Mugabe threatens to behead gays

By Nomalanga Moyo

President Robert Mugabe has yet again revived his acerbic attacks on Zimbabwe’s gay community whom he called worse than pigs and threatened to behead them.

Director of the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, Chesterfield Samba prepares to hoist their official flag alongside the Zimbabwe flag
Director of the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, Chesterfield Samba prepares to hoist their official flag alongside the Zimbabwe flag

Mugabe is a self-proclaimed homophobe who in the past has labelled gay people “worse than pigs and dogs”, and threatened them with severe punishment.

Mugabe’s latest threats were made in Mutare where he was addressing a rally at the Aerodrome Ground on Tuesday, according to a NewsDay report.

In the report, Mugabe is quoted telling his followers that: “If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads.

“This thing (homosexuality) seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed. Imagine this son born out of an African father, (US President Barack) Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice. Aah, we will never do that.”

Homosexuals are generally regarded as outlaws and frowned upon in Zimbabwe and across Africa where the practice goes against conservative belief systems.

Regardless of any personal feelings about homosexuality, a country’s leader should never call for violence against any group or individual.

These unprovoked utterances by a Head of State whose rallies have so far been immediately followed by a surge in harassment of political opponents, are likely to spread fear and despondency within the gay community.

In July, Mugabe attacked gay people seven times at his rallies, prompting complaints from the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ).

In a letter sent to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Wednesday, GALZ said its members are concerned by Mugabe’s “continued use of hate speech”, which they say violates their constitutional rights and freedoms.

“The Party president has made statements that encourage violence against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Zimbabwe. In a number of instances, the President made statements that are an indication of state sponsored homophobia of alarming levels,” the letter reads in part.

The body says Mugabe used hate speech during his addresses in Bondolphi College, Zimbabwe Grounds, Chikomba, Nzvimbo, Marondera, Chitungwiza, Chinhoyi and in Mutare.

On June 6th, armed men forced their way into, and ransacked, GALZ premises in an attack which the group blames on the climate of fear, intolerance and hatred fanned by Mugabe’s statements.

“GALZ notes with concern that ZANU PF’s instruments of intimidation and electioneering, which include the subject of gays, remains as strong as ever and is once again being used during its campaign rallies.

“It has become customary for the President to attempt to whip up a climate of hysterical homophobia against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people before, during and after elections,” the letter further notes.

The group further called on the Commission to investigate Mugabe’s hate speech which they say, if unchecked, will lead to the exclusion of gay people from electoral processes.

South Africa based actor, human rights activist Frank Malaba, said it was unfortunate that a country’s leader was instigating violence against a section of the population.

Malaba said: “Mugabe should know that his followers listen to him and so if he gives them the go-ahead to be violent and to behead gay people, they will do that.

“Today it is gays and lesbians, tomorrow it will be women, albinos, whites, and anyone Mugabe dislikes. This should not be allowed in an independent country. The rights of citizens should be protected and respected regardless of sexual orientation,” Malaba added. SW Radio Africa

  • Mapfumo Chimedza

    I remember when we were in school there were some boys whom we called maininini or auntie and they did not have a problem with that. Our teachers could tell us ‘they have more female genes” in them. I didn’t really understand that. I am a Christian and my belief has always been homesexuality is a sin. Now recently I have seen gay people coming to church and I don’t have the courage to condemn them. I just think judgement is of God. I have seen people who grew up that way, it’s only that I have a problem with NGO’s that are paying student’s in schools and colleges to promote same-sex activities. But if God create you in that way who are we to judge. Can someone who knows enlighten me.

    • teknon

      @Chimedzahh:disqus How can God create you a homo and condemn u at the same time. Sin distorted God’s perfect creation, and one need to go back to the bible and understand the beginnings. I used to hav a friend as well who had female mannerisms so much so we used col him all sorts of funny names b know he is married to a girl. Life is spiritiual and all these are demon inhabiting uman bodies to do their vile acts. I personaly don’t hate gay pple but hate the act just as my heavenly Father do however if they don’t want to conform to Godly standard then the Lord shall judge them the last day.

