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Mai Suluma cries as she meets Mugabe

By Lincoln Towindo

Gospel music sensation Mai Shingisai Suluma says she was overcome by emotion when she staged a special performance for President Robert Mugabe at his 89th birthday celebrations hosted by State House staff last month.

Tears as President, Mai Suluma meet
Tears as President, Mai Suluma meet

The award-winning superstar shed tears upon meeting the Zimbabwean dictator. She said before jetting back to her United States base that she came face-to-face with President Mugabe’s warm and fatherly nature.

Mai Suluma said she was overawed by his wisdom and comprehension of the Word of God. “All my life, I had never imagined being before such an esteemed man. I believe that on that particular day, the Word of God, which says, ‘Your gift shall take you where the kings dine’, was fulfilled,” she said.

“People say I am an emotional person, but that is the nature of gospel music. I have shed tears a couple of times while performing because gospel music touches the heart.

“On the day, we were standing a bit of a distance away from the President and some of the esteemed dignitaries, trying to keep out of the way of the country’s most powerful man.

“But what surprised me and probably triggered the emotions that overwhelmed me was when President Mugabe began making efforts to come closer to where we were standing. He was almost nudging his security people aside.

“Suddenly, all I could remember was him standing right beside me and he was telling me how the Lord has blessed him to get to where he is and about how much he enjoyed our music.

“Listening to what he was saying and looking into his eyes, I could see that what he was saying was coming from the heart.”

Mai Suluma said she received an invitation from Media, Information and Publicity Minister Cde Webster Shamu to perform before the President some time last year.

She said Shamu got the idea after President Mugabe personally requested one of her most popular songs — Nanhasi – during last year’s 21st February Movement celebrations in Mutare.

“It was a very revealing experience; one that will forever remain close to my heart. It was also humbling to hear what he said not only about our music, but, above all, what he also mentioned about God.

“For such a great man to have that much love for and knowledge about God was overwhelming to say the least.”

And would she perform for the President again if given the chance?

“If I get another invitation to play again next year, I would not hesitate. It would be an honour!”

  • sambiri

    crocodile tears! crying coz Bob is losing june election! What a prophecy nhai Suluma?

  • Ribsgalaz

    I have just threw away all albums of this lady. My ratings of her fell from a high of 96% to something around -10%

  • WeZimbabwe


    VaMugabe ndizvo. Hakuna mumwe anosvika pavari. Pamberi naPresident R.G. MUGABE. LONG LIVE OUR PRESIDENT OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE.

  • Mimi

    True and very true. Those who judge Mugabe do not know the real men. Bob Mugabe is just full of wisdom and Tsvangirai and his MDC-T can never match him. Mugabe is also gifted by natural intelligence.


      ndiyani anonzi Mugabe,kaharahwa aka kekuchemedza vana Macheso naSulu

    • Wayne Maromo

      Ataura zva Tsvangirayi pano ndiyani pataurwa zvekurwadziwa kwa Shingisayi kuti nhai mudhara uyu anotioneserei nhamo so.

  • Jambanja paSalisbury

    You are 100% right! That’s what dictatorship is all about. Kutongwa muchida musingade!

  • Thegingerbreadman

    “I had never imagined being before such an esteemed man” Mai Suluma.

    Have you never met the chief goat herder in your village or the bus driver or the whore in the nightclubs near your village ?
    You must try and get out more often !
    You might meet Morgan Tsvangirai and then you will need sheets to wipe your tears away !
    Or just go and see your local N’anga – maybe, just maybe, he can help you !!!!

    • Taurayi Sense

      Ah! iwe Thegingerbreadman unongonyora zvisinganzwiki kuti zvinorevei. You seem to be too wordy and meaningless. Wadini kumbozama neshona kana ndebele pamwe tinganzwa kuti unorevei.

  • peter matongo

    You have a short memory and are shortsighted Mai Suluma. You will live to regret these sort of words. The man you shed tears for has got blood on his hands and he cant be a man of God if he presides over the killing and torture of his OWN people.

