chairman weku Liverpool uye kwakupunza imba ye mumwe mukadzi nekutora murume wemunhu nenyaya yenyu yekupihwa mari vakaivhara nyaya iyi. Mafumuka sechifumuro. Ku Rufaro yaingove noise yega yega Nyembesi usada kunyepa. James ndiwe une yese. Muroyi uyu ngaabve nemabasa ake atange anoponeswa!!

  • mukombe

    Masystem acho e AFM munoaziwa. Ku UK National Congress Ini ndakavhotera mufundisi asingabvi mu WISDMO (zvanzi WIdows, Single & Divorced Mothers). Abuse yerudzii kupa ma hard working sisters zita rakadaro, muchivashandisa nekuvatorera 10%.

  • glory y

    Welcome new board members @ Manchester at least baba vachashanda nevanhu vanofunga not ve access

    • Basa kutsemura church chete

      Ziva kuti mufundisi uyu hapana chaati aita kubva paakauya kunze kwekutsemura church, hezvi this is the second time. Basa kuudza vatendi kuti usataure neuyo nokuti haandipe mari. Ziso riri pamari chete. Hanzi 2013 Mwari vanditi munhu wese abvise amount inoita 2013 vaise mu envelope dzandakupai. kana maisa imomo haisi collection yanhasi kana chegumi chino-recordwa, ndeye kungotenda Mwari. Ko zvino iwe zvawakatora mari yacho ukaisa muhomwe, ndiwe mwari wacho here. Apa church iri kunetseka mari ye rent chaiyo. A a a Brain dzacho unozvishaya kuti ndedzenhunzi here. Ndohumbavha hwacho hwaanoita. and he thinks peopl are stupid for not embarassing him right there in front of people. E i i ish demon racho harinyare manje, anobva abwaira bwaira akazhinyurira micro phone. Get out Satan out out of the church

    • Mwari haasi muDegree-nonsense

      Access kana degree hapana chinoreva kuve nani. Usakanganwe AFM yakakudzwa nevanhu vasina kana access yacho. HuMwari counts much much better than all that. munhu ari corrupt chero uakamuipa vanhu vanofunga, its a matter of time, wait and see down the line anongozoburana neivava futi. Corruption haina formula, he wants is kunokora pasina anobvunza. Muchaona kuti church iyoyo hapana chainoita chinoonekwa, mari ichibviswa asi gonye richidya nerweseri. Mbeu yemunhu uyu Mwari ndapota ndapota ndapota weDenga, munhu auraya AFMIM, yaita poison mutsime revazhinji. Please God please please

  • Chokwadi chaicho

    Confused.com!!!!! Not making sense at all, full of contradictions how could you say the board was forced to resign and later confess that the problems were deep rooted even before the pastor came from zimbabwe.  Having 90% not coming to church doesn’t mean anything coz even Lucifer had followers.  Praise God for the 10% who are standing with the man of God.  How much money does this so called Manchester assembly have, he was our pastor for 13years and we still love him to date and nothing like that ever happened.  Vanhu ve diaspora munofarisa thats why vamwe  venyu musina chamunoburitsa munofa muri tsuro.  To the Pastor: mukaona vana Tobia nana Sanibarati vowanda zvenyu zvakuchizofaya.
    @Tarisai/ chipochashe you sound so desperate shame!!!!

  • Chisi

    Zvangoratidza kuti kumanchester kune basa.Mufundisi ava vakashinga kugara nemadhimoni aya Zvanyadzisa zvevakomana

    • 2 in 1 ma demon

      Mufundisi wacho is more than one demon himself. Akabereka ma two in one right round. Kana vari amai, haisi face chete yakaunyana, ne brain zvese

  • Chisi

    Ko intercessor wacho ndiye here wekurova mukadzi kana adhakwa

    • Mudare

      ndizvo zvaakatosarudzirwa kuti apinde mudare na Pastor izvozvo

  • Zvazviri

    The so-called pentecostal churchesin the Diaspora largely exist to enrich some individuals who masquerade as pastors and church elders. Other than abuse of tithes, chifambi ndimo machazara. Mahure ose emu diaspora ndidzo church dzavo!!! Ma pastor ari mubishi kukwira pwere nevakadzi vevanhu. Kana gehena ririko, rinoda kuwedzerwa kukura nekuti vachaindaiko vakawanda!!! Vanhu vari kufondoka nekubhadhra zvikwereti ma pastor agere samambo. Pedzezvo kwanzi Mwari anotiitira nyasha. Mwari wepi anoita nyasha dzezvikwereti nechifambi?????? Dzokerai kuchechi dzenyu dzamakakurira, uko muro kutambisa nguva.


    Ah, now we know, Mr Chipochashe. So the real issue is that the pastor appointed a new person into the board, and you have quierries regarding the morality of other Church members! How does that isssue translate into the pastor ‘loving money more than God?’It seems you have alegations sprawling all over the place, and you have an axe to grind. I suspect you are hurt because you lost a position, and assumed that a smear campaign is the way foward. I am sure the Church is a better place without you Sir!

    • One of the 90%

      Sekunyora kwandamboita before UMMMM mafungiro ako ari limited.

  • As I see it

    As a member of the AFM, I know the goings on. Pastor Chipere should not have accepted the invitation to pastor the Manchester branch. Some people in that Church are poisonous. As the prophet has pointed out, the Church has a reputation of in fighting, scare mongering and even physical confrontation. I believe Chipere is doing his best to restore order in what was a dysfunctional and fragmented Church. Don’t worry pastor, we are praying for you. We know you love your God, we kno you are a man of God. We also know that You know that the tallest tree catches the strongest winds MAMHEPO! And these you can overcome!

    • Chipere IS NOT a prophet

      Usade kutamba nesu iwe. Chipere IS NOT, i said he IS NOT a prophet. Why do you want to play with God. Since when did a con man start to be a prophet

  • As I see it

    Its sort of interesting that Nehanda Radio loves to cover events at the AFM, from our conferences n Zimbabwe, to our pastors everyhere. just lukat the related articles above, its all AFM. Is it that w are that newsworthy, or someone somewhere pays the piper to call a tune! food for thought!

  • Sekuru VekuMhondoro

    ma church here ana afm, ma team emabhuza aya

  • AFMIM London

    This is the plain truth that some of you are failing to take in.The truth is that the Pastor is now a spent force. If at all he had attempted to resolve the issues other than fattening his own pocket- why did he not conduct the general meetings for the past three years as alleged by the paper. I would prefer to read constructive comments rather a smear campaign against the church members who are telling the truth. As a congregant at South East London, I now celebrate that this Pastor was stopped from coming to our assembly three months after his arrival from Zim. He wanted to dump the assembly that brought him from Zimbabwe for the love of our assembly fat pocket. Money is the root of all evil and the truth has to be said.


    First of all if your not an AFM MANCHESTER member don’t comment and also if you are uneducated the same applies. CORRUPTION is corruption Fullstop. this story is not about the previous board it’s about the people’s Money that’s being misused and the corruption overlooking the church. If you can read you will see clearly that the story points out that “he dismissed the board that brought him here when he came and recently ANOTHER board resigned because of This man, so those are two different boards there for all you finding confusion on something that’s plain simple in black and white. How can a visitor be given a post in the church on his second attendance???. As for money being misused, it’s hard to make or raise a case against the judge/the person at the top when they have the final decision!!! We had a lot of confidence in the previous board and we have known them since 2003 to present and I urge you all not to get caught up in the false allegations arikutaurwa about them. Nyaya iri pakubiwa kwemari Nemurume we corruption uyu. Here’s a scenario for all that are educated,….. Why would the board and us the 90% make false allegations about a man that we paid for and his family to come to England and welcomed with such open hearts????? Why??? vanhu vakaita sana ”UUUMMM” and the rest have a limited common blancanta hence the shallowness and lack of sense. Like some said Shamu yamwari inorwadza and Ana UUUMMMmm munenge makugwadziwa!! Chokwadi Chichabuda chete. We won’t stand for matakanana akadaiso.

  • gugulethu

    I have noticed that the accusers of the pastor are foul mouthed, unseasoned in their talk and far from Christian. For me that says it all. If a former board member has the temerity to slander not only his pastor, but the entire leadership and hierachy of the Church, and seek audience with an unchristian and lopsided blogging site, that says a lot. If it is true that 90% of the Church have left the Church, why have not simply formed their own assemly, since they are in the majority anyway? Why go all the way, and stoop so low with expletives which are so so shamfull to mention in Christian circles, against a pastor who is said to remain with a mere 10% of the congregants.Christians are not vulgar. They do not slander or utter profanities. THEY PRAY! They do not stand up, they kneel. Christians do not fight for greatnesss, they are subservient, and accept other people to lead. As I understand, the AFM is a big Church, with defined structures and hierachy.It is well placed to adress any issues in a Godly manner, rather than in a public domain where the facts are hard to make sense of. I hope some people will have time to go home, kneel down and ask God to help them.Repentance is not a bad idea!

    • Concerned congregant

      It’s a shame that you the Pastor, who happens to be the culprit, are busy making comments using different names. Remember you always preach to us every Sunday and we know your vocabulary.

      • Thomas

        Even if its him, he is right though. L$nce G$ma ndiye acha solver ma problems emu church menyu here? Its just childish and stupid leaking stories to the press.

