The story of a deadly enemy within our camp

By Learnmore Zuze

It is always difficult to battle an enemy who possesses an intimate knowledge of your systems.”

The field of law is very interesting. Each lawyer is bound by strict rules which are administered by Law Societies. There are thousands of practicing lawyers but each has his own unique style of arguing a case.

Learnmore Zuze
Learnmore Zuze

Some try to confuse; others are sarcastic while many are aggressive. Each advocate is expected to be a man of high integrity. However, some lawyers engage in shady deals. A lawyer who deals unscrupulously may be deregistered no matter how shrewd they may be.

Now, suppose there is a revered and influential lawyer in your country. This esteemed lawyer possesses qualities of integrity and is an accomplished advocate.

As a result of his influence, pride slowly starts to creep into his heart and he begins to disregard orders from his country’s Judiciary believing himself to be superior. He starts by negatively influencing other lawyers against the law of the land.

He makes an attempt to overthrow the Chief Justice of the country. After a protracted struggle, he eventually loses it out and his practicing certificate is revoked. He is kicked out of the country. Question:

Which one thing remains with this rebel lawyer wherever he goes in his life? Pick your answer.

a) Legal books

b) Clothes

c) Legal Knowledge

The correct answer is (c). It is Legal knowledge. I have a number of deregistered lawyer friends but surprisingly most of these deregistered lawyers make the excellent lecturers of law. In short, a deregistered lawyer is still a lawyer and will always carry his legal knowledge and can still use or abuse it outside his profession wherever he goes.

This illustration (as I will explain) captures the origins of a plethora of unthinkable practices that have become the face of the Christian world today. I was shocked to see a preacher who had the crowds throwing money at him in appreciation of the “Word” exactly in the same way that people throw money for a street performer. This is happening in church today.

Today the world is faced with teachers who are keen on teaching ‘Five ways to acquire wealth’ to a people groaning under the burden of sin. Today’s churches are filled with people battling various addictions including pornography and yet they are bombarded with a gospel of wealth and miracles. We have teachers keen on performing miracles to an audience which does not know the importance of baptism.

People have turned the sacred Word into a money-spinning wheel. Supposed custodians of the Word have become custodians and marketers of riches. Christianity has fallen prey to ravenous wolves. Christianity has been inflicted with a deep wound which will take years to heal.

The world is now filled with teachers ready to deliver miracle money to people who have not worked for it while the Bible counsels that a man shall eat from the brow of his sweat. Today’s world has become the dwelling place of weird and evil doctrines.

A satanic teaching currently embraced is that if you give to a poor person you may ‘connect’ with their poverty hence you should give the rich to ‘connect’ with their riches. But doesn’t the bible say, “He who gives to the poor lendeth unto God.”(Proverbs 19:17)

The occult concept of spiritual fatherhood rooted in West Africa has become common place in Southern Africa. Honestly, how can true Christians not see a problem with kneeling down before a man? This practice is clearly rebuked in Rev 19:10.

Just a week ago someone here claimed to have brought fire from Heaven. Is this the power of Christ at work? A visit to Nigeria/Ghana is all that a pastor needs to come back with ‘prophetic’ power. Dear brothers, all these stunts are but the manifestation of a hidden power.

Many have hated Satan without knowing much about him. The traditional manner in which Satan is portrayed in books and the media is highly misleading. The picture of an ugly and monstrous creature with two horns blowing smoke from the mouth has been associated with Satan over the years.

That image is the stark opposite of Satan. Satan was created by a perfect God. He was the most beautiful angel in heaven. He was blameless in his ways. Listen to what the sovereign Lord says concerning Lucifer: “…You were the model of perfection full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. Every precious stone adorned you: ruby, topaz…Your settings and mountings were made of gold on the day you were created they were prepared.” (Ezekiel 28:12-19)

To our minds, the words ‘beautiful’, ‘perfect’ and ‘wise’ do not conjure an image  of  Satan at all but indeed Satan was blameless until his heart became proud and he fell. Just like in the lawyer-illustration, slowly but surely, pride crept into Satan’s heart.

