Tsvangirai dismisses Herald ‘lies’ about Magaisa

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has rubbished a report in the Zanu PF controlled Herald newspaper claiming that ‘daggers’ are out for his advisor Dr Alex Magaisa over the by-election case at the High Court.

Dr Alex Magaisa
Dr Alex Magaisa

In a statement issued on Friday the PM’s office said:

“Dr Magaisa continues to competently execute his duties while the competence of the PM’s legal team was shown this week when it forced the President to back down from his attempt to unilaterally and unconstitutionally set a June 29 harmonized election date,” the statement read.

“Justice George Chiweshe did not at any point throw out the legal application by the Prime Minister contesting the President’s unconstitutional bid to clandestinely set an election date without consulting him.

“The Prime Minister’s lawyers formally withdrew their application on Thursday afternoon after President Mugabe backed down from his earlier attempt to sneak in a June 29 harmonized election date.

“Dr Magaisa remains at work and judging by the Herald‘s story, it appears the so-called daggers have been drawn out by Zanu PF activists such as Gabriel Chaibva  and fringe so-called political commentators who are quoted in the story,” the PM’s office said.