Former Tourism Perm Sec in HIV storm

Dr Sylvester Maunganidze, a former permanent secretary in the tourism ministry after being fired last year, has allegedly ‘slept’ his way into another controversy after a group of women started a public campaign to name and shame him for infecting them with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Sylvester Maunganidze, a former permanent secretary in the tourism ministry
Sylvester Maunganidze, a former permanent secretary in the tourism ministry

Last year Maunganidze was sacked from his job after claiming Zimbabwe had exaggerated pictorial evidence to persuade judges to grant the country the right to host the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) conference alongside Zambia.

This time however he has a more personal battle to fight.

The Zanu PF losing candidate for Chivi South is being accused of deliberately infecting young girls while claiming that he is HIV negative. A spokeswoman for the campaign said “this man has infected many innocent young women with HIV. At events he is known to hang around young secondary school children.”

“I can tell you that he infected my friend with HIV. He was dismissed for mishandling the UNTWO preparations because he focused on taking to bed unsuspecting beautiful women. He is a womanizer and when amongst his friends he boasts that he is the best Sugar Daddy in Masvingo.”

Asked why they thought going public and exposing someone’s HIV status was fair she told Nehanda Radio “This man is HIV positive and should be stopped from spreading the deadly disease to innocent girls. He thinks because he is a doctor he should have everything for himself. He is an evil man.”

The banners being circulated
The banners being circulated

The group has already produced posters denouncing Maunganidze. One banner read “Women beware this HIV spreader Bradah Sylvester Maunganidze” and another says “Parents Protect Your Children”. The group has also sent out letters to international organisations that deal with HIV and AIDS issues.

“I think people have let these criminals off the hook so readily and because of this they continue spreading this deadly disease. Naming and shaming them on an international stage and informing the international companies they deal with is one way of trying to deal with the problem,” she told Nehanda Radio.

“When we got to know this man well, we realized that he despises women. He always referred to the mother of his kids as “that woman”, that he was with her for the sake of the kids because she was from a poor family etc.

“He would say things like “Mzembi’s wife is a prostitute”… “Grace Mugabe is not intelligent enough to build a school. That is Bob trying to validate his wife”. Connecting the dots looking backwards, this man is the definition of a chauvinist who despises women,” the spokeswoman for the group said.

Efforts to contact Dr Maunganidze were futile as he was said to have taken two months leave but he defended himself against the accusations in one e-mail sent to one of his alleged victims and seen by Nehanda Radio. In an email dated Friday 3 May 2013 Maunganidze who is married tells his lover:

“No one has ever alleged what you allege of me. One day you shall know who I am. You can have a family. YOU can have kids. Don’t blame yourself. I know how we started. You had a past. I had a past. I have never infected anyone before. The very week we started you fell ill or so you told me.

“I am not going into the merits of your argument but I will not accept blame. I loved you and never wanted to spoil your life. One day I will go to your doctors. I am tired of your accusations. You can do anything with your life. You may be ill but you can live for decades to come.

“I thought you were working towards recovery. Please stop your insinuations. It doesn’t help. A lot of people who thought they were infected have come out in the open to declare THE DOCTORS GOT IT WRONG.”

The woman told Nehanda Radio “I was speechless. Not that I expected him to admit. How can a person in a position of power and most importantly a father do this to other people’s children? He deserves to be named and shamed for showing no respect and deliberately inflicting pain on other families.”

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  • Abubakar The Great

    As much as I sympathise with the victims here, I feel the most important lesson here is that people should stop having affairs with married men or other people’s partners. All this while it is clear those who slept with this man knew that he had a wife at home and yet they had no problems sleeping with him. Now things have gone pear shaped, they want our sympathy.

    • Mercy

      Abubakar The Great, i think we should not miss the point here and show sympathy to the criminal. HIV is spreading is wrong, full stop. You may blame the older women but what about secondary school children who may not be properly informed about the dangers of unprotected sex. Is it right for such a man to be in circulation targeting the least suspecting grouos in society? And what makes it even sadder is that this man is a leader… what do you expect teh peopel below him to do if he shows no respect for human life? It takes two to tango and whereas the women can be blamed for having affairs with married women, Maunganidze takes double blame for cheating on his wives and spreading an incurable disease. Is there any authority these people are accountable to in Zimbabwe? It is like teh state has been taken up by thugs and they are using their offices to inflict pain on the masses knowing that they can “escape” the consequencies. MAUNGANIDZE, YOU ARE SO HEARTLESS. YOU ARE SO DAMN HEARTLESS AND DESERVE TO BE PUT AWAY.

    • PHD student

      This is retarded as one has no right to knowingly infect someone with a disease if this is true. Yes people should not speculate but if it is true then many people are affected. The medication is quite expensive as you know and most people in that country cannot afford it. One has a choice if they are an adult who they sleep with between 2 adults but spreading disease knowingly to cause harm is an offence. The other part if true about engaging with those that are not adults is another serious offence and there are things called sex registers and on top of that inflicting harm to others. No more respect. Its scary as most people cannot tell who has an std by just looking. The issue under discussion is spreading a disease. We can only hope it ain’t true but I felt sick after reading this article as he should not be near children if true. If one does not want to be with a wife there is something called divorce and you go and be with the person you want to be with period. Divorce is legal not a crime. This is the result of wanting to keep the married title when your brain and heart is not there. I sympathize indeed with victims if true.

      • Sadaam Hussein

        the story is very true. As we speak Maunganidze is down with Cryptococcal Meningitis (an opportunistic infection for AIDS, and is the second most common AIDS-defining illness in Africa). Word going around is that he has infected more than 200 women and children… sigh! The evil in this world we live in is limitless. How a man who has fathered kids can cause pain to other men’s children is shattering. There are families in Masvingo who have lost children as young as 14 years because of maunganidze, you cant immagine the pain in mothers eyes when you say the name Maunganidze … Anyway, we wish him a quick recovery but may God intervene and soften this man’s heart!

  • Take Take

    These Zanu PF people must be named and shamed. All of them behave with impunity and love to sleep with young girls.

  • Ken Muchapedzwa Na Chimutsa

    Muchinyanya kuvhura mhata dzenyu

  • Chrispen Munyengeterwa Muzenda

    Musanyepere chirasha ava. Ngaataure ege akazorwa wacho

  • Elizabeth

    They accuse Tsvangirai of bed hoping but these HIV+ thugs are worse. How can a senior civil servant who has fathered children go and kill other mens children. Nxa down with this stupid dog. Glad it lost the chivi south primaries. Same type as Kaseke et al

    • larchi80

      TSVANGIRAI is in the same league as well of spreading the disease by his conduct….

