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Did Pokello dump Stunner live on TV?

By  Zimbo Jam

Sassy Zimbabwean fashionista, Pokello Nare, last night shocked Zimbabweans around the world when she said that she was ready to wait for Ghanaian housemate Elikem to leave the house to pursue her relationship with him. 

The veil is off. Pokello (left), pictured here with Namibian housemate Dillish, revelealed her true feelings to IK last night.
The veil is off. Pokello (left), pictured here with Namibian housemate Dillish, revelealed her true feelings to IK last night.

Pokello became the 16th housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Africa The Chase, bringing to an end Zimbabwe’s dream of winning the US$300,000 grand prize. This was the fifth time Pokello was up for eviction and the fourth time in a row.

The vivacious Pokello, probably suffering from nomination fatigue, seemed not to be too bothered about being booted off the show, and said that it was just a game and life would go on.

When she learnt that it was time to head out, she kissed Ghanaian housemate Elikem, who she had developed a special relationship with, gave hugs to the rest of her housemates and then made her way out through the awkward silence that shrouded the house.

During her red couch interview with presenter IK she said, “I was not surprised when I got nominated. I was never afraid of going home because I did not walk out of a stone, I have a home.”

She also revealed that what the relationship she had with Elikem was for real.

“I am really feeling what we had with Elikem,” revealed Pokello, who was blushing in front of the cameras. “I am ready to wait for him.”

Earlier in her Diary session Pokello told Big Brother that she was content with her stay in the house and when she was asked if she would miss Elikem, she admitted with no doubt that she would and insisted that this was not the end of his game but hers.

“So did she just dump Stunner in front of tens of thousands of continental viewers on live television?” is the question that Zimbabweans are asking. That remains to be seen.

The first housemate out in last night’s show was Sierra Leone’s Bassey. When IK asked Pokello to leave the house the sense of dejection at the Big Brother Africa eviction party at the Book Café in Harare, where the show was being watched on a big screen, was tangible.

When she made her comments about Elikem, there were gasps and murmurs and spontaneous excited chatter broke out. On social media Zimbabwe and Africa at large weighed in on her eviction and her statements about Elikem.

Stand up comedian, Simba The Comic King speculated on a deeper Pokello plot and tweeted; “Seriously tho I feel Pokello planned this, e Stunner fling, e sextape, entry into #BigBroAfrica all part of a plan to get popular #PokiStunsZim.”

Unlike in previous weeks, Pokello only received two country votes this week. Here is how the voting totalled out among the five housemates who were up for eviction: Angelo = 5 (Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Rest of Africa), Annabel = 3 (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), Dillish = 3 (Ethiopia, Malawi, Namibia), Pokello = 2 (Ghana, Zimbabwe) and Basssey = 2 (Nigeria, Sierra Leone).

The other Zimbabwean housemate in BBA The Chase , Hakeem Mandaza (@HulkMandaza), was evicted two weeks ago. He had his welcome back party at The Lounge in Newlands on Friday evening and then was in Bulawayo on Saturday for another gig.

His contribution to the Twitter conversation after Pokello’s ouster, “Pokello out… Zim out… Africa I’m not happy…” Zimbo Jam

  • Illuminati

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Doris Marutta

    Stunner iboora ngoma

  • Phibion Madakuchekwa

    Ndozvoita mahure sana pokello

  • Tawanda Matutu

    Zihure rinazvo

  • Felistas Saunyama

    Stunner l door. …..

  • Richard Matende

    Stunner !!!!!Stunner!!!!!!!swagy munoida manhingi kungoita kaCash makudhibha kuti muriveGeto ,Geto boy ndakunyarira kunge imbwa yapinda mubhazi!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Moyo

    Pokello is a hooker

  • Mapfumo Chimedza

    Zvekwaaniko imi, zvekutungana kwembudzi badzi. Hanzi moonana less than a week muchishow chenhema mototi taitirana pafirst sight. Manyemwe aya, zvenhando, attention seeking. Makati representer zvikakona endai kumba makanyarara monogadzira zvimwe zvimavideo zveupenzi nastunner wako.



    • taita cash

      ya akashata mukadzi iyeye. kutsvuka nemari chete

  • murambatsvina

    Good for stunner….

  • diblo dibala

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  • Taita cash

    so 2 women in a role have managed to degrade stunner mumedia. first it was Makosi saying Stunner aint her type now Pokello dumping stunner on television???Shame but Pokello really showed kuti she is a whore who is after fame ..zifame whore chairo nxa..