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Jowani Masowe prophesied war in Zimbabwe before Mugabe leaves office

By Wilfred Kushure (Member of Jowani Masowe church)

A Jowani Masowe prophecy predicted that there shall be war before Mugabe goes out of office. That war shall be according to God’s plan for Zimbabwe. We wish that this prophecy, of all the prophecies told us (which have all come true so far), this one must not come to pass.

Mugabe’s ailments include periodic convulsions and stroke like episodes (perhaps eschemia) brought on by diabetes and a lipid disorder which affects the covering of the brain
Mugabe’s ailments include periodic convulsions and stroke like episodes (perhaps eschemia) brought on by diabetes and a lipid disorder which affects the covering of the brain.

I write to share this prophecy and also to share with fellow citizens my views and the other related teachings on why it can be so and how it can be averted. The major reasons for that war as sighted by prophecy are;

• The attack on churches and denial of freedom of worship. This is already happening in some parts of our country. (Mucharambidzwa kunamata. Muchaita zvekutokumbira nzvimbo dzekunamatira kunyangwe nyika yenyu yasunungurwa. Ndaona vatendi mauraiwa. Ndaona maakuenda kumasowe makaviga maGarments mutumaplastic tutema.)

• To root out false prophets. Especially in the Apostolic churches, and more so in Johane Masowe. Many of them shall turn to black magic, they will misrepresent God, they will be exalting themselves and assuming leadership roles of their own making and their love for money and indulgence in fornication and adultery. God has been angered. (Pachange pava nevaPorofita venhema vapambira nenyika kunyanya muChishanu. Vachange vavakuzviita vakuru vavakubata makona nekunyebera Mweya. Vachange vava kuita zvemari vachitengesa Izwi rababa. Vachange vava zvikomba zvenyika)

• Zimbabwe has rejected God’s word. Zimbabwe is meant to be at the centre of religion in all Africa. She remains the land of the Holy Spirit. But Zimbabwe has departed from God’s divine plan for Africa.(Vachasiya zvemweya. Vachange vavakuita mado avo vavakutonga nemado avo vachisiya zvido zvaMwari nenyika ino nedzinza revatema. Vanenge vasisadzoreke, asi narinhi wese Mwari vacharatidza kuti nyika ino ndeyemweya.)

• Mugabe and Zanu PF tyranny. The massive shedding of innocent blood and the neglect of the departed Chimurenga liberation heroes. There are rituals which were supposed to have been done at a national level just after attaining independence. They neglected that and rushed for silver and gold. Chimoio, Nyadzonia Tembwe still need to be cleansed. (Vachasiya vana vachichema mumasango vavakumhanyira ndarama nemafaro enyika. Yaiva hondo yeMweya nekudaro ropa rakadeuka raifanira kugezwa nekweMweya. Chimoio, Nyadzonya neTembwe nemitunhu yose iri kure haina rugare saka ndaona weya iyoyo ichisimuka yakatarisana nenyika ino nekuchema kukuru).

And it was further indicated that when we hear Mugabe announce that he is now taking over mines, ‘then you know the time has come’.(makanzwa murume iyeye aakuti ‘iko Zvino ndavakutora mugodhi’, moziva kuti mapinda muhndo). Which he has said many times and the very first time I heard Mugabe say this is sometime in August 2007. We pray to God this prophecy does not come to pass.

The above are the reasons explained to justify that war must happen during Mugabe’s tenure. If not ignored and if we choose to take heed, everyone has a part to play. If we choose to ignore it the same way it has been ignored so far, we think there is very little time before we drift to the foretold.

The President is already advanced in age. The prophecy is saying during his tenure in office. And that alone is cause for concern.

We believe this prophecy is true the same as it has been true with the other prophecies told us which have all come to pass. We plead with everyone to choose not to experiment with human blood. We in Johane Maoswe have nothing we can show of any of our prophecies not coming to pass. It is therefore for everybody’s serious consideration.

The twin with the blood string as I described in my last posting is at the realm of things. The genocide tendencies are for all to see. The degrees of violence and decades of experience decorate the outfit. We were told to observe the tendency to be rolled out a red carpet in all state occasions and take note that it is him (muchamuona nekuwaridzirwa jira dzvuku paasvika pese moziva kuti ndeyeye wetsambo tsvuku).

The twin with the white string was explained as the love of God for our Zimbabwe. An embodiment of peace and love which is God our Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit in Zimbabwe. The rebirth of a blessed era whereby everyone shall be free to worship their God.

Jowani said ‘ Achatokusiyai mapinda muhondo..’ He will not leave the face of planet earth before he plunges you into war. That war was prophesied and given a name ‘Guyo rutsetsa…’ a song was coined to go with the prophecy, ‘Guyo rutsetsa Guyo rutsetsa, baba YaKope!’ That war was later confirmed and again by songs, 1. War is on its way (Ndaona hondo iri munzira), 2. That War! There is no means to avert (Hondo Iyo! Haina mazano enyika!) and many more songs describing that the war is inevitably coming.

According to prophecy our beautiful Zimbabwe is drifting into a war and that war will be a bloody war;

• will leave no stone unturned (payapinda napo haisiye kana anenhumbu)

• shall be fought by women with their kids strapped at their backs (icharwiwa nyangwe nechirikadzi yakabereka mwana kumusana).

• It will come from an eastern direction then westward. (Hondo yenyu ichatevera gwara serenzou). Meaning the first one started from that direction, and this also likewise.

• When later it turns from the west into inland Zimbabwe then you know the end has come. (makaona yobva nezasi ichikwidza yopinda mukati zivai kwauya kuparadzwa…)

Gurukurahundi came and Prophecy reminded us that it was not that. The abductions, tortures and murders of the period from year 2000 came and still prophecy reminded us that it still was not it. The actual war is yet to come.

Please prove this prophecy wrong. The majority of senior and honest members of our fraternity know this. It is and has always been every one’s prayer that this must not come to pass. Many vaPositori have fasted, stayed in hills and mountains and some abandoned their homes for weeks and months praying for this not to be. We hope the prayers were heard and that they be answered. But on that very same note Prophecy also has it that;

‘I do not have the power to stop it but I have the prayers to fuel it instead. (Hondo iyi handina minamato yekuimisa, asi ndinotova nechipiyaniso chekuti inyanye!’

