MDC-T USA youth slam Madzore arrest

MDC-T USA youth statement on the arrest of Solomon Madzore

The arrest of MDC-T Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore today on charges of insulting President Mugabe paints a picture we have all become too familiar with.

MDC-T National Youth Assembly chairperson Solomon Madzore
MDC-T National Youth Assembly chairperson Solomon Madzore

In this modern day and age where freedom of speech is a fundamental right in any functional democracy, Mugabe has become a supreme being, whose image cannot be questioned, criticized or insulted.

Such is the madness that reigns supreme among this overzealous law enforcement that even forwarding a funny Whats App image of the President can land you in prison. If Zimbabwe is going to move forward, there needs to be serious discussions on security sector reform and realignment.

The police have to be re-educated on their role in society. Law enforcement is there to protect and serve the people and not the interests of an elite few.

Sadly, most of these uniformed forces have allowed themselves to be used, by force or by choice. Its time to stop giving excuses for corrupt judicial officers and law enforcement who do not recognize their role and allow themselves to be used by ZANU PF.

In as much as the MDC-T is a party of peace and reconciliation, some of these unprovoked and unwarranted gross human rights violations need to be noted and the perpetrators made to account.

The Glen View 29 group deserves justice. Tonderai Ndira deserves justice. Better Chokururama deserves justice. Zimbabwe will not have room for unprofessional law enforcement, which is willing to be abused by politicians.

The same can be said of some journalists who have stooped to the lowest levels of bootlicking and compete to hurl insults and abuse at the person of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as if there was a grand prize to be won. The filth they churn out on a daily basis is nothing short of nauseating.

What happened to sticking to the highest standards and ethics of journalism?  Zimbabwe needs objective journalists who do not serve the interests of political parties. For as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, change is inevitable.

The status quo will definitely not remain the same.  We are going to judge harshly those who will be caught on the wrong side of history. It is my hope we still have professionals in the security sector who will put country before politics and perform their duties without fear and favor.

President Mugabe is a mere mortal, he is not GOD and his day is definitely coming. To the powers that be, you cannot silence the voices of change. Solomon Madzore will not be broken. This movement is stronger, more determined and resolute in bringing change to the people of Zimbabwe.

We remain unmoved by your persecution.

Together we will complete the change.

Admonish Deda is the MDC-USA Youth Chairman

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