Prophet Angel grants Nehanda TV ‘miracle’ interview

By Macdonald Chimbizi

LONDON – Flamboyant prosperity gospel preacher Prophet Uebert Angel has granted a rare and exclusive interview to Nehanda Radio which will be broadcast on sister channel Nehanda TV this coming Monday.

MIRACLE INTERVIEW: Prophet Uebert Angel seen here with  journalist Lance Guma
MIRACLE INTERVIEW: Prophet Uebert Angel seen here with journalist Lance Guma

Journalist Lance Guma was given the chance to grill Prophet Angel on the many controversies that have dogged his ministry. The founder of the Spirit Embassy Church was willing to be questioned on any subject and controversy.

In the eagerly awaited interview Prophet Angel is grilled on his controversial miracles, including ‘miracle money’, miracle cure for alcohol addiction and his penchant for posh cars including a reported two Bentley’s and a Lamborghini.

Viewers of Nehanda TV are in for a treat as they get to see Prophet Angel in this no holds barred interview. How does he respond to reports that his brother Lee Angel was deported from Botswana after allegedly stealing church money?

Why does the Man of God need a Bentley? Why does he seem to demonise poverty as a curse from God? Is he not fleecing his followers while enriching himself? Where does he get the money to fund his current lifestyle?

How does he answer to allegations that he bought a fake degree online, was a penniless pastor in the UK until he went back to Zimbabwe and got propped up by businessman and property magnate Philip Chiyangwa?

The flamboyant preacher who rarely grants media interviews launched the charm offensive by initiating the interview with one of the most read and fastest growing websites on Zimbabwean news globally.

“Without pre emptying the interview, our viewers will get a chance to demystify Prophet Angel as he answers every single question posed to him. We give him credit for being brave enough to put himself forward,” Guma said.

Prophet Angel was back in the United Kingdom where he periodically jets back to visit his family and Spirit Embassy church branches in Manchester and other cities in the UK. On Thursday he was back in Zimbabwe.

On Monday the interview will be embedded on Nehanda Radio while Nehanda TV also has a website: . You can also view the video on our You Tube Channel: