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BBA’s Pokello under fire over sex-tape

Several pages on social network site Facebook have launched attacks on Zimbabwe’s representative in Big Brother house Pokello Nare because of a sex tape she made years ago with her then boyfriend Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme. 

Stunning Pokello Nare
Stunning Pokello Nare

The latest page, ‘Bring Pornello Home’, was created this week and already had more than 3 000 followers.  The mission of the administrators behind the page is to garner fan support to vote Pokello out of the game.

According to administrators of the page, Pokello is a porn star who they feel should not have been allowed to represent the country because of her “ill behaviour”.

“Pokello is a well-known porn star so what is she doing on the Big Brother Africa show? We are not haters, but let’s vote to bring her back home,” noted the administrators.

One of the updates read: “Please if you are a Pornello fan, unlike this page. This page is for those of us who want her back home. Go to your fan page not ours.” The administrators went on to offer people Pokello’s sex video which features musician ‘Stunner’ Chideme so as to give people a reason to vote her out.

This is all being done to get people to dislike her and ultimately vote her out. A concerned viewer of BBA said what was saddening was that all of the pages running attacks on Pokello were purely run by Zimbabweans.

For the past couple of years, there has been no unity amongst Zimbabweans for the country’s representatives. Each time two housemates have been sent to the show, there has been no teamwork, but usually one team attacking the other.

When Wendall Parson and Vimbai Mutinhiri were in the house in 2011, their Facebook pages constantly had their followers attacking each other over petty issues.

Last year, Rockford Josphats and Maneta Mazanhi caused a lot of commotion as people clashed with most Zimbabweans hating and attacking Maneta claiming that she was destructing Roki. Namibian

  • hozhwa

    These are people with too much time on their hands. The BBA show is only taken very seriously in Zimbabwe. All over Africa they know its a TV game show and you cant seriously call it country representation. Pokello is the right candidate for BBA because its a sleazy show anyway and don’t expect anything good from that show. I hope she wins it and gets to meet the President.

  • itaiti

    maybe they should watch the christian channel if they want to watch righteous and up-standing citizens,,BB has never been about that sort of thing, we want to see explosive/controversial characters and Pokelo perfect for the role

  • miss tiffer

    the good thing about is Pokello wacho is living her life in the house whilst ppl this side are fighting for no reason.she dsnt even know what is being posted.after all its just a game and its called big brother africa not big brother nuns.

  • miss tiffer

    and one thing that fascinate me is the FB page against Pokello is saying bring her home.who are you telling??And Zimbo ppl been calling her a pornstar yet we pretend to be the most learned nation.can these people define a pornstar??

  • anonymous

    the game was made for people and characters like her, the controversy makes it more exciting so all pokello haters go ot hell viva pokello viva , and all those distributing the tape you are haters because you aint the one in between the legs , she was riding him real good , admit it you want her also fuck faces nxa

  • everyone is havin sex and theys really nothing

  • Zvinebasa rei izvozvo leave Pokkie alone

  • Sinyoro Muvhitori

    mbavha dzekwenyu hadzitendeuki here.
    nzenza hadzichati here
    tibvirei apa
    thats backwardness yamatanga iyi. roki got a badboy reputation but we crying kuti Maneta akaporonga zvinhu dai Roki kauya nemari. she’s doing fyn in the house siyai munhu atambe game yake apa.

  • Nkosi Zulu

    if Pokello is a porn star as alleged, all those who viewed the porn video should be arrested for viewing porno graphic material. It goes without saying that one can not talk about what they do not know! Anywhere who has the link to the video so l can analyse it and judge if it was good staff or just a case of other naked people.

    • Nikisi bodo


  • Spater

    Why do maZimba want to act as if they don’t have sex, She had sex with her boy friend, so what!!!!!

  • cookie

    who cares about the porn video. mscheeeeew… ride on pokky. i got ur back. let who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. pathetic hypocrites.

  • Da Bling

    if u didnt know zimbo’s outside the country are judged by their country man behavior, its worse than racism and so our national integrity is on the line but i guess some peopel don’t think that far so i dnt blame some idiotic comments from some of you