He sought to overthrow God and negatively influenced a third of God’s angels which now work under him to deceive man. “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty and you corrupted your wisdom…” The Sovereign Lord continues: “So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you” (Ezekiel 28:17)

After disobeying, Satan was kicked out of heaven and he fell on earth. Question: which single thing did Satan carry with him as he fell on earth? I guess you got it right; Satan fell on rocky earth with his Heavenly knowledge, power and wisdom. He retained the powers he wielded whilst serving in Heaven. The Bible even tells us that there should be; “… no wonder for, Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”(2 Corinthians 11:14)

Who do you think enabled Pharaoh’s magicians to compete with God’s servant (Moses) in Egypt? (Exodus 7:11, 12) Who do you suppose enabled Simon the sorcerer to perform miracles which made him famous in Israel? (Acts 8: 9-25). Whose power enabled that slave girl to accurately predict the future before Apostle Paul silenced her? (Acts 16:16). Whose power did the witch at Endor use to ‘bring back the dead?’(1 Samuel 28:7-20)

This power is still at work and as the world slowly draws to an end the power is revealing itself more and more. It will operate openly but deceitfully. The Bible tells us that the Arch-rebel will work deceptive miracles, “…even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men.”(Rev 13:13) Thousands upon thousands of innocent people today have wondered after this power.

The power counterfeits heavenly systems to deceive them who dwell on earth. Satan is a deadly enemy inflicting damage to the unsuspecting church from within. Satan’s greatest achievement to date is turning nearly the whole Christian community’s focus on vanity (earthly riches) whilst neglecting the critically needed salvation and repentance from sin.

The story of Satan is the story of an enemy fighting from within. He saw heaven. He dwelt in Heaven. He was an angel which stood in the presence of God. It is easier for a former employee to corrupt company systems. Satan knows how to destroy humanity and alienate it from God. He is doing this by using his intimate knowledge of Heaven that spans over thousands of years.

Our short lifespan put up against Satan’s amassed knowledge makes us ill equipped against this mighty enemy. Most people who invent computer viruses are people who are expert at software. Satan is too clever to show his hand but disguises himself.

He brings half truths and half lies with the effect of deceiving people. Something part true and part false. It’s the computer wizards who hack internet accounts. Satan, as we know him today has deceived the world by counterfeiting and abusing the true Gospel.

Satan has the power to enrich those who serve him. The book of Ezekiel recounts that Lucifer was a supernatural entity that could walk on fire. This practice is common in the seemingly innocent but occult –inspired motivation industry where people walk on fire and attribute it to mind power.

Our enemy is capable of many things. Satan can make accurate predictions. It should not surprise why miracles and predictions are the bait in today’s gatherings for, Satan possesses such power. Just take away the wealth promises and miracles from today’s gatherings and see what happens.

The thousands who flood the churches have nothing to do with real worship but are chasing after wealth and miracles. Satan is grateful to have people focusing on miracles and money yet they are struggling with alcohol addictions, fornication and adultery. The following is an example of the counterfeit gospel: ‘Today you will receive all you ever needed.’

  • He will get you that Job.
  • He will give you that car/house.
  • He will promote you.
  • He will expand your business.

I do not dispute for a second that God can do these things but it becomes outright deception when this is made the foremost Gospel as is currently happening in the supposed Christian churches. Today, Christians are made busy praying for financial breakthroughs, businesses and partners among other such things. Is this the Gospel of Christ? Isn’t true Christianity primarily about pursuing righteousness and shunning sin?

Wasn’t Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed because of sin? Weren’t the people in Noah’s time destroyed by the flood because of sin? Didn’t God send Jonah to preach to Nineveh because of sin? Didn’t John the Baptist teach that repent from your sins? Didn’t our father Adam fall because of sin? Wasn’t it sin which caused God Almighty to descend in the form of Christ to redeem humanity?