    • Bostori Guru

      1corinthians 16:9 9 “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and [there are] many adversaries.”
      Manchester is a place that needs ministry and I urge the man and woman of God to stand their ground and serve God so that the gates if hell will not prevail seeing that “90% of the Demonic people” have left or been exposed God is building his church and the gates of hell will not prevail. When those that can pray and repent Do so God will move.. Paul in the verses quoted saw opposition as a tool that God could use. Church is not a place to search after other people’s faults for if they have faults God is the judge, but a place to workout salvation with fear and trembling so called 90% yes you are many like legion manifest and go into the pigs…

  • tanyaradzwa

    I agree with Gugu.I am a member of the Manchester Church. Before the pastor came, our Church was a free for all. These former board members ran the Church like a family project. They certainly miss the old days, when they would fight over little things like who is preaching today! Gone are those days, and we thank pastor for putting order in the house of the Lord. We the 10% have a new leadership and wiosh the self proclaimed 90% some blessings as they worship whereever they claim to be.(I think some people need to revise their maths though, i did not know that 4 FORMER board memebrs who lost elections, make up 90% of a Church with more than 100 members!


      Don’t be such a manipulative idiot, the board is 5 people and the 90% is the number of members that are not going to tolerate matakanana so it would be best if you kept out of this, a lot of pastors get away with sinning in the church because of people like you. This article is above your league

      • Bostori Guru

        In the things of God spiritual maturity and Christlikeness are more important than any level of education professor another 90%. Spirituality and education are not one and the same, don’t confuse learning mans knowledge with gaining spiritual insight and understanding of the deep things of God… Even if the pastor had abused money spiritual maturity entails that you don’t resign in protest but that you seek internal biblical conflict resolution, rather than stupidly resign then go to canal non spiritual platforms like this paper with reporters that are your friends and don’t go to your church and are really enjoying the shallowness of your commitment… As a former board member you are stupid that at your watch things would go so terribly wrong, spiritual shallowness is then shown in that instead of going on your knees some end up almost assaulting their wives who can see the folly in your stand… Here is sound advise for you Listen to Your wife … Fool God is real… Because someone relocates to your area they are a visitor coming to Manchester for the first time dies not mean one is new especially when one is a deacon or elder what’s jet is their credentials and the new Board has people more mature spiritually speaking and that great for our church…

        • nonsense


  • Kufunga Kwangu

    I have a similar feeling too. How can a disgruntled former leader in a Church seek ‘HELP’ from a newspaper to ‘EXPOSE’ a pastor? How would that newspaper ‘HELP’? Are we suggesting that the AFM does not have an internal system for addressing any griviances? Is it realy thought that this subjective article, which is ill informed and one sided, will affect anything in our Church. Hell Nooooo!The intention is clear. This is an attempt to embarrass and discourage the man of God. This is the work of the devil proper. Thank God, His Church is built upon a Rock and the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against it. This smear campaign has actually made me more determined to support the man of God,and pray for him. Good luck to the so called 90% of 4 people, as they go to form their own Church!

    • Incompetent Pastor

      Mufundisi wako anga ari kuno kuZimbabwe achitsvaga basa pa Living Waters Bible School, takamunyima coz we know he is incompetent besides being corrupt. Takaona kuti angazotinetsa achitengesa nzvimbo dzechikoro nerweseri. Garai naye ikoko, asauye futi kuno kuzotsvaga basa.

  • tinopona

    Vanhu veku AFM hamuvagone! As the prophet pointed out, the problem in AFM is one of factionalism, which started a long time ago, before Chipere came.He is simply caught in a cross fire! Nyaya yezvigaro inonetsa mu Church iyoyi. They concentrate on positions and posts, more than anything else. And in the campaign proces, they use all means necessary. Zvakatanga ku Harare, munhu wese wese akakumaka, anomhanyira kunyuzupepa nechinyaya chakaneta. Pastor mune basa chairo but take heart, worse things have ben said about our pastor who is now reported as the prominent prophet! He prevailed!

  • Thandy

    Ummmmmm! ana Tanyaradzwa???? Ko madirei kunyadzisa kudaro? You are now attacking members from another church assembly who are not involved in this mess. Why cant you just close your mouth and carry on with your life? Why cant you stop using bad language you the so called 10%? Why are you attacking the board members and the other Manchester assembly? Why cant you go in the intercession room and pray during this time of conference ( so we heard there is a conference). I supported you before thinking that you are really true Christians. Why are you blaming innocent people? Why do you have that mentality? Until when do you want to continue with distraction/ killing of souls and confusion? Why cant you live everything for God to be the judge. Vanhu vakanyimwa mukana wekutaura saka votaurirepiko????.

  • Enoh

    I left that Church after a certain board member threatened to call the Home Office on me. Ndanga ndisati ndava nemapepa those days, and we had a small arguement. I am glad if he was booted out! Hutsinye!

  • mai veruwadzano

    Ende mukanwa ma ‘ another one of the 90%’ makashata veduwee. Ko mafundisi ese akutadzireyiko nhaiwe. Ko iwe hautadzi here? Are you not afraid of calling your brother ‘an idiot’. Uri Mukirisitu here? Nhasi ndichakunamatira mumwe wangu, haikona kuwanza hasha handiti? Vana vamwari vanotaurirana sevanhu vanoziva Mwari, nhai?


      Listen you can only talk to those that listen, who are you to question my religion or where I stand? You surely ain’t God. Like one said ukazowona vanhu vaenda kumapaper the corruption has reached its peak. We rebuke this spirit simply because some of these pastors are about themselves not the people and to prove this I will use a quote from this article made by this so called pastor of corruption, he said “he said these allegations are designed to tarnish his name”?? What about the name AFM?? What happened to the saying “the church comespeciallyfirst”?? This is just a little scenario I can point out! If you come to manchester and get to know these people you will know why I am raging. God gave us eyes so we can be able to differentiate what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s sin and what’s not. And this right here is matakanana. Driver webazi akaita reckless driving or akarasika what do you do? You tell him and if he doesnt listen you simply change the driver!!! And in reply to whoever said Lucifer has followers yes he has that’s why 10% still go! And are you telling me that 90% of the church are corrupted and 10% are righteous??? Let’s be real now come on!

  • Janet

    Nhaiwe one of the 90%, wamboenda kubasa here nhasi.Waswera pa computer uchingotukirira vanhu. Why are you embarrasing yourself and your wife, AGAIN! Since you and your friends have left, why are you still bothered about what those who remained are doing? Cant imagine being in the same church with you.


      Dofo ndoriziva ini, and you are one. Can’t you see Kuti pana “one of the 90% and ANOTHER ONE OF THE 90%?? iwe chimboenda kuchikoro wozodzoka when you can actually say something that’s relevant

  • Afm midlands

    I have read all the comments and this issue boils down to one critical point. How about the AFMIM hierarchy deal with this impending issue rather than watch and see a Pastor stooping so low making comments on his behalf as well as congregants trading blows. How about making sure that the money issue is put to rest by doing what needs to be done. People will always continue to point a finger as long as the financial issue is not resolved. It would also appear that Manchester congregants are getting mixed up with the spiritual side of the church and the financial administration of the church. It is the law of the land that financial accountability must be done without fail. Congregants can speak for or against the Pastor however, accountability still remains paramount. I still have trust and confidence that the church leadership will jump in before the Manchester ship sinks forever. Souls are dying and this should surely not be an issue to complete an audit and financial report presented to the church.

    • Chipochashe

      Taura zvako iwe! Church leadership yese inenge yarohwa nezvishiri zvamai mufundisi kubva vaita kunge vari ku cemetery. Inga zvinonzi kutsva kwendebvu varume vanodzimurana, varipi vadzimure tsotsi ravo iri. Mufundisi dai vasina kuroora muroyi, muparadzi wavo uyu vangadai vatori ivo President ve UK, zvino vakazvitorera chikwambo muroyi akatobviswa simbi yeuroyi. No wonder why she doesnt get on with even nevana vamai vake. Anobuda mukadzi uyu. Zvino avawo mufundisi pamari apa ndipo pawo. Zvinoti kuda mari nekuroiwa nemukadzi sorry manhingi vakabva vatopusa kuita sevakarara nezamu mukanwa. Chokwadi chichabuda pachena chete. Kupupa kweyafa uku. Ana Janet, Tanyaradzwa nevamwe vese vari kuda ku supporter huroyi uhwu muchazonyara mangwana muzobuda imi muchurch nekunyara.


    Plus you have to understand tiri ku dealer nemanyasarandi so haa tight chaiyo. Enyways Hapana chinovanzika chisingazobudi pachena

    • mumwe wacho

      Kwavanobva ku Malawi uku ndiko kwakabva huroyi.