      • Elizabeth

        I highly doubt because zanu pf would have embarassed him like the mdc mp who infected the journalist. What shocks me is that Maunganidze at some functions denounced HIV yet he is the same person spreading it. Just a liar and killer. These are the men who have made zanu pf lose its appeal, they have abused the system and the office.

    • Snap out of POLITICS

      This has NOTHING to do with Tsvangirai or ZANUPF

      It has to do with MEN who take advantage of still-maturing GIRLS in poverty and do not respect their own marriages.

      It is about THOSE GIRLS who THINK they can take short cuts in life or give their bodies for material pleasures.

      Its far BIGGER THAN POLITICS. Both ZANU and MDC and every other grouping with MEN and WOMEN and MONEY and vulnurable, desperate CHILDREN have this issue.

      So snap out of your I hate ZANU, I love Tsvangirai world and FOCUS on THE REAL PROBLEM.


  • Kudakwashe

    Point of correction. I know the original Maunganidze wife, they separated. He was stolen by an ugly bleached gross smelly small house. fake hair, fake nails, fake skin color. She deserves her HIV+ man

  • Saif al Zim

    They can never ever be a normal professional (Dr or otherwise, engineer , accountant etal) who supports Zanu PF. All these learned Zanoids are not only as fake as the seven degrees from jail but as outlandishly ignorant as those “professionals” who ululated and clapped expecting diesel to ooze from a rock – zanu pf unmasked!!! Chinja.

  • Click

    Ok on a serious note dnt thnk Mr Maunganidze has a prob its you and your friends hu have a prob nd its not veven his fault dat yu are sick cz ndiwe wakabvuma wega kuiswa nyoro so yeh dats yo own fish tu fry!! Dnt try nd tarnish ppls names wen they hv dumped yu!!

    • kuda

      Kikiki…its the victims who dumped him… He was pestering one victim to stay promising to divorce his wife saying the victim was his only true love… Maunganize is positive period. On avrnues prostitutes say he tries to tear condoms so that he can infect them too. Even that small house he stays with knows that her man is an hiv + womaniser. Ask her.kikikiki

  • chidhoma

    imiwo vana muchinyanya kudanana nana baba venyu, nguva ino zvinodzoka siye zera renyu makatenga mega hosha dzacho.

  • Makoni

    This is the same guy who sodomized an 8 year old child. A family of a young boy in Masvingo has revealed that late last year, Maunganidze sodomized their 8 year old son. The boy was returning home
    from the shop when Mr Maunganidze took him to a nearby
    isolated ground and tortured him for more than 2 hours. They reported
    the case but a police officer who asked not to be named said that
    there was no proper orientation within the law enforcing agency to
    handle such cases. “When a girl claims she was molested, there are
    proper sections under which a case is registered. However, when a boy
    says so, the police tend to ignore it. The police cannot be blamed, as
    they do not have proper orientation. They point at the child and say the
    child looks normal,” said the police officer. Please call The Public
    Services Commission where Sylvester Maunganidze is based and ask him to
    stop sodomizing our sons.

  • zeno

    I think this reporter did his homework, indeed the Dr is on leave, he is not feeling well. He didn’t even finish his campaign. On the matter at hand, I do not believe it is right for people to publicise his status. I am inclined to think that he was not aware of his status when he engaged with these women. What is regreatble though is that he is married, yes to two women: his first wife and his small house. His small house has two grown kids now, so it’s not something which started nezuro. I encourage the woment agrieved to seek settlement or approach the courts if they believe it was deliberate. If there is evidence, then it is an offence and they can claim civil restitution. I feel sorry for those agrieved and will certainly pray for you. Ndiri muzukuru waMaunganidze and believe in his innocence.

    • Locardia

      muzukuru waMaunganidze, over the weekend, your uncle is seen ku sheraton with different women. On 2 occasions, i practically saw his car on the avenues waiting for prostitutes. How can he expect to not get HIV?

    • mashura

      maunganidze has 3 daughters, one in wolverhampton uk kudzi mukono rukudzo, the other 2 in south africa, so how can he go around doing this to others. how will he feel if his daughters and grand daughters are treated like this? as what goes around comes around. where do his sons in law and daughter in law look? vanonyarira kupi. Shameful behaviour indeed.

      • simba

        What is this gotta do with his daughters and why put their names up?

        • Nguni

          because they are children of an HIV spreader…they should stick with their HIV positive father in good and bad times. Stupid Satans family pf thieves and HIV spreaders!

        • mushipe

          You know respect looks like the father and the eyes. You must have been sleeping facing the wall most of the time. Now you faced with the truth. Look closer. We know the couple well. Nothing nice about them. Its ok for some to go around lying about peoples kids calling them mahure etc and when we name his kids you likeee ehhh. Ndimudhara wavo zbe and they are the kids.

    • Nyasha

      BRADAH SYLVESTER MAUNGANIDZE has AIDS and has deliberately infected more than 100 women and children with AIDS some of whom have already died. It is an open secret that many in Harare and Chivi South know…

      In Harare, he is being treated by Dr. C Nyatsambo for Cryptococcal Meningitis (an AIDS opportunistic infection). Early this month, he was at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg and was treated by Dr. Lamparelli and Dr Rowji for hypertension and the neurological problems (some sort of silent stroke) caused by the meningitis.

      So his children: Euphrasia Maunganidze, Ottilia Anna Maunganidze, Respect Rukudzo (kudzi mukono), Tafadzwa Maunganidze etc, official wife Rose Maunganidze and that small house, we know you love daddy but he is so heartless. I do not know if you are spiritual people,but if you are, I am afraid the curses he has sown will be reaped by you guys and future generation. Surely God is a fair God and will not let Maunganidze off the hook that easily.

  • shame



    Exposed!!!!. They pretend in public to condemn AIDS but they are the ones spreading it. If it is true, then this killer deserves to be in prison for spreading this disease but most importantly, being a leader and doing such things. If he is a father then has brought curses to his children. Someone will kill your child in future then we will see what moral grounds you have to condemn him. It is beyond my understanding how you can go and “experiment” on women yet you know your status. Okay, atleast use a condom but you go live? eish….Shame on you Maunganidze, A BIG SHAME ON YOU. GO TO CHURCH AND REPENT! IF YOUR PARENTS ARE STILL ALIVE, GO AND ASK THEM FOR FORGIVENESS BECAUSE YOU HAVE ASHAMED THEM, BAD CHILD. TO YOUR CHILDREN, HUMBLE YOURSELF AND REPENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT ONLY ASHAMED THEM BUT LEFT A BAD LEGACY AND EXAMPLE FOR THEM TO FOLLOW. TO YOUR WIFE REPENT BECAUSE SHE WILL BE THE GOSSIP OF THE TOWN. JUST REPENT MAUNGANIDZE, MY ADVISE TO YOU IS TO REPENT!