We were also told, ‘that war is a blessing to my chosen people.’ (Hondo iyoyo imvura yekudiridzira mbeu yangu.)

But still why save people by killing others?

What is the problem and where have we strayed as a nation? Do we deserve a war? Is it in the plan of God that this war cannot be averted? Who is the culprit?

I will start from the liberation struggle (how we understand it from Jowani Masowe teachings). The objectives of the liberation struggle (according to Jowani Masowe). I will mention Chimoio and the sister tragedies of Nyadzonia, Tembwe etc, etc and the aftermath.

What was supposed to have been done? What our leadership should have done and what we should have been doing. I will say it, at least according to Johane Masowe prophecy/teachings. I underatsnd that others have their own prophecies, theories and wishes on this critical subject. There is still time and space for those theories and time is available to discuss that and see. Others told us that what was done about that war is enough and there is no need to go back to ‘history’ again. We disagree.

Chimoio is not history. Chimoio is blood and destiny. Chimoio symbolises the birth of a nation. It symbolises the blood of sacrifices. Chimoio will never be history. Chimoio is today. That’s why prophecy told us;

• I hear voices of the dead cadres of our war crying in the wilderness (Ndiri kunzwa mazwi evarikuchema vari mumasango?).

• The voices are saying, ‘How about us, what did we die for?’ (Varikuti ko, isu takafireiko? (

• ‘Is this the kind of country we cherished, the country we fought and died for?’ (Vari kuti ndiyoyi here nyika yataida?)

• ‘Who shall give us and when shall we get decent honour befitting our sacrifices for this nation?’ (Varikuti ko, isu tichazorodzwawo nani uye rinhi?)

• The warrior spirit of the dead has haunted the youths who now have no fear to shed human blood. (Mweya yavo yapinda muvana vadiki, havachatya kubata ropa.)

• Who has the prayers to pacify and appease the spirits of the dead crying in the bushes and forests? (Ndiyani achaenda Chimoio, Nyadzonia, Tembwe nemumasango kunoita munamato yekunyaradza vana ava?)

According to prophecy in our church things are not ok with regards how the aftermath of the war was handled and how our national issues are handled. We can say a lot about this but we are not ignorant of the fact that we have never been taken seriously on the issues at stake in our country.

So, there is no fooling each other this time. We are the generation which must live. We are the generation which must regroup and correct a legacy. We are the generation that is educated enough to choose not to ignore the important. We are the God fearing generation that knows right from wrong and the blessed generation that cares to take note of God and choose to put God first.

We will go back to history and pick the pieces and stitch them together. We will go back to history and right the wrongs. But first we have the privilege to want to expose wrong and promote right. We are the God serving generation with a measure of dedication that makes us love sacrifice for the good of the future. We are the present! The evil passing phase must please give us space to correct the mess.

The war of liberation was prophesied and blessed by baba Johane to take place. Johane Masowe is a true African religion and we come from Africa with a purpose to Arica. Johane said ‘ I have come for the Africans, and ONLY the Africans’ (you can see this inscription at the National Archives as quoted by our settler colonisers a long, long time ago). We have a stake in the national happenings of today and we are ready to take up our own responsibility.

Accordning to Jowani Masowe prophecy, the purpose of the war was, ‘kuti vanhu vatema vanamate zvakanaka chinamato chavo.’ How Jowani Masowe is ‘chinamato chevahu vatema’ is a topic for the other day. We cannot afford to keep quiet anymore. We believe we are at a critical time where truth must come out and history corrected.

I can even reveal that the same objective of our war according to Johane was the same objective according to Nehanda , Mukwati,Kaguvi and even Chaminuka. These great traditional prophets had previously lamented the need for black people to remove the white colonial rule. That blacks must be self-governing, and self-determining. Johane warned, the white colonial rule must be removed. The black people must rule themselves. Johane said ‘Pamatarisanwa newe mambo kesari tichaonerera. Vanhu vatema vachazvitonga.’

In 1979 at Highfield masowe a prayer session was conducted where war was commanded to stop that very day. And where satan was commanded to remove his people from the bush ‘Iwe satan, bvisa vana vako musango, Nhasi!’ (obviously referring to the forces of oppression.) That is when Cease Fire was declared in ‘Rhodesia’ to prepare for the 1980 elections which gave birth to Zimbabwe.

So because of this, when you see us, we are blessed that the war was started by Johane and that war was ended by Johane. We are very happy that our church played a very great part in the fight for and the end to the war of liberation. We are in it together. We are not second class citizens. And we are not amused when Zanu PF grandstands and grabs all the credit for the war of liberation and to them everyone else is a traitor and only them are the heroes of our liberation.

I think Zanu PF has hijacked the cause. They have hijacked the legacy and relegated every one of us as unknowing and unimportant. It’s very sad but as it stands, time has caught up with them and this time is time for them to take notice or else they are doomed.

The fact that the war was started by baba Johane means we carry the burden for all the sons and daughters of our country who died in that war. We carry the burden and share the responsibility for the blood that was shed in our war. We carry the burden for the spiritual wellbeing of the living and the right placement of the spirits of the dead. We know that has not been afforded them.

We carry the heavy burden of seeing to it that Zimbabwe is governed well and according to the objectives of the war. And according to the grand plans of our God. We have something to do about it. We keep to ourselves our responsibility until our political leaders decide to start to care.

We also understand that people may not be knowledgeable of what needs to be done. We request respect and a peaceful coexistence and the right atmosphere to share. Otherwise we have little where Zanu PF has everything to lose if this war happens.

Those who died in that war belong to our cause. Their death was for our cause so that we can practice our religion in peace. If they played a part in liberating our religion then to us they are martyrs. They died for our country, they died for our religion!

We do not think we must be targeted and have our defenceless members terrorised the way it has happened and the way it has started to happen in a country not at war like Zimbabwe. We do not think we are to blame for Zanu PF mess. What is our sin as a church?

We have more answers than problems to the success equation of our nation. We have more solutions than questions because we are aware of where Zanu PF missed it.

Innocent murders today aggravate the wrong. It is blood to blood as the deserving blood of our Chimurenga brothers and sisters is still cloating dry on veld grass and tree branches ignored in the countryside.