  • Mwari Vanorwira Basa Ravo

    Ndichiverenga nyaya iyi, nekuziva mufundisi uyu ari pasangano redu ku waterfalls, takafara chose vanhu vepa Manchester pavakati vakutora ma dhimoni aya kuaaita avo. Mai vacho vane ma dhimoni akawanda Legion chaiye kwete rimwe. Vane mweya wehuparadzi unoparadza hukama, nepfuma yose. Pa Waterfalls pakabuda masangano akawanda nenyaya yavo yekutadza kushanda nevamwe zvakanaka. makuhwa ndipo pamusha pawo. Asi imi hamuone here kuti pese pavanouya ku Zimbabwe havaparidze pa Waterfalls? Hapana ange achavada. The spirit of God has since departed from this man and his wife and what is left is just the title asi havachatendeutsi munhu. Vakauya ku Rufaro vakaita yavanoti tag team yakasvorwa nevanhu vese kana vakuru ve svondo vakashaya pekutarisa. Vanhu vose vakarara mu church vakazomuka vapedza uchinzwa kuti shoko harina hu Mwari izvo vange vatiza matakanana avo. Ngatitarisei nyaya yekuti mukuru uyu has abused funds and no transparency rather than starting to pin point the ex board members. They did right to resign working with this corrupt man nekuti musakanganwe kuti every individual is accountable for their own actions kudenga. Ipo panobuda 5 board members out of 7 leaves a lot to be desired. There is no smoke without fire. I wonder if the administrator resigned as well as he might be answerable if this story is to go further. Don’t blame the ex board members at all, they did what is right not to support works of the darkness. The wife doesn’t help either in these situations as she has a demon of talking nekutuka vanhu. Tange tanzwa na mai ava and Thank God, they will never come back to Waterfalls. Rega vagare ikoko zvino vachaita mombe dzemashanga. Mwari vaosvinurira basa ravo. Dai pane mweya wa Mwari nyaya iyi was going to be dealt with with wisdom and not spiral like this. i hope the saints will be helped and unite again. To the pastor and his wife- dai manamata kuti Mwari akupei gwara nekuti zvapadai apa, musafunge kuti pane wamuchatendeutsa vese vakutiza nyaya iyi yaenda worldwide. Pa Manchester hamuchadiwa mobva zvichiri pedo nekuti hamuzive kwazvichaperera.

  • Janet

    God Bless you then

  • Taneta

    Ex board members…dai machi siyana na Mufundisi, hawuna nyadzi. You resigned what is your problem. Leave us nembavha yedu. We love him dearly


      Asi ndiwe wakabatsira kuba Mari?? Because we know theres two of you. Ini im not a board member I’m Just a congregate so get your facts right mbavha dzevanhu. Muchanotsva kugeyena vamwe vachitsvira dzavasingazive. Kana waneta enda kunorara

  • gogo

    Ma ex board members tinotenda nekutungamira kwamakaita asi we now want to move on neboard that we selected. Dont forget kuti we also voted for u u resigned at ur own will takatorwadziwa kuti sure how can 5 members resign at the same time ko basa ramwari raizoitwa nani asi zvisinei takaisa vamwe regai vamboshanda ne mufundisi pwnyu makaita varume . Thank u

    • Yet Another of the 90%

      Makavoter muri vanganiko because the majority of the church yanga isipo!! Makarigger mavotes muchita zvehusahwira muboard imomo muchiisa vanhu vasingazivikanwe nesangano, zvidakwa, etc! Iri nyaya yemari you are going to answer zvenyu kana THE LAW yakubvunza. adios

  • Promise Chitsidzo

    Some advice from outside the ring….. Well done for taking first steps in the quest for God…. the one true God of Heaven & Earth. Further down the road you will come to the realization that money & God do not mix… in fact, pane mari pane rima. You will also come to the realization that wherever there are positions… zvigaro… izvi zvazveduwo isu vanhu… its not about God. Please include in your prayers, a regular request to God … that he reveals to you the Truth & He will certainly oblige. We will get there!

  • Uplands, Zim

    Mumuchenjerere mufundisi iyeye, ukabuda mu leadership yake anoukutsokodzera nekutaura lies about you until you leave church or go back into the world. Anokuteera mubhenji maugere kusvika wahedhuka.Watch out church members. Kuno ku Zimbabwe ndozvaaita. He will never restore your soul but he will throw dust in the air for brethren to fight you. Once you cross his line, you are in for it. Be warned.

  • Neutral Church Member

    This recently resigned board was instrumental in the old board resigning and leaving and forming their own church. My advice, be like the old board go and form your own church.

  • Janet

    And now its all so clear. Mashoko ekutukirira, kunyepa, threats, pride, malice, ruvengo, discord. Ndosaka takavhotera zvedu vatungamiri vanyowani. Through this site, zvaonekwa kuti who is to blame for all this rubbish.Makamboonepi mutendi anotuka mufundisi wake(wrong or right) nemashoko anonyadzisa kudaro. Shame! I now appeal to all those who fear God, lets not comment on this site anymore, tingashandiswe na Satani. Lets concentrate on praying for our Church, namufundisi wedu. Vengence is mine, says The Lord!

  • ScubaDiver

    Personnally I think AFM is now probably a shadow of its former self. There is need for a complete revival of the church. The in fighting, the politics…all it does is just do down the church. I wish the board would appoint professional people in the church to run the church projects professionally. Maybe we can a have an AFM project that c ompletes without issues. Appoint professional for certain things and NOT pastors and oversears….

  • sad news

    It’s not abt money its abt faith when we talk abt money the one so called board ex youth leader by the the name L T stolen money due youth baking cakes with the wife where did that money go and u the one on the fore front accusing the pastor of stealing dzosa yawakaba tione can go leeds or Doncaster why driver all the way to Manchester zvechigaro forget maybe try zvekuzvarisira vanhu mudzimba waida kutsvaga mari fm nhszvakakona wats plan b. ???


      listen stop going out of topic with your pathetic allegations and trying to name somebody. Ive been at this church longer than you have and we havent had a youth leader with a intials LT. You must of helped in the stealing of money. Stop supporting matakanana!! Mbavha dzevanhu

      • ANOTHER ONE OF THE 90%

        People should stop supporting humbahva nehuroyi! When are you going to wake up? You want to wake up after maroiyiwaka coz its obvious that you dont pay tithes! Grow up open your eyes

        • Shocked

          I am saddened that someone can speak such filth and still be a Christian. The bible says let him that has not sinned cast the first stone. God is the only one who can judge. This is slander and there is no need. Am sure these people have children. Have you thought about what they might be going through if the have read what u just wrote. This is just nastiness and I have never met such characters in the world I live in. There is no need for this. God loved and forgave us all. Take time to reflect. I would not even say the above to my worst enemy. Though UK would have taught you to be diplomatic. Shocking for someone who fears god. Stay blessed.

    • Good news

      As I can see, you are a desperate emotional vampire and your lies will not take away the reality and the facts. If indeed you are a born again Christian, of which I doubt that- why creating lies about individuals and attacking them. If you do go to church then you should be at peace. You are demon possessed and the church is not helping you to be in peace. I am sure your personal life is also a mess and you desperately need help.

  • Outside observer

    In the church or outside, money issues got to have accountability. One sure way of losing trust with your colleagues is lacking transparecy when dealing with people’s money. As an independent observer, im puzzled at why the entire board members would just resign. Pane nyaya apa and im certain there is no smoke without fire! These guys had some concerns and the Pastor should have sat down, listened and rectified this situation way before all this, unless the board were against his (dodgy ways) Those that in support of the pastor, should be part of his establishment/cahoots and probably involved in the handling and banking of the finances and are afraid of consequences. One other thing from what i have heard, Mai Mufundisi please when your children confide in you keep it a secret, karurimi kenyu aka…..needs taming!! Could this issue had been resolved internally? probably yes. Please children of God stop stooping so low creating stories and accusing the ex board members. Kana pane Chakaipa chinobuda pachena chete!

  • shoko bishi

    @@ outside observer. U a one of the 5 mai mufundisi unovazivirepi usataure neshure kana mari yakadyiwa yakadyiwa wa muchanyora zvese mukaneta zvekutengesa ma bag pachechi zvekuzvinana mafuta.Instead of people kutsanya zvamwari munonwa mashake kuti mafuta apere. Chasara kutengesa hacha

    • An Individual

      The lies being on here are shocking. How does knowing mai mufundisi result in someone being one of the 5? What do bags have to do with the major issue of money going missing in an organisation that is known as a charity? The foolishness being poured out of the mouths of simply uneducated individuals on here makes some of us question the morality of this assembly. What you fail to understand is that this man has abused his position within the church. Illegal activity has taken place when stealing money from the very people/organisation that hold hid status within this very country. Should this be taken to the right authorities, he and his entire family will be returned (by force) to Zimbabwe of which it clearly shows on here they are not wanted.

