Satanism scare hits Nhowe Mission as students wake up soaked in blood

MACHEKE – A Satanism scare has hit Nhowe Mission in Macheke amid reports of female students having strange visions and hearing mysterious voices.

One of the female students woke up soaked in blood, with a deep cut on her chin
One of the female students woke up soaked in blood, with a deep cut on her chin

The fear heightened on Sunday morning when one of the female students woke up soaked in blood, with a deep cut on her chin, which school authorities could not explain. Her parents have since withdrawn her from the school.

Further reports are that another student woke up with her clothes mysteriously soaked in blood but no wounds on her. Mother to the girl who lost a chuck of her chin’s flesh said that she received a call from a stranger advising her of her daughter’s strange wound, a day after she had visited the school.

“I saw four missed calls on my phone as I was in church and later on responded. The caller told me that my daughter had sustained a mysterious cut on her chin and I should rush to take her for medication as the hospital is not helping children.

“I went there and saw my daughter with a deep cut on her chin and her blankets and sheets were soaked in blood. I approached the deputy head, who responded to us in a harsh tone before taking us to his office.

“He said he had no knowledge of what had happened and could not explain why it took them long to advise us of such a matter,” she said.

She added that she then demanded to have a transfer letter for her child which the deputy head quickly issued.

“My daughter had suffered a lot at this school and this time I could not leave her behind and I demanded a transfer letter. What shocked me is that a certain teacher pestered me to reveal where I was taking her.”

The family was left wondering why the girl’s pillow had no blood yet her blankets, sheets and mosquito net were soaked. Claims are that some of the students saw women dressed in launders’ uniforms and men in black suits near the victim’s bed.

“Some students told us that at 2am, they saw two ladies in the launders’ blue uniforms, demanding torches. They are said to have been approaching the girls on their beds before they went to my daughter. They are also saying men in black suits were standing on a window near her bed.”

Reports are that a smashing sound was heard in the dormitory and children lit their torches to investigate before seeing their fellow student with a deep cut and covered in blood.

They reportedly took her to the sink where they applied first aid on her. It is claimed that the students rushed to the window and saw men in black suits and screamed for help.

Another student, in the same room, on the same night, reportedly had blood from her waist going downwards which made the students scream.

Reports are that whenever there are electricity cuts at the school, mysterious things occur, which the school reportedly rubbishes as a figment of the children’s imagination.

“You can hear voices of people talking in the dark or footsteps in our rooms. You can also see clothes moving in the dark. If you raise alarm, you are threatened with expulsion. They just say it’s your imagination but it is real,” said a student.

A close source at the school confirmed the girl’s dormitory during the night of the incident. He added that the school authorities have been rubbishing the claims. Some students told the news crew that the strange incident have been affecting female students.

There were also reports of a strange book which was seen in the girls’ dormitory at the end of last year.

“A strange diary was seen in the dormitory during the period ‘O’ level students were about to sit for their exams last year.

“It contained some strange satanic writings, with names of students who had been recruited into Satanism. The church had to be called in to deliver the school from the evil things,” said a student.

“This time, men in black suits, giving out meat are being seen. Another student awoke today with blood all over her body after dreaming of a wire being screwed into her.”

The mission’s headmaster, only identified as Kutadzaushe, referred all the questions to his superiors.

The Mash East provincial educational director was not in office when the news crew visited his offices. However, according to the Main News bulletin on ZTV, he is reported to have said that he was still waiting to get a report on the matter.

Asked if he had reported the matter to his superiors, the head said, “As the head I take time to investigate and look into a matter in detail before I report.”

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    Strange story but chirungu chinenge chiri kutambudza munyori

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    zvariribasa nhai nhai takadzidzawo paschoolpoapo hatizi kumbozwa zvirozvo. zvadinidini futi teinamata katatu chaiko tiita maclub ekunamata. anhu woye. Nhai Kutadzaushe chinyi ichi. Ndochivhi harusinesheni here kana kuti chianhu DAIRA

  • Promise

    South African girl murdered in ‘satanic killing’; 10 classmates suspended
    South African teen Keamogetswe Sefularo was stabbed to death by a fellow classmate.
    What do you think?

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — A South African teenager was murdered Monday outside Lukhanyo Secondary School near Randfontein by a fellow student, prompting allegations that it was a “satanic killing.”

    Seventeen-year-old Kamogetswe Sefularo was stabbed to death in her chest, throat and abdomen by a 15-year-old girl who allegedly drank her blood afterwards, South Africa’s Eye Witness News reported.

    A friend of Sefularo’s told her family that “the leader and the girl who did the stabbing sucked Keamo’s blood from [a wound] on her neck,” the victim’s brother Zali Nxabi told News24.

    “Her friend even told us that she knew nothing about their cult and that their leader had always been after Keamo’s blood,” he added.

    The suspect appeared briefly in court Tuesday, and will remain in custody until her next court appearance on Tuesday next week, according to the Times Live.

    Ten of Sefularo’s pupils were suspended Wednesday after the killing, though none have been formally linked to the murder, according to

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    GlobalPost senior correspondent in South Africa, Erin Conway-Smith, says that there have been several murders of young people where “satanism” was said to be involved, in the last few years in South Africa.

    For example, there is a trial continuing in the murder of 18-year-old Kirsty Theologo who was doused with gas and set on fire in what was described as a satanic ritual.

    Another example is the killing of a 6-year-old girl last month in KwaZulu-Natal province; charged in her murder is Wiseman Tholelani Shandu who is said to be part of a satanist group.

    A leaked South African police memo from last year said that two detectives per province would receive special training to investigate “harmful occult-related crimes,” according to Conway-Smith.

    Erin Conway-Smith contributed to this article from Johannesburg.

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    this takes me back 20yrs ago my Gran who is nw 76 used to tell me kuti when sh ws a border there zvaitika evn worse.That school needs serias deliverance or else close it down cz atove ma ancient spirits @ work there.Godobhori

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