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Picture: Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mansion

By Lance Guma

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This plush mansion in the Chief Mapanzure area, near Lundi Primary School in Zvishavane is owned by Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Picture: Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mansion
Picture: Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mansion

Nehanda Radio understands the Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs and MP for the (2008 created) Chirumanzi–Zibagwe rural constituency hardly lives there and instead a large team of security personnel protect the house 24 hours a day.

The location of the house is significant in that Mnangagwa completed his early education up to (then) Standard 4 at Lundi Primary School in the Mnangagwa Village, the same area that he has constructed this multi-million dollar mansion.

A brave Nehanda Radio Citizen Reporter could only take this shot of the house because of the tight security around it.

He told us Mnangagwa’s neighbours live in shacks and that he “drilled a borehole in a neighbour’s yard, installed an electric pump which is caged and takes water into his house. Even the neighbour has no access to that water.”

A United Nations report accused Mnangagwa of looting mineral resources in the DRC alongside the late army commander Vitalis Zvinavashe and Zimbabwean-backed entrepreneurs John Bredenkamp and Al-Shanfari, a “convicted criminal based in South Africa.”

Mugabe unilaterally sent troops into the DRC in 1998 to help his ally, the late Laurent Kabila, hold of a rebel advance. The conflict sucked in several SADC states and saw senior army officers and ZANU PF chefs enrich themselves “under the pretext of arrangements set up to repay Zimbabwe for military services.”

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  • Ping Pong

    Hapana mansion as compared with what we see in East Africa. He did nothing. It is just a normal house which is painted and has an upstairs.

    • Fire

      Zvako iwe..hapana hapana

  • State Governor

    Ko iri muphiladelphia off william pollet zvayakada kufanana neiyi, ndeyani, security iri tight, ukafema cctv inoku ti move along, in zimbabwe only , and the lawn is being watered by borehole.

  • Givemore Chivandaidze

    Shame..shame?? A mansion in Chief Mapanzure area in Zvishavane is it really worth to write home about?Poor propaganda.If u have run out steam plz take yo time an recollect your selves.Plz talk about Mansions in Highlands, Borrowdale,etc owned by those without any history of owning or running any bussiness except running a political party.Just being a party chef the rest is millions of dollars coming from the west.Zvekupihwa uvete zvinemubairo..If these puppets fail again to appease their western masters on this last hurdle of 31st July,very soon they will be history ….Wait and see.

    • shungu

      it was news worth to me coz I didnt know that this animal had a house there kumusha kwangu.borehole in a neighbor’s yard and omunyima mvura yacho. kana wasvotwa verenga herald .duzvi

      • Grace Jones

        Your hatred knows no bounds. Calling Munangagwa an animal shows you for what you are a hater.

      • Fire

        Loser, hater..haufe wakabudirira mfanami

    • Illuminati

      Its news to me cz i didn’t know the extent of looting in zimbabwe.

      • Fire

        No news apa..corruption yoku dii munhu wa 2nd to President aifanira kugara kumatapi?

  • mukanyadzoka

    regai vahle, inyika yavo vamunangagwa……asi hazvisiright.

    • Fire

      Imi imi tose togara kumatapi?


    Change your headline and stop castigating our next President… CDE Mnangagwa’s House is not a mansion and he deserves it as it is…. Bhora mugedhi… Zanu PF victory is Certain… Icho!


      u stupid idiotic secret police,stop using Biko’s pic,u r denigrating him cos he was not a murderer like you and your party.

      • Fire

        Haaa shut up iwe…Biko cheated on his wofe and fathered a child Mamphela..saka haa shamisi ba

    • Fire

      A Whole Vice President hanzi agare kumatapi kuti vafare..

  • Thomas

    Ko ya Morgeni iri ku Highlands?

    • Fire

      Nhai zvako..mboko tsvangie rine rino zi Mansion..Vice kuna Big Mugabe onzi hee this and that haaa thulah!

  • ochoa

    if a kwanjambe in Plumtree can build one, wat can stop our CDE , professional journalism nt partisan journalism is wat we want…..

  • Jakubos

    that a beautiful house very nice of you kuvaka kumusha

  • Felix Robot

    Ko ya Tsvangirai mansion irirpi, sei musingaisewo mapikicha acho baba jukwa. Tvsangirai the democratic one.

    • Concerned

      Chiiko chanyanyoshamisira pamba iyoyi, Zvimwe siyaiwo mhani, pane kuti uyemure kuti ugovakawo yako kumusha kwenyu, Some of your leaders, especially MDCT’S father died, m not sure if he is still living, he was living in a dilapidated pole and dagga thatched house iyi ari leader of opposition and eventually PM. kunyima, hurombe, njere shoma that what characterises MDC leadership, kana kumbovakawo a modest house for his father when you hold such a position. Wonder if he can give anyone something who is not even a relative. Mukamuvhotera munosuffer.

  • brinso

    murdering mbava

    • Fire

      gandanga rakarwa hondo..mabhunu aikubata senhapwa munyika yako mfanha

  • brinso

    fuck you concerned you talk sheet

    • Fire

      Fvck yourself

  • tony

    Ndagwadziwa oh! Vamwe Kudla kudai Vamwe tichitambura.

    • Fire

      Zvavakarwa hondo waivepi?

  • tambaoga

    imba yakanaka iyi

    • Fire


  • mr europe

    bweheeheheheheheh! diamond looting at its best here, daylight robbery. zimboland!

  • Me

    This is a blatant lie. I live a few kilometers from his mansion…. Water is free for everyone and when he comes to the rural area everyone is invited and gathers around his house drinking that awful traditional beer and sometimes he offers us meet. When he is not around people can still get water but we are not allowed inside. And there are not close neighbours nearby. MANYEPO MANYEPO VEDUWE!!!
    No wonder our journalism sector is in shambles

    • Fire

      Kuda kungo shatisa basi, I didn’t understand why he would want his borehole sunk next door-it just didn’t make any sense. So now we know the truth but eish ma Zimbabweans so ka!

  • Grace Jones

    You do yourself a lot of harm. Munangagwa villa according to you is for spoils from out of zw. Kasukuwere however is from govt voffers. Kasukuweres is a hotel. Not home. So Young Tyson should go to jail.zHe stole directly from govt coffers

  • nyikayapera

    Zvatiri kutora izvo mari ye Povo yaka vaka ka mba ako . muvakidznai we Gororo iri usa netswe ne zvakadayi izi wonyimwa mvura ya mwari; Rapa dziva radongo iri Dira Muchetura zvipere nerudzi INENGE WAROVA CHIMUREGA .

    • Fire

      Majerasi amana itayi mashoma

      • nyikayapera

        Bora ngoma