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Extra Kwazvose appeals for patience

By Problem Masau

Extra KWAZVOSE has appealed to fans to be patient saying they were still on a learning curve.

Franco Slomo (centre)
Franco Slomo (centre)

In an interview on Star FM’s Flow Tyme Drive Show on Tuesday, the group’s lead vocalists – Francis “Slomo” Dhaka and Jonas Kasamba – told Pathisani Sibanda that fans should not expect too much since the group was still in its infancy.

“We are still new, yes, we have our shortcomings. You cannot expect a child born today to walk before crawling,” said the Congolese Kasamba.

The group members said they were open to constructive criticism and were working on their shortcomings.

“We performed at the Aquatic Complex and there were mixed feelings about our performance. One reason was that fans did not know our songs.

“Usually live shows thrive on popular hits and we did not have one, but it is our hope that people will soon identify with ours songs. We learnt a thing or two at the show and we are working on it,” said Slomo.

Asked why he allegedly went to Alick Macheso’s home in Waterfalls, Slomo explained that he met his former boss at his Chitungwiza home.

“I met Mudhara Macheso at his house in Chitungwiza. It’s close to where I live. I saw his car parked outside and since I have nothing against him I saw it fit to pass by,” he said.

The entrance of Extra Kwazvose on the music fray has divided opinion among the fans. Some sections of the fans have labelled the group “rebels without a cause”. They tried so many things at once in the process disrupting their sound and vocal clarity.

Slomo could not control his voice and Kasamba’s endless chanting also disrupted the music.

The group also relied heavily on the chants they used to do during their days at Orchestra Mberikwazvo, such as “Shika shika” and “We are sitting on top of the rest, others follow” forcing fans to conclude that they lacked creativity.

However, it must be noted that given time, the group can sync and fuse well. Obert Gomba remains one of the best drummers in the country and Noel Nyazanda is also a guitarist in his own league. They just need time to polish their act.