Jah Prayzah speaks on army regalia

HARARE – Contemporary musician Jah Prayzah has cleared the air on the military gear that he wears on his live performances saying that the army has no problem with it. He said the army regalia he wears was different from that of Zimbabwe National Army.

Jah Prayzah speaks on army regalia
Jah Prayzah speaks on army regalia

“The Zimbabwe National Army has no problem with my army regalia. The regalia including the beret, are in fact different from that of our army, it is an imitation of the Germany Navy,” he said.

The “Tsviriyo,” hit maker said he had more than 20 military fatigues in different colours and shapes that he specifically wears on live shows.

“I don’t go around wearing the army regalia, I only wear it on live shows only,” he said.

While he bought some of the military regalia in the United Kingdom, the rest comes from a South African based designer.

“I have at least ten pairs of army boots which complement the camouflage which my fans are used to during the live performances. They are also tailor-made in South Africa and I can put on any colour at any given time,” he said.

He however could however not divulge the amount he splashes on the military gear but investigations showed that each set of the Germany camouflage regalia is worth around US$300.

Born Mukudzei Mukombe, Jah Prayzah who does not hide his admiration of the army said he had since written to the army seeking permission to wear the regalia.

“I wanted to join the army but something happened and that is why I am not a soldier at the moment. My admiration of the uniform inspired me to rope it onto my regalia.

“For the mean time, nothing stops me from wearing the army regalia. As a formality I have written to the army seeking clearance and I am waiting for their response,” he said.

Jah Prayzah’s opening up follows outcry from the public who queried why he was to wear an imitation of the army regalia.

In the past the musician has met army chiefs wearing the regalia at KG6 and he even performed at the army’s charity event wearing the regalia. He has been noted on some of his shows being escorted by army personnel.

On that he said, other musicians that include Alick Macheso and Suluman Chimbetu were also accorded the same privilege of using the army escort on certain occasions.

In October 2008, Power FM state radio station disc jockey Tafadzwa Sikwila, also known as DJ Squila sustained serious head injuries after being severely assaulted by four soldiers for wearing military camouflage replica pants without authorization.

  • hozhwa

    All army wear outside the army is designer wear and different from the official wear. However in Zimbabwe, judging by precedents and arrests, even imitations are illegal and the law is being applied selectively here.

    • Charity

      In this case the uniform he is wearing seems bona fide Zim army uniform. correct me if i am wrong

  • Ricky Matako

    After US$12 000 was donated by Chiyangwa to Jah Prayzah you always felt the regime will not touch him yet a few years ago DJ Squilla was beaten up fro wearing army camouflage.

  • Puro Munatsi

    Section 32 of the Criminal Law(codification and reform) Act chapter 9:23 – ‘UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OR WEARING OF CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORMS’. In this section “camouflage uniform” means any article of wearing apparel made of material carrying military-style camouflage markings.
    “Authorised person”- means:
    (a) A member of the defence forces, the police force, the prison service or any other uniformed force of the state
    (b) a member of a military force of a foreign state who is either on attachment to any force reffered in (a) under an arrangement made between the gvt of that foreign state or is present in Zim , with the approaval of the gvt in the course of his or her duties.

    Any person who contravenes this section is liable to a fine not exceeding level five or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both such fine and imprisonment in the case of unlawful possession of camouflage uniforms and in the case of unlawful wearing of camouflage uniforms; to a fine not exceeding level six or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both such fine and imprisonment.

  • Owen

    Confusing,here in Kwekwe if they see u wearing a replica,unoita kunge wauraya munhu,they can surely roast u for that.Maybe celebrities are an exception……

  • Eddson

    Authorisation to wear the regalia in public i think because he claims at the moment he just wears it when perfoming.

  • Bovern

    The state security has just fallen vistim to ZPF abuse, in neighbouring SA, anamahobo security guards wear material that resemples that of the army, the regalia is also in shops and no big deal. Their harrasing of innocent civilians is just lawlessness and thats why they beat and never take you to court because there is no crime committed

  • Thomas

    Well m not sure of the recent ammendments to the defence act. During my days when the army was still a profession open to talent and professionalism was high, it was illegal to wear any resemblence in any way to the denims even T-shirts (green army issue) bt also back then we were never allowed to apprehend or beat up civilians we left that to the civilian police or we would take th guy to a police station. Even us serving members there was a dress code which if you mix up u got arrested by th military police thus there was a stipulated way to dress it. Bt now things have changes so u can’t tell exactly what’s happening.