Satan has left the brothels and set in to deceive within by substituting a defective gospel which is earthly-focused. We have a deadly enemy striking from within. Satan has no business deceiving criminals or the wicked. He is doing his work within the church. To God, the problem of this world is sin not poverty. Hence he had to send his Son to condemn sin.

My fellow brothers and sister, the Kingdom of God has never been about wealth or miracles but salvation of the sinful human being. It was for that reason that Christ came to earth not for wealth. Satan’s victims are the thousands who rely on leaders to understand the Bible. More often than not, the devil only needs to deceive the leader and consequently he deceives millions of people who do not take it upon themselves to study the Scriptures.

The message which is so crucial in today’s world is for you and me to repent and leave sin because Jesus is coming again to take only those who are without sin. Since the time of Adam, this world has toiled under the burden of sin. Satan does not want the message of repentance put across. I pray that God grants us the spirit of discernment because many deceptive practices and doctrines have gone out into the world.

This is the last hour. Take heed that no one deceives you.

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  • Zvazvinhu

    Just waiting to see how Faya faya and/or Bhora resimbi will respond to this one!!

    • Mwaimbodei

      be careful what you wish for . . . kkkkk!

  • chamu


  • Fayafaya

    This article is amazing in how it misleads and misrepresents what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. This writer obviously is from a church background that denies miracles, signs and wonders. His anti-supernaturalism is testimony to that. Here are some of the fallacies perpetuated by this article (reader beware):

    1. What Zuze calls “crowds throwing money at the preacher” – is that what we read in Acts 4:34 where: “from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet”? Its unlikely he has ever come across that verse.

    2. Zuze says: “Today’s churches are filled with people battling various addictions including pornography and yet they are bombardedwith a gospel of wealth and miracles.”

    But are people not also battling with debt, poverty and sickness? The Gospel does not just address sin. It is wholistic. It addresses the totality of man. This is why Jesus not only preached but healed
    the sick, cast out demons and fed the hungry. This is a shameful attempt to ‘one-dimensionalise’ the Gospel, which is multi-dimensional.

    3. He says “ Christianity has been inflicted with a deep wound which will take years to heal.” Lies!!! Christianity has no deep wound except the wounds sustained at Calvary, and those have healed.

    4. Zuze says: “The world is now filled with teachers ready to deliver miracle money to people who have not worked for it while the Bible counsels that a man shall eat from the brow of his sweat. ” Today’s world has become the dwelling place of weird and evil doctrines.”

    In that case God must be full of weird and evil doctrines because in Deut 6 Moses told Israel: “the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities YOU DID NOT BUILD, houses filled with all kinds of good things YOU DID NOT PROVIDE, wells YOU DID NOT DIG, and vineyards and olive groves YOU DID NOT PLANT.” (Deut 6:10-15). Zuze wants to work hard for it. No, its not God who is full of weird & evil doctrines. We know who!

    5. Zuze says: ” A satanic teaching currently embraced is that if you give to a poor person you may ‘connect’ with their poverty hence you should give the rich to ‘connect’ with their riches.”

    This is a deliberate distortion of the teaching of divine prosperity. You get blessed for giving to the poor. You also get blessed for blessing the one whom God has blessed. Abraham is our example. God says whoever blesses Abraham will be blessed by God
    and whoever curses Abraham will be cursed by God (Gen 12).

    6. Zuze says: “The occult concept of spiritual fatherhood rooted in West Africa has become common place in Southern Africa.”
    Lies, lies, lies!!! The concept of spiritual fatherhood is rooted in the New Testament, NOT in West Africa. What Bible is he reading? Paul says: “Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel” (1 cor 4:15). Last time I checked Paul was NOT from West Africa!!!

    Kneeling before an honored personage is part of ancient Shona culture (I don’t know if Zuze is Shona or not – its unlikely judging by the name) and has nothing to do with worshipping a human being. In the Arab world they kiss you, and in India they bow down. Different cultures have different ways of doing things. Paul never required the Jews to abandon their culture when they became Christians. Abandon their religion yes. But culture no.

