Police raid Radio Dialogue offices in Bulawayo

Police in Bulawayo raided the Radio Dialogue offices this morning and reportedly confiscated 180 solar and kinetic energy propelled radios from the premises.

Radio Dialogue logoThe raid which was carried out by Police from the Bulawayo Hillside police station as well as Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) operatives was carried out under a search warrant which in part read “…possession of smuggled radio receivers”.

Currently Radio dialogue Editor, Zenzele Ndebele, is at Hillside Police Station for questioning accompanied by his lawyer, Kucaca Phulu. The police are said to have requested to see the supporting paperwork for the entry of the confiscated radios into the country.

In another report, Police are allegedly going door to door in Gandanzara, Ward 23 of Makoni South in search of radios.

In Masvingo Province Resident Minister and Governor Titus Maluleke has summoned NGOs again to a short notice meeting at his Benjamin Burombo Office in Masvingo.

The meeting penciled for tomorrow at 10am will have around 45 NGOs participate in the meeting. Chibaya the CIO Provincial boss and Felix Chikovo the Provincial Administrator will also be part of the team reading the riot act to the NGOs.

The meeting is expected to be one of those meetings were NGOs are going to be intimidated and threatened with withdrawals of Memorandum of Understandings.

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