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Man who robbed Kirsty Coventry in court

HARARE – One of the armed robbers, who allegedly pounced on swimming icon Kirsty Coventry and her family on her way from the airport robbing them of goods worth more than US$5 000, has appeared in court charged with robbery.

Kirsty Coventry gets a heroes welcome from one of her many winning exploits
Kirsty Coventry gets a heroes welcome from one of her many winning exploits

Malvin Mushonga (35) was not formally charged when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Musaiona Shortgame who remanded him in custody to May 8 this year. Prosecutor Mr Crispen Mavengano opposed bail arguing that Mushonga was a flight risk as he was of no fixed abode.

It is the State’s case that on April 27 this year at around 2130hrs, Kirsty was on her way home from Harare International Airport in the company of her family members travelling along Glenara Avenue in Eastlea.

They were stopped by a robot at the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Glenara Avenue and Mushonga who was with his other four accomplices who are still at large came to the car and one of them smashed the back window and grabbed the bags.

Coventry wrestled with Mushonga from inside and during the scuffle the athlete sustained a cut in her palm and his other family member jumped out and the four fled with one of the bags.

Tyrone Seward gave chase and managed to apprehend Mushonga with help from other motorists and went with him to a police station.

The stolen bag contained an Apple laptop, I-Phone 4, a jacket, reading glasses, two pairs of shoes, electrical cables and cellphone chargers all valued at US$5 600 and nothing was recovered.

  • hozheri

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    • Black or White is irrelavant, the point is noone should be a victim of crime. You would do with a bit of sympathy dude. Just await the day when you will be a victim of crime.

      • shungu

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    • Tee

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    • Mkaranga

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    • De-Kaffirnated Joe

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