    • Noma Magwizi

      Haya! Now that makes sense why mukwasha wacho in UK was saying hadi kunogara na respect this man’s daughter but was being forced to go back as anga anepamuviri expecting mwana mukomana. hanzi she is nasty, bad mouths people, brags, threatens people with the law including himself being threatened by her, wears the pants mumba (like father it looks like) and always wishes kuti vanhu vasungwe. He said akudzokera as mwana is due and mai vake wants him kuti adzokere. This is what happens when things are based on lies. Its time people realise kuti awugari nemukadzi coz amai vati gara or sisi vati gara. Staying panhu under instruction ya mai.People can made independent decisions as hupenyu hwako. You the one faced nemukadzi awusingadi mazuva ose to please. Now if this is true, how can one guarantee that the grandchildren will be ok or vana vacho. Ma dark secrets aya very scary. I think this teaches people many lessons.

      • simba

        wow you seem to be very spiteful. Kasi wakarambwa nemurume who is committed to his family? Ndimi mahure acho anoda varume vevanhu imi. I have known this couple personally since 1993 when they started dating at school. Anyone who was at high school with them knows that they were inseparable. I don’t doubt he would be by her side if she was expecting because these two always had a relationship based on true love. whatever the father did or did not do It’s not right to involve people that had nothing to do with it.

        • Nyasha

          maybe its pregnancy hormones that have made her like that and she will stabilise after giving birth. My dear Simba, just for your information if you have a family in the future, be very careful not to play around because you drag the family name in mud… kids paying for parents sins is sad but it happens…

          • simba

            Nyasha all people need to be responsible for their own actions, but to smear individuals who don’t have anything to do with it is wrong. I only commented on Magwizi’s comment because it was false. The couple who are mentioned are so helpful to a lot of Zimbabweans in the UK who are strangers to them for no gain at all. So for someone who has no idea about how people are to just write unjustified comments is not on. If we are commenting about the father in law lets just stick to that

          • Nyasha

            thank you for the clarification…. yes it is unfortunate for kids to carry their fathers embarassment but it is reality. Unfortunately, you can never separate yourself from the family problems/name. Parents are paying for kids sins and vice versa. What Maunganidze did has started the wheel rolling and the entire family has come under scrutiny… it is so sad but thats life. This is a man who has daughters but as per the story, he has no shame infecting secondary school children…. this story is so heart breaking. Maybe because of the shame he has brought his children, he will stop infecting other children… Sorry Kudzi Mukono for the hurt….

          • Zvazviri

            Simba now ndiwe who now want exposeee as for starters you may have known them since high school. So you should know the car scandals involving taking peoples monies they did. Ask your friends them from where they went to school and in masvingo. The trailer trucks they borrowed and never paid what was due. Then you claim people who take mari dzevanhu are nice and they are such great pretenders indeed. One even when approached said vanhu vemasvingo munonetsa in an email. We wont say who as clearly hanzi dont mention names. Well it may have been 1993 this is 2013 minds change. Gone are the days when you go about saying am going out ne mwana wa boss. This is reality ask people who know these people well. People were left looking for their monies and some pwople hiding hanzi munonetsa. So talk what you know. Why were people even going to his mother to go ask for their money back. Mira tinyare as we may talk too much Simba. Nyasha no need to apologise taura nevanhu who know them and akatora maridzevanhu and nekuti madhiri acho afambiswa sei. Simba we dont know what assistance you got but vanhu know this story and many more so ngatinyararei.

          • Zvazviri

            Simba now ndiwe who now want exposeee as for starters you may have known them since high school. So you should know the car scandals involving taking peoples monies they did. Ask your friends them from where they went to school and in masvingo. The trailer trucks they borrowed and never paid what was due. Then you claim people who take mari dzevanhu are nice and they are such great pretenders indeed. One was even when approached said vanhu vemasvingo munonetsa in an email. We wont say who as clearly hanzi dont mention names. Well it may have been 1993 this is 2013 minds change. Who cares about 1993, is that the defence strategy yacho. He knows the truth. Gone are the days when you go about saying am going out ne mwana wa boss. This is reality ask people who know these people well. People were left looking for their monies and some pwople hiding hanzi munonetsa. So talk what you know. Why were people even going to his mother to go ask for their money back. Mira tinyare as we may talk too much Simba. Nyasha no need to apologise taura nevanhu who know them and akatora maridzevanhu and nekuti madhiri acho afambiswa sei. Simba we dont know what assistance you got but vanhu know this story and many more so ngatinyararei. Hapana akarambwa asi ndiye. People are just telling the truth.

          • Haiwa

            Wow wow wow wow vana simba? Asi ndiwe muface wacho here???? Do you know the definition of committed. Makuda kubatira chirungu mubasket. Knowing someone since 93 or being with them at some point, married, cohabiting whatever the case? We not going to say much as we may say way too much. So this committed guy goes and buys perfumes for this woman who he took money from? Committment? Point of correction. When approached he kicks up a fuss denies it all and does all he can to defend himself hanzi make sure she does not get to know. This very dude is very good at defending his scandals, very good I tell you and those who know him know. So Simba hako let us know what is nice in ones eyes. If people are telling the truth zvaipa. When things go wrong hanzi people vanyarare.Im sealed lips and all files angabude!

          • simba

            Vana Haiwa why not use your names? All these accusations why don’t people go to the law if that’s the case because it seems you personally have all the information and you know how all this supposedly went down. So why not name the people that are the victims of this so called swindle. For me it’s trying to believe that a guy who payed out of his own pocket for the repatriation and funeral costs of a fellow zimbo he did not know out of his own pocket is what you are claiming is a bit hard. I think you know the truth.

          • Nguni

            simba wait a minute…. its you who is not clear here. paying for someones funeral expenses does not give u the right to steal from others. You have read that the father pays fees for seconday school girls but also infects them with AIDS… They can try to do good but that does not make them saints. We also do good in our communities but that does not mean we have the ticket to terrorise people. So if they helped you, just know that the money came from someone elses’s pocket. These guys are thieves!

          • Guest

            iwe simba do you know what you are talking about? You speak with a typical superior tone. Indeed shut up or we may say too much. Should we open Ottilia Anna Maunganidze’s closet of skeletons? Do you want us to expose this satan’s family? We may say way too much about this family of thieves. I hear mwana wa boss, that is total rubbish! For your info, Maunganidze is an undertaker, chased from tourism by Mzembi the boss… Uyu has never been a boss. He flucked his way to that PS position but because he was so incompetent, he did not even last 3 years. This fool wanted to legalise prostitution in Zimbabwe because one of his daughters (we will not say names or should we?) is a known hure. This same Maunganidze man is cohabiting with a former avenues prostitute (sorry Rose Maunganidze the official wife for having been given AIDS by your husband). It is so sad because his last daughter was born with AIDS (fortunately the young son tested negative) just because of this man’s heartless pride. Evil and incompetent to the core. Nxa indeed

          • Gokomere and Victoria High

            if you are now paying for shipping dead peoples bodies you do not know then you heading for disaster indeed, see what this man stated above has got you doing and involving yourself with this people.

