Married man regrets night at Dr Nero gig

HARARE – A married has regretted dancing the night away at the recently held Dr Nero gig, saying it has put his marriage on the brink of collapse. The man, who refused to be identified, was pictured while having raunchy dances with a lady.

The man who refused with his identity
The man who refused with his identity

He claimed that he is Alick Macheso’s top fan and his wife is the one who had given him money to attend the gig despite his child being ill. The man however disowned the woman, describing the incident as a ‘moment of madness’.

He revealed that he was not drunk but he had admired the woman, who was dressed in a skimpy outfit. He said he could contain himself and the moment the lady touched his hand he grabbed the opportunity and got down with her.

“She held my hand and it ran to my brain. I had the desire to be closer to her and the time she held my hand I took the opportunity and started dancing with her. It was crazy but it was just for the fun of it (ndezvekumafaro wangu. Ndaidawo kusvika padhuze naye zvekuti paakangondibata pfungwa dzangu dzakabva dzakanganisika.)

“I do not know her; neither did I take her contact details or met her after, ndezvemubhawa,” he said.

“My wife is the one who gave me the money to attend the gig. Our child was not feeling well but she allowed me to attend not knowing that it will get me in this mess,” he added.

This married man (circled) gets down to business with a mystery lady at the recently held Dr Nero gig
This married man (circled) gets down to business with a mystery lady at the recently held Dr Nero gig

He added that the incident might be the final nail to his already shaky union with his wife.

“We had our problems with my wife and on the road to recovery but this might destroy the relationship.

“We have been living separately but we are not divorced and when she saw the pictures she just looked at me and never said a word. Deep down I know something is wrong and I’m already mourning. I hope she will understand and forgive me,” he added.

He added that he is staying with his sister and that will have a negative impact on her.

Recently a self confessed Tryson Chimbetu top fan who claims to be a businessman also came out disowning the woman, emphasizing that the same incident had the potential to ruin his marriage. H Metro