The children are crying. Their souls are not resting. They are haunting our nation. Not attending to that is tantamount to kuchekeresa. We went out to war, some died for us, we left them stuck and came back to enjoy the fruits of their blood? And ignored.

But now Zanu PF pops up and tells us that we must not go to our church before we attend their rallies. That is their undoing! They do not have the right to do that on Johane Masowe. They do not have a history like of Jowani Masowe. They are there because of our Jowani Masowe! They are a product of our God’s noble intentions. But they are messing it and they are courting their demise.

The fact that Mugabe was the prophesied is far from him having been chosen for a Godly purpose. The spiritual truth of it is that him of all people was seen to be the one, and the most correct choice to execute a plan that in the end would facilitate the demise of an era as dawning today.

We can see a Zanu PF that has deserted the revolutionary values of our war. A party that has distorted the true spirit of a liberating party. We can see you are different from the original and you have been hijacked by wrong intentions and that does anger our God.

We also regret to say that the majority of the present day Zanu PF card holders are hypocritical culprits, and undoers of the good old legacy. Our church position has always been very sympathetic to Zanu PF. We no longer feel the same. We greatly feel betrayed. We are not stupid. We will not associate with evil and do not wish to be smeared with blood of the innocent and silent pregnancies.

If all things were normal, we know that Zanu PF would be the natural choice for everybody. There would be no need to campaign. There would be no need to beat people and coerce them to like you. There would be no need to carry out unholy crusades against fellow citizens. You mess your history and you turn on us and quench your thirst for revenge. That is wrong.

Chimoio is the puzzle you cannot afford to ignore any more. We insist and remind you that there is everything wrong about the war aftermath with regards to our fallen heroes. The prophecies have been there for a long time on what needs to be done. We as a church have always known you and what you should have done. You have been too busy ignoring and bullying everybody aside. We acknowledge that we have always been regarded as uneducated, unworthy and unknowing.

We remind you that Nehanda was uneducated but she knew. She was uneducated but she blessed our war and died for this country. Chaminuka was uneducated but he knew. He educated us about the invasion by the colonial powers and Chaminuka was all powerful. Mukwati was uneducated but was the religious warrior of the Rozvi kingdom. Kaguvi was uneducated but is a hero in the making of the Zimbabwean history. Johane was uneducated but he knew and he told us. We in the Johane Masowe may be uneducated or as educated as everybody expects, but we in the Johane Masowe have the knowledge.

Zanu PF must revise their thinking and Mugabe must repent. He runs a very great risk of leaving us drenched in blood. He runs the risk of erasing history in a spur of a moment. His exit is a given, but the how it happens must at least be human.

The above is what we in Jowani Masowe have been told by prophecy and prophetic teachings. We welcome disagreements and / or open discussions about these issues. We are welcome to angry protestations about the discussed with the full knowledge that the same vain protestations will not stop the war. We expect panic and anger about the prophecy but remind that prophecy is better left for the future.

We know our history and according to this prophecy, we are sure no one has the power to avert it. We wish the prophecy fails. We pray that peace prevails. But we remain much aggrieved about the present! Please stop the war!

Wilfred Kushure is a Member of Jowani Masowe church and can be reached on [email protected]

  • Munhu waMwari

    I am a member of Jowani Masowe but find your philosophical and spiritual reasoning at point. For Years we have been educated of things to come and seen them happen. Though it may sound hysterical to those unaccustomed to the way we pray it is sadly true that every aspect you have rallied in you writing was told to us. Please keep on doing the good work unbiased and true thank you

    • wilfred

      makadiiko neIZWI rababa kwamunonamatira. Mwari wedu vakuitirei zvakanaka.
      Ndatenda hangu

  • Zimboman

    Ini mwii

  • Murambic

    What nonsense!

  • kuda


  • nonalign

    this is utter rubbish how does rituals has to do with God and for your own information iyeye mporofita uyu is biased towards opposition n he shud not write zvake zvefungwa dzake obva ati ndiMwari ataura. Go to hell with your prophesy usada kutsvaka dzvene kuopposition uchitaura ngano dzatsuro nagudo idzo bcoz our God is a God of justice and leaders are appointed by him whether political or iwewe wacho so this prophet of yours must be well informed of that

    • wilfred

      our religion is an Africa Traditional Religion and has everything to do with rituals. The article is about prophecy dzakataurwa Mugabe achiri muhondo Tsvangirai achiri kusapota Zanu PF. the rest is for you to judge. Good day

      • chandokupisa

        Munhu waMwari rega ndikuyambire kuti kana pane mashereni aurikupiwa kuti unyore izvi, rimwe zuva zvichakuzvimbira. Chokutanga ndechekuti varwi wehondo vanorwadziwa nemazvi ako. Usatore sokunge vakafa vega ndovaida nyika. Tine vakavanda chaizvo vapenyu nanhasi uno vanemaronda ekutambudzwa nehondo kusanganisira vaMugabe vauri kuti nhasi vavekutadza. Ichokwadi kuti tikaregera nyika ichienda hondo irikuuya. Sokuti vanhui vakaita semi munonzwa kumakombwe vana Yakope murikuda kudzorera nyika shure. Iko kunamata chaiko mucharambidzwa nekuti MDC yakabereka varungu saka varungu vanozviziva kuti sangano raJowani haridi murungu uye ndiyo mbambo yenyika. Hondo ichanyanya mumaguta munevanhu vakapanduka vanoda murungu nehungochani asi inongoita kanguva kadikidiki chete twasudzwa vakarasika. Kana uri pambiri yemudzimu unoyera hausangane nazvo. Last time I urged you to tell your followers to vhote pamasvingo pane vaMugabe, thats should be your massage for the betterment of our country. Zvimwe zvacho munonyatsonyora zvinemusoro, like mbuya nehanda played a very big roll in the liberation of this country, Chaminuka and others. Vaitumwa naMwari. Ndokusaka vakaramba kuverenga bhaibheri, vakaramba kuverengeswa song book, vakaramba kubhabhatidzwa kutiu vagochinjwa zita sokuti havzisi zvaMwari. Vataura chokwadi kuti satan akakarirwa kuti abvise vanhu vake kuchitevera rusununguko rwatinarwo. Varungu vese vana vaSatan vose vakabva panaAdam naEver nenyoka. Isu hatina kubva kune vanhu ivava. Ndiyezve satan akakandwa mugomba rinonzi Euro nhasi makuti Europe. Akakandwa nemasimba ake ose. ndokusaka vachingoda zvehondo nguva dzose sokuti vana vaSatan. ndiye akabereka zvakaipa zvose. kunzi Satan izita rekutandwa kwaakaita. anonzi Lucy kana kuti Fay vamwe munomuti Lucifayi kana kuti Lucifa. Akange arimukadzi asi ari mwana vaMwari asingadikanwe. Taurirai vapositori vaende kunoregister kuvhota, vovhotera vaMugabe neZanu PF.