      • zeno

        @teknon, I do agree with the Christian view on homosexuality. I am very consertive, but the points raised by @Mapfumo have someone left me wondering. I had a friend who was very feminine in looks and had hips but not breasts, he married twice and devorced. I hear he now live in SA with a male ‘friend’. I went through the motions and concluded that no matter what we say and laws we put, there is always someone who hasa sexual disability. I now see gay people as disabled (just a word for out of the normal) similar to those withiout limps or can’t see. We can not have a law to say we should not have blind people, can we?
        If we lean towards viewing this as a disability and not glorifying it as done in the West surely we can craft and accommodating law with our conservative views. I for one I do wish we could put laws which bar them from getting married, adopting children and public display of affection. what thet do in their houses is nothing to do with us.
        Why do I propose those laws: to protect childrean, protect the public from viewing this practice as normal and protecting the institution of marriage as in our local and Christian culture. These are my view and I know I will be put to shreds by many readers. I do believe in truth that they are people who are born like that who deserve our protection.

        • Timex007

          Don’t forget that there’s also something called “will power”. I have seen so many boys with feminine characteristics grow up to be heterosexual loving husbands and fathers with no inclination or attraction to other men because they exercised will power to overcome what is not natural. Genetic defects among people could be as a result of many different factors ranging from family lineage curses or afflictions, demonic attacks to parents bodies chemical poisoning. Of course I don’t support violence against anyone, Instead we should try and find ways of rehabilitating our gay brothers and sisters of ours.

          • zeno

            Agreed. My fear is that those we are saying are loving husbands could be same who are using the male escorts at night. Have you ever wondered who uses these gay prostitutes? I am sure most will be happily married man who do not want the status to be known. This is one issue which needs sober minds and good public debate, I am sorry that it has been politicised. Help should be given to those with sexual disabilities but it can not be done if we as society deny that they do exist.

        • teknon

          @zeno, here is whats wrong with your line of logic. what r u going to do wit those that practise beastiality, murderer, thieves, adulterers, etc for they will tell u they cant help it bt do what they do since childhood. like I said these things r spiritual and the bottom line is who decide what right and whats wrong. is God right or wrong. Is He(God) justified to tell us what morally right and wrong or we ourselves. I know a man who used to hav sex which a chicken since he was young. Should we call that a sexual disability just like homos. if not why not. Or u answer me what would u say to such an individual. One thing I hav learnt is once u thro out God out of the equation then no one has the right to tell anyone what right and wrong. I will be right in my on right to do what I want.

      • Mapfumo Chimedza

        Baba Teknon, u can’t say you don’t hate gays but the act. Homosexuality is DEFINED BY THAT ACT. Zvino kana ari maDemon mati touraya here veduwe. Handiti kana tiri vatenderi chedu kuvaparidzira tosiya iye Musiki kuti atonge? Can you REALLY behead people because they have a sexual orientation that is unacceptable in our culture and religion. All I know is that this God I pray always REIGN in what I believe to be evil.

    • Ever

      After elections we should burn them. Kana riri Gukurahundi ngariiitwe zvakare.

      • zeno

        Please see comments below.

      • Ngoni M

        Let us start now developing the lists for who shall live and who shall not. The next day after the election we must combine all of the lists of go on a drunken spree and begin to hunt down Zimbabweans. It is good for our country and lifts our spirit and national dignity. Our drunken spree will be pleasing in God’s eyes. We will feel more powerful after we admire the destruction and gore. How satisfying indeed! Bring on the Gladiators and the chariots, there’s no time to loose.

      • Bethu

        You should start by burning those well known ministers in ZANU PF

    • Sinyoro

      Une mamhepo

    • Nechemhaka

      I would not throw the first stone just because someone feels different. Your beliefs are personal and are to be respected. Some day each one of us will go before our maker and he will judge as he sees fit. Yes the human body can have genetic mutations and someone feels diferent than their physical appearance. This can also be manifested in being attracted and liking a person of the same gender.

