MDC-T Mucheke Stadium Rally in Pictures

MASVINGO – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai took his campaign to Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo as the race for State House in Zimbabwe intensifies. 

More pictures as we get them…………

Tsvangirai: An MDC-T government will ensure Zimbabwe becomes a prosperous member of the international community. Mugabe was threatening to quit SADC just recently. Zimbabwe deserves better than such a man. He wants to drag us further into isolation.

Let’s stop this madness. Let’s use our vote on July 31 wisely. Thank You Masvingo. A New Zimbabwe is in sight. Zimbabwe will rise again. Dzi pacouncil, Dzi paParliament, Dzi paState House.

Tsvangirai: Our record in government is clear. We saved Zimbabwe when it had collapsed under Mugabe and ZANU PF. Imagine an MDC-T government without ZANU PF. We have a plan to create jobs and support businesses and farmers.

We will fund social services. A caring government should take care of widows, the disabled, orphans and the disadvantaged. We proved with education that we can solve this mess. Kuti mwana naticha panga pasisina kana book. Never again.

Tsvangirai: It’s clear that the MDC-T has the answer to your problems. Don’t believe Mugabe’s lies that we are against land reform. We are against a violent land reform which benefits the politically connected. The MDC-T is for a transparent and productive land reform. Why should anyone own five farms?

Tsvangirai: Mugabe is too old and incoherent. ZANU PF is a cruel party. Kurimisa mukuru negejo ivo varere mumumvuri. Tichangomupa pension tomuchenegetedza dzamara mwari atonga.

Tsvangirai: I am greatly disappointed in ZEC for failing to cope with the special votes of our men and women in uniform. If ZEC cannot handle 87 000 votes, how then will the body handle the general election when 6 million people will vote?

Tsvangirai: Men and women in uniform must be given their chance to vote without all these hassles. Remember, you are voting for your future and that of your children. Don’t be intimidated simply because your wear the uniform. Vote for change.

Nelson Chamisa: Yarova sei Chinja yapfekedza Bob magarments.

Nelson Chamisa: MDC-T National Organising Secretary and ICT Minister on stage telling people never again to entrust Zimbabwe with a Zanu PF leadership that believed diesel could ooze out of rocks in Chinhoyi.

Tendai Biti: Never underestimate Tsvangirai’s love for the people. His life has been that of service and sacrifice. Inflation was sky high but after we entered into the GPA it is no longer an issue. Schools were closed but today our children have textbooks.