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Makandiwa performs weight loss ‘miracle’

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – The bizarre world of Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and his friend Uebert Angel continues to provide more incredulous news with claims this time by Makandiwa that he can help people lose up to 30 kilograms through prayer.

Makandiwa performs weight loss ‘miracle’
A woman later identified as Margaret Scubu walked to the stage and declared her weight to be 110kg.

A You Tube video posted by his United Family International Church (UFIC) on February 11 shows the charismatic preacher praying for women who jump for joy as their skirts drop to the floor allegedly due to massive weight loss.

The weight loss “miracle” is said to have been performed at a Sunday service on the 23rd of January this year. Makandiwa tells his followers: “I believe revival is starting today. God will begin to do what we’ve never seen before.

“If you’re overweight and you’re struggling with that, you want to lose weight, what the Holy Spirit is doing is instant. Some are going to lose 5kg, some 10kg, and some 20kg right now. Unnecessary weight on your body it is dissolving now, it’s going now, it’s being lifted now,” he says.

“I command every fat to burn, fat burn, fat burn, fat burn! I command your body to shrink, shrink, shrink! Receive a miracle now!”

The controversial preacher is reported to have asked for a weighing scale to be brought on stage “because we have people who lack faith” in miracles.

A woman later identified as Margaret Scubu walks to the stage and declares her current weight to be 110kg. With four simple words – “In Jesus’ name! Touch!” – the woman falls to the ground before Makandiwa asks ushers to “pick her up”.

“My skirt was tight when I came, when you prayed for me and I fell, I woke up and my skirt is loose,” the woman declares to excited cheers from the congregants. She then stands on a scale which shows her weight to be 100kg.

But Makandiwa is not done. He tells her: “Stay there, your weight is still falling.”

The camera then zooms to the scale which shows the woman’s weight decreasing – in real time – to 80kg. One of Makandiwa’s aides excitedly shouts “unbelievable! Unbelievable!” through a microphone.

Watch more of Makandiwa’s Weight Loss Video

  • Chabwino Chauruka

    Mbavha dzakabva kumaBus Terminus dzichiuya paPulpit!

  • malcolmX

    Why are they showing us the only loose skirt, where is the before picture? Mudzanhiri is alledged to have been doing the same. God help us pleas

    • Mutundo

      All the people who lost weight all experienced loose skirts only!!!!!! hindava mablouse achiramba aritight?????saka weight loss yacho inongoitika pamagaro chete here????
      The woman who allegedly lost 30kg and that young girl were both wearing very tight tops, yet those tops remained tight. Its more evident on the young girl. You would imagine that a girl with such a big skirt would also wear a very big blouse. So if the blouse is still very tight after the weight loss does it mean the blouse is elastic, or my earlier point….weight loss only pamatako!!!!!!
      Does it mean this guy knew before hand that he was to perform a weight loss miracle? Why was there a scale in the church and why those ushers having those cloths to cover the women…….and why women losing weight only….how about men????????? bate tvse-e!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • malcolmX

        Its obvious this was stage managed. That lady who came rushing and screaming had something on her waist indicating that she was already wearing a big skirt. As you rightly put it, why did she loose weight in her waist only not the top. Makandiwa obviously failed to plan this because to him weight is in the waist.

        • Promise

          Chokwadi papa ava pfungwa dzavo hadzina kumira mushe! Ko izvo zvaMwari ndezvekumbotsvanzadzira here? Imi, Mwari anongooneka nemabasa … izvi zvekupedza nguva yakawanda munhu achiti mandiona here? Maona here? Ah! This totally goes against the one true God we know who is known to have told people he healed..’don’t tell anyone’.

          Well tried enterprising young man but go back and tell whoever sent you kuti pane vari kuramba vari kuti havakuzivei! I am one of those dismissing this as nothing but an empty, deceptive, shallow, evil and sinister gimmick!

      • sokowafawanaka

        maface ake aya hatidi zvokuitwa varema isu,achatongwa munhu uyu

      • Dumi Sani

        lol apa vamuporofita vakazorawo maiwee, ndanyara ini

  • Nyasha

    Since when do people bring scales to church??????? just wondering

    • Mhofu

      This was a planned thing,scales kuchurch for sure.This is all nonsense

  • W Chirare

    The choice is yours to believe this or not. Who are we to judge these prophets. Only GOD knows the reason why this is happening.