    Mugabe is a real charmer and most people who have met him will say the same. But behind those supposedly wise words is cold hearted and calculating person who does not tolerate any challenge. If you are going to shed tears in future, I would suggest you do it for your husband. Of course this particular escapade is obviously motivated by financial gain on your part but spare a thought for the millions who find themselves at the mercy of a ruthless dictator.

  • Qondisani

    Rubbish! Why are our people treating Mugabe as a God of some sort?

  • Chihota1

    amai sulumawo futi inga ,rather

  • Calvin80

    I wonder what her husband said. Kuchemera mumwe murume?

  • Dumbuzviyo

    May be Suluma waitochema hake mari yakapararira muBank achiti dai pasina Mudhara weZanu pf uyu!

  • bloukraanz

    Ko angati kudiiko Shingisai,Mugabe anochemedza inga Cheso akairidza mhere wani aita face to face nemuroyi

  • Brihgthe

    People do not see the importance of a well till it runs dry. Kutoka kwavaita mutungamiri venyika mwari akuregerere nekutihana chaunoziva

  • Whyisvm

    Shingisai is a liar

  • Matadza Enyoka

    Tears! Amai awa vanga vachichema zilo zawo zawakabilwa!

  • Matadza Enyoka

    Mugabe esteemed ? Zviripi matadza enyka!

  • Robhati

    Thanks Mai I have never met the Prez face to face only withun a 2 metre radius at Joshua Nkomo’s funeral.

    They say leaders are chosen by God and I ruelly believe that, our leader is smart, charismatic and overall cares a lot about our country and others like he gave a lot of help to ANC comrades, he was just God-sent and I adore him

    • Thegingerbreadman

      liar you could not get as close as two metres because of his body guards unless, they were not carrying out their duty properly.
      Even if you did speak to the ‘annointed’ one. what would have said ?
      Please give me money for my family to survive and look after the fallen comrades families that you always forget about, or else they come to haunt you, and chase you from State House ? !

  • Christabell Makuwaza

    baba sharon pavakachemawo vanhu vakaseka

  • Cathy Shumba

    vanopenga murume wavo vanochema vakamuona

  • Sipho Gwemende


  • Christopher Chidarikire

    Why is she crying. Its not like an encounter with God. The same Mugabe has been a president for 33 years.

    • Phillip Chabata

      Christopher Chidarikire, I thought all along you were a Christian???? Didn’t realize that you can say such about other Christians especially non political like Shingi Suluma? Whats your beef with her?

  • Israel Chipere

    Itayi mushe ambuya,chashamisa ipapa chiyi.

  • Lesy K Man

    Zvekupenga izvo

    • General Jaziri

      Taura hako, tingateedzera zvekumama here isu, nxaaaa

  • Tinovonga Mhazo

    Amai kwanai imi!!!

  • Jeffrey Makhubela

    Mai silumam mune misodzi yekutambisa

  • Maxwell Speedy Mazhawara

    Rhuhure rwe munhu

  • Nyati Tonderai

    Yaa that man is just great.

  • Lovemore Mukwena

    Zvekupenga izvo. Misodzi yekutambisa

  • ticos

    I wish usa deport the snake. Hiding under the black hard cover of that book.. Shit shamed.



  • Cloudious Muskwe

    kuda mari chii chinochemedza money grabbing twats

  • Christopher Chidarikire

    kuchemei he has been there since God knows and still ruining the nation

  • Dumisani Nleya

    They are mourning his death. You know some ppl can see “death around the corner” by looking through your eyes?*lol

  • Gertrude Mutikane

    I don’t know about kuchema kwa babaSharo .
    A gospel musician is a minister. The music ,the words is supposed to touch the heart of men .If the person is not saved,the gospel music minister is working as a media to reconcile men to God to m

  • Cynthia

    ….tsve kuchemera varikutambura….

