VIDEO: Morgan Tsvangirai full interview

VIDEO – Watch this exclusive News 24 interview with Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC-T leader talks about the new constitution, upcoming elections and the future of his political party.

  • nhamodzenyika

    such a boring interviewer, sounds like a nursery school drop out

    • Cross Border Trader

      Taura hako the interviewer could not even speak proper English, let alone know anything about Zimbabwe..

  • Timmy Weku Mbare

    Tsvangirai should be interviewed by Nehanda TV. We might get a more insightful interview. These foreigners know nothing about Zimbabwe and produce embarrassing and boring interviews. Just my opinion.

  • proudly zimbabwean

    She is just asking leading questions and lacks confidence maybe she is leaning the ropes of journalism

  • The Republican

    Ya! thanks for interviewing the PM. However you need to be very logical when facing such people, its a public interview so if you lack to be systematic, the whole thing turns to be a joke

  • Toots

    I think the interviewer has just started her job. She was bloody nervous.

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