    • Luckson

      Its very unfortunate that some people jus comment on zvinhu zvavasinganzwisisi,God has visited us in Zimbabwe through Prophet Makandiwa and instead of criticising hm why dnt we sit dwn and atleast listen to hm teaching then we comment later.Most of these people vanongotaura agnst these prophets dnt even understand hw God operates.its very unfortunate that vanhu vanongofunga kuti satan ndiye ega anokwanisa kuita minana.What is happening at UFIC is God’s will and we are operating under a serious revival.We serve a very serious God.I pray tht all those who speak agnst the annointed ones of God be granted the grace to understand what is going on ryt nw

      • Vambe

        Luckson tinoda munhu anoshandisa pfungwa. This is stage-managed. Who brought the scale to church and for what reasons. These guys should be stopped now. Satanism at its best.

      • general tichatonga

        hapana kana munhu akadonedza weight pavanhu vese ivavo. do you know what 30kgs is? tarisa 20kgs dzeupfu and add ka 10kgs kaye and you tell me if that woman lost 30kgs. she claims she lost30kgs and her proof if her waist line. so since blouse richiri tight we going to say she just lost weight pa waist line chete. had she lost 30kgs pawest dai asina kadumbu. remember muscle is heavier than fat so loosing 30kgs will autocally mean a person becomes way skinnier than they were before and you do not even need a scale to prove it. please work up and smell the coffee usaite hudofo wakadaro. mwari vakatimba njere ngatidzishandise.

      • WekuZimbabwe

        So Luckson, you are saying that you understand how God works? We know kuti Satan can do miracles as well and the Bible is full of them and some of them would almost seem to have good intentions but we know that good comes from the devil….it may appear good on the surface but with evil intentions saka usatinyaudze. If this is of God, we shall see but know that mabasa aJesu were never advertised and He often commanded that those whom He had healed do no tell anyone…nhasi zvenyu zvekuUFIC munoparidzira about impending miracle

    • sokowafawanaka

      usaise mwari mukati shamwari

  • Mafikezolo

    …And why women only? is it because its women that worry about weight loss?? I will not speak!


    Luke 12:22-34
    Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

    “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

    “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will not be exhausted, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (NIV)

  • Ko chirapai AIDS ka nhai VaMakandiwa

    • Chris V

      Many have been healed already. Where have you been?

    • a believer

      vanhu vari kurapwa AIDS wani nhai vaMahara,musangotaure zvamusingazive musingauye kuchechi kwacho imi. God is capable of doing anything to anyone at any time and anywhere.judge not for you shall be judged.Mwari ndevemunana

      • Mhofu

        Musanyepe vamwe vatinoziva vakarasiswa mapiritsi vakange vofa,you liars.

  • Obert Mundevere Ncube

    This Makandiwa is doing weird things to say the least. If its true, God bless him

  • Simbarashe Saiders Munemo

    Zvegore rino,zvidhori zvichanjinja kuita vanhu,kkkkk

  • Kunashe Songi Gate

    kikkkkkkk ndevemunana

  • Takemore Majabule

    What the eye has never met, ear never heard and mind never conceived can be birthed by God. World of wonders.

  • Patrick Mpandawana ‘Miles F’

    Weight loss has got nothang to do wth the church and jesus christ

  • Tawanda Matutu

    munhu kuzvidyira mari yake obva asimba ava kuda munana kuti aonde ha ha ha ndimwari upi iyeye

  • Charles Tmj Dube

    I watched the video. It looks real.

  • Percive Magama

    uyu akupenga uyu kuita semunhu akakurira kumapurazi akuvhunduka chirungu aku performer weight loss miracle come on papa

  • Gladys Magrivha

    Iwe Patrick iwe the bible is the standard of life,apa kuratidza ukuru hwamwari chete kuti chese chaunoda muupenyu mwari anokuitira

    • Tony Mhofu

      Gladys Magrivha why are you so sure kuti the bible is the standard of life?? What about Islam, Bhuddhism and many other religions? Dont be judgemental and dont think kuti the world ends with your conmen charlatans like Makandiwa and his sidekick Angel. This is a scam and unfortunately my beloved Zimbos have fallen for it coz of their current economic hardships….

