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MDC-T Mucheke Stadium Rally in Pictures

MASVINGO – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai took his campaign to Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo as the race for State House in Zimbabwe intensifies. 

More pictures as we get them…………

Tsvangirai: An MDC-T government will ensure Zimbabwe becomes a prosperous member of the international community. Mugabe was threatening to quit SADC just recently. Zimbabwe deserves better than such a man. He wants to drag us further into isolation.

Let’s stop this madness. Let’s use our vote on July 31 wisely. Thank You Masvingo. A New Zimbabwe is in sight. Zimbabwe will rise again. Dzi pacouncil, Dzi paParliament, Dzi paState House.

Tsvangirai: Our record in government is clear. We saved Zimbabwe when it had collapsed under Mugabe and ZANU PF. Imagine an MDC-T government without ZANU PF. We have a plan to create jobs and support businesses and farmers.

We will fund social services. A caring government should take care of widows, the disabled, orphans and the disadvantaged. We proved with education that we can solve this mess. Kuti mwana naticha panga pasisina kana book. Never again.

Tsvangirai: It’s clear that the MDC-T has the answer to your problems. Don’t believe Mugabe’s lies that we are against land reform. We are against a violent land reform which benefits the politically connected. The MDC-T is for a transparent and productive land reform. Why should anyone own five farms?

Tsvangirai: Mugabe is too old and incoherent. ZANU PF is a cruel party. Kurimisa mukuru negejo ivo varere mumumvuri. Tichangomupa pension tomuchenegetedza dzamara mwari atonga.

Tsvangirai: I am greatly disappointed in ZEC for failing to cope with the special votes of our men and women in uniform. If ZEC cannot handle 87 000 votes, how then will the body handle the general election when 6 million people will vote?

Tsvangirai: Men and women in uniform must be given their chance to vote without all these hassles. Remember, you are voting for your future and that of your children. Don’t be intimidated simply because your wear the uniform. Vote for change.

Nelson Chamisa: Yarova sei Chinja yapfekedza Bob magarments.

Nelson Chamisa: MDC-T National Organising Secretary and ICT Minister on stage telling people never again to entrust Zimbabwe with a Zanu PF leadership that believed diesel could ooze out of rocks in Chinhoyi.

Tendai Biti: Never underestimate Tsvangirai’s love for the people. His life has been that of service and sacrifice. Inflation was sky high but after we entered into the GPA it is no longer an issue. Schools were closed but today our children have textbooks.


    =extract=One party ,Zanu Pf has an agenda which I outlined in my critique of their manifesto in my Wednesday posting.( by the way what a laugh we had over it in Neuso .Manheru and others have a humorless sense of humor.Could any seriously think we can steal anything from this document)
    1) graduate from Indegenisation to full nationalization of 51% of all shares in foreign owned companies.

    2) hope to create value , of at least $17 billion dollars from Indegenisation of about 1 130 companies as well as disposal of what are described as dead assets owned or in parastatals

    3)Use the above wealth as a source of financing capital and social projects in the country

    4) deal with the problem of Zimbabwe s $10,7 billion sovereign debt through payment of same from domestic revenues thus jettisoning ZAADDS and the recently agreed on SMP.

    5)Return the Zimbabwean dollar backed by the bullion

    6) shut down or restrict NGOs

    7) stop the ” donorfication “of the health and education in Zimbabwe.

    8)Deal with the threat of “traitors ” who are selling out the country

    9) promote youth through empowerment

    10) let patriotism and the values of the liberation struggle be the founding values and creed of Zimbabwe

    On the other hand the MDC had been running on these key issues outlined in JUICE, ART and the manifesto .