          • hure raSimba

            Simba simba ndini hure pano. Who gives you the right to call people mahure ASI you this guy? How much did you pay for this hure you claiming was dumped. If a married man has a girlfriend they now call the woman hure ko what happens if they say the man is a bastard. Helping shipping someone who passed you do not know is a good did but do you even help moms vako. Simba this should not be your name as you tarnishing simbarashe. Ndini hure racho pano and I can love anyone married or single and handina chirwere. You quick to call people mahure when they start telling the truth you need to clean that foul mouth of stereotyping women and calling them mahure. How many mahure did you sleep with. Do you know hure if you see one. Stop calling people mahure ASI ndiwe hure or mukwasha wacho?

          • True Love

            ####SIMBA *simba* SIMBA#### this is true love right here. Just to let you know that I love you and its true love not that ndiri hure. Love has no boundary meaning I can still love you irregardless. You do not need to call those who love mahure as they know what love is too. They can even love you better and you know it. No need for panic attack. True love pops in anytime and does not need to start in 1993 ok or need a backup to confirm from high school to confirm. the truth is in your heart simba no need to pretend as only you can feel the love. come and get your love! Stop calling women who love bitches as one can love anyone. True love I’m here. Lets stop calling decent women who love mahure when they are not and you know it. True love I’m out and I am here no matter what!

          • sorry simba

            Simba come and get a hug and a shoulder to cry on. I feel sorry for you. Sorry if this has not turned out as you thought it is not 1993. Look at yourself on the mirror and not once. This is reality the truth. No need to put up a defence statement. The sooner you deal with it the better. Sorry.

        • Rose

          Simba have you been paid to clearup these peoples images? Respect Mukono and Jay Mukono are thieves, period! They have stolen peoples money. In tourism where Maunganidze Sylvester used to work, he was a known womaniser who promised seconday school children fees in exchange for sex! Thank God Mzembi sacked him because he used every tourism event to target young girls. These guys should know that the sun is setting on them. As we speak, Maunganidze the father is down with AIDS. This is not stigma but he has deliberately spread the disease to secondary school girls.

        • Gokomere and Victoria High

          there is nothing nice about this so called “nice couple” and they are not nice people. Now you want the whole of Gokomere high School and Victoria high school to support you? Do they live under your roof. Most of them said it was all about you talking about this above mentioned man’s money, him being a diplomat and the family’s $. They say you quick at calling people mahure and ngochani and this is not the only woman you have been with and this “inseperable disclaimer” is based on what you know you mother does ne nganga day in and day out to keep you there and bills being paid. Reporters approached her and she said imi vanhu imi. We sent out reporters to go and find out and the above. They all mentioned that you have been associated with many women and this was confirmed by Tete Lucy Diyo. She also said she was asked to take money from Mr Diyos account without his knowledge and she wired it with western union to Wolverhampton in promise that respect rukudzo the lawyer in UK and also registered in south Africa will fix her visa. Her visa was processed for her to visit UK in April this year. When we got in touch with her from a teaching class. Have you just realised that she is a replicate of this man stated here or what and looks exactly like her father people say. It is clearly stated in these children’s birth certificates that this man is their father. Its such an irony that this man goes on to treat other peoples children educating his own. His children are Aspect Maunganidze (Dr in Harare), Respect Rukudzo Uk, Emmanuel UK, Euphasia (Dr in South Africa Guateng) and Otillia anna.. Its funny how rukudzo was the first to support the father slagging mzembi when they set up a facebook page. This is another person who abuses her position by writing fake law drafts and we hear she encourages illegal UK visa applicants to have children with the legal ones so they apply for spouse visas. Are there any who seek asylum in UK? What this man did is offcourse NOT right as you know deep down your heart and if you are supporting it then you are heading for disaster as there is something called karma.

          • Guest

            I agree with you Gokomere and Victoria High… it hurts that a man educates his own and then goes into another man’s family to kill. Such a black heart. This man has given AIDS to children as young as 9 years old…a 56 year old sleeping with a child… guys what curse is this. I was speaking to my pastor about it yesterday and he says that this is a person who has a dead spirit… a completely dead spirit, the brain is aware that what he is doing is
            wrong but the heart is so evil, so black, so envious, so distorted, so corrupted that it overrides the brain and makes him defile an 11 year old child. God have mercy!

          • Guest

            Gokomere and Victoria High, give details of Kudzi and Jay Mukono’s deals together with their photos, we will find a way to publish the stories in the media and warn people against dealing with them….enough of the terrorism of this fuckedup Maunganidze family. The stupid wife Rose Maunganidze i hear mistreats housegirls and has given AIDS to 2 houseboys.

  • Mercy

    Anyone who in in zim, knows that this man loves pussy more than any zimbo. in fact he is worse than kaseke. he is a known womaniser…he sleeps on anything, i am so sure he beds house girls and also relatives. eish, this man loves sex and even prostitues say he is a regular client and that he wants it live.

    • mozzy

      akafanana na sazita wake SYlvester nguni kuda vakadzi

  • Parent

    Oh no…i sed to respect this man… It really sad what he is doing.

  • Aids activist


  • Satan

    if we ever see you at a funeral, we will burn you. Stupid crocodile tears yet you are the one responsible for many deaths in Zim…iwe ne Kaseke. Lucifer, hope you die a painful and shameful death. Stupid mother fuckers.

  • Baba

    ZANU PF THUG. Open zip closed mind. Really how a father can do such malicious things really beats my understanding. Surely sone men are worse than dogs and should not be fathers. It simply shows that you Maunganidze found your way up to your current office without the necessary skills used to hold that office. Shame on you

  • Chihelele

    Shame on you Maunganidze, you have no heart at all, i would advise the victims to take him to the court and have tests done if possible find out if he is taking ARVs, if he is them he did it deliberately. You belong to the prison chimbwasungata. Kukara tumari muchinyanyawo vasikana shandai shandai shandai & enjoy mari yekuzvishandira.

  • Vimbai

    Maunganidze you are the worst example of a leader, an embarassment to your family, to men, Zim, to Africa, to fathers, to each and everything you represent. Unfortunately Zim has been invaded by very evil people… only there to cause great harm to the people they have been entrusted to guide. Maunganidze, for your information, people are dedicating funds and working tirlessly to combat the spread of a disease whose cure has not yet been found and you are on the otherhand dedicated your life to spreading it and undoing the efforts of good and hardworking men? I have met selfish people but nothing compares to selfish and evil people like you. I hope this public announcement of your HIV status and disrespect of women is used by the appointing authority of Zimbabwe and any other companies never to trust you with a leadership position because you have failed to meet even the most minimal requirement of a leader, surely even a child knows that what you are doing is wrong. What a shame you are to mankind!