  • Pj @ymac.org.au

    The devil quotes scripture for his own purpose

  • Patrick Mpandawana ‘Miles F’

    Haa Gladys …pane zvakawanda zvinokwanoswa kushandiswa kuiywa nesimba ramwari kwete weight loss …unless the weight loss is life threatn maybe yes not just kungoita munana we weight loss …yato magic kaiyi

  • Gladys Magrivha

    Don’t call others names pliz,zveislamic ,bhuddsim zvauri kutaura ndozvatiri kutaura here isu ,isu pano tiri kutaura tiri machristians

  • Tony Mhofu

    Then dont tell us kuti bible is the standard because this is not a christians only forum. Many thanks…

  • Spelly Paurosi

    Kwakushaya zvekuita manje from miracle money to babies now weight

  • Tony Mhofu

    Now what next?? Miracle sex!!!!

  • Percive Magama

    akudhunya uyo chasara kupinda mu dancing club

  • Gladys Magrivha

    u know wat your minds are corrupted,wadii kufunga zvemiracle house or water or even zvimwe zvisiri sex,muromo wako unopupura zvauri nezvaunoita

  • Betty Makoni

    I examined video.there is nothing so clear here. Who are these women in the first place

  • Patrick Mpandawana ‘Miles F’

    Gladys ane problem ..and anoda kubatsirwa ..and matauriro ake ndee noise kwete a proper debate..

  • Valerie Mashoko

    Tony mpofu uri weReligion [email protected] betty miracles are happening for real munhu anomiswa pa scale yo gauger 150kg then during prayer ka gauge kanodzka kega kusvika pa 80 vanhu takatarisa

    • Ndinashe Jesu

      Do you ever think kuti the scale could be rigged?

  • Munyaradzi Nyongolo Nkomo

    Revelations 16 v 13-14….And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

    14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almight

  • Gladys Magrivha

    saka are you saying God dose nott perform miracles

  • Munyaradzi Nyongolo Nkomo

    No not at all.. the bible is telling us that not all people who perform miracles in the name of God are from God… and these miracles rae really questionable….

  • Gladys Magrivha

    what is it that you are really questioning abt these miracles

  • Munyaradzi Nyongolo Nkomo

    I am questioning the source of these miracles…. and contests of strength will not prove their origins… the true propjet of God is distinguished not by the miracles he performs……… N`anga dza Pharo dzaiva nemasimba sa Moses but what made the distinction? go read the word of God tht is the only place we will find the answers…

  • Gladys Magrivha

    Ah ko inga wataura wani zven’anga dzapharaoh,hanti nyoka dzavo dzakamedzwa neya moses,ndoka zviri kunzi ane tsvimbo yaanoti yake ndeya moses imogona kumedza dzose,ngaauyeka neyake imedze tione ka tese tizive,kwete kuwanza kutaura,action iri kudiwakwete zvekuti zvakanyorwa panet,akanyora wacho akadii kufanonyora zvisati zvaitika,how doo we his motive

  • Chokwadi

    Nhema dzegadzega idzi.Svunurai maKristu!

  • Valerie Mashoko

    Don’t hate ana Munyaradzi,why don’t u appreciate ur own prophet wemunyika menyu

  • Vladimir Nazarov

    Makandiwa haasi mwari

  • Lorraine

    Soooo now pple eat get fat then roll by the preachers house to get prayer to lose weight? I see all gyms in zim going into administration.

  • mudamburi

    iwe hauzive here kuti vakadzi vanokura kuzasi , ndosaka tpo yairamba yakabata skirt ichidona , vamwe vanhu muri ma critics akadhakwa

  • Owen Tamirepi Nyakwawa

    Taking advantage of the vulnerable.

  • Hopewell Mwad

    Con artists prey on people who want to pray.

  • Bridget Chinyama

    u r spot on brother. these miracles are fake, well callibrated and executed to woo many clients/customers into the Church. i saw the video and hapana kana miracle apa. this woman was shown @ the start of the videp and she was the one who came fwd, which suggests to me it was well planned. she most likey is/ was paid in advance. also she was sitting in front, like she was ready for this. the scale was already there, why, how did he know he was going to help pple shed weight in advance. also the scale is most like to have been tampered with , and manipulated to hoodwink the gullible. you cannot loose 30KG in one single moment and not fall ill or even die, this is not possible. welcome to the world of Nigerian tricks, other african countries have had to live with them, now its our turn , God help us…

  • Byson Babyson

    Takuzotumira ma soja nemapurisa manje.

  • Greg Hunlen

    He obviously has great contempt for the intelligence of human beings. He is pushing at that limit of what he can get people to believe and that limit, there may not be one. They will believe anything.