  • Chris Chiwara

    The army thinks it is the uniform which fights wars not arms

  • Tonderai Murove Kamukono

    Kana mashaya zvekunyora endai kumusha nxaaaaaaaaa murikuda kuuraya career yemunhu asimuka hake nenyaya yeuniform,madini kutaura ana Sniper vatori nemajobho futi,jus leave the man alone ari panguva yake musarwadziwe

  • Octovious Ndovisai

    Nehanda I expect better reporting from u.Didn’t Jar Praiser write to the army pa-issue ye-uniform?Isn’t that a German Navy uniform?Please research before publishing.

  • Munya Kachingwe

    Yatoo Uniform yezvugure here inonzi haipfekwe nemunhuwo zvake.

  • Frank Tinashe Jabeni

    Hypocrisy at its best typical all animals r equal but others are more equal than others.

  • Jonah Mupoga

    Kana Squila akaponderwa izvozvo,Jah Praizer ngaamamiswewo.Ndiye arikuimba kuti batai munhu,Ndiye munhu wacho.Aaaaa ngaatomamewo.

  • Guide Marambanyika

    rimbinyuka usambonyara tsviriyoo

  • Dudzai James Dzobo

    Kuti musoja ndokuti dofo.

  • Leon Mlachila

    Vapfana masoja anoonererwa dai ndirini ndakavakiya

  • Givenz Docka

    endaunomurova iwe

  • Jeremiah Njokoza

    nyangwe zvikaoma sei …tichamarova magitare

  • Max Tiger

    Marwadziwa ne $12000

  • Pasi Wa Zendera

    Ngavaende ku Congo vanosangana ne Mayi Mayi kana M23 kwete kungorova vanhu mahara

  • Mhofu Mhofela

    referendum rinoti pamberi nekupfeka amy ndosaka takavhota yes

  • Stewart Nyamukondiwa

    midzimu inosiyana wanza

  • Mike Vajiti

    tsviriyo tsviriyoooo

  • Vengayi Govera

    Ndidzo nyaya dzekunyora here idzi radio iyi kana yashaya zvekuita ngaitoridza tsviriyo yaJah Prayzer mamuvengerei nekuti anobva kuUMP here?

  • Pagiwa Ignatious

    kutsvaga nyaya pasina….iresponsible journalism.

  • Edson Ncube

    Kusaziva kwakafanana nekufa vanhu vanoroverwei vapfana ava vaakdziirwa

  • Tonderai Bhuka

    100% selective application of the law bt my question iz chii chinonzi denim pliz help.

  • Kutadza Tawedzerwa

    Pfeka iwe tikugadzirise

  • Shelter Zhou

    Sarura munhu kwete ganda. MaZimbos nhasi ndini tomorrow ndiwe.

  • Cde Masimba Emmanuel Kurasha

    Squila is ill mannered,jar praiser is nt

    • Wilson Wie Bitte

      really?now that is just daft of you

    • Peggy Nyakabau

      yowee inga zvaomaa

    • McSean Morkel

      Who defines ill-manered?? And who has the right to label sm1 as ill-manered???

  • Alex

    Zim soldiers are morons

  • faray

    And so ‘replica’ does not mean replica
    Only on Zimbabwe

  • makumbe moyo

    this is pathetic ,anyone shud wear this crap uniform when he wants ,its only in rotten states in africa and asia where its a big issue. these monkeys will never get it .am black and african and zimbabwe and i will not wear this crap uniform.what maters to ordinary folks is jobs ,water,food and opporttunities of which these african leaders assholes deny us.beating someone for wearing army uniform is just stupid and small minded.

  • nyabeze

    the Defence Act is clear and straight forward, any military regalia is prohibited by the Army whether American,SA,Congo or any other what are Jar Praser’s credentials to wear this, its fighting regalia nothing else we dont like this, its an eyeso

  • nyabeze

    cammo is not for playing with

  • Tawanda

    Askana ngavangomupinzawokuchisoja mukomana uyu!!!Ane shungu…askana!

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