Makandiwa ‘saves’ woman from robbery

HARARE – A Mbare woman claims she escaped from the clutches of an armed robber when she shouted Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s name during a scuffle with the robber, a court was told.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prays for members of his congregation
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prays for members of his congregation

Rutendo Bara, 18, was fortunate not to lose her valuables when the robber Dilan Kalumo, 25, attacked her after calling the name of Prophet Makandiwa. Dilan confirmed it when he was asked by Mbare magistrate Masaiwona Shortgame on why he committed the offence.

“I wanted money Your Worship and I only released her after she shouted the name of Makandiwa,” he said. Dilan was however charged with plain robbery before being sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Four months of his sentence were set aside for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence. The remaining eight months shall be effective.

State counsel Hilda Varaidzo Huni-Munaku proved that on February 8 at around 8am, Rutendo was escorting her child when she met Dilan of house no 30 Rakajani Mbare who approached her from behind.

The state had it that Dilan strangled her while closing her mouth demanding that she surrenders her valuables. He forcibly took her cell phone and pushed her to the ground. He then ran away before he was chased by members of the public who then apprehended him and recovered the phone he had stolen.