        • wilfred

          kutyisidzira munokuda chaizvo baba. wakaona ndaakunyora zvakadai kuda rufu saka musandityire. zvandiri kuita izvi kurwira idi randinoziva. kana zvandakanyora ari manyepo taurirai vanhu pano kuti chiporofita kwenyu chakati kuseri kwavaMugabe president ndiyani.
          nekudaro chimirirai kana tsananguro dzandakanyora dzisiri kundoitika. zvekuda kutyisa ini maakufadza vanhu nokuti rufu ndiyo nzira yekutenda.

      • Bizo

        I didnt know that by simply following your articles and responses to questions i’ll get answers to what i asked you and you didnt respond. Now i know that Chitendero chako is not Christianity but African Traditional Religion/Chivanhu, which is what is quite clear if anyone visits your congregations. So why do you sometimes try and associate with Christians by pretending to be Christians calling yourselves Apostles instead of practicing chivanhu fulltime. Apostles are Christian annointed ones that have nothing to do with chivanhu

    • Chandokupisa

      I agree with you, what this mate is telling us is the MDC is the govenment in making. I am a member of the Jowani Masowe and I once told this fella that he must be very carefully with his articles which are very much biased to MDC. The real prophecy is telling us that (1) Idai ivhu renyu sokuti ivhu rinonzi runyararo. Ukatengesa ivhu rinokuramwa rokutora wobva wanyarara. (2) tovhotera vaMugabe kuti tirambe tiine runyararo. Tinenge tanyaradza varungu zvachose. Asi kana tisina kuita izvi, ichokwadi vakafa havana kufirira, vapenyu kana patinenge tichinovhota vanenge vainesu. Mweya yevarungu ndiyo irikuprofita kune murume uyu.

  • GodJesusHolySpirit1

    This prophecy is all about appeasing the dead which makes it of the devil. When did God instruct us to peform rituals in the name of cleansing the shed blood of the dead? Even Cain after kllling his brother Abel nowhere in the bible was he told to do some form of cleansing ritual so to accredit this so called “prophecy” is just ridiculous. Jesus predicted wars and rumors of war before His return read Matthew 24 there is a lot He predicted there nothing new here.

    • wilfred

      Mwari wamunonamata vakuitirei zvakanaka. munamatirewo vasingazive shoko vagoriziva nemunyasha dzababa.

  • Vanhu VaMwari

    Mwari dai zvaibvira mukombe uyu watipfuura. 2008 was bloody enough. We hope and pray for peaceful elections tomorrow and thereafter.


    iye akaprofita apa is rubish. those are false prophesy mentioned in the bible and thats why they dont want to use the bible coz they are hiding from the truth. profitayi vanhu venyu. we are sick and tired of this stupid so called prophets. and you the admin stop posting these kind of rubish NONSENSE!MXI

    • Vanhu VaMwari

      That is why very few people were saved in Noah’s Ark- because they did not believe. What would we lose if we all prayed for peace now and for the future, for our country and generations to follow. I do not see why we should rubbish this prophesy, clearly its open for constructive discussion. The only problem with us is we cannot not address anything without taking political sides and that is a good cocktail for a whole generation to perish.

      • wilfred

        Ndinotenda nekureva kwenyu kwakapangama. vanhu vava kunetsa kurandutsira nekuda kwekuchenama. asi Mwari dai wavaitira zvakanaka.
        Ndatenda hangu nekureva kunemutsa

      • Wayne Maromo

        True that is why Zimbabwe is in a mess vanhu vanofarira kutukana, takazadzwa ne ma religious spirits asi hatina Holy Spirit. Tarisay mazwi arikushandiswa nevamwe just because umwe angonyora a prophecy yaakanzwa kwete yaakaita ko kuzoti akati ndini ndave ku profita motomutena nematomboka. I am not a fan of prophecies but I think what Wilfred has written does not call for all that abuse we are reading worse so from others who call themselves veku chechi. From Johane Masowe came a lot of other churches not because vabva ikoko does not mean havanamate kana kuti havazive zvakaprofitwalet us test the prophecy zvinotonyorwa wani chero mu bible kuti test the prophecy inga zvimwe zvacho zvirikutobuda pachena wani.

        • wilfred

          Mwari vakuitirei zvakanaka. Ngatimirirei mazuva atipatsanurire idi kana nhema.
          Ndatenda hangu

    • wilfred

      Mwari wenyu vakuitireiwo nyasha.

  • chris

    There is a 85% chance of a war in Zimbabawe.Its a very high risk country.

  • philani ncube

    kunzima la

  • Indeed this is utter rubbish intending to cause the people of Zimbabwe to fight. Its meant to follow the Arab spring style but i am sure pple of Zim are clever and well educated to understand that war will only destory. We can not aspire for such things. Egypt,Tunisa,Lybia and iraq are still fighting now and people are dying and further destruction of their respective countries. False prophecy.

    • wilfred

      the idea is not to inspire. but, akuti ‘hona icho’ ati uone zvekuita usasangana nazvo. izoshorai nguva yataurwa iyi yadarika pasina zvaitika mozoti chiporofita chenhema

  • Cindy Buhle

    Might be true

  • Jefry Makumbe

    kikikikiki, prophets of doom!

