Teacher sexually assaulted 14 boys

By Tatenda Mabasa | Nehanda Mutare Bureau |

NYANGA – A Nyanga male teacher stationed at Sanhanhi Primary School was arrested over the weekend on charges that allegedly sexually assaulted 14 boys who he kissed and fondled their manhood from January 2012 and to date.

court scalesThe suspect Mordecai Mungira, 27, was Monday arraigned before Nyanga magistrate Ingnatio Mhene facing 14 counts of indecent assault. He faces at least three years in jail if convicted. The matter will go for trial on August 5.

State lawyer Kelvin Mufute told the bench that Mungira has been abusing the minors and threatening them with unspecified action after each episode, since the beginning of 2012.

The first complainant was a 14-year-old who was indecently attacked by the teacher after visiting a friend who stayed with the accused at the school.

Mufute told the court that Mungira asked the boy (whose name could not be revealed because of his age) to put up for the night at his house and he complied.

“At around 8:30 pm the complainant, his friend and the accused were in the same bed when the accused Mungira put his hand into the complainant’s shorts and began fondling his manhood,” the court heard.

Mufute added that on July 8 this year, around 1pm, Mungira called the same complainant to his office and made him to sit on his legs. He allegedly inserted his hand into the boy’s shorts and again started fondling his manhood. He allegedly sealed off the romance by kissing the complainant.

The boy was reportedly given sweets and biscuits to zip up. On the following day, July 9, Mungira preyed on another 15-year-old boy, allegedly calling the boy into the same rendezvous and instructed him to sit down.

The teacher then inserted his hand into complainant’s pants and fondled his manhood and testicles. Mufute further told the court that Mungira allegedly went on to abuse another 13-year-old boy who had been sent by his uncle to sell a cock at the school.

The unsuspecting cock-selling minor approached Mungira who allegedly asked him to get inside his house. On entering the house, the boy got more than he had bargained for when Mungira started hugging and kissing him before undressing him in order to fondle his private parts.

The teacher also removed his trousers and later gave the boy sweets.

In the fourth count Mungira allegedly summoned a 15-year-old complainant who was playing at the school grounds into his room and instructed him to sit on a bench.

“When the boy sat on the bench, the accused stretched his right hand on the complainant’s shoulders while simultaneously inserting his left hand into the complainant’s pants. He then fondled his manhood as well as kissing him.

However, the pupil had courage and guts to report the abuse to the school head,” said Mr Mufute. The headmaster then made a report to police, whose widely cast and thorough investigations exposed incidence of abuse allegedly perpetrated long before the case at hand.

The sixth count occurred in July 2012 when the accused allegedly pounced on a 16-year-old pupil he stayed with at his house. Another 12-year-old victim was also abused during the second school term in 2012 and was again abused at the beginning of this year.

Early this month, Mungira called the boy again into his room and allegedly abused him for the third time. The seventh incident was perpetrated on a 13-year-old boy during the first school term of 2102.

Mungira allegedly called the boy into a storeroom and fondled his manhood. He allegedly went at length to open the foreskin of the boy’s manhood after telling him that he wanted to examine if it was clean.

Sometime in the same month of July, Mungira allegedly called the same boy again into the storeroom and repeated the same infliction. Mungira allegedly abused a 12-year-old boy twice before pouncing on six other victims early this month using the same tricks.