BBA’s Pokello under fire over sex-tape

Several pages on social network site Facebook have launched attacks on Zimbabwe’s representative in Big Brother house Pokello Nare because of a sex tape she made years ago with her then boyfriend Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme. 

Stunning Pokello Nare
Stunning Pokello Nare

The latest page, ‘Bring Pornello Home’, was created this week and already had more than 3 000 followers.  The mission of the administrators behind the page is to garner fan support to vote Pokello out of the game.

According to administrators of the page, Pokello is a porn star who they feel should not have been allowed to represent the country because of her “ill behaviour”.

“Pokello is a well-known porn star so what is she doing on the Big Brother Africa show? We are not haters, but let’s vote to bring her back home,” noted the administrators.

One of the updates read: “Please if you are a Pornello fan, unlike this page. This page is for those of us who want her back home. Go to your fan page not ours.” The administrators went on to offer people Pokello’s sex video which features musician ‘Stunner’ Chideme so as to give people a reason to vote her out.

This is all being done to get people to dislike her and ultimately vote her out. A concerned viewer of BBA said what was saddening was that all of the pages running attacks on Pokello were purely run by Zimbabweans.

For the past couple of years, there has been no unity amongst Zimbabweans for the country’s representatives. Each time two housemates have been sent to the show, there has been no teamwork, but usually one team attacking the other.

When Wendall Parson and Vimbai Mutinhiri were in the house in 2011, their Facebook pages constantly had their followers attacking each other over petty issues.

Last year, Rockford Josphats and Maneta Mazanhi caused a lot of commotion as people clashed with most Zimbabweans hating and attacking Maneta claiming that she was destructing Roki. Namibian