  • Central

    What is the national executive saying about all these allegasations? I for see this happening at our assembly

  • Chandengenda

    I do not agree with most you guys, there is nothing like that. Pastors are simply being crucified by these so called board members for no apparent reason. Some of these board members are not all true Christians, mafake ega ega. They think being in the board is to make the pastor suffer. Pastors are being harassed left right and center. Hapa chisina kunamata in the UK, busy Hondo nema pastor, ndokunamata here. Pastors do not collect cash from the congregation, it is the responsibility of the Administration. The receives his monthly salary agreed on the contract of employment. Now these corrupt so called church boards, they want to make the pastor and wife feel their presence. They want the pastor to greet them, especially amai pastor, if they are not greeted, they start spreading their venom, mai pastor vanodada, vakuchena nemari yedu, hee vasimba nekudya mari yedu and so on. and some went further to behave as if they are the UKBA.
    How can we trust a board that is constituted out of criminals who have peddled lies about their own country to gain a status in Britain. If they had managed to convince the British pple that Mugabe is like that, he is like this, he has done this … you know the stories. They can finish a pastor within a minute. Instead for pastors to pray and fast for the church, they are now praying and fasting for protection from these evil pple. Vamwe vacho vakashaya ma positions mu board, they will travel to other assemblies until they are eventually in the board. Without checking the background of those individuals, they are automatically elected into the church board, and you expect these guys to be Christians, NO, matsotsi, ndovauraya church takatarisa.
    In my own opinion, no pastor should be victimised by anyone, they should be protected by the laws of this country. Infact, regardless of the congregation’s facilitation for the pastor to get a visa to come and shepherd us, there must be a clause in the contract that the pastor has the right to dissolve the board in the event that there is under performance by the church board not the board to fire the pastor. God is greater than these criminals who think by virtue of being a board member, its an opportunity to pull down vanhu vamwari.
    Lastly lets all pray for Manchester Assembly, that God himself will take charge of the situation. Those who want to politician, please go and join either MDC or ZANU PF, ndo kwe politics ikoko, in church, we just want to praise him, him alone not you the board. Pastors are here for us not for these so called boards.,

    • ndiyo mbavha-muChurch

      Taita mbavha Mhamha na Daddy zvese. Uyu haasi mufundisi, ndiyo inonzi mbavha. Regai vanomuziva vataure.

      • Ndiyo Mbavha-Church

        ZvaMwari zvamakavinga tsvee, maakuita bush ku seacher vanhu, kana varamba ku searchwa hanzi ndokudzinga mu church. Iwe AFM ndeyako here. Unofunha kuti AFM yakatangwa nembavha. Enda unoiya humbavha hwako kune avo vakakudzidzisa. Ndosaka Living Waters Bible College yakakunyima basa, u are corrupt. That demon masquerading as mai mufundisi is total bad bad bad news. Ndiye ChiDelila. Why do u want bully people to give u money kana vasingadi. Going up and down Liverpool, Scotland to con people. Hiring thugs to come and preach vhangeri rekuti tikuite Mwari iwewe. Humble yr self and return to God, repent and u will be restored. Look now hauchina kana vhangeri rimwe zvaroo. Unomboedza kupushira vamwe but tyey won’t preach for u. Mdhara wapera. Muno cuimbavha hachisevenze zvawaiita kumusha. Yawakadya inenge yakwana. Hokoyo nenhamo, uchakudzokera Zim uchimhanya. Iwe ndiwe uchazoudza vamwe kuti hazviitwe. Kungo dai woto claimer double rate. Which company would tolerate that. Sorry but u are very very incompetant. Wakanganwa kuti sahwira wako haachauya ku UK nenyaya dzekuona vamwe vanhu kunge madununu. Iwe wosvika wotanga kuita tye same thing. Nemiwo imi vefundisi vaviri imi muri kusevenzeswa kuno fire vamwe vagundisi ku Scotland, ko munodirei kudziya moto wembavha. Fungai, zvimwe munati aiwa iwe ita wega tsvina dzako. Now we dont trust u either. Hapana ari nani the 3 of u. Unonhouya kuzo fire board just like that usina kunzwa nyaya both sides. Kuda kuvhotesa here nhai vakuru. Ko iwe wakaita zvingani vanhu vakanyarara. Dzingai mbavha idzi mu church.

        • Business

          He he de haaa taakudzinzwa nyaya dzese, gore rino. Iwo ma pastors anobva ku Zimbabwe anokara Mari stereki, from my analysis ma pastors wives ndivo honzeri, Kuda Mari zvakapfuurikidza, forcing vanhu to buy things from them nema prices ari too high. Ngavazive chihambire

  • Svinurai

    Vamwe venue munoti mufundisi anovengwa, last year the entire ladies committee resigned nekutadza kwaamai mufundisi kushanda nevamwe zvakanaka. Tinotenda Ma ex board members akagadzirisa nyaya iyoyo. Taurai zvenyu veku Waterfalls vanoziva vanhu ava. Imi 10% mufundisi munaye, Mwari munaye sekutaura kwenyu saka munotukirei vanhu. Namataika muchiparidzirwa nemufundisi wenyu. Asi hazvina kukwana here. Saka munodeyi. Muchasvinura, nguva yenyu ichasvikawo. Imbodyiwai makasvinura sematemba.

  • tenipecenti

    90 per cent we thought u formed yr church why still coming to the listen to the so called mbavha gara kumba kwenyu muchitsvaieiswa mudzimba nekugezesa vana vasikana
    nekukwesha mapoto. Kutsvaga makuhwa pepa harina mhinduro taurai muchaneta hamudzoke mu board. Fungisai mbavha yacho zvipere pane kunyora zvisinabasa riri board madzimai. Some shld be thankful vakadzidziswa kugeza nekusinga shevha hapwa. Ne kubika vamwe nekuwonda nekuwonda kwasara kunyora chirungu – glory zonemuchiri kuida motoita zvemo or go muite zvekunyangira dzokai asi nomore places. Zviri husiiranwa itai zve home carndokwenyu

  • Tawu

    KaTawo kane nharo askana ngatichikasiyei Kari desperat Imi hamuwone kuti ndosaka kane surname yakasiyana nevamwe vemumba mavo Pane nyaya apaa Mwana wemubush Mai Mush chimbonwai shake yekuslimer Hushamwari nevarume vevanh Chigaro chinodiwa Tatenda yanga yakadini church yenyu nezuro

    • Ndiyo Mbavha muChurch

      Ane murume kana asina, ana baba kana asina, that is not the matter of the story, uye ndivo vakafirwa na Jesu Kristu. Saka regai vanamate vakasununguka. Zvino kana varamba kuti tsotsi rivabire vakatarisa hunzi mavara azara ivhu. Tsotsi ringatendeutse hure here. Muroyi angachengeta ma secrets ema congregants here, proof yatiinayo paManchester inoti kwete. Tsotsi ne muroyi chavo kupunza basa raMwari. Kana ukawana basa ramiswa nevamwe, iwe woda kuita kunge ndiwe hero, apa uri ZERO, hazviite. Vakamboedza kusvibisa vese vavaigona kuti vasare nevakapusa vadye mari. Zvino iiii vanhu vaya vazomuka manje nokuti vanetawo kudyiwa nevasingatende. Mari inorwadza kusevenza. Zvino chiporofita chenhema chekuti makadanwa ku England chaakuzopera chop chop. Muchinyebera vanhu. Why should a pastor divide his congregants nemakuhwa. Ivo amai kusanyara, even when she is in yr house visiting, she is always on the phone kunyeya vana vesangano nevamwe vana vesangano. What kind of nonsense is that. Zvinotonyangadza. Munhu ngaatendeuke agotiudza kuti atendeuka. And futi ndakazvifunga ndinorwadziwa.

  • tencents

    Moti amai mufundisi hure. 25 yrs nemurume one ko mai…… vakapa muninina chikomba chavo vaneta kwakuchatisa vana. ….. hokoyo @ ……… wotosimba ma shake ku stage coach baba vanomhanya nevakaonda kare chekesa nyama dzakurembera idzo @mai ex Secretary dzidzai kubika nyama ye Tesco ne asda siyirai varidzi venyika muchitengera murume zvinokwana – Mari dzamuri kuchemera ma pledges amaidaidzira

  • Ruvimbo Northmpton

    As a visitor on this website, I feel that the truth is God has departed from this community. Things should have been solved in a Godly manner from the very start, rather than seeking God at a later stage. If you are getting peace at church, then you should remain prayerful. It appears you people in Manchester, you need to start everything afresh and seek God. May God help you and be delivered from your problems. Whatever is said about anyone else regarding this story, good or bad- the top man remains the blame and he is responsible for this mess.

    • Ndiyo mbavha mu chu4ch

      U are right. However, as long as tuis man and wife are still anywhere near, hapana starting afresh, theg are a cancerous mole.

      • Ndiniwo

        Maybe ndosaka pastor weimwe AFM church mu England asingaroore but achida vakadzi vaduku, vahombe, vatete, vakasimba, mhandara, chirikadzi, single and married mothers but asingaroori. Nekukura kwaaita (far above 45?) zvinoshamisa kuti sei asina kuroora. Apa mhuri akaparadza.

        Asi zvamai mufundisi ava ndozvaakatya akapika kuti ndinongorezvana navo but ndisingaroori. Taiti kuda ndi Paul asi hapana panonzi Paul aisabvira mumadress.

        Ma parents ngwarirai kutuma vana venyu vemu youth kunotsvaira kumba kwa pastor musingazivi kuti mwana apinda mukanwa meshumba. Kudoti vakadai, imi ndimi munenge moonekwa sebenzi muchinzi mufundisi haangadaro.

        Anopa madzimai ekereke council sei? Sister vakafona pakati peusiku kuti varwara kana kuti vane confidential issues vari kuda kunamatirwa through laying of hands, how does he act.

        1 Timothy 3:1-7 Qualifications of Overseers

        3 This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop,[a] he desires a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; 3 not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money,[b] but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; 4 one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence 5 (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); 6 not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. 7 Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

  • Me

    Being married for 25 years fails to determine whether this woman has been faithful therefore your statement is irrelevant. Only jealous people conjure up statements concerning other marital homes. The manner in which you slander these people clearly identifies that you yourself are failing in your own marital home. Focus on what concerns you not on what others are doing. Maybe you should also partake in the drinking of these shakes you speak of since you desire them so much.

