Meet the new Beyonce – and she’s repping Zimbabwe

By Arts Correspondent

Most television viewers across the world will remember her for her recurring role alongside Hollywood A-lister Charlie Sheen on the popular American sitcom Two And a Half Men.

Tinashe features in at least three episodes of the show as girlfriend to Jacob ‘Jake’ Harper played by Angus T Jones.
Tinashe features in at least three episodes of the show as girlfriend to Jacob ‘Jake’ Harper played by Angus T Jones.

But Tinashe Kachingwe is the next big thing waiting to explode on the US and global music scene. Although her debut album isn’t even out yet, her sultry and rhythmic offerings have drawn her comparisons to the reigning queen of R&B, Mrs Shawn Carter, a.ka. Beyonce.

And in barely three weeks’ time, London music fans will get to preview the multi-talented Tinashe live on stage when she headlines this year’s Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) ceremony at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in London on April 20.

A native of Kentucky, Tinashe is of Zimbabwean and Irish/Norwegian/Danish ancestry and moved to Los Angeles on the west coast when she was eight. Despite being born and raised in the US, she speaks the Zimbabwean language Shona fluently.

Tinashe Kachingwe
Tinashe Kachingwe

Tinashe first grabbed the attention of US music fans as lead singer of the five-member girl group The Stunners. The girls toured with Justin Bieber on his ‘My World’ tour and also performed live on The Today Show and The Wendy Williams show.

They were in line to release their debut album with Universal Republic Records before the project was shelved after the group disbanded in 2011. But while the curtains were being drawn on The Stunners era, Tinashe’s solo career was just taking off.

With her eclectic musical style that she describes as a mixture of “urban, rhythmic and pop”, peppered with influences from indie, alternative, and hip hop, Tinashe released two critically acclaimed mixtapes in 2012. Her debut, titled ‘In Case We Die’, dropped in February last year and spawned four singles, including the track ‘This Feeling’.

The mixtape served as an introduction to Tinashe’s solo work; she spent eighteen straight days working on it, doing all the writing, production and recording in the confines of her bedroom.

She explains: “I was very inspired by the thought of a lover’s last words before death – baring their soul and their secrets before it was too late…and trying to capture that half-fear we all secretly have that the inevitable is sooner than we are ready for.”

In July of 2012, Tinashe signed her first solo major label recording contract with RCA/Sony Music. Then on September 6, she released her second critically acclaimed mixtape, “Reverie”. The Mixtape released three singles: “Stargazing”, “Ecstasy” and the final single from the mixtape, “Who Am I Working For?”


Oozing sex appeal and yet exuding class and elegance, the dancer, singer and songwriter is currently putting the final touches to her debut solo album, set to be released any time this year.

On April 20, Tinashe will lead a stellar cast of performers at this year’s edition of the ZAA ceremony, the Zimbabwean community in the UK’s premier red carpet event to honour the outstanding achievements of its members across all walks of life.

A self-confessed shoe fanatic and lover of scary movies, the dainty singer is full of surprising personal quirks. For instance, she became a Taekwondo black belt at the tender age of 11 and has actually won a gold medal in competition in her home state of Califonia!

“My parents decided to sign me up for Taekwondo when I was younger. After a year or so, I wasn’t that into it anymore, but they were always the kind of people who encouraged me to stick with things, so they made me continue until I got a black belt,” she said in a recent interview.

“I’ve never been in a real physical confrontation, which I guess is a good thing. But I don’t know, I’m saving up my skills for when someone really pisses me off!” she laughed. Well, don’t say you weren’t warned!

Her debut studio album will feature the contributions of Grammy Award winning producers around the world. Although her camp has not confirmed the exact line-up, names that have been associated with the project include Clams Casino, Ryan Hemsworth, T-Minus, Boi-1da, Fisticuffs, Best Kept Secret and Ritz Reynolds.

On the experience of moving from doing her own thing to working with a major record label, she said: “It’s been a great transition into the major label situation. They’ve created a lot of opportunities for me and set me up with a lot of dope producers.

It’s also difficult to go from being completely on your own and creating music by yourself to giving up the reigns a little bit and letting other people collaborate with you. But it’s a fun creative process to be able to work with people.”

With a legion of devoted fans on social media helping to make her one of the most followed new artists in the US, the anticipation for her album is skyrocketing.

She has almost 300,000 active Twitter followers, making her a Top 100 most followed person in both Los Angeles and New York. Her YouTube account is approaching 10 million views, while her mixtapes have been downloaded well over one million times combined.



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    Ngaauye ambochaye Jim Kunaka.

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      Yup. Weed smoking, die young crap. She is not a needed artist. And cannot even sing.

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        U are very mean

  • Marunjera

    She is alryt but why has she chosen to embrace foreign culture and dressing even skin bleaching and fake hair.I think she should present a fusion of both her cultures ( Zimbabwean and Irish) to make us proud coz as i was looking at her hapana chandaona chino representer Zim.To Tinashe make us more proud by showing ab bit of Africa!

    • Sky72

      There is no skin bleaching here, check her ancestry and you will correct yourself. The father is Zimbabwean whilst the mother is Danish/Nowegian thereby making her a mixed race

    • Bloggo

      She was born & raised in the USA what culture would she be exposed to. At least she speaks fluent Shona and she has kept her Zimbabwean name

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      What skin bleaching? Don’t be ignorant.

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      Are you serious right not… she is bicultural

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      do you guys even read the article befote commenting?

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      I understand the whole representing culture thing, but it becomes different especially if you were not born and raised in Zimbabwe, I migrated to a different country the fact that I went school here, it now feels like home as for her she sees herself as a full American..right now if you ask her where shez from shez likely to tell you she is American and she represents that because ndakwaakakurira.

    • k

      Why do you assume she bleached her skin? If haters like you would actually did your research, y’all would know Tinashe is naturally white as a ghost. All African people aren’t dark.

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      her hair cannot be fake since she is colored “her mother Aimie has Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Irish ancestry” according to James, Nicole (September 15, 2011). “The Buzz on Tinashe”. MTV (Viacom). Retrieved October 22, 2011.


    …ka number ka babe aka…kakazotizirei Zim

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      haana kutiza Bhoni, she was born and raised in the US

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      bhoni sha, she was born and raised kuamerica

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    @Musindo listen to Tinashe x Amvis Fear Not hip hop Remix

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    She’s alright. What I expect, from them trying to make a “superstar”… but let’s be real…who would actually Buy this, and who would actually just listen to it on their YouTube. Now don’t get things twisted, she will NOT be another Beyonce. I done read everything I could on this chick till I just ran out of things to read… and Beyonce’s just on a Whoooooole ‘nother level!!

    This chick will make her label an average amount of money, and fall typical wayside like anybody else. Never Queen Bey! Or even close for that matter. Just an honest opinion. Give me a break.

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      Ignorant, close minded haters really think they can predict someone’s future. Time WILL prove y’all wrong

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      Ignorant, close minded haters really think they can predict someone’s future. Time WILL prove y’all wrong

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        @k She is no beyonce. Just a wanna be and won’t be around long.

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      She actually addressed internet haters like you in this song. I didn’t know you had to be old to experience hardships in life.

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        It is not hate K. It is truth. She cannot sing and has nothing new to offer.

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    Go Tinashe make us proud but you already did. don’t care who says what they were not there there day you diced to join the music industry so show them what you’ve got

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    Her father is Malawian by the way

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    She is american

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