  • Prince Xavi Nyakudya

    Nxa nxa nxa.who told u dat.Johane masowe is not into politics ever cnce.dnt paint black e church neh.u should knw e diffence btwin churches and politics.fuck u all liers hey

  • Victoria Sithole

    Aaa varikunamatira hondo instead of peace

  • Norman Mugumo

    All gold has to through purification. Nemoto. Hakuna munhu anonamatira hondo

  • Alexander Bhasvi

    Aaaa kana tashaya zvekunamatira tadii hedu kuita ngano……THOUGH THS MIGHT BE TRUE CZ I ONCE HEARD SOME1 TALKING ABT THS

  • Abel Comfort Hwatera

    Even during the days of NOAH pple did not believe.

    • Chimbwido

      Pamazuva aNoah vayiramba.

    • AnonymousThouART

      Futseke usati nyaudze mheni. Mazuva a Noah is a myth. Hapaa global flood yakadaro

  • Marime John Dexter Dee

    Zvakataurwa nababa Joahn izvi hanzi vamwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa wakamushora,muchazvionera henyu

  • Brian Dings

    Taneta nema porofıta enhema

  • Brian Dings

    Kana mashaya zvekunamata musanamata muchınyepera mwarı

  • Lance Mupfawi

    Madzibaba must concentrate on masowe zveprophecy vosiyana nazvo

  • Nason Simango

    Kuti vanhu vasingade hondo itai kuti pave ne free and fair elactions chete hapana achabvuma kuuraya ne ZANU-PF izvozvi isu takaimirira taneta nekuona vanhu vachiurawa pasina mhosva

  • Nason Simango

    Vamwe vanodya vosiira vamwe anopihwa mombe 89 pa birth day ko anodii kupa vanhu vanosvupika mari yakatenga mombe idzodzo imari ye vanhu yaanokorovhera hurumende its a good thing for a country to go to war

  • collins Thole

    Well articulated, I think based on the information that our brother has(Johane’s prophecies) and what has happened in our nation. Im concerned because this concerns the whole nation.
    There are a few issues that I would like our brother to explain from a biblical point of view or at least those who are more informed with prohetic issues to help.
    1.When Abel was killed by his brother Cain we hear God saying to Cain-“…………the voice of thy brother’s blood cries unto me from the ground. Johani says “Ndiri kunzwa mazwi evarikuchema vari mumasango?”.

    2. It is also mentioned in this article-“Mweya yavo yapinda muvana vadiki, havachatya kubata ropa”
    3.You also mention “Ndiyani achaenda Chimoio, Nyadzonia, Tembwe nemumasango kunoita munamato yekunyaradza vana ava?)”

    I believe in prophecy but I think normally interpretation is the tricky part- I think it may depend on your background and the knowledge yu have.
    While the prophecy may be true- I have problems with:
    1. Which voice did Johane hear- Is it of the blood or of the spirit?
    2. the interpretation of the spirit of the dead entering the youth- Is it their spirits or
    maybe-“warrior spirit of the dead” you put it.
    3. the interpretation of the need to appease or perfom rituals,

    • wilfred

      Johane and the bible are different. why Johane instructed his people not to read the bible. It is very difficult to compare the two. But the difference could be the same asi ‘interpretation is the trcky part…’ sekureva kwamaita munhu waMwari

  • chimpanzee

    nonsense!!!!!!!!!! I just read the first paragraph and from my judgement this mupostori needs Divine intervention

    • wilfred

      dai tambopa nguva kuchiporofita tarega kutanga nekutuka

  • furenji

    madzibaba ngirozi haitenderi zvamunoita izvi.tinorwa nemuteuro.regai zvamunoita izvi.

    • masimba

      thank you

  • Madzibaba mirirai

    Rufaro kwamuuuuuuuuri… ” well said baba… I’m over whelmed with all your articles. Taurirai nyika mambo.. Nyika ino ndeya manuwero.. Ndeye Mweya.

  • Dogfather

    Be it true or not do u think Noahs ark really axisted its a teaching that things like that can happen like most of the comments posted ndokunonzi kushora whislt u dont have any proof kuti ndizvo kana kuti kwete right toti ma kuva hacharowi nekuti Abel akati zvakati remember that bible u talk about as if makazvarwa maka bata bible was writeten ne munhu ano fema kukazouyq new testament richinzi ichi ndo chazvo wat happened to ol ko kukazouya newest testerment muchati zve,Vanhu vakaudzwa hondo ne murwere we pfunga vaka mushora ,makanganwa chivanhu chenyu ma ma salad hamuchaziva medzisiro tichakuwanai maka rara kana nana mai venyu learn to learn not always be a critic something u creticies are not worthy jus have a answer to it panonzwi kana zvadai,people forget Dziva rasekwa incident ye train nema comuter recent years kuti pakanga pakusa pfurika pakatozoitwa chivanhu then all mayhem rested,rivarai unoyeuka bako waniwa

    • wilfred

      ndatenda chose nekuona kwenyu. dai Mwari wedu vakuwedzerai. vanhu vamazuvano vavakufarira kuyedza rukova nemusoro. vava kufarira kupinda muchoto vakatsinzinya. asi Mwari vachavaitira nyasha. asi ruzhinji ruchafa nekusaziva.
      Ndatenda chose




    • wilfred

      Mwari wedu haazokukanganwai nemazuva nekumazuva ose. Munamate nekutinamatirawo Mwari vatiitire nyasha.

    • Mugabe is not meant to leave through politics, and what is happening in Zim has nothing to do with politics either, but Zim is a replica of Israel, this is meant to turn the hearts of man back to God and now many are seeking God earnestly. Those who resist the call of God and continue in their weaked ways will die surely but God has an amazing plan for your country. No ear has heard and no eye has seen what he has for you in store, its not gonna take 10years but it starts now. Write these things down. Zimbabwe is not in danger but being purified for holy use

      • second witness of Jesus Christ

        ‘zimbabwe will be the spiritual bread basket of the whole world. For a fire will start in Zimbabwe and spread across the whole world, burning wickedness and purifying humaniy.'(The mouth of the Sovereign Lord God has spoken)
        ‘And those who try to put off the fire, will be Antichrist dreamers who will not only fail to derail the fore-ordained plan of the Almighty, but they will also wake up in hell when the vain dream ends.’