  • Betty Makoni

    Weight loss is not a joke at all.in the video there is nothing one can see about weight loss ..there is a woman in white who was coming to have her weight gone but why is it she was not picked up. my examination of the whole scene as a theatre academic is that the whole thing is stage managed ….it is something staged after some good rehearsals..now this is stigmatising fat women ..from infertile women to fat women…everything targeting women and women are the ones struck by the spirit and falling down the most …how can dress size tell weight loss …goodness this is so terrible

  • Rue

    Why didn’t the clothes drop off or become all loose. That kind of weight loss causes major drop in size.

  • mudamburi

    iwe hausi kuona kuti mukadzi ane skirt ye black and white ma breasts ake kukura kwaakaita nde emunhu anga ane kuzasi kwakasimba

  • mudamburi

    kana zvirizva mwari it will stand and kana zviri zva satani zvinopera .my advice to u is to keep queit wotsvaga zveutsvene hwako nokuti panekurikuendwa babamukuru .I THINK THIS ISSUE HAS TO DO WITH MALEVELS E FAITH .I WILL GIVE U AN EXAMPLE YE CHURCHES LIKE ( ROMA ,ANGLICAN ) THEN WE HAVE ANA AFM NE ZAOGA AND LATELY THERE IS SPIRIT EMBASSY AND UFI ( AVA VARIPALEVEL YAVO .wakatarisa kumashura minana yekuti munhu anga asina mbereko wo namatirwa machurches akaita sana afm ne zaoga vaiatambira asi ve roma vaiti mapipi .nhasi uno i afm yakuti ufi mashiripiti , its an issue of levels because wakaona munhu woku ufi hashamisika ne minana its because of the teachings .the levels .at one time yakange iri roma ichiti afm mashiripiti ., ma afm tangosara pa level yekutenda .ne makristu atinawo izvozvi na zvingwa zviviri ne fish zvonzi zvi feeder 5000 people ma kristu anhasi angadye here kana kuti anenge akuti mashiripiti .ndokusara pakutenda kwandinoreva .lets rise our faith ma afm , zaoga , faith ministries etc .zvinoitika kumachechi edu izvi ,

  • nicholas madimutsa (@spiketoots)


  • Missy

    Why she is she only losing weight the bottom part of her body? When she is weighed at 100kg, he then says she gonna lose more and the next weighing she 80kgs, surely be top should be looser. Please observe clearly her top is still the same fit as she was when she went to the service at 110kg……seriously this needs to stop. WAKE UP PEOPLE *’smh*

  • our God is able

    God bless prophet Makandiwa , prophet Angel & all who believe that with God nothing is impossible
    !l speak confusion in the camp of the wicked!in the name of JESUS CHRIST!amen.

  • Steven

    Common are you for real! He probably pulled a visi capsule on her….find out more here visimontreal.com

  • Mwana We Muporofita

    Its simple these miracles are happening right here in Zim at City Sports center, let me take this opportunity to invite you all to come and witness for yourself.The Lord Jesus Christ is performing extra ordinary miracles through his servant Prophet E Makandiwa.Services are happening every Sunday morning and Tuesday evening so come and see for yourself before criticizing the power of God.God Bless you and Jesus loves you all.

  • rafemoyo

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaakkkaa miracle of weight lose klikliklikliklijklijl8iji lolest

  • etan padry

    ko isu varume vane matumbu. unotionawo here makandiwa

  • Anna Mercy

    watch the video carefully, the woman who lose 30kgs, the wrap/zambia she has is tight before and after the loss, surprisingly the skirts inside is the one that shows she has lost some weight, is it the skirt the miracle here/illusion or is the weight loss of 30kg from the waist only and the rest of the body remains as it was. Hameno

  • a believer

    zvausingazive nyarara nekuti uchataura nezvimwe zvinokupinza pama1

  • mwana wapapa

    please leave Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa alone chete i dont blame you, one way or the other makatenda to his annointing because you know that his name carries weight no wonder why you write about him ndokutotiwo tumasites twenyu twuwane mbiri…Shame on you in stead of focusing on the word you are now focusing on the Prophet chii chashamisa pakulooser weight ipapa but if someone takes slimming pills and loses weight you dont have a problem with it but if it is done by a man of God then you have questions grow up and write maarticles ane musoro musiyane nevanhu va Mwari zvemweya zvamusinganzwisise siyai please.

  • Nason Simango

    The world has come to an end people claiming to be prophets are becoming more and more thats why Zimbabwe never be a better country Let these evils spirits be stopped now