Makandiwa performs weight loss ‘miracle’

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – The bizarre world of Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and his friend Uebert Angel continues to provide more incredulous news with claims this time by Makandiwa that he can help people lose up to 30 kilograms through prayer.

Makandiwa performs weight loss ‘miracle’
A woman later identified as Margaret Scubu walked to the stage and declared her weight to be 110kg.

A You Tube video posted by his United Family International Church (UFIC) on February 11 shows the charismatic preacher praying for women who jump for joy as their skirts drop to the floor allegedly due to massive weight loss.

The weight loss “miracle” is said to have been performed at a Sunday service on the 23rd of January this year. Makandiwa tells his followers: “I believe revival is starting today. God will begin to do what we’ve never seen before.

“If you’re overweight and you’re struggling with that, you want to lose weight, what the Holy Spirit is doing is instant. Some are going to lose 5kg, some 10kg, and some 20kg right now. Unnecessary weight on your body it is dissolving now, it’s going now, it’s being lifted now,” he says.

“I command every fat to burn, fat burn, fat burn, fat burn! I command your body to shrink, shrink, shrink! Receive a miracle now!”

The controversial preacher is reported to have asked for a weighing scale to be brought on stage “because we have people who lack faith” in miracles.

A woman later identified as Margaret Scubu walks to the stage and declares her current weight to be 110kg. With four simple words – “In Jesus’ name! Touch!” – the woman falls to the ground before Makandiwa asks ushers to “pick her up”.

“My skirt was tight when I came, when you prayed for me and I fell, I woke up and my skirt is loose,” the woman declares to excited cheers from the congregants. She then stands on a scale which shows her weight to be 100kg.

But Makandiwa is not done. He tells her: “Stay there, your weight is still falling.”

The camera then zooms to the scale which shows the woman’s weight decreasing – in real time – to 80kg. One of Makandiwa’s aides excitedly shouts “unbelievable! Unbelievable!” through a microphone.

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