  • mwana wevhu

    washaya nyaya leave johanne masowe alone,waguta nyemba,pamberi nava mugabe nehutongi hwevatema pasi nevasingadi vatema

  • LEAD

    The crisis in our country is an ideological crisis between those who believe investment is the solution to all our problems and those who believe self determination and empowerment determine the future. However the conflict translates into a fight between human rights and power, as those who believe in investment also get support as custodians of change in the form of democracy and human rights. Changing an economic argument into a political argument is where the crisis becomes dangerous.

    Vision 2020 a non prophetic but public document warned of impact of political and economic external pressures on fermenting war in Zimbabwe. Globalisation and economic decline are the real factors behind escalation of this conflict. We have a water and oil situation in our country. ZANU PF and MDC have different political, economic ideologies and objectives. They cannot mix.

    I see our country on the verge of a political crisis, we have already gone through to the height economic crisis. What will be the finality of the maturation of our political crisis. Unfortunately it all depends on leadership which is the real challenge Zimbabwe has. If our leaders do not put country first then we have an unsolvable crisis, one that will only culminate to violence then to war in defence of the violence.

    Violence will be used as a trigger of the collapse of our nation, and the trigger for war. This wont be a swift war as those who don’t know about Zimbabwe imagine.
    If war happens it will be a prolonged civil war mixed with unstable governments.

    I am usually sceptical about prophesy especially when it warns of negative events.

    However i must admit beyond the political economy debates we can have in Zimbabwe there are fundamental spiritual and healing issues we should face as a nation. I agree with this prophecy

    I propose to our political leaders not to commit mistakes by believing change is a one day event where we wake up and say ZANU PF is no more or MDC is no more
    There will never be such change in Zimbabwe. Because our problem is in seeking change we have divided the nation and we now lack a national consensus on important issues. We focus on change as who is in power rather than change as the people being empowered to contribute to national progress.

    To avert war in Zimbabwe we need reform of both MDC and ZANU PF so there is reform within parties first. From reformed parties we can have new leadership for the country.I dont see a future government dominated by either ZANU PF or MDC as possible. History has taught us no one will win this battle.

    To avert war, i propose we have parliamentary elections first and we get a new parliament from parliamentary elections. We then have presidential elections while we already have a new parliament. This prevents a power vacuum and speculation about the future. We then have a presidential election where the winner goes to lead an existing new parliament. The leader forms a SUPER CABINET of the most competent people from ZANU, MDC, ZANU, WOZA and other parties. The super cabinet means we have ministers who are best capable to do the job not just based on popularity. The most important change we need is the communication structure from grassroots to the President. We need a more dynamic leadership structure were the President is not an administrator but strategic manager of the country.

    We can avert war if we have a progressive Zimbabwe and better leadership as a common objective. We can bring change from within Zimbabwe and not have to rely on SADC or other external powers for the change we want. I love my country but i have strong fears for whats coming ahead. Lets not go the route of war for the change we want. Lets not choose the human rights, democracy versus sovereignty and empowerment dilemma as a dark tunnel to plunge Zimbabwe into war.

    To be optimistic i can say let the progressive voices speak out. If we choose to be quiet, we are equally responsible for all atrocities that follow, for had we participated by speaking out we would have averted such events. Lets Lead for progress not war.

    • wilfred

      Much appreciated. Thank you for the insightful revealing comment

  • Ndini

    Iwe, unonamata Jowani Masowe ipi yacho. Kana uchinamata Chishanu chaiyo unoziva kuti: 1) zvauri kuita hazvibvumire 2) Even dai zvaibvumira chiporofita chako ichi ndechekuromba.

    Jowani Masowe dzawanda muZimbabwe. Asi paine iwe chete ichiri yakachengeta mitemo. Ndanyora izvi nekuti ndimi vacho munosvibisa zita. Taura kuti wakamirira Jowani Masowe ipi yacho.

    Wotiudza vakata hoko dzacho muZimbabwe ndiyani. Kwete kunyepera vanhu pano. Rega tsvina dzako idzi.

    • wilfred

      Baba ndineurombo ini handimirire Jowani yenyu. Ndirikutaura tsananguro dzakataurwa kwatinonamata. Munongozivawo kuti mazuvano tasiyana uye tawanda. saka panekuti mushatirwe, imi tauraiwo dzenyu tsananguro dzinopikisa zvandakanyora izvi tozviisa pachena tomirira nguva tozoona pakukwana kwenguva kuti chiporofita chichazvipupura ndechipi.
      Mwari vakuitirei zvakanaka,

  • Sakandionde

    Baba chenjerai Gondongwe naGombwe vapinda pamuri! Please do not use the word We to include most of us who do not share the same stupid ideologies like you. I am a member of Johwani Masowe Chishanu and the prophecy I know it. Kana mashaya chekuita uye matumwa ne MDC as you sound please go to the wilderness and pray. Your concerns are only your opinions and not facts. Johwani said a lot of things which you are not able to follow. Who told you it is okay to openly campaign for a political party by demonising the other? Know all READERS out there this outcast does not represent our church as we do not have any human being representing us on earth.

    • wilfred

      hasha hadzibatsire. chiporofita hachivhikirirwe nezvigumbu. dai tanguva yatiporofita

    • wilfred

      maziviro anosiyana. kana musinawo kuzvinzwa kudurira kuti mainamatira kwaiva kusiri kutaurwa nhau idzi. Haisi mhosva yenyu uyezve zvinogona kukonzerwa nekusiyana kwemazera uye zvinangwa zvamakanamatira.

      Madii mamirira pataakupinda apa baba kuti muone kuti tsananguro idzi kunyeba here kana makazochindituka zvenyu zvinganzwike.Zvakataurwa naJowani zvandisingazive zvakawada ichokwadi ndosaka ndisingazvinyore ndichinyora izvi sezvizvi zvandinonatsoziva. Regai chiporofita chirambwe kana kupupurwa nenguva kwete kuchituka kana kuchiitira mutsimba. Hazvisirizvo zvatakadziidziswa baba. uye sevatendi hatitukane sekutaura kwaMutumwa

      Mwari vakuitirei zvakanaka. Mukwazise mhuri nevatendi vaMwari kwamunonamata.