  • Nyasha


  • Belinda

    Eish…abuse of office and power. A big shame on you mr mashangaixe. You have lost any respect zims had in u.

  • Amai

    Extreme evil. Zimbabwe has been held hostage by extremely evil thugs. Where is the church when all these crimes are happening? What the hell has befallen us Zimbos? How did this man ascend to that position? What legacy have you left behind. HIV Spreader…. Cry my beloved country

  • Zinzi

    Stupid Murderer. You are so ugly, i do not know what women see in you. You look a transexual. Big ugly nose

    • zeno

      musadaro kani, you have not heard his side.

      • Zinzi

        Zeno, i dont need to hear his side. Who doesnt know that Maunganidze is a regular client at the avenues? i believe 100% he is HIV POSITIVE and deliberately spreading his virus to vulnerable children!

      • Parent

        Zeno, Mawunganidze should come out of his hiding place and make a statement. Chete. He moves around raping children and infecting them with HIV and we should keep quiet and wait to hear his side? Complete Rubbish!

  • Bona

    these allegations must be true. The man in question has been accused of chasing after children and infecting them with AIDS but he can not even come out and defend himself… People like Gono came out and defended themselves against the tarnishing accusations but you have chosen to remain silent, so i suppose, they are 100% true. Shame on you AIDS RAPIST. Thank you Lance, we have taken note of the rappist and informed our female relatives and friends.

  • Mary

    Maunganidze, uri imbwa. Go fuck the devil stupid, ugly, brainless, smelly idiot

  • Mary


  • Mary

    You stupid bastard Maunganidze. You have stolen many zim families of peace with your AIDS distributing. Glad you have been publically embarassed. Keep that smelly stick of yours in those smelly pants and go fuck your prostitute mother and daughters if you need to release hormones. Stupid moron!

  • maone

    Mawungamidze you devil wherever you are we hope you rot in hell. Foolish farm grabber and unefucated pig. That dr title yu forced on yiyrself u sre a simpleton who disnt go far with education and paid small boys to spread the word that u are a doctor. Dr kareke yes but not u mr aids. Kwaaaa

  • Tendai

    SYLVESTER BRADAH FUCK YOU. Fuck you and your entire generation. May they all be
    cursed. May your children and children’s children be infected with AIDS and
    every incurable disease. You are such a low life, a bastard, an evil fool. You stupid
    excuse of a human being who gives you the authority to pull out your sick penis
    and kill children who you did not help to bring to this earth or help educate? May
    your life take a downward spiral and may you die a very painful and miserable
    death. May your mother be raped and infected with every imaginable disease till
    she dies. That is her payment for bringing to earth a dick head like you who is

  • Mary

    Please go on facebook and like the stop Spreading HIV Maunganidze page. When we have got enough likes, we will publically humiliate him and he will have no choice but to abandon his HIV spreading spree and also stop defiling children

  • stop spreading hiv

    There is facebook page stop spreading hiv sylvestr bradah maunganidze. Plese join the groun inform friends do that a chsin is formed and this man thinks twice about causing new infections. The havoc he has done is already enough

    • Latina

      A facebook page will not stop anyone from spreading HIV. What will stop the spread of HIV is when these girls start respecting themselves and other people’s marriages and close their legs. Go like your own stupid page. Unonyadzisa. Mazadzwa AIDS makuda kuti tirwe hondo dzenyu. Warambwa iwe. Move on. Kutoita daka nemukadzi wake. Kure uko. Kureeeeee

      • stop spreading hiv

        look at this stupid woman…. Havent you heard that this man is poncing on secondary school children? You are the sort of shortsighted woman who can accuse a secondary school girl for destroying a marriage instead of accusing the man of defiling a girl under 18 years old. Women like you are unfortunately so backward and think that the man is ever right and the woman should take all the blame. Let us wait for someone to defile your daughter then you will soberup. You should start by rebuking these men for chasing around girls younger than their daughers instead of attacking the children. Ignorant and villagelike woman.

      • latina

        wait a minute….you must be his small house everyone here is talking about pretending to be latina…kikikiki…. i hear respect other peoples marriages yet you yourself you are the small house. kikikiki…the pot calling the kettle black…kikikikiki. you are the one he denies in public…kkikiki….that you are from a poor family that is why he is with you but he doesnt love you….kwakwakwakwa… you know what more, he says also says that you smell down there…. that you are not so clean…kwakwa… you wan to know more?

  • Guest

    Male Prostitute exposed. Male hure hure. Fuck

  • AMAI


  • nhema

    Dickhead you lost your right to have unprotected sec. So condomize ostay faithful to your positive small house. Okay pig?

  • Moyo


  • Ndaba

    Leaders, beware munomuka mofumurwa vana venyu vorava this kind of shameful stuff.



  • Lesly

    pasi nehiv spreading maunganidze. you are without doubt mentally disturbed and sex addicted…eish murume mukuru doing such stuff. Indeed maunganidze, we hate you, you have become a liability to zimbabwe and deserve to be put away from society.

  • Jukwa

    Vana veZimbabwe, I know the Maunganidze….he is not normal… he is a sex pervert and can sleep on anything, and i mean anything. For him any female can do, any age. Soem peopel say he can even sleep on an animal. He is that obsessed with sex that i believe it is wrong to embarass him here because the man is indeed sick in the head.

  • aChinjanja

    Pawaivhura tukumbo taivepo here? Don’t make the public fight your battles. Waiziva kuti ane mukadzi saka munhu ane hunhu should have stopped there. It’s people like you who spread the disease because you care about money more than your life and health. Wakusvotwaka because waiti acharamba mukadzi oroora iwe pfambi, manje zvakatopera. Move on with your life. Iyezvino Maunganidze wacho is now on to the next victim. Dai mairamba madhara aya mungadai musina matambudziko. Manje motiwona setakapusa kana tichikuyambirai. Zvino hezvi. Hanzi hee like my facebook page, hee njani njani. Tsve kutsvaga zvinoraramisa

    • Mary

      poor woman, my heart bleeds for your poor soul.kikikikiki

  • Maunganidze

    Ibenzi chairo. Uyu is a bastard who failed to make it in life and has settled for a life of AIDS spreading.

