Dynamos lose name, logo over debt

By Zvamaida Murwira

Prominent Harare football club, Dynamos, have lost their trademark name and logo after they failed to settle a US$4 900 debt they owe a Cypriot financial company.

Dynamos can no longer use the name and logo
Dynamos can no longer use the name and logo

The civil court recently granted a default judgment in favour of Qotho Finance in a claim against Dynamos Football Club after the Harare soccer giants failed to oppose the application.

This means DeMbare, as the club is popularly known, can no longer use the name Dynamos and the logo until they settle the claim.

According to a Notice of Attachment in Execution by the Messenger of Court in case number 5449/12, Dynamos stand to lose their trademark until they pay the money, together with legal costs.

“Defendant club’s trademark No 1579/2000 is hereby attached. Defendant club is forthwith prohibited from utilising trademark no 1579/2000 in anyway,” read the notice of attachment.

The attachment followed an order issued on July 24 2012 in which Dynamos were ordered by a magistrate court to pay US$4 931,25 to Qotho.

The team is said to have failed or neglected to pay.

Dynamos secretary Chris Kasiyazi said they were aware of the court order.

“We have been given 48 hours to address this issue and it lapses on Monday because weekends at law are not recognised when calculating,” he said.

“If they are to enforce the judgment, it will have to start on Tuesday after the 48 hours elapse. The issue is being attended to and our officers should have resolved it by Monday.”

In his letter to the Messenger of Court seeking enforcement of the judgment, Qotho finance director Mr Lyndon Miles said since Dynamos was in financial difficulties, they had to attach the trademark name.

“We are aware that it (Dynamos) has a trademark registration for the name Dynamos, registered with the Registrar of Trademarks, Harare,” said Mr Miles.

“We hereby request that you confirm that you will, as now requested by us, attach the above trade mark registration in execution of the claims we have against Dynamos FC. Kindly advise us of your costs in this respect.

“Once you are ready to proceed with a sale in execution, we request that we be advised of the date and time of such sale so that we may participate in such a sale.”

The company secured a writ of execution against trademark on March 13 2013. The Herald