  • Tawu

    Iye ukaona board member anoita mugweje wemota 2002 angarega kuitira mufundisi jerasi iyeye.Chichinjawo mota Wakatukwa kare Enda kunopindira Leeds


      tazozviona kuti tawu ndiani! Haunyare? Mota yake ineyi newe? And it just shows kuti uri zidofo because you are not saying anything thats relevant to kubiwa kwakaitwa mari. Kusanyara wakaita seiko? Ndiwe ani unoda kumuudza kwekupindira church! We will not tolerate humbavha and anyone that supports humbavha uhwohu. imi 10% all you have to say are mashoko ekutuka previous board members and making false allegations! Kuda kunyepa kuti hanzi mapledges asina kubviswa. Kana ari mapledges asina kubviswa, aigopinda mubank sei iwo asina kubviswa? kwanai mani. Its either you are involved or marohwa nezvishiri. Muchanyara zvenyu

  • Tawu

    Mukadzi waT anzwa nekusona hembe muUK muno mune primak

    • This man is trouble

      Kuwana kana kushaya kwemunhu hazvimutadzise kutsvaga Mwari. Kuve ne-motor kana kushaya shouldn’t stop anyone fro seeking God’s face. Kusona kana kusasona hembe hazvinei nehuMwari. Munhu anoita zvaanoda. Tha shows how controlling & bullish u are. Iwe nemurume wako, u have turnnrd the church to beThe Apostolic Fighting Machine. U chifurira tsvimborume to join in yr corruption. Hezvo mfundisi wako wawaka chestira ku Milton Kynes akanyadzisa pasina kana 2 minutes. Kwanai mhani. Murume mukuru, aiwa tipeiwo maSerious. Iwe unofunga kuti wakangwara kupfuura vanhu vose here nokuti vanenge vakanyarara & then u take advantage of that. Hezvo Amai vaakungo feka (faking) kungofenda fenda pese pese. Madhimoni ayo. A a a a a ya a a dai ndiri ini zvimwe ndainyarawo. Nhasi wamarana neavo , mangwana neavo. Unoita mukundo unenge wenguruve sei uchida kunzi munhu waMwari. Ko iye akakudzidzisa humbavha mukereke ndiani. Iwe wotozviona sezviri boss. Iko kungonyarawo nekutya Mwari ndokuti hunhu. Wauraya Region & u have infected the whole AFM church in the UK. Do u think u can run all the congragations uri one. Makaro, kuda ku collectirwa mari nemasangano ese. A a a a sorry uku ndokunonzi kurwara. Marwara Sekuru. Kana makashumira zvakanaka vanhu havaregi kuSupporter zvakanaka. Hakuna anoramba achi supporter tsvina. vamwe vachombonyara zvavo kubuda, asi its a matter of time. Sezvangoitawo ivava. Handiti vaimbomirawo newe. vakazoti vanyatso kuziva ndokubva vashaya kuti mberi kana shure kwako ndekupi. Shame. u are an embarassment to the church and those who brought u here. wasted money, time and effort. Giving a chance to an opportunist/ spent horse. u will go down in history of AFM as a tsotsi within the church. But iye zvino a a a a wazivikanwa chose. Ndasemeswa nekuita let down basa raMwari. remember u are not God. At the end of the day unotodawo Mwari. Usazviite ndiwe Mwari wacho, anopa nekutorera vanhu. Kana ukasaroya uchaba iwe. Mentality yako iiish

  • Pee

    Whatever the passed words. Ex board members are ful of confusion .coming to listen to the Pastor they cal a liar and thief makes no sound .Kana ari taw….wakabvira Kare before this Pastor came. Where do u really stand. Sho…wakabvira loser coz waimborega vamwe vako vachi resign wakahwanda ne munwe. Gone. Start yen you. Line up kadembo pastor, sho….vice from past stupid experience, ta committe member, cha admin, vana congregation. Madzimai worship team.

    • Taneta

      Remember this so called pastor has dirurbilised the whole region, let alone the local board you call confused. Your ex board maybe or may not be confused, at the end of the day they have nothing to do with the confusion at region level and National level. Why does yr pastor decide things on his own and then claim its the region that made that decision. Ok ha is failed at local level, whats yr excuse at region & national level. Kunyebera kupfava hausi ndihwo huMwari. That head is full of ….

      • Taneta

        diti maimbovaisa mu board vasati vakura muchiti ndokuti corruption isaite vanobvunza kuti zvafamba sei. Manje vakura vakukubvunzai kuti Mwari wacho aripi kana iwe wotidzidzisa corruption, isu takatizira kuna Jehovha kuti tipone. There is nothing to learn from a corrupt spent horse,

    • Pee1

      Whatever you may say against the former leadership will not take away the fact that:
      They led by example- FACT. They are all powerful intercessors and organised an event that was attended by most of the Pastors including the honourable and ever humble President Mbi (in Uttoxetter)- FACT.The former vice chairman served with all his heart, he was always the first to be at church and last to leave. He was humble, swept and cleaned floors, toilets you name it and did everything within his means and power to support the Pastor including collecting monies from cell groups for the Pastor’s food every month. He organised a memorable 50th birthday party for the Pastor. He made sure that the Pastor was paid on time by encouraging church members to be faithful with their tithes- FACT.The former secretary- is a prayer warrior and visited people more than the Pastor himself to encourage people in the Lord and prayed for the sick- FACT. The former administrator- made sure the Pastor was paid on time and served God faithfully- FACT.The two former youth leaders are both full of energy and they are unstoppable in the things of God, hate them or like them- FACT.
      I have nothing but praise for the former leadership. The luxurious life that the Pastor is living and enjoying now was the tireless efforts of the resigned board members. We saw these men toil up and down to make life easy for the Pastor and his family. I strongly believe the ex board members are all innocent souls who refused to engage with the evil deeds of the Pastor.Those that are demonising them just want to divert the attention about the money issue. The few misguided tools/missiles/cahoots that are in support of the corrupt Pastor will be brought to shame soon.

      • Why

        Why collect money from cell groups for someone on the church payroll. Ndokusatendeka kwacho ikoko. U are given a pay, then u circumvent the process & u go again to the same people to milk them. Ndiyo corruotion yacho. Why allow that. Apedza zvo otevera vanhu mudzimba achitsvaga mari. Musi waunozoti nhasi handina mari yekukupai, u become enemies. Ndoti chiagaro chacho ndabhadhariswa, then month after month he is after me. ii i i i i i kana ndimiwo

      • Shocked

        Handingamboda kunamatirwa nevanhu vese wavataura. Never!!! Ndinopfugamanemabvi angu ndega. Stay blessed and am sure they done it for God’s glory and not the flesh’s glory.

        • He e e e

          Hunzi he e e e kana makandidzinga ndinoenda kunoita mfundisi weku Borrowdale kwandiri ku chestirwa na Tito. He e e e kana hure richindipa chibhanzi ndinorichatisa one time. He e e ndoda kudzinga vamwe vafundisi 2, ku Leeds neku Doncaster. Uri munhu rudzii nhai

        • Ma-demon

          Kunamatirwa neivava ava kutoiswa mademon. Ramai mfundisi demon rinodya vanhu chete.

        • Shocked

          However I will continue to be prayed for by the pastor and amai because they r the chosen one. No one can take away that annoiting. May god continue to bless you pastor and amai plus your family.

          • Annointing Hapachina zvachose

            Annointing hapana. Namatirwa zvako but don’t fool yourself. Annointing haipo zvachose.

  • Gogo

    Lance Guma pliz are u able to remove your post u have tarnished the whole of AFM UK. Hazvina Mwari mukati just abusing each other. Akakutengesera nyaya yechurch IBENZI plus Ane Mental illness.

  • taz

    Zvichiri zvemari or makutukana arrange and meet then tell each other on the facepepa nhau rinonyorwa then next thing rinopisikiswa first thing a journalist did his work vaka supplier information are mental cases they need medication chinyoresai zvimwe zvine progress like that u hve formed a new church and leave matsotsi alone vane vana vari Harare dnt claim benefits muchasungwa. Nyadzisai mbavha itai yr own things

  • Mupostori baba jukwa

    Ex secretary, The most powerful intercessor should have continued to interceded for the church. He should not have resigned in protest. I do not know intercessors to demonstrate if they are genuine in their call to pray. Who ever went to the paper is trying to blackmail the man of God. God bless the couple that was blessed by pastor. People have no clue of what transpired in this couple’s past and what God pulled them from. I’m glad they have found happiness again and God is blessing them like never before.

  • Facts

    It is deacons duty to clean toilets and make sure the church is clean
    Deacons duty to open and close church
    Deacons duty to to check pastors welfare
    Deacons mother was a killer tried to abort several times which left him confused
    Deacons mother had seen kuti mwana wavo haana future
    Deacon cheated his HOLY wife

  • fact

    Viva muchato consultants not doctors FACT


      Iwe uri nyoka mhenyu yatumwa namai mufundisi chaiyo. Uhu ndihohuroyi hwatiri kudealer nahwo vanhu vamwari. Hanzi “FACTS” ma facts ako ndeaSATAN. Zvakurwadza kuti humbavha, and all the evil doings EMBAVHA NEMUROYI Abuda pachena. Iyi ndiyo desperation chaiyo iyi. KUSATENDA HUROYI, zvinowoneka nekusatenda kuti pane huroyi apa. Basa rekubvorongodza dzimba, hukama, nemasangano. Hunhu hwai ihohu. Hatimbofa takasupporter tsvina dzakanai, kunze kwekuti upfugame netwumabvi twako uri kuswera uchi tukirira madeacon. Haadi kudziya moto wembavha. rega vamwe vati zvishiri zvarova. Budai nemweya yetsvina yenyu mukereke.