  • Fortunate Mugoro Hove

    She loves her president. Give her a chance to be herself please

  • Thomas Remington Mazibisa

    Vanga vadya harurwa

  • Christopher Chidarikire

    love her president really not her husband? so what about her MDC-Ncube fans and etc when she says he is a great man really?

  • Gertrude Mutikane

    I don’t know about kuchema kwa babaSharo .
    A gospel musician is a minister. The music ,the words is supposed to touch the heart of men .If the person is not saved,the gospel music minister is working as a media to reconcile men to God or to use the music to strengthen those who are already in Christ.When one sings,they are also ministering to the spirit inside them, and this activates the power inside them. The presence of the Holy Spirit can manifest with crying. Or she could have cried for not using that opportunity for him to do a prayer of salvation or crying because God is using her in ways she never dreamt of.

  • Gertrude Mutikane

    A gospel musician is a minister. The music ,the words is supposed to touch the heart of men .If the person is not saved,the gospel music minister is working as a media to reconcile men to God or to use the music to strengthen those who are already in Christ.When one sings,they are also ministering to the spirit inside them, and this activates the power inside them. The presence of the Holy Spirit can manifest with crying. Or she could have cried for not using that opportunity for him to do a prayer of salvation or crying because God is using her in ways she never dreamt of.

  • Mai Jukwa

    She needs to leave USA and come back to her fatherely Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Does anyone know the email address for US immigration?

  • Vin Vinallo Mads

    mese makanda cment apa one wenyu akabatwa ruoko namugabe anofenda kana kufa.

    • Lesy K Man

      @Vin kufeinta coz wamhoresa mugabe? Wakapusa plus uri dofo


        aiwa ahasi dofo ende ahana kupusa,iwe unofunga kuti nemakuriro akaita Macheso naMaiSuluma,vanhu vakuruka ava ende vakangwara ukaona vanhu vanogona kuimba zvekuti iwe uriwega ukafunga song yake woitevedzera unonakirwa zvinreva kuti vakangwara asi pavakangonosangana naye mudhara Bob vese vari 2 vakachema,zvino tasara kunzwa kuti umwe amama manje asangana naMugabe


      taura zvako

  • Tasara Mapuranga Zvaonekwa

    ko zvadii

  • Spiwe Mtuda

    Macheso akachema wani munhu wemurume zvinowanikwa.

  • Douglas Chivinda

    Saka munhu unenge uchimbochemeyi apa ?

  • Emily Kalilombe

    Izvozvi vakafirwa havacheme.

  • Becows Firsto Gomo

    mbanje dzamacheso . Kuchema kt ndiye munha akatishungurudza here uyu.

  • Benson Dzapasi

    muudzei kuti watitambudza kuchema hakusikutaura-misodzi yekutambisa

  • Benson Dzapasi

    Misodzi yekutambisa

  • Spencer Hodobo

    Amai ava pane zvavaida kutaura kutochema uku ihasha.varegererei zvenyu.

  • Lovemore Mutawu

    Kana Baba Sorobhi Vakachema vasangana baMudhara….

  • Alec Sandikonda

    She is a fool why crying

  • Tariro Madigi

    He is a true leader. A God fearing leader.makaitirwa zvakanaka imwi amai makakwanisa kusangana nemukuru wenyika pane varikuda asi havana mukana.

    • Guest

      God fe

    • Cleo Thomas

      God fearing people don’t kill others, or encourage violence. God fearing people don’t cling to power as he does. And which God are we referring to here? Certainly not the one we worship!!


      eeeh iwe Tariro unoziva maiSuluma naMaceso kuchema kwavakaita vasangananemukuru uyuka,ndezviya zvekuti munenge muchingodzvanyirirwa nemunhu wamusingazivi musi waunozoona kamunhu kacho woona kuti aaah inga zvakari kamunhu kemhangamhanga wani kari kudayi kuonesa nyika yese iyi vamwe kutotiza vachienda diaspora saka ahungaregi kuchema unenge wave kuti hasha uye shungu

