Mugabe urges Zuma to silence advisor

Harare – Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Saturday warned South Africa’s Jacob Zuma to stop his top mediator from commenting on the country’s political crisis, as the veteran leader stepped up electioneering. 

Thorn in Mugabe's flesh: Lindiwe Zulu
Thorn in Mugabe’s flesh: Lindiwe Zulu

“That persistent negative voice from South Africa, could it be stopped,” Mugabe told thousands of supporters at a campaign rally in the Matabeleland region. I appeal to President Zuma to stop this woman of theirs from speaking on Zimbabwe,” said Mugabe referring to Zuma’s advisor, Lindiwe Zulu.

It was Mugabe’s second attack on Zuma’s envoy. Earlier this month he called Zulu a “streetwoman” when he kicked off his election campaign. Mugabe, who is running for re-election in the 31 July vote, said only Zuma had a right to speak on Zimbabwe.

“We were given one facilitator, that’s President Zuma and only his voice should speak,” he said. “No other voices.”

SADC meeting

Zuma is leading the Southern African Development Community (SADC) mediation team on Zimbabwe, which pushed for the crunch vote. The regional bloc had pressed Mugabe to allow time for a series of reforms that would limit the military’s role in politics and strip ghost voters from the electoral roll.

Mugabe’s renewed attack on Zulu comes as the SADC peace and security organ is meeting in Pretoria to discuss the country’s political crisis.

On Friday, Zulu said there were still challenges in the run-up to the key polls aimed at ending the uneasy unity rule between Mugabe and his archrival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

With the vote due in less than two weeks, Zimbabwe is still trying to raise the $132m budget required to fund it.

“As we go to elections, we expect our friends from the Southern African Development Community, the African Union and Comesa [Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa] to assist us in this process by encouraging us, and where they are able to do so by materially helping us to fund the elections,” Mugabe said.

MDC rally

The veteran leader urged the neighbouring countries to refrain from making unfavourable comments. “We don’t expect SADC countries to be spreading lies about us and telling others that the situation in Zimbabwe is not peaceful, that the ground is not even.”

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai addressed a rally in the second city of Bulawayo, warning that returning Mugabe to power would be a backward move. AFP

  • Chinja Maitiro

    ocuments, prepared for the head of Zimbabwe’s highly feared Central Intelligence Organisation and the Joint Operational Command (JOC), the body that oversees state security, contain a number of alarming disclosures.

    Nikuv International Projects, an Israeli firm, is being paid $13 million (£8.5 million) to manipulate voter registration, counter ‘unfavourable’ results and ‘neutralise’ opposition votes.

    The Chinese government is helping with ballot rigging, advising on voter intimidation and providing jamming equipment to silence independent radio stations.

    Already, 45,534 youths have been trained and deployed across the country in armed militia to ‘stem resistance’, with another 7,343 undergoing training and ‘mass reorientation classes’ to be ready three days before polling.

    Security forces are adamant that six Zanu-PF moderates ‘must be STOPPED’ from standing. One of the named politicians, Edward Chindori-Chininga, died last month in a suspicious car crash. His family say it was an assassination.

    Funding for the covert campaign is coming from controversial diamond companies, the presidents of two African countries and prominent business figures from Britain, China and Zimbabwe.

    Millions of dollars are being directed towards leaders of southern African countries providing independent election monitors to ‘drum up support for poll credibility before, during and after elections’.

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  • burning spear

    lindiwe zulu, mugabe’s nemisis. may your ‘negative’ voice persistently point out the challanges that zimbabwe faces. we appreciate your efforts and, please, keep on being on the people’s side.

    • bibi


  • Taurai G

    The government and ZANU-PF will continue to insure that it will always be exclusively a “man’s world” … hence a professional woman is still exclusively considered and referred to as a street woman (“whore”) and a terrier’s (“b**ch”) … men are not referred to in these sexual terms … so typical of the neanderthals running the country … women, you better stay in your place … your only value to Zimbabwe’s men is exclusively that of a “breeder” for their pleasure or rape (whichever they decide) … so sick and degrading to Zimbabwe’s women to be subjected to these male animals

  • Pamire Hwata

    Lindiwe, wedzera volume, sheedzera, tikunzwe

  • robobo

    Just shut up you demented OLD MAN.
    You call everyone names and no one gives a rats a~ss cause you are dying and meeting your maker lucifer sooooooon.
    Tell the devil to shut up when he burns you in hell !

  • Stop-a-Thief

    He is almost 90 years old…
    His failed leadership put the country on hold…
    Using the courts to cheat…
    Like a dog on heat…
    Are Zimbabweans so crazy…
    To waste their votes on this lazy?…
    Freedom soon knocks, we say please come in YES…
    Bringing to an end suffering for 33 years…

    Vanhu Havachada Mugabe&zanupf!!

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