    • Muchato

      Muchato Muchato, i i i i i iyo totosiira big yes man we corruption i.e. ex chairman for Liverpool ndiye anonzi aidyawo ipapo. Regai tinzwe kuti achsvika sei manje zvazvadaro

  • facts

    Gore rino tichanzwirira huroyi ndimi varoyi tichafumura zvese tiri kufukunura muchanyarara ex chair ndiwe muroyi mai vako vanOziva makona wakapupura wega kusangano huroyi hwa mum vako watadZa kuroya mufundisi demon rikabuda rega pa birthday hokoyo next birthday uchatidyira munhu to satisfy yr mothers needs wakazvitatapura munhumbu tsvina ye munhu kunyengama youth muchechi haunyare

  • facts

    Vane mweya yetsvina ndivo vakabuda mukereke

    • wolf in sheep skin

      Nyatsotarisisa picture yakaiswa panyaya iyi pamusoro, Ndiyo face yeTsotsi iyoyo. Wolf in sheep skin, ka one

  • Mati mfundisi ai-cover chihure

    Kana vachigona ku cover chihure sezvamunotaura, nekuchatisa hure sezvamunotiudza, ndiko kupembedza chivi kwacho. Muri kurasika api manje. Imi moonekwa muchitevera mufundisi akadaro, siyanai naye asati akuitirai tsvina. Mai mfundisi vaya hamuvazive, zvoinoti kana zvavabata a a a a ya a vanokuitirai tsvina ipapo and nekusingaperi. Izvozvi she does not speak to almost one third of people in the region

  • AFMIM London

    Is your church now registered as an independent charity?. If that’s the case, the BOT should be on top of the situation and resolve the money issue. As an AFMIM UK church member, I pray and hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • huori hunotyisa

      Do you think the BOT did not know this b4 it spilled out. Vamwe vacho kuzvinyarara its coz vano supporter mfundisi wehuori uyu. Aiwa huori hwacho hwakapararira zvinotyisa. He also bullies them there achiti ndine 26years ndiri mfundisi

  • Pee


  • 90%

    Mabag ndakatengesa ndikakutengerai projector wani saka ndakatadzei
    Ndichatengesa hacha dzacho ndokutengerai church

  • Chokwadi chaicho

    Wazobuda pachena Pee kuti ndiwe wemabag apa wabva kupa versepa glory zone ndokulikwa nekashamwari Kushandisa varume vevanhu Taw child benefit humbavha enda unotora mwana kuzim hausi mutsvene hatisati tamboona murume ane makuhwa seemukadz saexvice murume ane makuhwa iyeye dai ari mukadzi akarohwa

    • mai mufundisi makuhwa iii

      Pamakuhwa number one ndeya mai mufundisi, chero zvodii

    • incompetent pastor

      Ko kuzo rigger ma-elections e church nhai veduwee. Baba ava dzakakwana here. Region yakavhiringidzwa in 2 minutes. Vaya vekuda zvigaro kupfuura Mwari vakati vamhanya vachisevenzeswa ku rigger ma elections. Ku-Region takambobwaira, zvakazoti zvaenda ku National, i i i i vanhu vakazoti kwete bodo. Ndati munhu akachinja face yakaita pale. Munhu akaita kunge achazviitira. Wakanganwa kuti mumwe akauya kubva Zim aine speed yembwa nhatu, ndokuita bull sh.. leadership yake. Madonhero aakazoita i i i i i munongonzwa imi. Iyezvino achiti zhokoto ku Midlands uko. Zvinoda huMwari kwete huori. Vasikana ngatirovei imbwa isazozviita zvakare. Musarega munhu achikuitirai list yevanhu vekuvhotera. Tarisai vanhu vanoita kuti basa raMwari ripfuurire mberi zvakanka. Musabvume kufonerwa muchinzi vhoterai nhingi, sarudzai mega. Kana mukaona auya kuzovhotesa zivai kuti ndozvaavinga pasangano penyu. Nyadzi nyadzi baba dzinogona kukuitaiwo munhu. Izvi zvamunoita zvekushaya nyadzi muchibiririra zvakuitai munhu asina chimiro zvachose. Chigaro cheku rigger kuti uendepo i fake. U don’t deserve to be there & u have proved it. U are Incompetent

  • afm south

    Nhai imi vanhu varikuti ndeva mufundisi? Taimbopa support tichiti muri vanhu vanoziva zvavarikuita. Iye zvino mapera kutuka vanhu veese . Zvinoreva here kuti muguta rese vanhu veeeese ndovakaipa hapana mutsvene? Iyezvino maakubatanidza nevakabva kare muchingotukirira chete. Hamuone here kuti you are not solving anything? Kubva pasangano renyu kuenda ku region, national and other assemblies, all we can hear is confusion yege yega. Mashoko acho amurikutaura, as well as the statements are contradictory and confusing. I am appealing to EVERYONE who can understand to sit down and think why you are made to fight against each other. There might still be still a chance for the pastor to solve his problems at the assembly even though it appears that people were dinied the chance to discuss. Concentrate on the ‘Heading’ and pray about it, strategise a way out of this mess. Hope this will be solved.

    • JOJO

      Nyaya iyi yanetsa nekuti chokwadi hachisi kubuda. Kubva panezvataurwa nevamwe Mfundisi kuba ngakuite kushoma, Mai vacho kufamba usiku chimbomirai mazizi enyu ambozororawo!!.

    • Pastor auraya church

      Tarwadziwa. we lost brothers and sistes a few years ago, and now somemore. let alone individuals who just go quietly. Pastor auraya church

    • Tip of an icebeg

      That shows, its just a tip of an icebeg, there is more evil happening. This pastor has caused more evil than good. Let them say how they feel and how God’s work is being disrupted. they are the people who are working with him, and let us hear their first hand information. He cant complain, if his people describe him by his characteristics. Thus what he is

  • madzibaba zoba

    EX BOARD MEMBERS- Vice chairamain Kuhura neshirikazi pachechi manyanya tavakutokuzivai saSabhuku Varazipi. Mukadzi wenyu achipawo muninina chikumba chake manje so!!!. Ex Secretary-DORO, MHAMBA yawanda itai muchitimudza nemvura moregawo kurova mukadzi. Ex Adimin-Munogochema kuti Pastor vakaba mari dai wakatorawo imwe wakaTenga COLGATE neToothbush mukanwa mako hamunakumira kwazvo! (bad breath). Now to you TA iwe ndiwe mharadzi makuhwa, kunyepa nehutsotsi ita zvishoma dai waenda kuLEEDS pano kwete kwete taramba.
    Topedzisira ne vamwe vacho munonyepera kuita GOOD GOOD (M****I). Munofamba muchiti Mai pastor vanoroya kohwako hushoma here?? Wapedza kuripaNGOZI yemunhu akarumwa nenyoka yemumsha menyu here? ikozvino mukoma chavechirema mushure mekuuraya munhu zvakare!. Namatirwai naPastor ngozi idzi dzipere. Mukatamba munopera, Imomuno mukadzi wako akatsika munhu kuLuton hausi mweya wekuroya here uyu?, Imi ndimimunotoda kubatsirwa kwete zvekufamba muchiti Pastor vakaba mari. Takakuonai kuchechi on sunday muchitsvaga MAKUHWA, tambirai kure mavakuzikanwa. Pachurch pedu kwete huparidzi hwenyu ndehwe FAKE FAKE ndosaka Pastor vangavasingakupei mukana kuti muuraye church. Kana Pastor vari mbavha komazvinetserei kuuya pachurch pavano paridza.

    • Pastor is finished

      Church haisi ya- pastor vako saka haugone kudzinga munhu. Uye ziva kuti church ndeye kutendeuka. Kana wava kudzinga vanhu vauya kuzotsvaka chiso chaMwari paChurch, nyarara hausi kuziva basa re church. Plus ziva kuti varume ava have been there long before this so called pastor. Ndozvamajaira kudzinga vanhu vanoda kunamata zvavo. Makambozviita futi, hezvo vanhu vakaenda vakanozvinamatira zvavo. Zvino vakatadza kunamata here nokuti pastor haapo. Chionai kunyara kwaro nokuti raifunga kuti vese cose vanhu vaya vachahedhuka. Dai nyadzi dzaiuraya, uyu hapasisina. He is finished.