  • Taurai M

    Well, nothing quite shows Christ’s love better than a gory murder on the streets of Harare. Let’s bring the children so they can see His love to create a teaching moment for them. You know those darn beheadings … they can be so annoying when your stuck in traffic while the road is closed down for the lynching.

  • velapi rambo wekwa mutare

    nxe nxe nxe mashaya zvekunyora here muri vana matsanga futi imimi shuwa shuwa kukurudzira ngochani…nguruve neimbwa zvingatove nane

  • timba

    haaaayaaaaah this writer is very mad (anotopenga) the gay issue is not debatable, abomination to a nation. the president is simply protecting you from the undiluted wrath of God yet you sympathize with with these Gays. they have chose to be outcasts and we cannot allow it to have a section of society like that. if u say let them be and u dont care abt it, you shall become worried wen one day they shall force u to sleep with them or to discover the homo in you. musi uchaiswa mwana wako mukomana kuboarding ndopamuchapepuka nxaaaaa. tikakupai nyika nhasi uno pane zvisvunu zvinobuda ipapo? hameno

    • pepe

      so has the president also done anything to protect us from people who kill,rape and steal from us among other things.tell me,whats worse a gay man and a murder,a sin is a sin im not saying gay is good or bad,but let us not be quick to judge.musi uchachekwa mwan wako musoro ndopauchapepuka????? for for thot.leave it for GOd on Judgement day.all have sinned and short fall of the glory of God including you and me.lets pray for ourselves first before we run to judge others

    • Bethu

      Its funny that you speak so strongly about gays and yet they have led your country as ministers sharing everything with Mugabe and yet he has done nothing about them. If ZANU PF is genuine in their fight against gays, they should start with well known gays in ZANU PF

  • YOWE

    hapana nyaya apa NO TO HOMOSEXUALS!!!! Simple

  • Zim One

    Give me fire let me burn them. Tsika iyi yakaparadzisa Sodom ne Gomora. Ipapo President ndinemi a thousand times over.

    • Bethu

      President has tolerated gays in ZANU PF all these years, and he still works with them, he preaches one thing and does something else. Double standards as usual

  • Mabwe

    Am no supporter of the old party but I agree we dont need Homos in Zim

  • shumba

    Chii chinorwadza ipapa. Madii kungoita zvinodiwa naMwari.modanana murume nemukadzi kwete mukadzi nemukadzi. GALZ stop representing the devil.

  • garwe

    i support Mugabe on the issue of anti gay in Zimbabwe, for all we know we should burn them alive

    • mofasa


  • simon

    One cannot put together homosexuality and disability. They are not in the same league. Homosexuality is a natural and sinful act. Those affected need to admit that they are In the wrong and need help to be normal- spiritual and psychological to correct them. We must condemn homosexuality, but non-the-less, not condemn those among them who would rather change to be normal. Homosexuality comes from rejecting God who then gives you up to your lusts. Its solution is therefore spiritual. Repent and receive life and correction from Jesus bChrist.

    Romans 1:26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.
    27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due

    Romans 1:32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

    • simon

      correction, I meant UNNATURAL and sinful

    • zeno

      We can quote verses which condenm most acts we live with now, theft, prostitution, liars, etc. At one time we should be thankful that the lord blessed us without disability and consider those in that situation. I am a devoted Christian, I am not shy to say Gays are disabled and need help. With denial we cant help them. If we curse one with no eyes and condenm to death, will that stop blind people being born? No. Lets acknowledge and create support mechanisms to get these rehabilitated those who can’t they live like that without being condement nor praised. I do not support this view that it’s a right and chould be paraded, it’s a disability.

      • Nechemhaka

        Is there a cure for a genetic mutation that cause some men or women to have some hormonal inbalance? That is who they are and feel, we should not judge? In Zimbabwe we do not treat the disable well, do we? Not just homosexuals but the blind, mental illness, etc we stigmatize others. We are a condemning society and pre-occupied in putting each other down. I am not sure it is a disability because gays have no physical or mental limitations.