    7. Zuze says: “Who do you think enabled Pharaoh’s magicians to compete with God’s servant (Moses) in Egypt? (Exodus 7:11, 12) Who do you suppose enabled Simon the sorcerer to perform miracles which made him famous in Israel? (Acts 8: 9-25). Whose power enabled that slave girl to accurately predict the future before Apostle Paul silenced her? (Acts 16:16).”

    There goes his anti-supernatural bias again. He focuses on the magicians – not on Moses, on Simon the sorcerer-not on the apostles, the slave girl-not on Paul. Why focus on the demonic powers not divine power?
    In fact, Zuze appears to be quite enamored more with satan than with Jesus. In this article he mentions satan or Lucifer 24 times. Yet Jesus is mentioned only twice! This man is enamored with satan. As a young Christian I was told that if you go to a church where they mention the name of satan more than the name of jesus, run away from that church. Well, Zuze mentions satan 24 times and Jesus ONLY twice? My advice? Run away from Zuze!

    8. Zuze says: “It should not surprise why miracles and predictions are the bait in today’s gatherings for.”
    It shouldn’t if you read your Bible. He evidently doesnt. Paul says that through prophecy “the secrets of their hearts are laid bare. So they will fall down and worship God, exclaiming, “God is really among you!” (1 Cor 14:25). Part of the function of prophecy is to reveal hidden things in the heart of man so as to convince him that God is present. This is prophecy being used as bait. If you have problems with that go ask Paul!

    • Fayafaya

      This bowing/kneeling thing is really funny. Part of the argument made by Republicans in the US against Obama is that he went to the Middle East and bowed his head to the Sheikhs there. To the Republicans that means the President of the most powerful country had just bowed and surrendered to an Arab nation. What balderdash! Its how they honor their dignitaries over there. When you go there diplomacy dictates that you honor them in a way that’s intelligible to them. It has nothing to do with surrender, any more than my sister kneeling before my father when she gives him a plate of food. Lets use our brains people!

      • Fayafaya

        And btw you do get blessed by ‘connecting’ with a successful individual. It was true of Abraham’s nephew Lot who wasn’t of dubious moral character. He got blessed materially by connecting with Abraham. We call it “prosperity by association.” Its a well recognized principle even in the world. This is why parents are always looking for some successful individuals to mentor their kids. And many times as parents when we cant afford the mentoring expenses, we just want our kids to meet and be exposed to successful people, even if its just for a few minutes. There is a recognition that something invisible and intangible rubs off on you when you come into contact with greatness

        • preacher’son

          The true gospel of Jesus Christ. Look at this..(Matthew 5:3-12)

          Jesus never speaks to monetary value or safety or health as a sign of blessing. In fact, Jesus isn’t actually saying that you are blessed by anything that happens to you. He is saying that those who are blessed are those who seek God and are delighted by God’s reciprocal response.
          With all due respect, fayafaya.
          The problem with your examples above lies with thinking that the object itself (health, money, etc.) is the blessing rather than God. When God provides you with the ability to, lets say take a nice vacation, the blessing is not the vacation, the blessing is experiencing God (in this case in his provision).
          When we make the object of our blessing the actual blessing, we are missing the real blessing. Seeing God provide, answer prayers, comfort, and give grace is the true blessing; When we allow culture to dictate what is and is not a blessing, we’ve missed the point. It’s not about money or fame or earthly happiness, it’s about Jesus.

          • Fayafaya

            Where do you get your definition of a blessing? Give me your source please

          • preacher’son

            The bible, from Jesus Christ the Lord himself.

          • Fayafaya

            which book, chapter and verse?

      • preacher’son

        You are being selective in the way you’re dissecting this piece, because you are a defender of the prosperity (false) gospel. (2 Peter 2:3) In essence you’re blinded.
        Brother Zuze said.
        “I do not dispute for a second that God can do these things but it becomes outright deception when this is made the foremost Gospel as is currently happening in the supposed Christian churches”.