  • Stella Mtetwa

    nxa nonsense

  • Tafadzwa Kashiri

    Zvoshamisa kusanganiswa naPresident.ini ndotoda asi ndotoshaiwa mukanna,may God bles yu Maiguru

  • Cephas Garauzive Muridzo

    She is not the only one,of recent was king of sungura music,Alick Macheso,minister Chamisa said it’s humbling meeting Mugabe and who knows probably he shed a tear too

  • Bella Makuyana

    Kuchema kuti asarohweswa nema Green-bomber

  • click

    kushaya zvokukuchemera

  • Rob

    shame on this Sulumani lady its really pathetic 4 this woman to shade tears n praise the devil like mugabe. Mugabe is a thief,murderer,terrorist,racist and a tribalist. He made our country 1 of the poorest countries in the world which was the bread basket of southern Africa . This monster killed and tortured masses of innocent people for 33 yrs and he is still wants to be a president at his old age of 89 yrs to keep on looting from our country. Mugabe and his dogs beat to death my father for not attending his rally in 2008. To his dogs hu killed ma daddy i will come 4 u the time is drawing near. expect me , pray 4 mugabe 2 live 4 ever. @ MIMI u are myopic and u lack basic education, what does mugabe s natural intelligence achieved 4 the country, his corruption and his worst economic policies has brought the country 2 its knees .That devil will not escape God s judgement. Look at his wife, he snatched her form Goreraza by force and intimidation. VIVA Gandanga Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! judgement day is comin

    • moto uyo

      Indeed Matibili is an evil ,heinous ,corrupt massmurderer who has been killing the pple of Zimbabwe since the 1976 Mozambique dtente.Matibili ,the murderous despot has been fraudulently &violently clinging to power since the 1990 polls.Matibili is so obsessed with power hence the reason he has been fraudulently clinging to the Presidency achitonga zveJende by Ginya..Matibili is an illegitimate /illegal occupant at Zimbabwe&State houses.However zvichaperachete,chinobhururuka chinomhara!Indeed tribute ,kudos &nuff respect to Dr Thomas Mapfumo ,the Lion Of Zimbabwe ,the Voice of the Voiceless,Mhukahuru,I salute Dr Mapfumo 4 steadfastly,robustly ,relentlessly,fearlessly taking the fight to Matinjili Matibili & his murderous Cabal.

  • Tee

    Ah come on people so what she cried… I mean she met the president… Different people different reactions. And everyone that’s quick to pick out Mugabe’s wrongs pane arikuvhundunura zvenyu here? before God a sin is a sin…


      hapana,asi Mugabe takangomumaka chete

  • miles anderson

    Mai Suluma needs to open her eyes and be aware of the venality of Robert Mugabe. He is a man with so much blood on his hands that his fate will be the eternal fires of hell. She runs to the safety of the US where she is free to speak her mind, unlike in Zimbabwe, where the punishment is torture ,imprisonment or death. What a stupid uninformed woman she is.

  • Chris Togwe Moyo

    Miracle tears

    • Cynthia

      Vazvipedza Chris!!!

  • Godfrey Bodzo Nyandoro

    Vamwe vanhu ngavakwane! This kind of veneration doesn’t do it for sane heads!

  • Gilbert Mubaiwa

    There you go again MDC morrons chii chakurwadzai ipapa maida kuti achemere Chematama here?

    • josefa chinotimba

      Iye shingisai wacho akambochemera here murume wake,hindava uchingotaura zvematuzvi so.Bvunza murume wake kuti akambochemerwa here naiye shingisai,benzi remukadzi chairo.

  • Simba Harawa

    You don’t need psychologists. Ever asked yourself why teenagers cry when they see celebrities? Deep down we all know who our heroes are and thats why people get emotional

    • Tee

      Aiwa wabaya dede Simba


      pfutseke iwe,mudhara agara anochemedza anotyisa uya kutarisana naye ukasangana naye unotochema chete

  • Simbarashe Nzombehuru

    indangariro dzamukurira. an era is about to close. that realisation alone,coupled with our inherent infirmities, can trigger tears.the future is uncertain guys. ndaona kuchisimuka mhepo imwe yakaipa.with this corruption and selfishness,Aids,crime—tinozovei ramangwana.Think deep kwatakabva nedhara iri-surely neni -ndingacheme.