  • Kudzi

    This maunganidze man raped my grandmothers caretaker in 2001. Completely foolish and bogus humanbeing. Your father shd have worn a condom that night because a deadly sperm exited and created a brainless dog that is creating chaos. You are indeed one of the reasons condoms were created you fucked up moron Maunganidze. You are so sex minded, i am so sure you fuck you mother and children. That sick penis of yours has no sense of direction… i think if there was a way of fucking oneself, you wld be your own client… foolish asshole

  • Kudzi

    This maunganidze man raped my grandmothers caretaker in 2001. Completely
    foolish and bogus humanbeing. Your father shd have worn a condom that
    night because a deadly sperm exited and created a brainless dog that is
    creating chaos. You are indeed one of the reasons condoms were created
    you fucked up moron Maunganidze. You are so sex minded, i am so sure you
    fuck you mother and children. That sick penis of yours has no sense of
    direction… i think if there was a way of fucking oneself, you wld be
    your own client… foolish asshole

  • Kudzi

    This maunganidze man raped my grandmothers caretaker in 2001. Completely
    foolish and bogus humanbeing. Your father shd have worn a condom that
    night because a deadly sperm exited and created a brainless dog that is
    creating chaos. You are indeed one of the reasons condoms were created
    you moron Maunganidze. You are so sex minded, i am so sure youhave sex with your mother and children. That sick penis of yours has no sense of
    direction… i think if there was a way of servicing oneself, you wld be
    your own client… foolish asshole

  • Sadaam Hussein

    As we speak Maunganidze is being treated for Cryptococcal Meningitis (an opportunistic infection for AIDS, and is the second most common AIDS-defining illness in Africa) and was in Johannesburg for treatment because he was really down. I hope that the pain he has been subjected to and the public embrassment of deliberately infecting women and children will soften his heart. Maunganidze we wish you a quick recovery.

  • Nyasha

    BRADAH SYLVESTER MAUNGANIDZE has AIDS and has deliberately infected more than 100 women and children with AIDS some of whom have already died. It is an open secret that many in Harare and Chivi South know…

    In Harare, he is being treated by Dr. C Nyatsambo for Cryptococcal Meningitis (an AIDS opportunistic infection). Early this month, he was at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg and was treated by Dr. Lamparelli and Dr Rowji for hypertension and the neurological problems (some sort of silent stroke) caused by the meningitis.

    So his children: Euphrasia Maunganidze, Ottilia Anna Maunganidze, Respect Rukudzo (kudzi mukono), Tafadzwa Maunganidze etc, official wife Rose Maunganidze and that small house, we know you love daddy but he is so heartless. I do not know if you are spiritual people,but if you are, I am afraid the curses he has sown will be reaped by you guys and future generation. Surely God is a fair God and will not let Maunganidze off teh hook that easily.

  • PHD student

    Hope this ain’t true as who on earth would want to be married to his sons or to marry his daughters if their father has been doing such hidden things. What do you tell your grandchildren about grandfather or your own family and relatives. If true sympathy to the affected as one should not spread disease knowingly.

    • Amai Maunganidze

      Maunganidze has full blown AIDS… he was first diaognised with AIDS in teh early 2000’s and he knew about it… He goes around telling people thathe has hypertension and heart issues but it is full blown AIDS. I think he was not on ARV’s because his CD4 count was so low and viral load high. Nza, just a wild animal of a human being

      • Amai Maunganidze


  • Guest

    the more i look at this man’s eyes, the more i see evil. I see unhappiness, i see cruelty. I see the devil. People look at those eyes, pure satan. If what peopel are saying here is true that he has grown up children, then this is pure envy for other men’s children.

  • Guest

    They go around lying people that Maunganidze has hypertitis and heart disease only. In addition to those, there is also AIDS. Accept your disease. Why are you ashamed of it? If you wanted to keep it a secret, you should have kept that smelly stick in those smelly pants.

  • Guest

    “For every woman and girl violently attacked, we reduce our humanity.
    For every woman forced into unprotected sex because men demand this, we
    destroy dignity and pride. Every woman who has to sell her life for sex
    we condemn to a lifetime in prison. For every moment we remain silent,
    we conspire against our women. For every woman infected by HIV, we
    destroy a generation.” ~ Nelson Mandela during the 46664 Concert, Fancourt, George, South Africa, 19 March 2005

  • Guest

    mwana wa criminal

    • Nguni

      poor young man… daddy spreading AIDS to girls younger than you… please dont follow in his footsteps!

    • Makosi

      Pasi ne AIDS spreading…

    • Tafadzwa

      as ugly as father…kikiki.pwipwipwi

  • Guest

    Some men are useless… they are so worthless, it is lik ethey appear on earth just for negative reasons. I know Maunganidze from his days in tourism and i got sad seeing him aroung young girls. Kaseske too, but Maunganidze over did it. He was rarely seen in public with his 2 wives because they were a destruction to his womanising, whereas Mzembi and Kaseke moved around with theirs. Surely Maunganidze to say that you are evil is an understatment. What the hell do you tell the parents of children you have killed? How do you live every day life knowing that you have denied people a chance to a happy life? But most importantly, how do you dare step in church or even at burials… What pretence was that you used to talk about in public about the stop of AIDS spreading yet you peddaled it… He always went around saying that Kaseke was a sex pevert but Maunganidze, you were worse. Just that Kaseke is more famous than you but your womanising was 100 times more than Kaseke. Search your soul, reflect on what you went around doing. God bless

  • brainless goat


  • Amai Maunganidze

    maunganidze has a swollen uncircumsized dick that is constantly bleeding. i think it is herpes, an AIDS infection that makes it bleed.

  • Tafadzwa

    Maunganidze, Usafarise ndokumamisa notwuhama twako ukwane mukosho wamai vako.
    Pfutseki mhata yamai. nxa

  • hure raMaunganidze

    uyu maunganidze’s privates smell like bums that have not been cleaned in ages…. down there he stinks like carbon.

    • Guest

      kikiest, maybe he does not shower, plus the fungus of AIDS sufferers that hits teh body needs constant showering. that he smells like a bum is so hilarious.

  • Chiyangwa

    you stupid, evil son of a bitch, not man enough to take responsibility for your status and go into the world to spread your unhappiness! Rot in hell. msteeeeeeeeew

  • disgusted by Maunganidze clan

    Another product of the swollen bleeding AIDS dick. Pretending to preach law yet at home, the father is finishing off zim children. Satans family. nxa

  • disgusted by Maunganidze clan

    Another result of the HIV + rapist…

  • disgusted by Maunganidze clan

    wife of the AIDS rapist

    • child

      madam, arent you satisying murume wako? You are denying him sex and he now raping 10 year olds and infecting them with AIDS… why arent you respecting your conjugal rights. Then when he dies you will be running for his property yet you hav erefused to open your legs for him to enjoy.

      • child

        evenif you are in menopause and dry, these days the chinese have treatment for dryness.