        • Fayafaya

          That’s just ONE of the many statements he made. I have to be selective in critiquing an article. is there any other way to do it? If there is I don’t know it.
          But go ahead and dispute the 8 points I gave and lets have a debate. I hope you take the challenge

          • preacher’son

            I have no challenge to take from you. I have answered all your 8 points with my various responses here. It’s not about you it’s about proclaiming the word of God here. It’s the truth I seek and like the Bereans, I search.

            1 Corinthians 2:14

          • Fayafaya

            you have no answers to my 8 points, I think its quite obvious. have a gud day

    • informer

      I like your debate prowess. Respect!

  • preacher’son

    Bishop Chikosi a.k.a Fayafaya a.k.a bhora resimbi a.k.a Andy is the same guy.
    Zuze, preach that Gospel.(Mark 4:9) Don’t be like Brilliant Mpongo who was converted by Chikosi. I truly believe that fayafaya is deceived or is a deceiver himself. I will pray for him.

    • Mujibha wa Jehovha

      Keep on praying. May be you might get saved

      • preacher’son

        I forgot that one too, a.k.a.

    • Simba Muchirepi

      Even if I were to agree with you that its the same person (and I don’t because I have no evidence) the question still remains: do you have a response to the 8 points that Fayafaya gave? I don’t always agree with him, but its silly to disagree without setting out your own case or arguments. Its even sillier to respond by trying to prophesy who is behind every pseudonym. If you don’t like pseudonyms then remove your own “preacher’s son” and instead post your real name with a photo. This is silly. By your logic I can conclude that everyone who agrees with Zuze must in reality be Zuze himself using a pseudonym. How dumb is that?

      • preacher’son

        I’m not a prophet. Look in the comments for my responses. Stay focused. smh.

        • Zenda-Ndini

          shaking your head and screws coming off

        • Simba Muchirepi

          So if you are not a prophet (and I take it you are not a witchdoctor either, or am I wrong?) how do you know that all these people commenting are the same person?

  • Bhora Resimbi

    Ndozvinonetsa maSabata (Seventh Day Adventists). SDA’s believe we should concentrate our preaching on only 2 things: sin and the 2nd Coming of Jesus. But the New Test never tells us to preach sin, because it recognizes that the more you preach on a subject the more you will have of it manifest in your life.

    If you preach sin you will have sin manifest in your congregation. If you preach righteousness, more righteousness will manifest. Same for sickness vs healing, miracles vs tradition etc. If you preach sin you develop a sin consciousness in your church, instead of a righteousness consciousness.

    This is why Paul spends the first half of most of his letters telling us who we are and what we have (our WEALTH) and then the last half he tells us how we ought to conduct ourselves (or WALK) in the light of our wealth. But you cant teach someone his WALK before you tell him his wealth (and wealth here is both spiritual and natural-no need to be super-spiritual)

    SDA’s like Zuze need to open up to the supernatural, a key component of the ministry of Jesus as well as the Apostles. They need to quit fighting miracles, prophecy etc, unless they have a different Bible to all of us. The supernatural is all over scripture beginning in Genesis to Revelation. Its funny that Zuze is quick and rewady to acknowledge the power of satan, false prophets etc, but very reluctant to say anything about the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit.
    Paul warns us about people who “have a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people” (2 Tim 3:5).

  • preacher’son

    Weather Zuze is SDA or whatever is irrelevant to this particular article. I don’t subscribe to Ellen White’s doctrine myself. Here Zuze is exposing falsehoods that have brought riches to a few and deceived many a people. (2 Corinthians 2:17)
    (Matthew 7:21) What Zuze is saying is that this false gospel and it’s teacher’s has spiritual activity without scriptural authority. In spite of their profession, preaching, power, or performance, they have never known the Lord Jesus Christ, and He’s never known them. They haven’t lost their salvation—they’ve never had it. What they do, they do through the power of the great deceiver, Satan himself.
    Correct me if i’m wrong Zuze.
    God bless.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Its not irrelevant. It tells us where Zuze is coming from theologically.