    • Pastor covering for sin

      If u have a pastor who will cover for u when u sin, then it spells it out. He is the promoter of sin. Pane zvaanenge achizviitira kuti asazotsemurwawo

      • Zvakaoma

        Dai matochinjaa zita rekereke yenyu becoz kuti mucharamba muchizviti glory zone imi muchifumurana huroyi pano zvakaoma mwari pindirai chasara kutukirana vabereki becoz zvese mafimurana kubva ku huroyi chi hure MBAvha nevarikuba Mari ku child benefit

    • Haiwawo

      Madzibaba zoba chii chacho, kutoturkirira vanhu vari kuzviitira zvinhu zvavo because uri kuda kudefender mbavha, majerasi haunyare! Uchazoimirira muCOURT kana kudenga here mbavha yako iyi? Uchaimirira sei iwe urikungotukirira ma ex board members? Ma revelations ako hana humwari mukati and ari irrelevant. Musoro wenyaya nemufanidzo unoti chii? Munhu wese anofunga azviona kuti some of those demonic Comments eku kwota testimony dzemuimba yamwari akabva kune culprit chete. Zvarwadzaka kuti chokwadi chese chati bvuu world wide and now wavakutsvaga wekudonha naye. Donha wega ne10% yako, pamwe ndoyawakadya nayo mari. Kutiisira mademon muboard rechurch, kutiuraira church, imi 10% kana muri vanhu vanofunga munofanira kuwona kuti zvaitwa nemurume nemukadzi wake hazvisi pamanchester chete. Hapana kwazvinosvika izvi shamhu yamwari inorwadza.

    • Taffy

      Nhai iwe unozviti madzibaba zobha, (kana zita racho says it all), you think if you manufacture lies the truth will disappear?? You have all the tarnishing stories for the ex board members and their families, but the fact still remains that Ava havana kuvata and in your church there is mishandling of finances right from the top, they have observed it and put it out in the open. Ndiwe shirikadzi yacho yakahurwa nayo here?? Doro rakatonaka pane mashoko anobuda mukanwa make, I would rather be in a bar socialising rather than in church with your type!!! You accuse someone of makuhwa nehutsotsi cos he stands for the truth?? You cannot stop anyone from worshipping where he want to. How can you go and pray to God that yo have never seen when you tell your brother that you have seen to go away??? Unoziva zvengozi dzemumusha mevamwe?!? Asi ndiwe ngozi yacho?? shoko rinoti if you are born again, you are a new creature, the old has passed away.

      No matter how much you would love to tarnish a good name, personal attacks to these guys will NOT change the fact that finances are not being handled well in your church. Dai zvako iwe zvainyorwa pano I wonder if you could handle it, but I’m glad some are not stooping low to your level!

  • Akaroiwa

    Kana uine face inenge yakatsva ne plastic kuwunyana ungaende kupi and unotariswa nani kana ndiwewo. ndivo Vanotizwa nevarumeka ivava. Kuti ugare nemunhu akadaro 25yrs = ndookuroiwa kwachoka kwatinotaura. That man is stuck with that thing

  • word

    If a situation is like this where is AFMIM UK leadership

  • word

    I think this case has to be taken to THE SUN NEWS paper, because vana vesangano havapengi, there should now be police investigation. AFMIM UK leadership they are quiet and the situation is turning nasty like this. this case should help solve AFMIM UK problem. just take this case to the sun.

    • Gadzirisai imba yenyu

      Good ldea. Make it a police case

  • Saint AFM Walsall

    Where is the executive board re AFMIM UK, if u remain quiet I will print all these comments and take them to the Sun, daily mirror, Scotland Yard so that they investigate. How do u think isu ma saints tinonzi vekumabhenji feels vanhu vachitukana kudai imi leadership moramba makanyarara

  • word

    Brother Freddy Kumete varipi, he was the first one to try and fight this corrupt man, vanhu mukati vanopenga he even consulted a solicitor, but vanhu mukati he is rebellious, now people you are now seeing the true co lours of this man. brother Kumete should be conducted to help solve this case because he has some information he commiunicated with the national leadership and ignored.

  • hoza

    Kumete tsotsi. Hombe aneyake hombe akavhara hama yake motokari siyanayi naye

  • word

    Kumete has no history yekuvhara vanhu, that guy works hard for his things, it will be surprising if he did such sort if thing. As far as I know him he doesn’t do fake things. He does his things straight, asi shamwari yake vamwe baba vakaroora, vadodara .mu manchester baba vanovhara ivavo, nekunyepa pamusha papo, computer yako ikafa usaenda kwavari.

  • mukuru

    Siyanai ne vanhu concerntrate nenyaya ya Chipere, you are now diverting .from nyaya yenyu vanhu.

  • Me, myself and I

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do us a favour endai munofa mese mhani, so what kana mari yakadyiwa ndimi mega munobvisa mari mu church, abayiwa ngabude kwete kuti nyaudza with all this load of rubbish, kana vakadya mari yacho so what who are you to condem them, mwari wavo anovatonga ega, do us a favour zvedu mutsvake mwari nguva iripo. Enough of this nonsense and grow up

    • Wakavata iwe

      Kana uchida kunyarara iwewe nyarara. Kana uchida kudyirwa mari yako then ndiwe. Yako mari ndiyo yaungamirire kuti Mwari achazotoga. People like u ndimi munoregerera silly behaviour growing into bad habits. Things need to be corrected. So iwewe if u dont believe in correcting evil behaviours in the house f God, tough u are reading the wrong stuff. Its not everybody who needs tko b awakened like u. Takamuka long long back. Kana maidya mese mari, this is it, its got to stop now.

  • Real

    Saka sei vanhu nemhuri dzavo varikutsvagirwa nyaya kana muchiti Mwari ndivo vanoona? Saka Kutukwa kwakaitwa vanhu vese ava ne mhuri dzavo zvinoreva kuti yaiva strategy nhai? Zvinoreva kuti pakashaya akaisa church in order. Zviri pachena kuti zvinhu hazvina kumira zvakanaka.

  • word

    Mukapusa church haigadziriki endai kumapurisa paitwe proper investigation. Chete vanhu vacho makapusa. Zvino Chipere achakuitai vakadzi vake.

  • rubheni

    Akabaiwa akabuda so leave pastor alone kuendesa nyaya kupepea kushaya solution saka makatukwa hatisati tapedza kututukirira mumwe tichamboita bata pamoyo

  • kurai

    Endai munofa munonyadzisa good for nothing we trusted you nekukuisai muboard and yet you harass mufundisi what for. Geneal meeting ichatiudza kana pakabihwa mari
    Imariko iri pachurch we cant even afford to buy a building kana kubhadhara mufundisi. What is that u did during your term of office besides causing havoc. Tanga taneta nemi mwari vakapindira we got a new board.

    • Thus just a pair of demons

      How on earth can we raise money to buy anything when we have a pastor who would get the monies by hook or crook. He is always looking for a loophole to get that money. With that man, no money will be raised for anything tangible. All he thins is to sit pretty. Hes not bothered about anything else as long he gets whagt he wants. He is jonot even bothered about the very work he wants to be paid for. If he wajted people to keep contributing their monies, he needed to learn to work with others in a christian way. In this we expect transparency. You cant be a leader who phones people to influence them to either hate their brethren in yhe congregation or soliciting for votes. His title does not match his behavur. Remind him that being a pastor is more to do with faith and we expect a some certain standards which at the moment do not exist in this man. Let alone his evil wife. What you have is a pair if demons that found their way into the church. AFIM the quicker u show this man & wife the way out, the quicker you will save your church from further damage. If he is innocent why phoning people to tell them what to say. Just let them say what they know. Scotland workup, hokoyo nanhamo. He is targeting you sehwai dzisina mufudzi.

      • Cell group collectio =stolen

        That is why he collects money from cell groups for his personal use. He tries to get the money before it is recorded into the church books. This is what happens with all the other projects at the church. That money will disappear before it reaches the church coffers. So how do you expect this congregation to buy a church building. Now from the original number of people when he came, the figures have collapsed down to less than a quarter. Its not rocket science, any Jack or Jill can tell that.

      • Cell group collectio =stolen

        The moment people discover their contributions are being misused, that will be the last time you see them give you their hard earned cash. Kune avo vatakambotadzira tafurirwa nemufundisi uyu, ruregerero. Takanonoka kumuka. Asi thank God tazomukawo. I think paya takarohwa nemushonga chete, hazvisi zvega zviya. Asi iiiii mundione ndichimuisira kana penny mundiro yamupiro wake. Yawakadya yakakwana.

        • semai

          Stolen in a smart way

  • kumet

    Kumbirai henyu kuregererwa asi chokwadi varume kwedu kuCENTRAL you are not welcome. Isu we have moved on kana chigumbo nemunhu hatina. U can start your own churc depending on how many families have been affected.



    • pachedu

      Obviously you are not from Central coz no one at Central thinks like u. They are worshipers who do not shut the door for anyone. Sorry Pastor, live them to go wherever they choose to, including our drowning zone. Remember these are our friends and relatives and we know them very well. I have chenged my mind, i would rather see the pastor go than keep being separated from loved ones. So there are 2 camps now which we are encouraged to hate and destroy. manje ndiyo Manchester yacho. Iiiiiiii uyu mfundisi ndatya nemweya uri maari. Regai vanhu vapinde kwavada hapana anodzinga mumwe



    • for the kingdom

      why would one tryto involve Kumeteby using his name, what happened to yours, why not create your own on this forum like many of them who use different alias to pretend as if its the 10% 0r the 90% replying.
      all these comments are coming from not more than 10 people who are using different names.its better to seek solutions to the matter than mentioning other people who are not part of the squandering allegations.
      why are we so diverting from the case then take about so and so, this lack of focus will not solve anything or get you anywhere. i thought the 90% sent this story to seek advice on the forum not knowing they wanted to have a platform yekufumura magure evanhu vasinazvekuita nenyaya. to me it only shows this is why mari yakadyiwa that iskana yakambengeiripo yekudya yacho, because there is no focusing you are just majoring the minor, diverting and creating more topics for people to comment on.

