Suluman snubs Tryson’s album launch

By Tendai Rupapa

HARARE – Tryson Chimbetu’s fourth album launch at Ligi Sports Bar on Wednesday exposed apparent fissures in the Dendera family, or at least lack of interest, while the sound system was a nightmare. 

Suluman, Tryson feud escalates
Suluman, Tryson feud continues

His mother, uncle Allan and cousin Suluman were conspicuous by their absence. Tryson’’s manager, Nyasha Mugari, confirmed the development.

“We invited Sulu, but his manager said they had a show in town. I was surprised to see some of his band members like Franco ‘Slomo’ and his manager Trevor Jakachira in attendance. If they truly had a show, then no one from his camp would have come. However, only Sulumani knows why he did not come,” he said.

Mugari added that he was not aware why Tryson’s mother was not in attendance. At a time when Suluman has raised the bar in bringing class to the dendera brand, Tryson should improve on his grooming and general outlook.

Mugari defended their choice of a down market venue saying: ”We are from the ghetto and most of our fans are found downtown. This was our special way of saying thank you to our fans who have supported us all the way from our humble beginnings.”

Mugari said the show started when patrons were already in the bar and it did not make business sense to send them away for the album launch. The venue was stuffed and one could hardly hear the music.

While the new project shows maturity in lyrical content, it is the way Tryson handles his marketing that leaves a lot to be desired.

Titled “Compass”, the album has six songs including “Ndondo”, “Pahotera”, “Bhora Mberi”, “Simba”, “Mombe-Mombe” and Wangu” and some of the featured artistes are Oliver Mtukudzi and rising star Peter Moyo.

Mtukudzi’s raspy voice adds sweetness to the song “Pahotera” in which the artiste talks about the challenges that people encounter when they lose their heads at hotels. It has the dendera beat which is distinguished by a booming bass guitar riffs.

Tryson also features Peter Moyo on the track “Bhora Mberi”, a track which they performed on stage at the launch much to the amusement of the crowd.

Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Jessie Majome slammed piracy. She said people must support musicians and desist from buying CDs from the streets.

A Glen Vew fan bought one of his CDs that was auctioned for US$60. Several prominent individuals like Progress Chipfumo, Munya Mataruse, Gift Amuli and Stan Kasukuwere were also in attendance.