Small house beats up guard’s wife

By Blessing Masakadza

HARARE – A cheating security guard was left egg faced after his wife caught him with a small house at his workplace before a cat fight ensued. 

Josphine Foroma and Sophia Kurwa fighting
Josphine Foroma and Sophia Kurwa fighting

The two women were engaged in a fist fight over rights to Junior Matsvai at his workplace, number 54 Kaguvi Street at Radiator Services.

The legitimate wife, Sophia Kurwa, claimed Matsvai ditched her and their three children before moving in with his small house identified as Josephine Foroma in Budiriro.

A fist fight ensued between the women and Foroma, the small house, proved that she is not at all ‘small’ as she got the better of Kurwa in the cat fight. Business came to a halt in the busy area of motor spaces trade with many jostling to have a glimpse of the battling women.

Some in the crowd exclaimed, “inga mahudhu anemari kutoita zvekuchinjanisa vakadzi.”

Junior Matsvai
Junior Matsvai

Foroma had reportedly bought lunch for Matsvai, which witnesses at the premises claimed is her daily routine. Kurwa was frothing, shouting at her husband in front of his workmates.

“I came here to advise him that he was supposed to deposit US$105 with effect from tomorrow as he had absconded court. He left home and moved in with the woman (Josephine), in Budiriro and he has not been looking after the children,” she claimed.

She claimed that Foroma started assaulting her and alleged that she pulled a ‘Luis Suarez’ (bit her) on the cheek.

“She slapped me and went on to assault me and bit me on my cheek up until the public intervened,” she claimed.

Matsvai could not entertain the Press as he took refuge in the back room of his workplace and the suspected small house had vanished.

Kurwa could not stomach being assaulted for her husband and sought refuge with the police and made a report of the assault and they (police) ordered Matsvai to come to the station.

Not only was the incident humiliating but it seems it has also landed him in trouble with his seniors at work who had to be called to the scene.

Close sources said the owners at the premises he was guarding called Safeguard authorities and informed them of the chaos and it was resolved that he be moved from the premises. The supervisors attended the scene.

“That woman always brings him lunch and when I saw her it was just normal. Suddenly this woman (Kurwa) appeared and they clashed and a fight ensued,” said a witness. Some witnesses told H-Metro that Kurwa was the first to attack Foroma who seemed not interested in a fight.

“The small house was avoiding her and she was leaving the place but (Kurwa) followed and insulted her prompting her to fight back. People held back the small house to avoid a fight and Kurwa took advantage of the opportunity and assaulted her.

However, the heavily-built small house broke free and gave Kurwa a thrashing she will not forget, according to witnesses. “Akandwa pasi akatsikwa-tsikwa. Kusvuuka kwese pamatama nemaoko kutsikirirwa pasi nekuti mukadzi wacho indimba-ndimba,” one witness said. H Metro