  • Chimbwido

    Johani Masowe prophecy says that Mugabe’s demise will be signified by his decision to have his head inscribed on coins. The prophecy says that when you see such a thing happen you will know that his demise is imminent. The gold coins that he made in his latest birthday may as well be a fullfilment of that prophecy. Mugabe’s days are numbered.

  • moto uyo

    Matinjili Matibili ,the only known illegitimate CEO who is known to sleep on the job &consistently gets away with it.The murderous despot has been fraudulently &violently clinging to power since the 1990 polls.The heroic &progressive pple of Zimbabwe would like to see the cancerous back of the massmurderer who has been fraudulently imposing himself on the ZimPresidency without the mandate of the majority of Zimbabweans.Afterall the pple of Zimbabwe has have enough of this Gushungo Goblin that has condemned our beautiful Zimbabwe to the economic abyss.

  • Mambo

    Madzibaba ndatenda nenhau dzama nyora, varimunyika vanodakuudzwa nyangwe vakaramba mwari acharatidza chete! vanotiona tichiumuruka kumasowe vachifunga kuti tinopenga asi tisu tinotoziva kwayakabva nyika uyezve kwayirikuenda. Komborerwai mupostori waJowani.

    • wilfred

      ndatenda hangu chose. Chiporofita cheidi chinozvimiririra. Isu chedu kuudza vanhu nyaya yavo yakataurwa neNhumwa tonyarara. Vanotuka vachishora, vanotishora vachitirova nekutibaya, asi guchu rezivo ratakagamuchidzwa hatitsvete pasi. Kana vaakuzoda kuteerera tinovaudza zvekuita.

      Idzi tsananguro hadziitirwe nharo kana mutsimba. Zvakatonzi kana vaita nharo vakada kuitanga hondo iyoyo nekwenyama ropa rinoerera rakanyudza kusvika mumabvi.

      Dai vaita zvimwe zvese semadiro avo enyika asi vasiyana nenhau yavava kubata yekurova nekuuraya vatendi. Isu tiri vehumambo. Isu tiri vanoera. Isu tiri vekwaJohane, hatisi vezvematongerwo enyika saka dai vasiyana nesangano.

      Hongu pane vamwe vedu vaakupiwa mari kuti vatsigire kufa kwevatendi. Kwavari tinonzwa tsitsi asi zvose izvezvi zvakataurwa kuti zvichaitika pakuzouya kwehondo neMagamba. Nyika ino ndeye Mweya saka hapana chekutya kana kutyisidzirwa nokuti vabatiswi vematomhu zvakanzi neIzwi ichatotongwa nekweMweya!

      Ndatenda zvangu uye muve nemazuva akawedzerwa.


  • chirombo

    i respect Johane Masowe but Wilfred please stop politicizing our church, this is exactly why we have problems with these other prophets who are creating confusion bypreaching earthly goodies. if you threaten politicians they will surely counter and you will cry foul again. munhu wamwari siyana nezvinhu zvenyika makazvipira kuita zvedenga………saka rambai makashinga

    • wilfred

      ndatenda hangu neyambiro nemazwi akanaka kudaro baba. rudo rwenyu ruwedzerwe. Mwari vaizotisanganisa nerudo rwavo.

  • chirombo

    hondo dzaana Mugabe naana Tsvangirai hadzisi dzenyu……hondo yenyu ndeekuona kuti ruzhinji rwaziva Mwari nekumunamata..amen

  • dinns

    usatambe namwari iwe

  • Sakandionde

    Baba handisikutukai kwete asi kukuchenjedzai pamava kupinda apa. Nhau idzi ndedze vapositori saka dzinotaurwa kuMasowe. You sound very proMdc and hence have to protect what my brothers and sisters died for which is enshrined in the Zimbabwean flag and which Zanu PF stands for. Zanu Pf haitadzi asi vanhu varimo ndovanotadza,seMasowe haatadzi asi vapositori ndovanoshoresa chinamato. Can I have prohecy for Indians and Chinese people because they are different from whites? Ivhu kuvanhu ende rikadzoserwa kuvarungu nani zvake ndopachafiva ipapa hazvidi chiporofita apa. Loook at South Africa and see who controls the means of production and how they quickly silenced Malema and his PanAfricanist agenda. Icho charira!

    • wilfred

      ini ndiri kutaura zvakataurwa kumasowe kwandinonamata, imi murikutsvaka zanu pf kana mdc. musanyanye kundityira zvenyu nekuti Jowani Masowe hainamatwe nemunhu anotya kufa. Handisi kuzofa ndakatyiswa nekuda kwepolitics nevanhu vanonakidzwa nekuuraya vatendi nekushungurudza vanonamata. kuzvitaura kudai kusaina kufa saka musanetseke.
      patsananguro dzese dzamaedza kuyambira ndakadzinzwa asi zvandakanyora ndizvo zvandakasarudza. dai mambomira zvandataura izvi zvakonwa nekusaitika

  • Sakandionde

    Baba ini ndakati ndipeiwo tsananguro dzemaChina nemaIndians akazara munyika yedu nokuti havasi varungu kwete. Zvakataurwa kwamunonamata ndinozvikudza chaizvo. Asika chiporofita chimwe hachiite come to pass as you know. Inzwai izvi IVHU KANA KUTI MINDA IKADZORERWA KUVARUNGU NDIPO PACHAMUKA BOPOTO HOMBE. Vanhu vacharamba kubva muminda iyi nyangwe zvazvo vasina madeeds vanorambirapo nokuti ndozvakafira hama dzedu. Ko izwi rati rasvika kuCairo here? Asi handiti chiporofita chakati Cape to Cairo region. Zvimwe hazviitike. Vamwe vakanzi muchatenga company yakaita seBata asi vakaenda papension vasina kana mombe chaiyo. Ndivhureiwo maziso. Hapana anokutyisidzirai apa asi yambiro chete kwamuri. madii kungochengeta zvenyu prophecy monyarara muchingoyeuchidza vapositori kana zvazadziswa pane kuwedza kudefenda pano paforum. Uye makati you welcome any comments bad or good so take it with a pinch of salt you invited it!