      • Investigate

        If a solution has to be found, a thorough investigation has to be made. However, for that investigation to be a success, the pastor must not supervise his own investigation. He must stop communicating to influence what people should say. He must be suspended while investigations are in progress. He kust stop going round saying he guys have left the church when they have not. Ofcourse the pastor thinks by saying they have left the church then the case will be thrown out. They may not attend just to avoid confrontation and intimidation, u know what u do Mr Pastor, intimidate intimidate intimidate and then bully them taking advantage of the pulpit. U have done it b4 & your wife has done it b4. u have been successfull b4. now we know u & your evil plots.

        • For the Kingdom

          i think if all all them are honest about the work of God then they should be able to swallow their pride, sit down and talk of everything for the sake of the work of God not what we are hearing. They should then get outside auditors who will then come and give their report to the church in the presence of the Regional and National leadership who have failed to correct the situation. The feedback has to be conducted by someone not from the Nac or the National leadership but person(s) appointed by the workers council. If there is any fradulence then the pastor has to face it and if not then the same to resigned leadership.
          After all has been said and done then this newspaper has to publish the outcome. This is to correct what has been said in the forum. If there is fraud it would be a lesson to the pastor and all pastors out there and if no fraud then it will shame those who raised this issue and brought it to the newspaper and a warning to those who would want to think the paper would solve issues like this.
          This should not have been to the newspapers in the first place but should have been solved amicably within the house. I urge the church leadreship to wake up if any of these things happen, it does not mean that if you are a christian you have to be soft, sit and stare and let things go off hand like this.NATIONAL LEADERSHIP COME ON RISE AND TAKE YOUR LEAD.

  • Taneta

    Leadership hapana mudikani.

  • Zvakaoma muUK

    Zvakaoma hama dzangu

  • UK for Jesus, go ye therefore

    Nyaya iyi haisisina musoro.Yangove kutungana kwembudzi.to baba and Amai Chipere , God is preparing you for greater things do not be moved just stand like a tree that is planted by the waters. Draw strength from The Lord . People are just trying to tarnish people’s names. Vane nyaya dzavo tauriranainot use this platform . As children of God why don’t we talk to each other face to face toenda kudenga.Apa vanhu vakachengeterana zvigumbu.
    Lets move on , lets preach the gospel in this country. We got one enemy who is the devil. Makuita sembwa dzanga dzichitandanisa tsuro pedzezvo dzotanga kurumana iyi tsuro yotiza zvayo. Imbwa podzodzokrea kumuridzi dzoenda dzisina chadzakabata. Kudenga kuri kuendwa hama dzangu chenjera kuenda usina chawakabata apo Jesu otidaidza.Pastors are also human beings and are not immune to sin.
    Remember the tallest tree suffers the most wind.Lets move on guys we have said enough on this platform .We are wasting time the days are so evil. The accuser of brethren is roaming the earth trying to find who they can devour and it’s my prayer that you are not the one.
    We are all sinners and we all need grace. We have our brothers or sisters who have been delivered from dirty situations or lives . Kuuya kwavo ku church inyasha nhai. Going to church does not make one holy but knowing Jesus will make you free indeed .
    So if you see someone who goes to church and still living in sin, ari kutoedzawo kuti awane Jesu.

  • word

    The problem is the leader of AFMIM UK, people should thing twice and start looking for a successor, because baba MB is like a place holder. I think he is a lucky man on a wrong position, who has no leadership qualities at all.

    What he doesn’t understand in failing to reign on important issues of the church, is actually chasing people from Christ. He should think twice and reconsider his position. AFMIM UK has gone down since he took over the reign. That is why Chipere is allowed to have room of being a political militant and doing what he wants, terrorizing vana vesangano, trying every trick to clinch on to a place where he is no-longer wanted. His wife behaving like the popular mai marumbeni. One wrote Gehenna harina moto unopisa kudarika moyo wemukadzi akaipa. Vanhu vesangano repa Manchester musatyiswe kana kushandisirwa mishonga. Mutendi mira segamba utarise mhandu zvikanetsa SUN news paper and mapurisa.

    • Its true

      iiiiii Wataura chokwadi BUT eiiish chinorwadza, however u are one of the few who know what u are talking about. That is the truth. U need the wdsdom and the musle to lead, its not there

  • Evil pastor. money motivated

    If the pastor and wife were not abusive then people would respect them. But they are an evil pair who do not have the qualities to lead a church organisation. I would get him a job to be a manager at a Zimbabwean beer hall.

  • word

    There are a lot of money matters in AFMIM UK, the problem is people are scared to talk,
    those in leadership do not want to lose their positions, so it becomes a problem. Ngatimirei pachokwadi, Chipere must be suspended so that proper investigations can be conducted. I AFMIM UK does not intervene UK law authorities shoud be notified.

    • Toita mudhliroi mari

      Hanzi naiye mufundisi uyu regai tione kuti toiiita mudhliroi mari dzemafuza esvondo.

      • word

        Dzimwe hasha dzine vana vesangano ndedzekuti vakadyiwa mari zvisati zvaboitwa pasi pano, kana Zanu pf, haisviki ipapo, havangaregi kuita hasha.

        • kwanai

          Muchinyanya kutengeserwa zvigaro zvemu- church. Saka bhadharai kusvika machangamuka. Hanzi huyai ku-bible school, pedzezvo wavakudzidzisa vanhu kuti vanofanira kukuchengeta. Tsvee kudzidzisa shoko raMwari. Vanhu havana kupusa. Zviya zvekuti angoti makadii iwe wototi ndimhoresei nemari a a a its primitive. Tendeukai baba namai. Uye munoda kuti kwanei panyaya dzemari nemakuhwa.

          • 10%

            We may be the 10% but watch how we play the game and never loose. This is a storm in a tea spoon. You know we have had better bigger challenges before and as usual we overcame. Bhora kugedhi ndozvatinoita. You will respect us and bow

          • This is an embarassment

            Kana musha ukashaya baba, unotongwa nebenzi. Benzi riya rakawana pito mumba imomo, chenjerai rinotsika vana richizviridzirea pito, and huye harimire kana makasaritorera pito iyoyo. Ndiani akati munhi waMwari anodzidzisa vatendi huwori hwakadaro. Imi muchiti muri kuitei kana benzi rotsika vana. Dhongi haridi gashwi asi chamboko che-wire. Dhongi renyu iri, ridzidzisei nzira tsvene.

  • D.A.

    Any financial irregularities concerning a registered charity in the UK could and should be pointed out with the Charity Commission as linked below:


  • money

    Vanofunga kubirwa coz vakambo bawo zvireshe shonhiwa shave rakanga radZoka svondo kutanga cleaner muchechi chidhakishi pfutseki

    • No annointing at all

      The worst is the one who pretends to be the man of the cloth when he is a wolf in sheep skin. Next time when calling a Pastor please investigate first. Munodaidza mbavha inozokubirai, & then divide the church again & again & again. Enough is enough, for the good of AFMIM Manchester & AFMIM as a whole let the evil man go. THIS CHURCH WILL BE 100% BETTER WITHOUT HIM. To those who are mistaken & think there is any annointing, come to the dome & witness how the Lord has left this man.

      • Taneta

        Uchanyara bhururu, Isu tichi komborerwa ne tag team. Asi huya pamwe unga tendewuka, nekuti u need salvation. Inga wai wombera maw ok one Sunday tikafunga kuti wasangana na Jesu..ndofunga une bipolar. Church iri ku toda game changers like Mfundisi Chi….Mza…and Hamas…not zviripo iko zvino…

        • Uchamuka zvako

          Kana uchikomborerwa neMadimoni.ndeyekwako, uchamuka zvako sezvakaita vamwe vaimbodaro. Hausiwe wekutanga. Why would the church be handed over to a team of spent horses. Ungatidze zvembavha idzo

          • Uchamuka zvako

            Ungatiudze zvembavha idzo

        • Tag Demons

          Tag Demons. Motosimba. Legion

          • incompetant Leadership

            You say you are running the hu4ch, he e e i am the president of the church izvozvi. While everything is in tatters like this, church finances in shumbles from yr own congregation to National. You say the church does not have money to sort church books. Now you are awarding yourselves £1000 per preacher at yr own conference while u are also on salaries. What oind of nonsense is that. This so called manchester pastor is no good for the chu4ch as a whole. H is a cancerthe church. The church does not need him if the church is are to succeed.He is a money monger, i mean a gold digger. See how he has destroyed Manchester assembly from a once blooming and vibrant church to divisions,hatred and harming each other. They were better off b4 you came o steal from them. The so caled pastor has no church interests at heart heart ither than milking people. Vanhu mukai. The chu4rch will never progressed wih this kind of spent horse. All he does is find a way to steal money one way or the other by hook or crook. The church is much better without you. What exactly do u have that is worth a thousand ponds from your cold sermons. All u do is intercept money before it reaches the church coffers e.g. Collecting money for yr personal use from cell groups. That is stealing from unsuspecting congregants. Corrupt couple. Devil tug team. Evil liars