      So do you deny that you have SDA roots? Your mention of Ellen White is very revealing. We know that some Adventists reject her doctrine, but are still Adventists. I think you and Zuze are part of this group. Lets hear you deny this. Please don’t lie to us. God is watching you as you type whatever answer you will type.

      • Bhora Resimbi

        The reason you and Zuze belong to an Adventists faction that disowns its founder Ellen G. White is because of many reasons including these:
        1. in the 1840s, she believed in the “shut door” for those who had rejected the Millerite movement
        2. in the 1850s she counseled a brother in her Testimonies not to forbid the eating of pork
        3. In the 1860s she wrote that Jesus didn’t love little children who did wrong? (altho she taught the opposite later on.)
        4. before the 1870s she never came out loud and clear about the cross of Jesus as being our only foundation of doctrine and hope of salvation

        This is the reason why you and Zuze disown your founder isn’t it? I happen to agree with your reasons for doing so. But I also happen to know from scripture you still hold to false doctrine even after you disowned your founder. Tell me Im wrong. Will you?

        • preacher’son

          I do not Subscribe to the SDA doctrine period. I believe it’s false gospel. I have never visited one. I have done my researches (Acts 17:11) I do not know Zuze, just like I don’t know Chikosi although I may have met him in Byo back in the day.

          You managed to get me off track here. kudos to you brother, but that’s all you get.

          • Bhora Resimbi

            May be not, but you are a cessationist which still makes you a believer in a false doctrine

          • Zenda-Ndini

            . . which also means you (preacher’s son) are deceived . .

          • preacher’son

            Romans 8:26-27
            My desire for the truth has led me to comment on blogs here relating to the gospel. I hope we come out better or we learn something from our conversations. I’m not here to belittle anyone. I may get excited here and there, but focusing on the article is more important. It’s a journey for me as I seek deeper things of God. I don’t claim to know it all.

            My apologies to you (also Bhora Resimbi) for taking some of this personal.

            John 7:17

          • Zenda-Ndini


          • preacher’son

            check above comment.

      • preacher’son

        I’m Baptist. I’m just well versed about religions. I can talk to you about Mormons and Joseph Smith, JW’s, Anglicans, Azusa revivals, Apostolic Faith, Muslims, Judaism, emergent churches you name them.

        Most false gospels will have elements of truth in them. That’s how they deceive. You read the bible, I hope. The Apostles spoke about it. Jesus Christ the Lord spoke about it.

        Yes, it’s irrelevant to this particular piece. Even prosperity preachers like you do preach some truth except it’s laced with falsehoods-therefore making it a false gospel.

        • Bhora Resimbi

          Ok so you are Baptist. Which one – the cessationist type? (Im sure you know what cessationists teach)

          • preacher’son

            It’s got nothing to do with this article. Let’s stay in our lanes. The truth is what we’re seeking here.

          • Bhora Resimbi

            You said “Even prosperity preachers like you do preach some truth except it’s laced with falsehoods.”
            You pointed out my falsehoods, so I’m now asking you about the falsehoods of cessationism that some of you believe. I think we are still in lane. Are you a cessationist? yes or no?

          • preacher’son

            I’m Baptist (Continuation) so to speak. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I believe in the old time religion of Jesus Christ. The one Paul preached. The one my father preached. So -no-

          • Bhora Resimbi

            Do you believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues? Do you believe in the manifestations of the 9 gifts of the Spirit in and among believers today? If you don’t then you are a cessationist. Cessationism is unbiblical and therefore false. Anyone who believes that the miraculous manifestations of the Spirit in the church today have ceased is therefore deceived and in need of deliverance. I hope this is not true in your case (I know its true in Zuze’s case, judging from his writings)

          • Mwana waMwari

            Nhaiw Bhora Resimbi, what do you stand to gain spiritually by labelling fellow christians into your small little groups? You seem to be diverting an otherwise Spiritually beneficial debate.

