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Beverley’s dancers stripped by revellers

HARARE – Two dancers from Beverly Sibanda’s Sexy Angels troupe were reportedly stripped by revellers in Warren Park D after a stampede at their show last Friday.

Beverly Sibanda in action
Beverly Sibanda in action

The dancers, identified as Nokuthula and Chantel had their clothes torn, by men forcing them back to the stage at Federal Night Club.

However, poor security made the situation degenerate into chaos, with male revellers stripping the girls forcing them to go back on stage.

Bev managed to leave the club unscathed.

Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze said that the show went smoothly but ‘loose’ security led to the bad incidents.

“We had a very successful show that was well attended. Everything went smoothly but lack of security led to our girls being stripped. Nokhutula and Chantel were the victims, people pulling and tearing their clothes , forcing them to get back on stage.

“One had her top removed and the other one’s pants were torn,” he said.

This is not the first time that such scenes have occurred at Bev’s shows, in some incidents Bev being the victim. This is also contrary to some incidents where men strip in front of Bev and her camp, perhaps moved by their raunchy dances.

  • Ruey

    Handiti ndizvo zvavanoda.

    • Gurundoro

      Taura hako Ruey, basa rawo nderekukurura hembe. Saka hapana nyaya apa.

  • Peter

    Nyika yakunoguma shuwa

  • makumbe

    these women should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies,there is nothing wrong with what they do,for fucksake people should watch porno read porno watch stripers , prostitute and none is being hurt here,.some few zimbabweans are just but stupid who claim to be be prudes whilst they enjoy doing these things in closed environments without their wives’s knowledge

    • Kedzaify

      Yu can say that again makumbe

  • musoni

    ‘We had a very successful show that was well attended. Everything went smoothly’
    It didn’t go smoothly if there was a security breach / incident. Is he encouraging what happened.

  • De-Kaffirnated Joe

    What clothes were stripped off these two girls,there is not much to “strip”

  • YOWE

    mahure anetsa aya ndichatoakwirira ndege kuzovaona vasati vafa nechirwere

  • Muchati Bwege

    Nyika yaibvira kutongwa, sepamazuva eSodoma neGomora vaidya semadyiro arikuitwa. Vachinwa semanwiro arikuitwa, Vanhu vechikadzi ava vakauya riini nhai arume vamaakubvutidzana kunge zvanzi vaakudzokera? Tsvakai Jesu achawanikwa ndoopaida Mfundisi wangu Chiweshe pakadai apa.