  • ngochanibodo


  • Ever

    We will burn you for sure. Beheading is a more polite description of what should be done to you. Necklacing with tyres is what should be done to these filthy animals. Mhuka dzese dzirinani. Dont ever use the bible to justify these acts. Mhuka dzose dzino respector musiki asi imi mo chooser kuita hutsvina. I cant even say humbwa bcoz hapana imbwa inorara neimwe imbwa. Gukurahundi kana richiitwa ngariitwe pamuri

    • zeno

      So are we going to cut the hands of those who steal, cut the hood of he who cheats? Let’s not create a hate state, let’s be sober and deal with this sensitive but solvable issue.

    • Nechemhaka

      Ever been to prison Ever? Ever commited a crime ever? After your conviction of murder you will go to Chikurubi. There you will meet some men who have’nt had relations with a woman for quite some time. I don’t know what to tell you if they find out you killed a poor gay guy. They will feel threatened and gang up on you. The entire cell will form a line and take turns, yes sir deep penetration, obviously it will be uncomfortable at the beginning. After the third insertor it will be even more pleasurable on you because of all the lubrication provided by the semen.

  • ngochanibodo

    iwe havatombodi kana kupihwa platform hapana cheku discusser apa NO TO NGOCHANI MHANI.NO NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Hathor3

    Amazing your statement about no matter what a head of states personal beliefs on homosexuality –they should never .etc..
    . OK how about no matter what a head of states personal beliefs about “Blacks “in Sourh Africa …???? A little history ….
    Then President Botha stated in the newspaper article that he planned to contact the manufacturer of soft drinks made that are consumed primarily by Blacks –that would slowly poison them snd decrease their fertility and numbers — here is a head of state saying the same thing -(and with a plan no less )- both are bad but did you respond to the first one
    This is Mugabe’s verbal reaction to US involvement –and not something he is capable of doing -Zimbabwe is not Hitler Germany or America during the Native and African holocausts !!!

    • Norbert O.

      “I am still the Hitler of the time” … ” Let me be a Hitler tenfold” ….2003

      In his very own words …the words of President Chiwenga’s party information officer, Mugabe

    • mofasa


  • GazaMannaz

    Why not just let people do what they want to do and let God be the judge?

    • Nechemhaka

      I don’t condemn but the little Zimbabwean used to or if I am upset tries to judge. I see them as normal beings. Like you said leave the judging to their maker.

  • Norbert O.

    Yes, because nothing shows Christ’s love better than a gory murder on the streets of Harare. And the worst thing is how it ties up the traffic while they close down the streets for the lynching … it’s so annoying, people leave their chariots parked anyway they want to, and nobody cleans up after the lions…. way don’t they move the crusade to the National Sports Stadium where they will have more room for the hordes of Gladiators vying to taste the blood.

    Well if he admits he would chop off the heads of gays, I think we can be reassured that he will do that and more to anyone else he takes a fancy to kill.

    President Chiwenga needs to get better joke writers because the babbling and drooling of his party’s public information officer is not as entertaining as he used to be.

    • Nechemhaka

      Murder !!!, Jail !!! Anal penetration with other prisoners and that is the day you will hate gays.

  • satan

    ngochani ngadzipiswe vana vangu ivavo saka ngavajairire zvichaitwa kugehena….
    go ahead burn my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nechemhaka

      Are you aware that if you burn a gay you are commiting a crime and will be arrested, charged with a crime and convicted of murder and you will go to prison. Here is a problem when you are in prison, there are some men who are hungry for a sexual experience. They will ask you what you are in for?. You will tell them the truth, right? They will start taking turns indulging in anal penetration on you. In the beginning it might be uncomfortable but after some time as the anal hole expands this could turn pleasurable