          • Mwana waMwari

            Nhaiwe, zvekuisa vanhu into groups such as Baptist, SDAs , etc ndoozvinei? You seem to dwell too much on denominations and small little groupings, zvinobatsirei izvozvo. Debate on the issues mentioned uchi quota ma verse emubhaibheri, kwete kuita talarasima on trivia. We are not saved by denominational membership but by the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross. ven musi waachadzoka Mwanakomana weMunhu, we will not be grouped according to denominations, but nekumuziva.

            Now what Zuze wrote above seems to be Biblical and factual. If you have a different opinion which you can present factually like he did, or better than he did, please do so and not dwell on trivia yekuti uri muSabata, Baptist, etc.

            Also, one wonders why we christians do not like our beliefs to be scrutinised. I wonder kuti zvinobvepi becoz ukaverenga tsamba dzaPaul and even the book of Acts, the apostles actually encourage kuti everything must be tested and found to be true , if it is, saka imi munetyeyi??

          • Bhora Resimbi

            You are contradicting yourself. You are against me scrutinizing Zuze’s denominations and then you say in your last paragraph: “Also, one wonders why we christians do not like our beliefs to be scrutinized.” Isnt this what I’m doing?

          • Mwana waMwari

            You don’t seem to get it. May God help you. I rest my case .

          • Bhora Resimbi

            Your case never raised its head or moved an inch. It was already resting

      • preacher’son

        …..and why are you yelling?

        • Zenda-Ndini

          u seem to have trouble hearing . .

  • Fani Musonda

    Zuze should stick to what he seems to know best i.e para-legal secretarial work and should stir away from bible theology

    • Muprofita

      u mean paralegal clerical work?

  • informer

    Excellent article Zuze!

    • Mwaimbodei


      • informer


        • Mwaimbodei

          hehehehe!!!! this was a joke, right?

  • Matibli

    ZUze usabhaizwe ne tsotsi zinonzi Chikosi aka Fayafaya aka Bhora Resimbi aka Iwe aka Mujiba wajehova rinongotsvaga marii ne Demo can u even imagine Bishop vanoita zve TAX prep ku America for that matter

    • Andy

      Matibili, you are still on ZRP’s most wanted list. Keep your head low, as you have been doing bro or they’ll come and get you

    • Mhukahuru

      Is there any Bible verse that prohibits a preacher from running a business? Didn’t Paul do tent-making on the side to supplement his income? Nice try but look for something else to attack because this is one dog that wont hunt. Gud luck with your search

    • Fani Musonda

      Sounds like you are jealous that Bishop is running a business while you sit at Mbare Musika selling someone else’s tomatoes. Jealousy wont get you anywhere my friend

  • Zvazviri Futi

    This writer is too obsessed with the devil and his powers. He is satan-conscious instead of God-conscious. Tell us abt what God can do and stop bragging on how powerful satan and the occult are. For every counterfeit you are trying to convince us of, there is a real. In fact the fake proves the existence of the real. Change your focus young man. Preach the Gospel of Jesus and the Apostles. They went abt Palestine preaching, healing, working miracles and casting out demons. They weren’t all talk and no action like some of your churches today. It was preaching and then demonstration of the power of God. Don’t be a religious nut

    • Elisha

      You are correct it’s time to demonstrate the power of the word of God ..”so mightily grew the word of God and prevailed”(Acts 19:20)

  • Martin M

    Point of correction. The gospel is not about acknowledging that you are a sinner. That’s false humility. It is about accepting what God did to take away that sin and He did. The bible says Christ Jesus took away the sin of the world. He was the righteousness of God before He died but the Word says He exchanged places with us and became sin itself that He might destroy the works of the enemy. And those works were destroyed. He nailed sin to the cross and dealt with it. Are we saying there is no sin or transgression today. It is there, no doubt. But as far as God is concerned, it is no longer an issue for the blood of Christ was shed once for the remission of the sins of the whole world. To disagree with this fundamental gospel truth would be to say Christ must die again because sin is a problem. It is not, I categorically state!!!

    Be careful of men who speak against other men of God. Their arguments may sound logical but the bible describes them as such in 2 Timothy 3:7: Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.”

