Meet Makandiwa ‘miracle’ baby’s mother

HARARE – The mother to the United Family International (UFIC) ‘miracle baby’ has dismissed rumours that her baby lasted a few days before turning into a snake, which she has since surrendered to the church hierarchy.

Mother to the miracle baby Mai Moffat
Mother to the miracle baby Mai Moffat

While the generally accepted cycle is nine months, it is claimed that Mai Moffat conceived and gave birth inside three days. Mai Moffat named the baby after UFI founder and leader, Prophet Makandiwa.

So rife are the rumours that Mai Moffat’s miracle baby has since turned into a snake that UFIC are planning to hold a press conference where the family will be paraded to the world.

So far there has not been proof-in the form of medical records- that indeed Emmanuel was conceived and born within three days in a miracle performed by the ever-popular but controversial Prophet Makandiwa.

UFIC spokesman, pastor Prime Kufakunesu said: “The young couple made a report to our offices that they are failing to work for the family because of victimisation over the miracle baby.

“Yes it is newsworthy and many journalists are demanding to meet the family such that we are planning to have a press conference to clear the air. We will let you know as soon as the family is ready to meet the media houses as you know it is a miracle in their own eyes as well after all it is a young couple.

“For the past three weeks the husband, who is self employed, has been failing to fend for the family and as a church we have nothing to hide about the miracle baby,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

Mai Moffat reluctantly opened up. However, she needed her husband to be present for the news crew to photograph the miracle baby. The miracle baby’s father Prim Moffat is an usher at UFIC and had already left for the Tuesday service at City Sports Centre.

She registered her displeasure over some media reports and rumours going around the dormitory town of Chitungwiza regarding the miracle baby.

“My baby is alive and is in good health. As we speak he is resting after taking a bath. His father has just left for a church service at City Sports Centre. It all needs God’s spirit to stand by me because many blaspheming words have been said about my baby that I am beginning to get annoyed.

“It was better if I had some of my relatives with me in United Family International Church for they are also questioning about the miracle baby. My husband and my own relatives are not with us in the same faith and my mother-in-law is an Apostolic Faith Mission follower.

“She visits us time and again after receiving negative reports about the baby only to be surprised that he is alright.  Emmanuel is my third son. The first born is doing his grade zero.

“I feel happy with the baby and I gave birth at a local hospital which I am not prepared to divulge now but I will soldier on because his birth came as a surprise to me too,” said Mai Moffat.

Chitungwiza has been a centre of mysterious happenings this year. The story of the miracle baby has come after the mysterious blast, which has generated numerous but inconclusive theories after claiming the lives of five people.

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