  • goredema

    no banana culture, no gays to be entertained cz its evil for real wether you like or not!the same science that support the banana culture states that its reversible and its learned from otherst(check Pyschosocial theory).remember itz the banana culture which led to the final destruction of the two ancient evil cities(Sodom and Gomorah).just imagine mudhara wako ichisvodiwa nemumwe mudhara achirohwa manyuwa eish kanaMomz ey zvinopisa ropa.For gays Mugabe is right personally l support him billion percent in big bold capital letters.Saying something is evil wen its evil its not judging its opinion.dnt get me twisted evil is evil and gay is Evil its against natural laws no might be there for manufacturing humans but if u gutta a dick go to the mirror tell yourself u’re a man but wen u tink otherwise u’re letting the evil in.


    ipapo gushungo ndomira nemwi ngochani NO!!

    • Nechemhaka

      Unfortunately the gay movement have a lot of money and is a matter of time before they are embraced in Zimbabwe. Obama used to say no same sex marriage two years ago. They will find their way to Zimbabwe and at some point the country will crack and all hell will break loose, Gushungo might be gone by that time or have a heart attcked as they march at State House.

  • Nechemhaka

    I wouldn’t rush to pass judgment on Mugabe until an experiment has been done. He grew up in a heterosexual environment and as we all know you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. People’s thought process developed over time and therefore don’t usually change overnight. Let’s go to science, since he claims to be enlightened. Is it possible for a human body to have genetic mutations leading to a hormonal imbalance in a person’s body titled and therefore feels different than one’s physical appearance? Science has know this but did not have the guts to say it until three decades ago. This is one of the reasons why some members of the same sex are attracted to each other. It is how a person feels that determines their preferences. If science has failed in the court of public opinion we can try an experiment. Get the man here to stay with four gay guys. They indulge in anal penetration with this man. In the beginning it might be uncomfortable but after some time could turn pleasurable.

    • mofasa

      As educated as you sound ,i am sorry to say YOU ARE SICK IN THE MIND

  • Nechemhaka

    It seems that your words are written in stone. I used to judge gays and condemn. When I found out that someone was gay right away I am thinking that they will go to hell. Was I without sins, oh hell no? Ko imi zvomoti mudhara wako how about babamudiki vakadzura mari paCompany and was given five years. You know in prison they don’t get the scent of women menstruating. So ana babanudiki votoviya pakati pemakomo paya. Zvonzi pakati pegomo panechisipiti. All those men vapinda muchisipiti mvura kutonaya kumusha kwavo. Zvino yanaya mijoza kutorara hope.

    Is it possible that a human body have mutations? If you study mutations you will find out something went wrong. Certain genes were misplaced in a particular cell. Ah hezvoka Fambanewako your son says pakutamba mahumbwe, “Ini ndini Amai Joe ndiwe Dad” Dad I like to play with dolls. As he grows older Dad I like dresses there are more comfortable than boy pants. Then comes the straw that broke the camel’s back, “Dad I am coming to Zimbabwe with my partner, could you pick us at the Airport?” Imi kutofara muchiti bva wauya nasahwira kwete kuziva kuti mwana arikuwuya nemurume wake vakatochata muchato kuNew York. After the introduction motofunga kuti muri kurota while they are giving each other wet kisses. Mukuru kupinza ruwoko muhomwe and pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming. Imi all the way from the Airport quiet the car driving at 200kph. After therapy handiti iye partner yacho you will be giving hugs and also asking then to visit more often.

  • nyini

    No to homosexual

    • Bethu

      God condemned so many things in the Bible, such as homosexuality, corruption, bribery, sexual immorality, adultery, theft, murder etc, but people choose to ignore everything else and focus on homosexuality as the greatest sin. Those are double standards which Jesus himself despised. You cannot tolerate one sin and condemn another. Christian values say do not judge, leave everything to God the only one perfect enough to judge.

  • Bethu

    Its funny that Mugabe has worked with well known gays in ZANU PF all his life. If he is genuine with beheading anyone, let him start with ministers in ZANU PF

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