    • Guest

      Raping house boys and giving the AIDS. Shame on you maiMaunganidze

  • child activst


  • child activst

    Poor lady… I inow ottilia n she seems a nice spuritual n sious girl… Wht has happened is such a pity. I am so sorry ottilia… U do not deserve thd ;(

  • Viomak

    Eish! The story is true. Medical records show that indeed Maunganidze has AIDS. Viomak Human righst defender published Maunganidze’s AIDS report… This is real cinema, eish!

  • mother fucker

    We look forward to the day this foolish beast will go and meet its creator. We will feast that on that day and come and urinate on your sad grave. Most Chivi women are now AIDS striken because of you smelly anus! Prostitutes on the avenues are evn tired of you because you tire condoms and reinfect them with your concentrated virus. Nxa fool. Go fuck your mother if you feel you cant contain yourself.

  • Rot in hell

    you AIDS infested beast, you raped and infected my mother. Oh how i am counting down the days to your death!

  • Nelson Mandela

    Hmmmm… you man, you should pick a leaf from Nelson Mandela. Look at the legacy he has left… and then look at yours… do they look similar? I have read the comments here and read Mandela’s on other pages. He is a hero and you a zero.

  • Forgiveness

    when i saw this story, i read it and read it again…. i was so heart broken. My fellow readers, this is a troubled man, stop abusing him because he is not okay. the way he abuses women, the woman who gave his children life, the wife of mzembi, grace mugabe plus all the girls he has given AIDS shows that he clearly despises women… and not just that, he validates himself by bringing down others. When one is suffering, it is a small party in his heart because he is better than that person. I do not need to investigate anything but i can confidently conclude that thisman is an abuser of power….put in a position where money passes, this one is a thief, period! And maybe not because he needs the money but depriving others of happiness naturally makes him happy. Be encouraged by Nelson Mandela’s words “So many men sit in nice suits and look good on the outside, but they are extremely evil on the inside, But anyway, let by gones be by gones”. This man needs forgiveness and to be prayed for, that Satan releases him. Amen

  • Guest

    this is Emmanuel Maunganidze, Birmingham UK. Son of Sylvester Maunganidze the man spreading AIDS to young Zimbabwe secondary school children. Shame on you you family of lucifer.

    • red rat

      is a guy but looks more female than sister ottilia. atleast the face is presentable!

  • Guest

    This man needs to apologise to Zimbabwe, how evil hearted can a humanbeing be. He has terrorized families, disrespected women. Surely God says vengeance is his. Look at all the dirt coming out from under the carpet. Such a disgrace that a father who is supposed to lead a family has brought shame to it. It is usually children who bring shame to family names but here its the father who has been unearthed as an AIDS spreading machine who disrespects women. Maunganidze is in hospital battling AIDS, it does not cross his mind that the battle he is facing is also being faced by other women… so he just goes on spreading because as long as the pain is not faced by his family, then it is okay for other families. Readers let us put out all the names of this man’s family so that we can analyse them one by one.

  • Guest

    Maunganidze has ministerial ambitions so that he can become president of zim some day. kwa kwa kwa… You AIDS INFESTED IDIOT, you can’t even lead a herd of cattle and you think you can lead a nation? Imagine Zimbabwe with this clown as its head, better Joseph Chinotimba

  • Guest

    Osama bin Laden look alike. Product of rape

    • red rat

      AIDS spreader too. born woth AIds and is also spreading… nxa

  • Guest

    Fuck zanu pf and its thugs like Maunganidze!

  • red rat

    eish! this is awoman? i thot she was a guy… maybe fathers looks but she has one hell of an ugly face. usually light skinned ladies are helped by the skin color to be beautiful… this one even with light skin is still ugly with a chimpanzes jaw…yah fathers eyes but quite a very unpleasant face…. i guess it was an abortion gone bad

  • red rat

    paint this goat black and you have maunganidze face. lol

  • Guest

    The name Sylvester Maunganidze features every where in the negative news, save looters, raping
    relatives and maids, spreading AIDS, wanting to legalise prostitution, telling
    lies in parliament, murderer of opposition, abuse of office, farm grabbing, sodomising
    young boys..the latest news coming in is that he was once accused of having sex with a cow eish!

  • red rat

    there is so much of a needed appeal for women who are abused…This Maunganidze guy is the biggest low life inbred to have ever walked this earth. Stupid! I pity women who enter bed with you, you look so disgusting…you look semi human for lack of a better word. A man as old, and as fat as you moving around distributing AIDS to secondary school children and now i read even having sex with animals. nxaaa

  • Guest

    known sex offender also accused of touching his 6 year old daughter in a manner not normal for a parent. He was caught red handed by his wife sexually fingering his daughter and licking her.

  • Guest

    maiMaunganidze made some cakes for you after completing the successful rape and AIDS infection of her neigbors houseboy. Neigbours are tired of her starting up relationships with houseboys because she says her man left her for a small house. well done mai Maunganidze. we will come and celebrate you AIDS infested ugly woman.

  • Guest

    Girls before you have a relationshp with Tafadzwa Maunganidze, go to your personal doctor because he was born with AIDS and is forging HIV results. He has such a weak game in bed ontop of being HIV positive.

  • red rat


  • Maunganidze Makgatho

    this man injects boys with drugs and sodomises them. he has AIDS, syphlis and gonnorea. As we speak, Maunganidze has heart problems caused by excesssive STD’s in the system. Stupid AIDSylvester. Fuck You, fuck your mother, fuck your wives, fuck your children.

  • nyama ye mbudzi


  • Euphrasia Makgatho

    What a bunch of filthy pigs zimbabwe has. Is this how you treat women ? Women are trying to make something of themselves and you filthy gutter rat wants to use them for your own selfish purposes. This is why you are a filthy pig. If that were
    my sister or wife or girlfriend I would kill every goddamn relative of yours. And oh by the way, Euphrasia Makgatho, go give daddy a blow job so that she can drink his AIDS sperms for breakfast, lunch and diner!

  • tafa maunga
  • tafa maunga
    • Vana veZimbabwe

      mukosho wamai vako. who wants an ugly pissing asshole like you. if you want a suga mama, try yo own mama.

    • Kaseke Karikoga

      can we try?

  • Simpleton Maunga

    Mauganidze Sirivesta is a simpleton who failed to organise a mere UNWTO conference. Ofcourse on top of him being a serial womaniser. Now if the story above is true then this son of a bitch should be test his own medicine.

  • Parent

    Vana veZimbabwe in South Africa, evil is back at your door step. Maunganidze is back in Johhanesburg Milpark Hospital for a review of his AIDS sicknesses. As we speak, he still has problems with the hypertension and hypertensive heart disease and has been admitted so that they can try and reduce the AIDS load in his body… For one year he has been in and out of hospital because i tell you teh AIDS is just a lot…especially after spending each and every day on avenues with prostitues. Please women around the johhanesburg area, be very careful because just last week, he already tried to rape a nurse. I think alongside AIDS treatment, they should also get him psychiatric to reduce those raping tendencies.

