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London Zimfest 2013 in Pictures

An estimated 3 000 people thronged last weekend’s Homelanz/Zimfest festival in West London’s Baston Manor Park, capping a glorious summer day in the British capital. 

Natalie Pa’apa’a: London Zimfest 2013 in Pictures

The all-day festival brought together cultures from four different southern hemisphere countries – Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Zimbabwe – and saw artistic performances from each of the countries.

Zimfest Director Hilton Mendelsohn said: “The whole festival went on smoothly and swiftly thanks to the sound management and professional production of the logistical functions.

“We had between us a shared wealth of experience as Homelanz and Zimfest have in the past held events independently. We are glad that it all went OK and we have been heartened to have an absolute flood of thumps up messages from people who attended,” he added.

New Zealand superstars, Tahuna Breaks, closed down the festival with their funky musical set which incorporates elements of reggae, soul and electro funk.

Earlier, the crowd had been treated to some grooving Australian reggae vibes from the Blue King Rock bands, who are involved in a wide range of issues surrounding social and political justice.

The group’s lead singer and vocalist, Natalie Pa’apa’a and her band have been promoting their Rize of the Morning Star project, a collective of musicians, filmmakers, journalists and activists fighting for the independence of indigenous West Papuans who have lived under brutal Indonesian military rule for 50 years.

The band has been touring recently with two indigenous West Papuan sisters, Lea and Petra Rumwaropen, who besides adding their strong vocal talents to Blue King Brown’s energetic live show, stood as a symbol for the West Papuan struggle for independence.

From Zimbabwe, the novelty newcomers of the year were Thabo and the Real Deal, who gave a spirited soul and funk show.

Thabo’s crooning was charming, impressive, and so were some of their songs, influenced by Hip Hop and Neo-soul. The group have already proved their worth in the clubs around the UK, but they sounded equally confident playing to a festival crowd. People’s Hub.Com

  • Sendenkulu

    The truth is there wasn’t much ZIM about the FEST, it felt so foreign, I dont know what the organisers were thinking – or were they just lazy? or they are trying to get rid of black Zimbabweans? The theme felt like the whole thing was designed for the white former settlers from new zealand, aussie and south africa, go to the website and check what homelanz is all about if you dont believe me. Im pretty sure even the white folk who were there were not our Zimbabwean white folk…our zimbabweans white folk are friendlier than that! we felt like lodgers, I felt like I had gatecrashed something that had not much to do with Zimbabweans, there was hardly any zimbabwean spirit there, those who went will agree with me. there were not as many zimbabweans flags as i have seen in the past, where were hardly any zimbabean artist – this was NOT Zim fest….If the organisers keep doing this, I think we need to get a new zimfest, one that will be trully zimbabwean, and maybe south african, we share enough with that lot, but not the aussies and kiwis…the day lost its spirit, it was just directionless, the music did not make any sense at all…This may have been my last zimfest if they dont return zimfest to zimbabweans. I wont even go to marketing, I dnt even know where it was advertised, some of us saw it barely a day before the day as a news article,,not even an advert on newzimbabwe..thats simply not acceptable…if they dont want us they should just come clean.

    • Sibo

      Didnt you think Zimfest is for black Zimbabweans only? There are Zimbabwean whites who call the country home. Haikona kuita Chimugabe chokufunga kuti Zimbabwe is for blacks only. It is for every race. You are in Uk, a white man’s land but they welcome you in their neighborhoods. Why cant you embrace other races?

  • izzo

    Four pictures?? You can’t be serious!

  • London Zimbo

    Sendenkulu, do you realise how racist you sound by distinguishing Zimbabweans by the colour of their skins? Please don’t do that because it doesn’t look good, you live in the UK so I would have thought that you would not have a problem with people’s race as there are so many cultures over here. I was not there (probably won’t go to Zimfests in the future), it lost its charm a few years ago when it was turned into a money making venture and was poorer for it. We also rarely heard about what the money was going towards charity wise as this was one of the main reasons it was set up originally. I think the management of Zimfest have made a blunder here and lost a lot of their clientele which is a pity because when it was run properly it was really good fun to go to.

    • Charles Mutandwa

      There was nothing racist about Sendenkulus comment the Festival has certainly lost its touch.

      • Sibo

        According to you ‘losing touch’ means whites being there? Typical Mugabe mentality. Mugabe has succeeded in creating perennial fools who cant distinguish between race and nationality

        • Sendenkulu

          there has never been zimfest with no whites…you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about… you are the idiot who cant differentiate between mentioning a race and being racist.

          • London Zimbo

            Sedenkula, to start off with you are talking to 2 different people here. I am a Zimbabwean who is white and I find the term white former settlers as racially insulting. Should I call you a black settler in the uk? No I am not because distinguishing between people by the colour of their skin in the sense that you are is racist – I’ll refer to someone as a saffa, kiwi, ozzie, zimbo, etc but not have to refer to someone as black or white and especially not a former settler? Wake up and read what you have written you twat. We all agree that it is sad that Zimfest has lost its identity but this has been coming for a few years now and I fear could potentially have been the last one.

          • Sendenkulu

            its idiotic to ignore settler roots or race – what you attempt to trivialize as “skin colour”…Race goes way deeper than skin color dude. You can be white but black, or black but white…racially speaking.

  • Charles Mutandwa

    That was a waste of money, and waste of time, there was nothing Zim about that festival. I seriously wont be going back again. The promoters are obviously smiling all the way to the bank, thats what it was all about for them.

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