  • Cia Mabuya

    Madii kumubvunza….iyi Shingisai?

  • josefa chinotimba

    Vane mawara amai ava nhai.Zvingachemedze izvozvo,ende zvakaoma mufunge zvenyu.

  • kumuka

    Zimbabweans is democracy being on the side of the opposition or is it freedom of expression of ones self.

    I see no wrong that she has done.As to those who say the president has blood on his hands and hence cannot be used of God please read your bible and refer to Moses, David and Daniel etc any men of war will have blood on his hands but that does not make you the devil. Odinga killed but is being taunted as a democracy advocate and Kenyatta in similar circumstances is a villain paraded as a human rights abuser. Africans Emancipate yourself from mental slavery and be proud of who you are and your leaders.

    In Moses leading his people to the promised land many didn’t reach it because they were constantly complaining against their leader wanting to go back to Egypt, the journey was not easy but all the signs that God was with them were ignored and all they thought of was the better days of slavery in Egypt. All the signs that God is with Zimbabwe are there for all to see. Zimbabwe was supposed to be a failed state, but that is not the case, lets celebrate the fact that God has sustained us thus far and wait on him to leave us in the Zimbabwe the promised land.
    God bless our president, and God bless you Mai Suluma continue in your good work

  • dehwa2

    It looks fake,amai Sulumani, obviously playing to the gallery and would use this act to her advantage in the near future to get favours from Zanu-pf.The good thing is that even Mugabe’s former secretary is bemused by this fake,staged tears and can tell that they is a script behind them.

  • Proudly Zimbabwean!

    kana munhu aka nyanya kushungurudzwa iye asina zvekuita munhu amushungurudza ano pedzisira wobvisa shungu dzaya pamoyo nekuchema, we all know that.
    mai ava vashungurudzwa nehupenyu hwavari kurarama, vambo yedza USA zvaramba vadzoka munyika yechizvarwa, zvino rice nenyama votozvi dyira pamabiko evatongi chete, moyo wavo wabva warwadziwa zvekuti vabatwa neshungu dzika zvika pakuva chemedza. dayi tayigona kuwona zviri pamwoyo wavo ipapa, vayi chemera nyasha dzamwari kwete zvava kazo tawura, mati vayitiwo kudiyi, muZim chokwadi chino sungisa.
    Asi vanhu vatambura chokwadi, varikuchema asi Grace padivi ari kuva seka.
    kana kasikana karipedo ako kari kutoti ko muri kuchemeyi mumwe wenyu ava kuku sekayi Mami. zvakawoma dayi mwari vachiti wanirawo nyasha.

  • ko grace na mai suluma zvamucharumwa ne nyuchi nemaruva amakapfeka

  • Team 1

    You are enamborated by the exuberance of your own verbosity.

  • Chinotimba Hunzvi

    Mugabe and “…warm and fatherly nature.” can not be used in the same article, let alone sentence, except to emphasise antonymy.

  • devang

    this is sick

  • Mafirakureva

    Mahwekwe nemuroyi akadya amai


    Macheso akachema uyuzve ochema pane secret iripo mukanyatsakuvavhunza musingava chisidziri vanokuudzayi


    kwasara anomama nekzviitira wti,zvichidaro hazvishamisi ivo maiSuluma venyu ivava vakatozvimamira kungoti hazvina kuzotaurwa hazvo

  • Wayne Maromo

    She could not believe that this is the man who has destroyed our lives. You know when you see him, see his pictures oh what a wonderful man but woh Jesus says “Pharisees you clean the outside of the cup” need I say more.

  • chido charehwa

    So blessed woman of God. true that she has been honoured. it means more to come amai if you hold dis man`s hand you are more blessed ,you are taking,moving with leardership,visionary wow what can l say send me some blessings too God bless long live president