  • Kaseke Karikoga

    Bradah Sylvester Maunganidze is a man who is spreading AIDS without shame to any lady he finds on the road. The man loves sex at his very old age and he is the largest customer of Viagra and ARVs in Harare for him to be able to satisfy the whole coterie of ladies he sleeps with daily. More on him in a short while……

  • Stacey

    Lesson to all: You can escape responsibility but you can never escape the consequences of your actions. They always catch up with you! I have read thsi very disturbing article and what hurts the more is that readers are taking out their anger on thsi man’s children who are innocent! i am so sorry for all the innocent peopel here who have been abused. Maunganidze, your family deserves more than this! The rough waters and sad times you hav eput them trought was not only unecessary but also avoidable. I speak because i would cry my eyes out if my father was lableled an AIDS rapist and abused for everyone to read. For the Maunganidze family, remember that time heals wounds and very soon, this storm will be over. Trust God and ask him to see daddy through this very trying time. To his wife, do not confront him because he has been humiliated enough…if you add any words it may break him…just leave him, he has to rebuild his name and try to support him in that. God bless you abundantly.

  • Martin Mukono

    pfutseki, futseki mhani, sichupeti. You are a stupid fool, AIDS idiot.

  • Public Service Commission

    stupid AIDS idiot. Come to office, we are waiting to look at you with eyes of disgust. You bark out commands yet you are a worhless AIDS infested rapist. mukosho wamai vako stupid idiot. Thank God you got that stroke which was caused by your evil heart. Nxa

  • kumbirai

    what a sad clown

  • Mutinhiri

    May God have mercy on your poor soul Mashangaize… such a wasted life. You have been used by Satan and in your time of need he has not come to your rescue. Look at how your family is being abused. Do they deserve this surely? You have been shot down, abandoned by friends! That is why i usually tell people, be careful with power. It can drown you and make you do such foolish things. Okay you have unprotected sex with children…it felt good in the moment but looking back, surely was it worth it? Was 5 minutes of live sex worth your name and reputation? maybe you did you not expect to be exposed? And the fact that the exposure conincided with your sickness makes it believable that indeed you are suffering from AIDS.You will not lie to people that it is a stroke Mashangaize, it is AIDS. Surely the devil is a liar…he has failed you… My advise to you is to put down your tools, leave public life and become an observer because you have lost the trust of zimbabweans. Th eperson you owe it to more than ever is your wife, I would never want to be in her shoes. She now has the label of “Wife of AIDS rapist”…deep breath!

  • kumbirai

    These are the very same people who sing about homosexuals. Nothing inhumane about being gay. What is inhumane are you stupid married cheating
    man engaging in cross generational relationships
    intentionally spreading AIDS to girls young enough to be your grandkids. Live and let live. Am ashamed to be Zimbo right now.
    Misaligned priorities…..this is what happens when you are led by a
    confused egotistical corrupt regime. Urrghhh

  • Mutinhiri

    I’m sure that’s why you mother ended up giving birth to you.Women of loose morals also give birth to foolish sons. Son of a BITCH.NXA.Idiot of the highest order.Go rape your mother idiot.

  • pwipwipwipwi

    pwipwipwipwi. when Mzembi sacked you, your stupid followers wrote that every dog has its day…he who laughs last laughs best etc… i think mzembi has had the last laugh… and we can now laugh with him. pwipwipwipwi. Maunganidze, humble yourself and learn manners. boasting that you are a diplomat is so childish. and the fact that you are deliberately spreading AIDS shows that you are or were a low profile diplomat…perhaps that is why you were called back from your station. pwipwipwipwi. diplomat turned AIDS rapist. pwipwipwipwi.

  • CIO





    • Manu

      Maunganidze is a known pedophile engaging in sexual activity with children as young as 12 years of age. It was an open secret that he is a sex pervert who has an abnormal sex apetite. After reading these comments, I concur that indeed this man can have sex with an animal, he can sleep on anything. He is sick and needs medication because his sex apetite seems an obsession, it is not normal.

  • CIO

    Then Ottilia Anna Maunagnidze has the audacity to tweet “In the past year (as with years before) thousands of women lost their lives to angry, jealous, foolish “lovers”…

    Does this silly girl first think before tweeting? Anyway I do not expect much from her…lawyer just by book. Ms Anna, your father is spreading AIDS like there is no tomorrow and you have the nerve to talk about women suffering at the hands of men…like you are some kind of example or authority of women’s movement.

    Why don’t you start with your hosuehold where your own mother is now HIV positive because of your fathers reckless lifestyle? Who is worse? A man who beats his wife and keeps the danger within the household or one like your father (is he allegic to condoms?) who goes ahead and defiles secondary school children deliberately infecting them with AIDS?

    Yes, we should never pay for our parents sins but this incident has proved to us that utaura shit day in day out calling it justice. Oh and by the way, before I sign off, Ms Anna Maunganidze, if you are tired of South Africa’s racism, take your brown ass back to Harare and give South Africans a break.

  • Sibanda

    You grown up men who think with your penises instead of your brains are very annoying and stupid. Diplomat? of where? Career diplomat or a mere political appointee? It shows that this fool’s body travelled but the mind remained untravelled. Surely, maunganidze you are a rapist deliberately spreading AIDS to children? Ibenzi chairo. So all along Mzembi was right to say that you had trivalised UNWTO into a sexpo and was also right to have sacked you. A person with AIDS calling for the legalization of prostitution? So you are not only advocating for prostitution but also for the spread of AIDS. No way, you were given your chance and u misused it. Just go to your grabbed farm and retire.

  • Manu

    This morning I saw Cde Walter Mzembi in the new 2014 Benz E 300. When I grow up I wana be like him… and not an ugly AIDS infected rapist like Brada Maunganidze.

  • Mr Sexton

    I know Bradah Maunganidze, we come from the same village. He loves sex too
    much. Maybe he should change his name to Mr Sexton. I also suggest he goes and looks for Gumbura’s women and help them.

  • Peter

    This is a growing problem in Zimbabwe. These men are
    using their money and power to prey on young girls. They go around asking young girls young
    enough to be his own daughters to sleep with them promising them jobs. I think people like Maunganidze, Kumbirai, Chiyangwa etc should be stopped before the hiv situation is out of control.

  • Memory

    Mawunganidze, you are as disgusting as a pig’s vomit…. Please women, dont open your legs without verification of the status of the penis, these men are on an objective to pull women to the grave with them. Nxaaaa, after reading this story, I could not sleep. Wherever this stupid son of a bitch is, I hope his head is crushed like that of a serpent. He is even ugly, probably as a result of taking excessive ARV’s. M.H.A.T.A