    Men will not go to hell because they rob or murder or commit adultery. They will go there because they have refused God’s salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ. When you accept the Son of God, He gives you a new nature, the nature of God Himself, the nature of righteousness that makes you able to stand in the presence of the Father without any guilt or inferiority. Why? Is it because of what you did? No, a thousand times no!!! It is what He did that qualifies you. The word of God says He justifies the ungodly (Romans 4:5).

    The bible says if you being evil men know how to give your children food when they cry for bread and not a snake, how is it you malign God by saying He is not concerned with the well-being of His children now. You see men of God praying for the prosperity of their brethren. What is wrong with that? When they perform miracles for brethren in need of such, what is wrong with that? Would it have been right for Peter and James to leave the crippled lame man at the pool of Bethseda and say “receive salvation, that is all that matters. Your crippled state is inconsequential for God wants you to store up treasures in heaven.” But what did the Apostles do? They healed the man in the name of our Lord. It is done today and people find something fishy with it.

    Everything you see today did not start today. It started with Christ. He even prophesied when He said we would do greater miracles than He had done. Why? Because He had to ascend to the heavens but we would continue His work, in His name.

    Such people who speak against men of God havent know the Holy Ghost. They havent known the Lord. They have studied the scriptures but with a carnal mindset. They havent asked the Holy Spirit to teach them.

    Br Learnmore, you have an unquestionable zeal for the things of God, such as Israel had. But let me tell you something, with such zeal, Israel denied the Lord and still look for the coming of the Messiah, despite Him coming over 2013 years ago. It is good for you to teach the brethren to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing as the bible admonishes us to do. But the way you speak against men of God, who preach Christ and get people born again into the kingdom of God scares me. Are you not afraid to speak against God’s anointed? Did you separate them for the work? No! The Holy Spirit did. Did you send them? No, the Holy Spirit did. Do you think God is incapable of dealing with them if they err? Do you suppose God to be in chains and powerless? I only ask because this is the impression you give in writings, that we must do for God what He cannot do. You dont seem to appreciate that with our God, all things are possible, money raining down from heaven, miracles unending.
    Please read the book of Numbers dear saint. The Word of God is alive and powerful. It corrects us. This is what God told Miriam after she dared question Moses’ authority.
    “With him (Moses) I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of
    the LORD. Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”
    Stop this and preach the kingdom.

  • Semhalo

    I for one am against Ellen White’s doctrine, but SDA or not, this guy has some valid points. But then you will never get to a conclusive debate with the prosperity proponents as they will run all over the Bible plucking verses, some of them out of context to ensure their belief is not threatened. But then this will not lead us to the ultimate price which is eternal life. Regai zvikurirane, kukohwa kuchasvika.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Of course every human being (including the unsaved) has some valid point. That goes without saying. But we are talking abt the substance or thrust of his theology here. Its off. And I think it has a lot to do with his church background.
      Noone is going all over the Bible plucking verses. Give us a substantive Bible issue and we (prosperity folk) will debate you anytime any place. Be blessed.

      • Semhalo

        Its a waste of time debating with you guys. For some of you it is the source of livelihood and you will defend this (false) gospel with all you have. Lol

        • Bhora Resimbi

          good bye. seems you had nothing important to contribute anyway. peace!

          • Semhalo

            As if you have anything of value to contribute besides lies. Lol. Good bye to you too.

  • Willard Tafatarova

    I dont think its important whether Zuze is a lawyer.para-legal or secretary.We respect the Hand that is guiding him.We are proud as Zimbos here in Germany to see our brother’s articles translated in German publications.God bless Zimbabwe.

  • matibill

    Chikosi, a.k.a bhora resimbi a.k.a mwaimbodei, a.k.a andy, a.k.a Mporofita a.k.a fayafaya abt 15 pseudonyms all this to attack zuze ho ho ho

    • Andy

      you are wanted alive by ZRP my friend!

  • end of days

    Nasini Projects is fake no website or any address infor its made up by baba jukwa and mdc end of. fake ink show us we have open mind show the evidence and i will be frist on the streets.

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