    • wilfred

      Ini handisi kuti hondo ichaitika
      Handina kumboti ichokwadi ichi chandanyora
      May you note that prophecy is just prediction and the honest judge of of prophecy is time.
      Ini kwandinonamata ndakanzi munhu mutema ndewe bvudzi pfupi. handizive kana maane maanemaIndia nemaChina vanebvudzi pfupi vamuri kureva
      Uye handina kuti ndinoziva tsananguro dzese
      Kana paine dzamunozivawo imi dzandisina kutaura hupfumi hwenyu ini handinawo. kusadzinyora madiro nemaziviro enyu hapana chimanikidzo kana tadziso.
      Hongu ichokwadi kuti tsananguro dzimwe dzinokona. Ko chero ini ndati dai zvabvira tsanannguro idzi dzatadza kuitika nokuti hapana anoda hondo sezvo tisingazive anozofa pamwe ndini ndinozotanga.
      I take your criticism with fair note but I am free to comment as I see fit

  • Bizoz

    We know what the term “chinamato chevanhu vatema” means. Jowani masowe obviously was trying to blend christianity with chivanhu. There is no way you can talk of chinamato chevatema and at the same time claim to be a christian coz christianity is universal and knows no geographical or colour or creed. The Holly Bible is all-encompassing and if you follow it properly, you should be comfortable in any church of Christ anywhere in the world – not Africa and Africans. Either you are a christian and belong to light or you are satanic and belong to darkness. those are the only two differences that we know as Christians. This idea of preaching the blended gospel and at the same time wining and dining with n’angaz in white apparel earning a living from it will not fool the enlightened. We know of so many n’angaz that follow that so-called “christian religion yechinamato chevatema”.

  • Zimbabwe will not see any physical war but has gone and is still going through a serious spiritual war. When we see things that are against the word of God we rebuke them because we have the power. We have been created in the likeness of God and we are sacred beings, so fear not. What you have been shown is nullified by the blood of the Lamb who was slaughtered for us, not because we were holy but because we were sinners. God calls Zimbabwe His own sunshine city, it will again be the bread basket of nations, this time around its not for Africa but for nations throughout the world. Zimbabweans are set to preach the gospel and prophesy worldwide, even in end times. The shift start from now, it is coming like whirlwind, Zimbabwe is changed, not because people are holy but by the prayers of the few. FEAR NOT! Intercessors got your backs, you will not die but live to declare the goodness of God in the land of the living not the dead

  • Prophecy
    for Zimbabwe (given by the Lord to Dr Femi Olowo on 25 May 2008)

    “…… out of the ashes of national
    devastation, Zimbabwe will once again rise up and become a mighty nation under
    God. For the prayers of the saints have ascended before Me as sweet incense, an
    acceptable sacrifice in My sight; and the prophecies and declarations of the
    righteous will cause My will to come to pass…..

    ….. the economy of heaven
    will produce a fruitful land again and an economic harvest for Zimbabwe in a
    few short years to come.

    Meanwhile huge inflation
    figures will rapidly drop and life as well as life expectancy will return to
    normality again… in a few short years.

    For indeed I will expand
    and extend the lifespan of My children in Zimbabwe, and satisfy them with the
    Zoë Life of God, so that a man of 72 years will once again be considered but a
    young man… a youth.

    Indeed I have spoken over
    your nation commanding you to be blessed, to be fruitful and to multiply – Genesis
    1: 28 – and I the God of fruitfulness and the Lord of multiplication will
    do it. I will heal a nation that has been so ravaged by man, by disaster and by
    HIV AIDS, and My healing power and miracle grace shall be known throughout the

    ….I will raise up leaders
    after My own heart to lead Zimbabwe into new victories, new economic strength,
    new global respect and recognition.

    Your assignment is
    singular: continue to speak and declare My Word over Zimbabwe; for all of this
    that I have spoken shall shortly come to pass.”

    for Zimbabwe by Zimbabwe Watchmen

    will once again be a great Zimbabwe. It
    will be a land flowing with milk and honey, the Lord will make it a sunshine,
    and Zimbabwe will shine in the whole world.
    People of all nations will know about the great Zimbabwe, the land of
    friends of God.

    the Lord have loved you Zimbabwe, you are mine. With you I will heal nations, I
    will make it clear to nations that you are mine; I have chosen you for my own
    use. You are a workman of the Lord, you
    will run to all corners of the universe to declare my name, people will come to
    Zimbabwe for refuge, to get food, to get healing. You have been set as those
    who will stand for the truth, preaching the truth to nations in the last days.

    is what people will see you as, from desolation, devil battered nation and
    confused people to:

    The land of worshippers that exists to heal other nations.

    Mighty men and women of God will come from Zimbabwe to preach all
    over the world.

    A mother of peace because peacemakers will be born in Zimbabwe,
    they will do great things for the Almighty.

    A land full of good health. People will begin to be healed of
    AIDS without even knowing it. They will go for blood tests and their blood
    will be HIV negative without any treatment. God is doing it now.

    The land occupied by the Friends of God who speak his will to

    A land flowing with milk and honey.

    The land that God Himself is the King and reigns over it.

    People who love God with all their hearts, minds and all their
    might. His laws are written on their hearts.

    The bread basket of nations throughout the world

    • Chihelahela1919


  • doney

    Well tave papi

    • wilfred

      we are almost there!
      Watch this space. hapana anoboimisa hondo nyangwe vanhu vakachenjera kana vakapusa. Prophecy is very stubborn. Dai vanotungamira vanzwawo kureva kwemweya…

  • Chihelahela1919

    Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa on Monday ordered all diamond mines in Chiadzwa, except Marange Resources, to stop operations and leave the Zimbabwe Republic Police and officials from his ministry in custody of the concessions.
    Marange Resources is wholly-owned by the Government.

    Migodhi iya yatorwa. apparently Laurent Kabila’s assassination was planned by a Lebanese diamond dealer. ngoda one mutauro

  • bona pombiyatyoka

    I’m sorry did you say chaminuka and nehanda were prophets . Those people were troublesome and good riddance they locked them up . The war was a big mistake and should have never happened . God wasn’t with us during the chimurenga that’s why we were slaughtered like cattle . I reject your prophecy Wilfred . Handifunge kuti mwari vaida kuti tiende ku hondo

  • kageya

    there will be no fight in zimabwe God is with us ,unless to those who want to fight they can. the holy spirit is with us its a long jen patakava AMEN