Macheso ‘girlfriend’ arrested for assault

MASVINGO – Tsitsi Kumbula, an alleged girlfriend of Alick Macheso and a former student at Masvingo Polytechnic was arrested at The Ritz Night Club last Friday night after slapping a reporter in the face for taking back-stage pictures. 

Tsitsi Kumbula
Tsitsi Kumbula

Kumbula who comes from Chiredzi hit the headlines last year after being outed as Macheso’s girlfriend. Kumbula who got angry after the reporter snapped a picture of her swiftly turned around and held the reporter by the collar before slapping him once in the face.

The reporter had noticed Kumbula frantically giving signs to Macheso to wind off the show barely two hours after the popular musician had been on stage.

According to the reporter, Macheso also seemed to be losing concentration as he would from time to time turn back-stage while playing the guitar to meet his alleged girlfriend’s eyes and then Kumbula would in a sign of dejection and impatience, point to her watch, telling Macheso to wind off the show.

After slapping the reporter, Kumbula who was addressed by all from Macheso’s team as amaiguru told the reporter to go and report the case wherever he wanted.

“Enda unoreva kwaunoda (Go and report wherever)!” declared Kumbula. Kumbula who caused a stir as a student at Masvingo Polytechnic last year after Macheso visited at campus slumped into despair when a few minutes later, Police from Masvingo Central arrived and picked her up.

Macheso’s bouncers surrounded the cops pleading for her release but to no avail.

“Isimbi yamudhara iyi vakomana, ndiamai Macheso ava. Ndatotumwa naMudhara izvozvi ari pastage hanzi ndokumbirawo muvaregerere. (This is Macheso’ wife guys; he is still on stage so he sends me here to plead with you guys if you can release her),” said one of the guys at the police station.

Kumbula who told the Police that she resides at number 1279 Mailanny Street, Waterfalls in Harare was detained for hours. She also profusely pleaded with the Police to give back her freedom as the she was ordered to remove her shoes, jersey, beads, jewellery and other items like the belt.

Tsitsi cried for help from one of Macheso’s guys.

“Saka bamunini mava kutondisiya? I-i-i vanhuwe musadaro kani bamunini,” she said as Police almost locked her away. The Police later released her without charge. Masvingo Mirror

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