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Makandiwa ‘saves’ woman from robbery

HARARE – A Mbare woman claims she escaped from the clutches of an armed robber when she shouted Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s name during a scuffle with the robber, a court was told.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prays for members of his congregation
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prays for members of his congregation

Rutendo Bara, 18, was fortunate not to lose her valuables when the robber Dilan Kalumo, 25, attacked her after calling the name of Prophet Makandiwa. Dilan confirmed it when he was asked by Mbare magistrate Masaiwona Shortgame on why he committed the offence.

“I wanted money Your Worship and I only released her after she shouted the name of Makandiwa,” he said. Dilan was however charged with plain robbery before being sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Four months of his sentence were set aside for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence. The remaining eight months shall be effective.

State counsel Hilda Varaidzo Huni-Munaku proved that on February 8 at around 8am, Rutendo was escorting her child when she met Dilan of house no 30 Rakajani Mbare who approached her from behind.

The state had it that Dilan strangled her while closing her mouth demanding that she surrenders her valuables. He forcibly took her cell phone and pushed her to the ground. He then ran away before he was chased by members of the public who then apprehended him and recovered the phone he had stolen.

  • denny


  • fresh

    Makandiwa or Jesus??? which name do demons tremble and flee give God the praise not man foolish woman

    • ini

      nhai zvako iwe

    • JesusIsLord

      God chooses Prophets and Pastors after His own Heart. We praise God, Jesus is Lord, nowhere do you hear any praises going to Prophet Makandiwa, thats how blinded in fury and demons you are, u just see Prophet being praised even when nothing has been mentioned to that effect.

      Anyway to explain to your very carnal mind, when you want a passport do you go to the state house to queue, No, you go to the Passport office. His Excellency put in place people to do that on his behalf. So God puts Men of God in offices to stand and administer His work for Him. Already you can tell you have no Spiritual knowledge, let alone a covering.

      2 Kings 2.12 “… My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!” here Elisha is referring to the covering over his life, that is Elijah, akadii kusheedza zvaunoda iwewe

      • ini

        matirasikei mr jesusis lord, shouting the name Makakandiwa is not equivalent to shouting the name of Jesus, I have nothing wrong with Makandiwa anyway, I even listen to his msgs, but please dont idolise any human being

    • Mafikezolo

      Very foolish woman taura hako fresh…apana rimwe zita ratinodana kwariri rinotiponesa kunze kwezita raJESU…zvekuti ndiri mwanawamuporofita hehehechakutichakuti..becareful of becoming cultic.

      • christian

        Chirikukurwadzai chiiko nekudaidzwa kwezita raVaMakandiwa. Hakuna zita rinopinda raJesu, ndiani wamakambonzwa achiti Makandiwa mukuru kuna Jesu. Chinondinakidza ndechekuti madhimoni haadi kunzwa kuti Makandiwa, imi hamudi kunzwa kuti makandiwa, asi munogara muraini rimwechete.

  • Emiress

    i don’t see how calling Mkandandiwa’s name saved her actually its the people who chased the robber who managed to recover her valuables, are journalists now being paid to promote some of these false prophets.

    • Big Boy

      how can you understand or ‘see’ how this happened if u cant see that prophet Makandiwa is a true prophet…first things first Emiress -grade 7 hainganzwisisi maths dzeform 4

      • Berean

        look @ yo avatar….apa ndopawoda kuzviita mutsvene mohwisisa chiporofita manje iwe uri chivampire?

  • Proud-Mwana weMuporofita Makandiwa

    Acts 19:15,even madeamon kana achimanifester anochema naProphet Makandiwa,even riri simba raJesus at work they complain ‘Makandiwa wandiuraya”,he is the ark of God,he carries power of God and so as his name,for in every born again beliver there is the presence of God and we are joined with Christ.

    • Woodlander

      Open your eyes you idiot! A “prophet” who spends his time trying to reverse what God has made is a narcissistic turd in my eyes! Why not teach people to happily accept who they are and appreciate our differences! It’s dumb people like you who make Zimbos look bad!

      • Promise

        Right on! Tell them Woodlander!!!

      • Jomo

        Say it again Woodlander!!! Buffoons they are!

    • CallingOut

      Proud whoever your name is, you are supposed to be mwana wa Mwari, and not worshiping your prophet. I am starting to think your church uses a different bible that other Christians are yet to discover, this is idolatry. Even Jesus was not referred to as the ark of God in the bible, how dare you elevate a man to God’s level and how dare he not stop you and receive glory that is meant for God.And some of you who claim to be defending this prophet come across as rude and belligerent, what happened to scolding and teaching with love? Ko kutuka vamwe ndokunei, state your opinion, don’t demean another person because they don’t believe in your prophet, how then are you gonna tell them about Christ’s love with such an attitude?You are a sad example of Jesus’ ministry if this is how u will address and defend your faith.

      • Mafikezolo

        Acts 4: 12
        Acts 4:12
        New International Version (©1984) Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.

  • Big Boy

    Rooney scored or man -u scored its one and the same… Prophet Makandiwa carries the presence of Jesus and is honored by God even if you choose not to but armed robbers will tell you that name has been honored by heaven,,

    • tawanda mandebvu

      benzi remunhu who is makandiwa

  • Woodlander

    Nonsense! Isn’t it interesting how there is always someone hovering here waiting for any perceived negative comment then pounce to defend Makandiwa? We are not fools we know this is Makandiwas PR men at work-monitoring the media full time to protect his unholy ass! If you’re doing Gods work Makandiwa, why do you need to argue with everyone who doesn’t believe in you? Oh I guessed it, it’s because you are fake and a disgraceful fool!

  • Mafikezolo

    Madness and blasphemy…no matter what we know kuti its the name of Jesus that we call upon…not the name of a mortal man

  • Polite Madziya

    Nxaa zvinyaya zvenyu zvenhema izvo nxaaa

  • Natty

    This is crazy enough is enough Makandiwa makutomuita mwari kabisira.

  • Mighty


  • Mighty

    saka zita ra makandiwa ndiro rakaita kuti zvinhu zvisabiwe ?

  • Igofigo

    So instead of calling Jesus’s name people have adopted Makandiwa as their lord & saviour ?

  • charima


  • The General

    makandiwa haasi mwari,Jesu idombo Makandiwa ivhinga

  • Bryan

    Let me get this straight….I quote ” I wanted money your worship and I only released her when she shouted the name of Makandiwa ” unquote. The article goes on to say ” The state had it that Dilan strangled her while closing her mouth …..” . My question is how did she manage to shout Makandiwa’s name when her mouth was closed and she was being strangled ? Or is this another miracle ? Its also amazing that someone in a life threatening situation would shout a pastor’s name and not “God help me ” or ” help me Jesus ” or at least “Maiwee”. Nehanda please check the credibility of these stories.

  • Bryan

    Also misleading headline

  • malven bismark


  • Uncle Tee