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Music promoter faces rape charges

HARARE – Reggae music promoter Josiah Nhamoinesu Chitimbe has been arraigned before the Harare magistrates’ court facing allegations of raping his 25-years-old friend after she had reportedly fallen unconscious.

Josiah Nhamoinesu Chitimbe
Josiah Nhamoinesu Chitimbe

Reports are that the woman (name withdrawn to protect her identity), had been given a glass of Johnnie Walker by Chitimbe and took two sips, before she fell unconscious only to wake up the following morning with the music promoter on top of her. They were both naked.

Chitimbe was arraigned before Harare magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa and was granted US$200 bail. He will be back in court on 12 March.

It is the State’s case that the woman works at a local medical institution and they met on February 3 around 11pm at Newlands Shopping Centre while the complainant was with her friends.

Indications are that Chitimbe asked the woman to escort her to town saying that there were some things he wanted to collect adding that he would bring her back in a few minutes. The court heard that Chitimbe then drove his car to Mbare where he bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker and he gave her a glass to drink.

Allegations are that the woman took two sips before she became unconscious and only woke up the following day around 6am and she discovered that they were both naked.

It is said that Chitimbe was also pulling the woman’s legs apart and she also realised that she had some semen on her thighs. She pushed Chitimbe off, as she went and took a bath and was escorted by the music promoter to her house.

A report was made at Avondale Police Station and following some indications she positively identified number 9 Singlet Road, Chitimbe’s residence, where the rape allegedly occurred, leading to his arrest.

  • Emiress

    inga zvakaoma, things that adults do and say…..

  • ranga

    Can someone help me out here, when a woman is raped in someone’s house how does she find it OK to take a bath in the rapist’s house, then get a lift in the rapist’s car to her place, then later decide to go to the police? Something is not right here ..

    • carlotta02

      This is not just a rapist from the street but someone she knew already so i guess that’s how she decided to get the lift home and bath in his house. Or maybe she had had consensual sex with him before but this time around it was rape as it was done without her consent. What i know though is when one gets raped the last thing they should do is take a bath, as it washes away the evidence. I also know that that the alleged rapist looks really dirty.

    • pfumojena

      Newevo ungada kumhang’ara kumapurisa vurete bwemunhu akukanganisa guchirembera pakati pemakumbo ako? Be practical.

  • Lily-Anne

    You are now going to suffer the kwenzi kwenzi, Ukanyatso kumbira zvakanaka unopihwa, why kuita zvekudhoza a girl then rape her, you so full of shit Jah man, wanyadzisa some of the Jah man that I know are cool and collected they don’t dema force dem selves on a sistran they know how to rock with a sistran. Mazimukwende ese endebvu achati pu pasi and then they dhidhinify you big time until you say Yes Ayaa!

  • Lily-Anne

    Nhayi iwe Ranga, So you want her to run butt naked all over the house achishamatata kuti ndarepwa. Until it sinks that’s when you realise kuti what this monster has done is not right, that is when you take action. Ko ukapaparika wobva vadzikwa banga, you take it nice and easy then you nail the bastard finish and klaar.

  • Musanyeperwe

    A heap of bollocks this, hure rakakumbira mari rika nyimwa, then reported this as rape. If you follow the case, this “rape” transpired on Sunday and the Police report was done on Thursday. What nonsense is that? What business did this girl have jumping into some ones’ car at eleven pm on sunday when she is going to work on monday at some “medical job” then she goes on to drink Jonny Walker, two speeps and collapses till next day 6 am!!

  • Musanyeperwe

    The problem with these Harare whores is they live a life they cant afford, wanting to stay in garden flats when they earn $300.00 per month then they resort to these nonsensical tactics. Someone should go to prison here either the rastaman for medically proven rape or this girl for falsely reporting such a serious matter and waste state resources on investigations of a haux story!

  • Sasha Lee

    If she fell unconscious it means she was staright up drugged. Jonny Walker will not knock you out after just a few sips.

  • Sasha Lee

    What kind of sick bastard finds pleasure in having sex with an unresponsive woman? It may as well be a corpse. I also have my suspicions.. Why would you drive all the way to Mbare to get whisky. Johny Walker is sold just about everywhere. Hence my theory..this woman was drugged..end of story.

  • Tristan

    Pliz Sasha Lee you have no idea whats happening. This woman wanted to go out to Mad Sundays at Red Fox, but they decided to go to Aries Bar in Mbare to have a few drinks. She is just a reggae fan who regrets being intimate with Chitimbe. No place in the suburbs is open after 11pm that you can purchase a Johnnie Walker take away. Only at Aries Bar. The woman is bitter, thats it. Shame on her.

    • pfumojena

      How do you know this? Please do not spread lies about this woman. You act as if rape does not exist in this world. You will change your tune when it is your children.

      • Linda

        even if u a reggae fan, u cant just take comfort in sitting in some1 car just aftr meeting for few minutes to the extend of accompaning him to private business. This woman is a beach, hooker, lady of the night. Kana atadza kubhadharwa oti ndakabatwa chibharo. If u get raped make noise from the scene so tht u alert other pple to witnesses kwete kuzoti kana wazvimbirwa netea kumba kwako woenda kunonyepa kupolice.