    1) governance ,constitutionalism and the creation of a consulting state with zero tolerance to corruption

    2) an inclusive vibrant economy underpinned in the short term by the multiple currency regime,domestic savings ,foreign direct investment and of course overseas development assistance

    3) the creation of jobs ,promotion of SMEs,giving tenure to farmers ,restoring the land market,providing access to cheap loans

    4)Dealing decisively with the debt crises and consolidating ZAADDS

    5)Focus on infrastructure and general gross capital formation including attention on housing through the medium of a sovereign wealth fund

    6) focusing on rural development and rural transformation

    7)Investing in social services in particular in the ares of health and education
    promote the industrialization of Zimbabwe through cluster development and beneficiation

    9) respect of international law ,reintegrating Zimbabwe into the community of nations whilst restating Zimbabwe s membership to SADC,the EU and the UN

    10) establishing a New Zimbabwe based on the values. of love ,peace ,justice ,equality,humble and empathetic leadership and of course the dignity of hard work.

  • informer

    This issue of crying sanctions doesnt hold much water. Sanctions started in 2003, but its clear that by 1993 so many things were already down in Zim. Examples include the disastrous ESAP of 1991, NRZ decay, the collapse of Zupco, the deterioration of GMB, etc.. This all happened under the leadership of our useless commander in chief, Head of state and government. People say that Tsvangirai isnt educated enough but any sensible person can conlude that Matibili’s 7 degrees havent been helpful for the country

    • Thomas

      whose idea was ESAP? You are deluded.

      • informer

        Thomas it looks like the Zanoid doctrine has limited your thinking. Ofcoz the idea could have come from the moon but our dear leader was not forced to implement it. We vote leaders in order to make decisions on our behalf, that means deciding whats good and bad for the country. Its just like with the trash Chinese goods infesting our country, we cant blame the Chinese people but we have to blame our Dear leader for allowing sub-standard goods into our beautiful country.

        • Thomas

          I was right then. You have no idea what you are talking about. You think national policies dzakafanana ne budget yemumba mako here? What has the MDC done in 4 years besides cry for new Mercs and have loads of marriages? Deluded fool.

          • informer

            Calm down dear! I dont support MDC.. Your poor IQ and anger exhibits a brainwashed fool. No wonder your type are used by Matibili to kill Zimbabweans just for questioning his self-serving acts!

          • Thomas

            Lol, I never said you did. I have no time to be angry with clueless idiots like you. Your supposed knowledge of my IQ is actually laughable. And your pathetic attempt to patronise me is even worse. Goes to show you have no idea what ESAP was.

          • informer

            Hey dude, I will not respond or reduce myself again to try and have a factual debate with a Zanu puppet. Problem is you dont have an independent brain to reason. Your line of thinking is dictated by the murderous cult leader Matibili. Sorry maningi!

          • Mzala

            Dont argue with a fool (Thomas) as people might not see the diffierence. When he says whose idea was the ESAP, then drop him as he taking the arguement out of the plane. He is not worth wasting your precious effort on, He is a spin doctor. He has no independent brain. Thank you for your points Sir.

          • informer

            thanks Mzala!

          • Wejende

            Tommy, can you enlighten me about this ESAP business please??? Thanks.

  • Dendera

    ESAP was ZANU PF idea when they still believed everything said by the IMF. Didymus Mutasa was totally opposed to it and was demoted for more than ten yrs for that reason, GMB yakauraiwa naKangai, NRZ ikapedziswa naKarakadzai, AirZim zvakatanga naUshewokunze, ZUPCO ndi Matonga, VIP Hoising scheme mai venyika varimo, War Vets Fund vana Chihuri, zve DRC hatichatauri. Mozoti pwee-pwee nema sanction akatanga kuswerazuro. Tibvirei apa!!!

  • Wejende

    Going by the attendances at MDC rallies, if it’s not copy and paste, Zanoids should be worried. People are waking up enmass.

  • O

    Comrades don’t be fooled by political games, all this is a clear confirmation that MDC doesn’t have anything to show for so they resort to insults. ZANU PF must pull up their socks, at least the over confidence if Tsvangarai worked to their advantage as he did not hid advice of SADC. Now he is humiliated beyond words. I see him alone in pictures sweating now, where is the beautiful wife? Was the marriage about ambitions of being first lady hence the actions. Oh boy!!! This man stand to loose more than just presidential office but a young woman too. Have mercy on him comrades. Kikiki!!!!!!